NBA Chat with Bill Ingram 2/11/14

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  1. paul

    I saw your take on Morey in a previous chat. I don’t think you give Morey nearly as much credit as he deserves. You at least acknowledged that he drafts well, but acted as though it wasn’t a huge percentage of the criteria of determining a great gm. So many of his picks have resulted in huge steals. for example, drafted carl landry in the second round….. ended up getting a few great years as a sixth man and was a key part in the k mart trade… who was key in getting harden. You acted as though you listed all the great moves…. you failed to mention the steal of the century…. getting louis scola for waste of 6’0 spounoulis or however you say his name…. who basically said he did not want to play in the u.s.a ever again, Lets also remember he was given a team with two massively injury prone players for stars… and in only i believe 3 years after yao retired and we traded t mac…… we have one of the top teams in the west! moreys squad has failed to make the playoffs 3 times….. one of those times was when yaos foot didn’t get any better and out of the blue in the offseason said he was out for the year, another one was when yao was coming off of major foot surgery and hoped he would heal… but didn’t….. really there was only one year he didn’t make the playoffs without a understandable excuse. So really only one year after we knew we couldn’t do anything with the roster we had…. we got a star and made the playoff… next year… another star and are contenders. even if you count the years without yao… 3 years of rebuilding is actually a pretty damn good amount of time, especially when they were on the cusp of making the playoffs, all 3 years.

    • Bill Ingram

      Good Evening, Everyone, and welcome to the chat!Hey Paul! My criteria for someone being a great GM involves more than drafting well in the second round, yes. My criteria has a lot to do with building a championship team, and in Morey’s time as GM the Rockets have gone from a 55-win team (inherited from CD) to a 34-win team and now on their way up. The McGrady acquisition was terrible, almost as bad as the Barkley acquisition. Harden is the best player he’s had, and I give full credit for that. The advance stats on Harden showed he could be the best guard in the NBA with more touches and he absolutely is. Beyond that, show me a championship. Show me a trip to the conference finals, at least. Then I’ll be impressed. This is a professional sports team. If you don’t win, your brilliant draft picks and smart trades don’t matter a single bit.

  2. steppxxxz

    I read your description of the Clippers here and I have two comments. One, I dont really see them as contenders, or even close really. Their defense just breaks down: Crawford, Reddick both sub par, and Blake is at best average on defense. Offense he is having a career year, but not on defense. Jordan makes some plays but Im not sure he is close to a top five center in the league. Maybe not top ten. I would nominate as the team nobody wants to play post season as Golden State…IF (big IF) healthy. Bogut vs Jordan? Iguadola and Lee…vs Blake and nobody….CP3 vs Steph, and KT vs i guess Reddick ….and Harrison Barnes (i admnit not my favorite player and bad on defense) and Jordan Crawford now. Clips bench is better..slightly. But I think golden state matches up…but they have to stay healthy. I think portland lacks defense. But the sleeper post season is Dallas ….rick carlysle and Dirk. Beware.

    • Bill Ingram

      I would never underestimate Rick – the second-best coach in the league after Popovich – or Dirk, the best European player of all time. What I doubt about Dallas is Monta Ellis, Samuel Dalembert, Shawn Marion (now), and the cast of young and unproven players around him. Vince can still get it done and Dirk is still very good, but that’s not enough to get out of the first round if they catch OKC or San Antonio. If they catch Houston, maybe, as Carlisle is a MUCH better coach than McHale and that matters more in the playoffs. As for the Clippers, with Chris Paul at point and Jordan down low you have two of the best defenders at the two most important positions in the modern NBA. With everyone healthy I think the Clips can do some damage. I called them a sleeper team because it’s not a foregone conclusion, but if they catch the Spurs banged up, for example, they might just make it to the WCF. There they would lose to the Thunder. OKC looks impossible to stop.

