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2014 NBA Draft Trade Recap

Analysis of every trade that went down on draft night 2014, including the ones from before the draft that impacted the order.

Yannis Koutroupis



As expected, there were plenty of transactions throughout the league on Draft Night 2014. Here’s a recap of every deal, including those completed prior to the draft that impacted the order.

Miami HEAT Acquire: Shabazz Napier

Charlotte Hornets Acquire: P.J. Hairston, Semaj Christon and a future second round pick.

Analysis: The biggest priority for the Miami HEAT this offseason is keeping LeBron James in South Beach and by acquiring Napier, who he’s voiced an admiration for publicly on several occasions, they didn’t hurt their chances. Shortly after acquiring Napier, James sent out a celebratory tweet calling the UCONN point guard his favorite player in the draft. Napier is a tough, gritty point guard who should be able to step in and play right away in place of Mario Chalmers, assuming the unrestricted free agent signs elsewhere this offseason after falling out of the rotation in the Finals. Hairston provides the Hornets with the shooting threat that they were looking to add on the perimeter, while Christon will have the opportunity to earn a spot in their thin backcourt during summer league.

Chicago Bulls Acquire: Doug McDermott and Anthony Randolph

Denver Nuggets Acquire: Jusuf Nurkic, Gary Harris and 2015 second round pick.

Analysis: This deal impacted the draft order more than any other trade on draft night. It’s hard not to feel like the Nuggets didn’t win this transaction as Nurkic at 16 and Harris at 19 were two of the best value picks of the night. However, this is not a bad deal for the Bulls as they get one of the best scorers in this draft, who should complement their star players very well with his spot up shooting ability. Chicago really struggled from three-point range last season, and McDermott is one of the best shooters in the class. With aspirations of signing Carmelo Anthony this summer, they needed to get rid of one of those picks for salary cap concerns.

Philadelphia 76ers Acquire: Dario Saric, 2015 second round pick and a 2017 first round pick.

Orlando Magic Acquire: Elfrid Payton

Analysis: In another testament to just how little they care about trying to win anytime soon, the 76ers traded away one of the top point guard prospects in the draft for a player who isn’t going to come to the NBA for two years – at least. Saric is a fine prospect and is adamant that he will come over in two years, but a lot can happen in that kind of time. It’s another risky draft pick at a spot where they could have gotten someone capable of making an impact soon. The Magic had to get a point guard in the draft. Giving up a future first along with Saric and a second round pick wasn’t ideal, but Payton should be well worth it, especially if he can step into the starting role next season.

Washington Wizards Acquire: Cash considerations

Los Angeles Lakers Acquire: Jordan Clarkson

Analysis: The Lakers were rumored to be interested in taking a point guard at seven but couldn’t pass up on the NBA-ready Julius Randle, understandably so. To land Clarkson, who had some first-round buzz surrounding him late in the process, for cash is a quality move. He has a very good chance to make their team next season, especially if they end up stretching Steve Nash’s contract or trading him. The Wizards didn’t have much of a need for Clarkson with reports that Andre Miller is now expected back next season.

Memphis Grizzlies Acquire: Jarnell Stokes

Utah Jazz Acquire: 2015 second round pick

Analysis: With Zach Randolph’s contract negotiations off to a rocky start, the Grizzlies made a strong insurance play in preparation for his potential departure. Stokes is from Memphis and is a favorite in the state after helping lead the University of Tennessee back to prominence this past season. He’s the prototypical Grizzlies big man with his toughness and strength. Without much room in the rotation for him or a need for another young player, the Jazz justifiably passed on this selection for a second rounder.

Philadelphia 76ers Acquire: Pierre Jackson

New Orleans Pelicans Acquire: Russ Smith

Analysis: This is one of those trades where the beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Both players are undersized for their position and more scorers than true point guards, but are serious threats offensively and capable of providing fire power off the bench. Summer league will determine whether they stick.

