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A Look Ahead In The NBA Playoffs

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As the regular season enters its final days, there are still as many questions as answers when it comes to how the playoffs will shape up. Only one playoff game is set in stone in either conference, so unlike some years, these final matches are of vital importance. Let’s see what is in store.

Three crucial games in the Eastern Conference

The sixteenth playoff spot is a direct battle between the Detroit Pistons, who are currently at 40-41 and the Charlotte Hornets on 39-42. For the sports betting fraternity, those looking to make the best use of free bet offers from their online bookmakers might find the constantly shifting odds a little difficult to keep up with. Right now, those looking for a safer bet but at shorter odds are backing the Pistons, as all they need is to either beat the Knicks in their last regular season game or for the Hornets to lose to the Magic and they will be through. The Hornets, on the other hand need a little help from fate, as both a win for themselves and a loss for Detroit is what is needed in order for them to scrape through.

Those two games are, therefore, the ones that will be truly under the microscope, but there are other factors at play in working out the final seedings. Seeds one to five are now established, and we know the Celtics will face the Pacers in round one. Beyond that, however, much depends on the result of the games mentioned above, and also how the game between the Heat and the Nets pans out.

The Heat are no longer in contention, but they can still affect the playoffs. If they win and if Detroit make the playoffs, the Nets will be seeded seven. A win for the Nets, on the other hand, will guarantee a sixth seed berth and will mean they face the third seeded Philadelphia 76ers.

Seeding in the Western Conference down to the wire

The eight teams from the Western Conference have been set in stone with almost boring predictability for some weeks. However, who will play whom in the playoffs is still far from clear, even at the eleventh hour, and if the deadlock is not broken, we could end up in the convoluted world of NBA tiebreaker rules.

There are four games that will be instrumental here, and these are as follows:

  1. Nuggets at Jazz
  2. Rockets at Thunder
  3. Timberwolves at Nuggets
  4. Jazz at Clippers

If the Nuggets win games 1 and 3 above, they will be guaranteed number two seeding, while the Jazz need to win either game 1 or 4 to finish at least fifth seed. If the Rockets lose and the Blazers win their final two games against the Lakers and the Kings, then the Blazers are guaranteed the number three seed.

Prepare for some classic playoff games

While it might be a case of the usual suspects, the open field as far as seedings are concerned shows just how tightly fought these playoff games will be. Settle back and enjoy, as this year, the NBA is set for one of the most thrilling conclusions to the season in memory.


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Which NBA teams have the most to prove in 2019/20?

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Fans of basketball in the US will be eagerly awaiting the start of the 2019/20 season. Due to begin on 22nd October 2019, the initial game will see defending champions the Toronto Raptors face the New Orleans Pelicans. As well as keeping up with the new campaign when underway, many fans will also look into betting on the results of games to make some money. If you are unsure how to do so look online for handy guides. There are some great ones out there, with information about betting on NBA games to how to bet on NFL playoffs online.

Although all supporters will be feeling excited about the new season, some will feel their team has a bit more to prove than others. This may be because of living up to last year’s showing, improving on a poor 2018/19 or simply meeting the expectations of fans which have been raised by player signings. But which NBA sides have the most to prove in 2019/20?

LA Lakers

 The LA Lakers is one of the most well-known NBA teams and they will be looking for an improvement on their results this time around for sure. Last campaign, the LeBron James signing didn’t go to plan and this was a major disappointment for fans after the injury he picked up. Injuries to other key players really hampered their progress and they did not exactly set the league ablaze. This has seen Frank Vogel come in as head coach to try and make an impact for the 2019/20 season. Fans of the Lakers do have reason to be optimistic moving forward though. The trade for Anthony Davis looks a great move and if he can stay healthy to hook up with James, then it will help a lot.

Phoenix Suns

 One team who must have a better 2019/20 season are the Phoenix Suns. Finishing bottom of the Pacific Division and also the Western Conference, they managed a meager 19 wins all year. A big problem for them was the amount of three point shots they hit, and this will be something fans will expect them to be better at this time around. One bright spot for fans is that off-season player moves look to leave them with a much better roster make-up. If the new players can gel and help get the best from Devin Booker, then it could be a much better year for the side. One thing is for sure – it can’t really get much worse and fans will certainly expect to see some improvement in Phoenix.

LA Clippers

 The Clippers did not too that badly last year with a run to the playoff first round, which saw them lose to eventual finalists the Golden State Warriors. For their fans though, this was not enough, and many will want to see them at least make the finals this time. The team also have a lot to prove in terms of whether the players they have signed in the off-season will work out. When you sign the current Finals MVP and another who was 3rd in the MVP voting, then you know all eyes will be on how you do. With Kawhi Leonard and Paul George in town, fans will be looking for a spot in the finals at the least, but most probably be expecting to win it. Their old rivals the Lakers could be the most challenging obstacle but any playoff series between these two in 2019/20 would be immense.

New York Knicks

 One team that had a terrible 2018/19 campaign and needs to pull its socks up are the New York Knicks. Finishing bottom of the Atlantic Division with only 17 wins and also bottom of the Eastern Conference, it was a really poor showing for them. This means that they need to step up in 2019/20 to put this behind them and give their fans something to cheer. While many think that a playoff run might be beyond them, the players added in off-season do point to a better campaign being on the cards in the coming weeks. With more experience added to the developing crop of youngsters they already had, the team chemistry and skillset might now be more suited to actually winning games.

