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2014 NBA Trade Deadline Diary

  • Pelicans Receive Disabled Player Exception

    Also hearing Pelicans today received what ESPN reported yesterday: Disabled Player Exception valued at $4.15M for Ryan Anderson.

    via Marc Stein of ESPN on Twitter

  • Cavaliers After Lakers’ Hill

    Hearing now that Cavs have strongly emerged as team trying to trump BKN and acquire Jordan Hill from Lakers. Looks like Cavs & Nets for Hill.

    via Marc Stein of ESPN on Twitter

  • Suns Out Of Jordan Hill Talks?

    Suns are no longer engaged in talks with Lakers on Jordan Hill, league sources tell Yahoo Sports. "Not as of now," one source says.

    via Adrian Wojnarowski - Yahoo! Sports via Twitter 

  • Wizards Want Luke Ridnour

    As teams look for PG depth, worth watching Milwaukee's Luke Ridnour. Washington, I'm told, among interested teams. Bucks may not move him.

    via Sam Amick of USA TODAY Sports on Twitter

  • Wolves-Grizzlies’ Talks Stalling?

    Also "no traction" on rumored Wolves-Grizz deal w/[Tony Allen] and Tayshaun Prince for [Chase Budinger] & others. Sides aren't close to anything.

    via David Aldridge on Twitter

  • Rockets Want Rondo; Celtics Want Parsons

    Sources familiar w/Rockets thinking say HOU has absolute interest in trading for Rajon Rondo. But that alone doesn't mean we'll see a deal.

    Close relationship between Danny Ainge and Daryl Morey means talks are always easy to fire up but Celts' demands for Rondo are very high.

    Celtics got a first for Doc Rivers and multiple firsts for Pierce/KG, as covered today on Stein Line LIve. For Rondo they'll want even more.

    Celtics, I'm told, would insist on Chandler Parsons in a theoretical Rondo deal. And Rockets, by all accounts, NOT willing to surrender CP.

    via Marc Stein of ESPN on Twitter

  • Mavericks Trying to Trade for Deng

    The Mavs, a possible free-agent destination for Luol Deng, have called the Cavs about a possible trade, league source says.

    Dallas, though, lacks the necessary assets to get Cleveland engaged in any serious talks.

    via Ken Berger of CBS Sports on Twitter

  • Phoenix-Lakers Gasol Talks Dying

    Hearing that Gasol to Suns, if it ever was serious, dying quickly on the vine. PHX "looking at other stuff" now, per source.

    Via David Aldridge on Twitter


  • Clippers Don’t Want Raymond Felton

    Like Hawks in Jeff Teague talks, hearing Clips opposed to taking back Felton in proposed deal headlined by Darren Collison and Iman Shumpert.

    Clips undeniably interested in Shumpert. Knicks definitely want Collison. But CLips prefer not to take back Felton or part wi/Reggie Bullock.

    ESPN has learned Knicks are telling teams that have interest in Shumpert: It'll either cost you a first or you have to take on Felton's deal.

    To sum up: If Knicks can convince Clips to trade them Collison AND take back Felton, they've pulled off a Trade Deadline Week upset

    via Marc Stein of ESPN on Twitter

  • Mavericks, Suns Looking at Jordan Hill

    The Phoenix Suns and Dallas Mavericks have also talked to the Lakers about acquiring Jordan Hill, according to a league source.

    via David McMenamin of ESPN Los Angeles on Twitter

  • Warriors Not Looking To Move Barnes, But They Might

    The Harrison Barnes conundrum in Golden State is very real. The team likes Harrison quite a bit, but they are also realizing they are not where they want to be as a franchise and Barnes may be the chip they could cash that returns the most value. Returning real value is the key part.

    Several teams have made passes at Golden State, but the asking price on a Barnes deal is fairly high and the kind of transaction it would take to obtain him from the Warriors is not easy to pull off.

    If someone surfaces with a significant upgrade option, the Warriors are entertaining it. Ownership and management understand the pressure to win and win now and they are looking at everything possible.

    It is unlikely that the Warriors move Barnes, so when you see his name kicked around, understand that Golden State is listening, but it would take a whopper of a deal to get them off the dime on Barnes.

  • Some NBA Teams Are Working The Process

    The new era of General Managers in the NBA may be too smart for their own good, at least that what one veteran NBA executive said in talking about moves his team was supposedly “linked” to.

    The general vibe from this executive is that a large number of teams with younger less experienced GMs have been using incoming interest to either extract a king’s ransom for their assets or are putting out details of abstract conversations in the media in an attempt to up the return on a possible player.

    The net result is there are a lot of trade rumors out there in the press that are not even close.

    One long-time executive joked that what would happen today around 3:00pm is that several complex three-team trade scenarios would surface as “nearly done” only to have them evaporate tomorrow.

    A couple of franchises admitted that their trade deadline strategy has been to call every team and offer something in hopes of shaking loose a deal, so those franchises cautioned not to believe too much of the hype, because they are absolutely fishing for something to break free.

  • Orlando Magic Still Sniffing For A Deal

    In what appears to be a flash-back to last year’s trade deadline where the Orlando Magic were actively denying interest in trades involving J.J. Redick, only to move him at the 11th hour, the Magic have again been repeatedly labeled as not open to deals this year.

    League sources say the Magic have recently engaged in talks with a few teams on possible transactions and that while the team continues to play poker with its assets there is an increasing sense that the Magic might make a deal before tomorrow’s 3:00pm EST trade deadline.

    The Magic are said to be open to trades that involve point guard Jameer Nelson and veteran forward Glen “Big Baby” Davis, but are turning away calls on guard Arron Afflalo.

    Sources near the Magic were adamant during All-Star weekend that the team wasn’t overly active, but as of today that posture seems to have changed.

    The Magic are being extremely guarded, as was the case last year, but it seems that talk of the Magic sitting out the deadline may be overstated.

  • Andre Miller Pushing For Trade To Minnesota?

    Even as a 14-year veteran, Denver Nuggets guard Andre Miller has no control over what will happen before Thursday afternoon's trade deadline.

    But multiple sources close to the situation insist he has let it be known that his No. 1 preference is a trade to the [Minnesota] Timberwolves.

    The Nuggets, sources say, aren't interested in a 1-for-1 swap involving Timberwolves guard J.J. Barea.

    via - Darren Wolfson ESPN 1500

  • Additional Details on Potential Knicks-Clippers Deal

    Additional details have emerged on the potential trade between the Los Angeles Clippers and New York Knicks. The rumored deal involves Iman Shumpert and Raymond Felton going to the Clippers for Darren Collison and Reggie Bullock.

    Yahoo! Sports was the first to report the deal.

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