Minnesota Timberwolves Acquire: Cash considerations

Brooklyn Nets Acquire: Markel Brown

Analysis: The Nets wanted to trade into the draft after dealing away their picks last year. Brown is an athletic combo guard who is confident in his ability to transition over to the point guard position. If he can help them at that spot, he may have a future there. The Timberwolves basically drafted the same kind of player as him but with better size and more upside in Zach LaVine at 13, making the cash more important to them.

Toronto Raptors Acquire: Cash considerations

Brooklyn Nets Acquire: Xavier Thames

Analysis: Thames provides the Nets with another backcourt option to evaluate this summer. He’s known more for his scoring ability, but has gone on the record saying that the differences in the NBA game will help him showcase his playmaking skills more.

Cleveland Cavaliers Acquire: Brendan Haywood and Dwight Powell

Charlotte Hornets Acquire: Alonzo Gee

Analysis: After investing in Andrew Wiggins with the No. 1 overall pick, Gee became expendable in Cleveland. Haywood and Powell are capable of providing some depth up front, should the Cavaliers look to address that need with minimal investing.

San Antonio Spurs Acquire: Nemanja Dangubic

Philadelphia 76ers Acquire: Cory Jefferson and Jordan McRae

Analysis: It just wouldn’t be a draft if the Spurs didn’t go take an international player. Dangubic will likely be monitored by them for a year or two overseas before seriously being considered as a candidate to join the team. With the 76ers being in a rebuilding phase, McRae could hang around with them. There wasn’t really any room for him on the Spurs. Jefferson was traded again in a separate deal to the Brooklyn.

Philadelphia 76ers Acquire: Cash considerations

Brooklyn Nets Acquire: Cory Jefferson

Analysis: We’ve seen several instances where Mr. Irrelevant finds a home for himself in the league and Jefferson, a long, athletic big man who is still developing, can join the likes of Isaiah Thomas and Robert Sacre as well. From Philadelphia’s standpoint, at some point you have to put a cap on how many rookies you bring in.

Atlanta Hawks Acquire: Lamar Patterson

Milwaukee Bucks Acquire: 2015 second-round pick

Analysis: The Bucks are pretty set at the shooting guard position right now, leaving little need for Patterson. He has a better chance of making the Hawks’ roster. Patterson’s lack of NBA speed and athleticism worked against him in this process, but he has one of the highest basketball IQs in the draft and is very well-rounded.

Oklahoma City Thunder Acquire: Semaj Christon

Charlotte Hornets Acquire: Cash considerations

Analysis: The Thunder were looking to boost their defense in the backcourt in the draft and got two of the better perimeter defenders in Josh Huestis, their 29th pick, and Christon. With Thabo Sefolosha heading to free agency and Reggie Jackson not far behind him, there may be room for Christon. The combo guard was regarded as a potential first round pick by many late in the college basketball season.

New York Knicks Acquire: Louis Labeyrie

Indiana Pacers Acquire: Cash considerations

Analysis: Of the three players, the Knicks walked away with on draft night, Labeyrie will probably end up joining the team last, if he ever does. There’s some nice size and potential there, but the Knicks drafted him primarily to monitor his progress and consider bringing him over down the line. The Pacers traded out of this draft completely, needing every dollar they have under the luxury tax threshold to try and keep this team together.