NBA 2019/20 should be a great season

 As the above indicates, there are a few teams who will be especially keen to show some improvement in this coming year. Whether they do it or not remains to be seen but it will make for an exciting bunch of games to follow as usual! With big-name players looking to settle in at new teams and teams that did poorly last year looking to get better, NBA fans should see some superb action unfold.

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How can you profit from hockey games?

Basketball Insiders



Betting started to win more and more hearts of active hockey fans and beginners worldwide. With the help of analytical materials from professional cappers, people bet on hockey at online and earn extra money. And the vast majority wants sports betting to become their primary source of income and bring dividends.

How to make the right bets on hockey?

We don’t have to make an emotional or thoughtless bet, which only profits the bookmaker. Approach the issue wisely and thoroughly. More and more people are trying to read forecasts for hockey and learn the art of impartial analysis of the future game. That’s the only way cappers and beginners in the field of betting can achieve success without being led by others.

It is difficult to give an accurate forecast for the game when you are surrounded by bright betting ads that only cause emotions. This is often a failed strategy when the player either gets a profit or ends up with nothing. And if you think carefully before betting online or in a real bookmaker, you will find forecasts for hockey from a seasoned forecaster and analyze the information, the chance of winning will increase significantly.

Where to find free or paid forecasts for hockey?

League of forecasts for the sport was specially created so that everyone can find quality sports predictions from sports analytics. In particular, here, you will find detailed forecasts for hockey, distributed on a free or paid basis. Both of them are written by experts who have experience in the preparation of analytical materials, are well-versed in hockey and willing to help others earn money.

If you really want to earn without risk and with a minimal chance of failure, read the forecasts from the professionals. This analytical data is published by the proven experts, who previously pass the moderation service, and only after confirmation of their skills can sell a subscription to the publication.

What is the advantage of paid forecasts for hockey?

The site has a tough forecast competition for all users without exception. First, the capper must pass the certification of his/her prediction and get a chance to activate the paid subscriptions. Second, the portal has a TOP of users who publish their forecasts for sports. When viewing the personal page of the forecaster, you will be able to see how many successful bets he/she has made, what is the percentage of his/her profitability and how effective his/her strategy is. So you save time and can find someone whose hockey forecasts will bring you the highest income and avoid a situation purchasing the subscription from the unverified capper. Our community cares about those who came to the site and are ready to make thoughtful bets on matches.

In addition, the TOP is updated all the time. Forecasters who publish sports forecasts can’t be fixed in one place forever just because of the number of published materials or the duration of registration. Depending on how accurate the sports forecasts from capper are, his/her position in the top goes up or down. Those who bet on hockey using the information on the site, get a reliable channel of additional income with minimal risks. You can earn both betting and making your forecasts for hockey for the NHL and KHL!

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TEAM USA Drops To France

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Yesterday, top favorite for winning the World Cup, Serbia, went out in the quarter-finals, while today the US team also got eliminated by France. Although the biggest NBA stars didn’t participate for the USA, they were still considered as the second favorite for retaining the title won in 2014. This is not the surprise after Turkey missed the chance to beat the Americans only due to their own mistakes and fear of a win, but such an experienced team as France knows how to grab this opportunity.

After the first quarter, teams went to the short break evens, while in the second, France started taking the main word in this match. Evan Fournier and Rudy Gobert were a dominant duo and after several very attractive actions, France managed to score 27 points into the second quarter. They had a six-point lead after the first 20 minutes of the game. France was almost in the constant lead of the match, while the US side had a maximum advantage of three points in the first quarter.

French side continued in the same fashion in the third quarter as well and their advantage rose to 10 points. However, after several mistakes in their offensive actions, they spilled everything and let go the Americans get a three-point lead. When the current world champions went seven points ahead, 72:65, even French fans doubted that their team will get back into the game and book their place in the semi-finals. In that period, France had a very bad control of a defensive rebound and they conceded a lot of second-chance points.

But something went wrong for the US team as they managed to score only three points in the last three minutes of the game, as reported by BettingTips4You stats. Their free-throws percentage went down rapidly as Donovan Mitchell and Kemba Walker missed some shots. On the other side, although they were not at the first-half level, Furnier bagged very important shots, while Gobert booked a couple of offensive rebounds which were eventually converted into points. The United States didn’t have the solution for French defense, they even missed some open shots and sitters, while French team was flying on the wings of their excellent effort. Nando De Colo’s cool head and steady arm were keeping the advantage for the French team intact as he scored five puts of six free throws. Eventually, France won by a ten-point margin, they totally deserved the victory and the chance to challenge the top spot.

The US team needed more scorers in this game as only Donovan Mitchell met the expectations with 29 points scored, although his field goals percentage went just above 50%. Kemba Walker was stopped at 10 points with a very bad evening as he scored twice from nine attempts, excluding the free-throws. They were outplayed in the paint as French side booked 16 rebounds more than their opponents. Gobert showed the class with 21 points scored and 16 rebounds, although he spent only six minutes on the bench. Both sides were a bit under 50% field goals percentage but eventually missed free throws cost the US team a win.

To summarize, France is going to take on the winner of the last quarter-finals between Australia and the Czech Republic, while the USA will play classification matches. Ironically, their first opponent is going to be Serbia, but everybody expected to see these two sides in the finals and not in the battle for the 5th spot. The match is going to be played tomorrow and there’s a very little time for preparation, so it wouldn’t be surprising if Serbia pulls an upset as they had a day more to recover. The side which is more mentally strong should win tomorrows match.

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