Denver Nuggets Acquire: Arron Afflalo

Orlando Magic Acquire: Evan Fournier and Devyn Marble

Analysis: Orlando Magic GM Rob Hennigan has proven to have a keen eye for young talent his first couple of years on the job and clearly sees a lot of potential in Fournier to give up Afflalo for him. There were rumors of the Magic receiving better offers for Afflalo prior to the deadline and they were trying to use him as a centerpiece in a deal for the No. 1 pick, so settling was a bit surprising to say the least, especially considering how his stock has only increased

New Orleans Pelicans Acquire: Omer Asik and cash considerations

Houston Rockets Acquire: 2015 first round pick

Analysis: The Houston Rockets have been trying to deal Asik since they signed Dwight Howard last summer. They were unable to find any offers to their liking and tried to play the two together. The experiment never took off, even though they went back to it in the playoffs out of necessity. This summer their goal is to sign another star alongside Howard and James Harden, so getting rid of Asik for pennies on the dollar was an absolute necessity. The pick is reportedly 1-3 and 20-30 protected, so they at least got a valuable pick in exchange for a starting-caliber center they had to get rid of in order to be players in free agency. This is a bargain deal for the Hornets, who now have a strong, defensive-minded center to pair alongside Anthony Davis in the interior.

Dallas Mavericks Acquire: Tyson Chandler and Raymond Felton

New York Knicks Acquire: Jose Calderon, Wayne Ellington, Shane Larkin, Samuel Dalembert, Cleanthony Early and Thanasis Antetokoumnpo

Analysis: Bill Ingram and Tommy Beer covered this trade in depth, but all of the pieces are known now that the draft is completed. The Knicks were unable to get into the first round like they wanted to, but got a first round-caliber talent in Early. Antetokounmpo has come a long way in a short amount of time and will likely continue to work on his game with the Knicks D-League affiliate.

Yannis Koutroupis is Basketball Insiders' Managing Site Editor and Senior Writer. He has been covering the NBA and NCAA for seven years.


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NBA Daily: Lessons From The 2018 NBA Draft

After a wild 2018 NBA Draft, here are four lessons and storylines worth watching over the next few years.

Ben Nadeau



Now that the dust has settled on an unpredictable NBA Draft — what exactly have we learned? In amongst the unrelenting rumors, refused workouts and surprise reaches, there are a few key takeaways from Brooklyn. Of course, some of these are one-off instances, but others are definitely part of modern-day draft patterns. While draft night may sometimes seem like complete chaos or chance, each scenario on this rundown has been boiling over for weeks. Between passing on a talented prospect to letting an injured one slide, here are four important lessons from the 2018 NBA Draft.

Luka Dončić… Not The No. 1?

For months and months, it appeared as if Luka Dončić was poised to become the No. 1 overall pick in this draft. Even today, it’s hard to believe that somebody with Dončić’s age and resume wasn’t the top selection. In 2017-18 alone, the Slovenian took home EuroLeague MVP and Finals MVP plus ACB MVP, with championships in both leagues to boot — but here we are. Dončić averaged 14.1 points, 5.3 rebounds, 4.5 assists and 1.1 steals over just 25 minutes per game, quickly transforming into the most well-rounded overseas prospect of all-time. But as impressive as Dončić was throughout the spring, the potential ceilings of both DeAndre Ayton and Marvin Bagley III eventually won out.

At 7-foot-1, Ayton’s 20.1 points, 11.6 rebounds and 1.9 blocks per game were undeniably worthy of a top selection too, pairing well alongside Devin Booker and Josh Jackson for the foreseeable future. While the jury is still out on Bagley III — his defense needs some major fine-tuning — he won’t take key touches away from De’Aaron Fox either. More or less, nobody wants to be the organization to miss on such a franchise-altering pick. The Suns, Kings and even the Hawks may eventually regret passing on Dončić, but when general managers’ entire careers can depend on making the right choice at the right time, it’s not difficult to understand why the top of the draft unfolded as it did.

Playing Hard To Get Doesn’t Always Work Out…

As draft boards began to take shape, there was one particularly interesting situation sitting at No. 4 overall. Jaren Jackson Jr., solidly leading the second tier of prospects, was looking like a lock at the Memphis Grizzlies’ pick — but with one major caveat: Jackson Jr. reportedly didn’t work out or give his medical information to the franchise. After he was drafted, Jackson Jr. called those rumors “a tad out of context” — but, obviously, those are some massive red flags. Either way, Memphis went with their gut and selected the talented forward anyway.

But beyond all that, Memphis absolutely made the right move by sticking to their guns. Putting a modern three-point shooting, defensive-minded athlete next to Marc Gasol should prove to be an absolute nightmare for years to come. Naturally, Jackson Jr. will get plenty of easy looks from the stellar Mike Conley Jr. too — so if the draftee was once apprehensive, surely that will pass soon. Still, it reflects on a larger NBA pattern, wherein which prospective athletes sensibly look to mold their own path out of college. With players trying to control their draft narratives more than ever, it’s reassuring to see that some franchises will take their target first and then figure out the rest.

We may never know Jackson Jr.’s full thought process behind not working out for the Grizzlies, but there’s a great chance that the former Spartan was made for Memphis’ tough brand of basketball — and we should all be glad we’ll get to see it.

…But Injuries Will Lead To A Slide

Michael Porter Jr. — what a year for him, huh?

After missing out on much of his only collegiate season due to back surgery, Porter Jr. promised that he was feeling better than ever. But over the last month, scouts and front offices were treated to canceled workouts and hazy uncertainty. And, at the end of the day, it probably scared a handful of franchises away from the talented scorer. Just this week, the Kings heavily considered Porter Jr. at No. 2 overall — but even with that sudden unlikelihood passing by, few thought he’d drop out of the top ten altogether. Outside of the guaranteed money that Porter Jr. will miss out on, redshirting his rookie year may also be on the table as well.

The inherent upside with Porter Jr. is obvious, but — similarly to the Dončić issue — it’s tough to ask franchise officials to stake their livelihood on the prospect’s health. If Porter Jr.’s lingering issues stay with him and he never reaches his mountain of potential, that’s a tough pill to swallow. The 19-year-old would fall all the way down to No. 14, where the Denver Nuggets gladly scooped him up. During the combine in May, Porter Jr. called himself the best player in the draft — but it’s now up to him to prove them all wrong.

The Mysterious Men Nearly Miss Out

Let’s rewind to early April. Villanova had been just crowned NCAA champions for the second time in three years, the NBA playoffs were soundly on the horizon and mock drafts had begun to consistently pour out. Early on, there were two athletic big men that looked like shoo-ins as first-rounders: Robert Williams and Mitchell Robinson. Despite their undercooked skill-sets, both players pulled out of the combine and then waited for the hype to build — except, well, it didn’t. Williams, who was typically projected in the early teens, slipped out of the lottery entirely, only to be rescued by the Boston Celtics at No. 27. Williams is a booming, powerful prospect, but he could’ve really benefited from competing against the other top prospects in May.

Although he’s now landed in an ideal situation with Brad Stevens, Al Horford and a process-driven Celtics squad, Williams likely cost himself a whole load of money over the last 30-plus days as well.

In Robinson’s case, many believed his floor was the Los Angeles Lakers at No. 25 — rumors swirling that the 7-foot-1 center even received a promise from the illustrious franchise. Instead, Robinson dropped to the New York Knicks at No. 36 overall. Robinson had originally committed to Western Kentucky in July of 2017 before dropping out to prepare for the draft. After skipping the combine last month, Robinson indeed exhibited the potential to be both a steady shot-blocker and three-point maker during his individual evaluations. But with little to go off of but high school highlight reels and small session workout tapes, he understandably fell.

Sometimes the hype is impossible to ignore, but not participating in the combine and staying as mysterious as possible hurt these ultra-talented prospects.

While the 2018 NBA Draft wasn’t quite the trade-heavy, drama-laden extravaganza much of the world expected, there are plenty of narratives to reflect upon. At the end of the day, the ink is barely dry on this year’s festivities and it’ll be some time before there’s any indication of these successes or failures. Still, there are lessons to be learned from every draft, workout or injury process and these are four conversations worth considering as the NBA quickly rolls into the summer league season.

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