  3. paul

    The Rockets have quietly been the hottest team in the league since getting Pat Beverly back, who brings so much to the table for the rockets defensively. He actually leads the team in net rating ahead of howard and harden. With Howard looking like the Orlando Howard once again. Now that we’re healthy and the Blazers are starting to struggle more. Do you see us possibly getting a three seed? maybe even with the spurs age is catching up to them, do you see us possibly getting that division crown that has eluded us for years?

    • Bill Ingram

      This I can agree with. Injuries are a major factor for San Antonio, and sooner or later that’s going to finally bring them down, I have to believe. Portland has the second toughest schedule over the second half behind Denver, and it’s showing. They’re playing .500 ball now . . .but we’ll see how they adjust. You’re right about Pat, too. Most games he has the highest + rating of any Rocket, and he gets zero credit for his impact. It’s an entirely different team with him running the point because he never takes a play off and he is relentless in his pursuit of the ball. Can the Rockets grab the second seed? Maybe . . .

  4. Josh

    Maurice Cheeks fired but Joe Dumars keeps his job? seriously why do GM’s get so much slack and coaches are always the scapegoat. How have Dumars, Morey, Hammond etc all been able to keep their jobs they have done a consistently horrible job

    • Bill Ingram

      That’s the question . . .Dumars has made so many bad moves, hired so many bad coaches, wasted so many draft picks . . .it’s a complete mystery to me how he keeps his job. I get he was a great player, but he’s done more to hurt the team as GM than he ever did to help it as a player.

  5. Alex Kennedy

    Hi, How are you doing today?

    Which rookies are you excited to watch next season and why?

    What tip/tips would you give to Wiggins, Parker, and randles before they enter the draft?

    What are wiggins, parkers, and randles ceiling in a few years?

    • Bill Ingram

      I’m most excited to see Wiggins because I was a big fan of his dad’s team in Houston. My advice to a young player is to find someone to advise them who is not emotionally attached to the situation. Someone who will give them sound advice regardless of whether or not the advice feeds their ego. They need someone to put them on a budget, keep their future in mind, and prevent them from being taken advantage of by the people who come out of the woodwork to feed off of a young NBA player who hits the lottery.

  6. Coach D

    What about Ariza for calderon? Washington is said to be looking for point guard help

    • Bill Ingram

      That would be a solid move for Washington, as Calderon and Wall would be the best one-two punch in the East at PG. Why would Dallas do that? They have plenty of small forwards and then they would have no starting PG.

  7. Peter

    Hey Bill! Heard rumours that the Spurs are interested in Evan Turner. Any truth to that? If so, what are the Spurs going to offer and what kinda role he is gonna play for the Spurs?

    • Bill Ingram

      Yes, I’ve seen that rumor, coming from Ken Berger. What no one will stipulate to is what San Antonio would send to Philly. The Spurs don’t have what the Sixers are looking for, namely a quality first round pick. They could send an ending contract, but the Sixers already have that with Turner. Additionally, the Spurs are not a team that looks to make a big move mid-season, though the injury factor might inspire them to break that tradition. Charlotte has more to offer in terms of what the Sixers are looking for.

  8. Joel

    Which star player is most likely to be moved by the deadline? Where?

    • Bill Ingram

      I think the team most likely to get a deal done is Philly, with Phoenix a close second. But star? Depends on what we’re calling a star player. There isn’t a lot of motivation for the Lakers to move Pau, since he’s expiring. It doesn’t sound like Rondo will be traded. Melo’s going nowhere. Is Greg Monroe a star? Evan Turner? I think they are likely to be moved, but I wouldn’t call them stars. I think the stars are staying put.

  9. Knix fan!!

    I’m sure you’re excited for all the deadline questions. The Knicks are known as a very prideful franchise and wouldn’t dare trading Melo because of the “threat” of him leaving… or would they?

    • Bill Ingram

      No they wouldn’t . . .because they know how much he loves being in New York.

  10. A Cardiac

    Why do the Rockets give up so many big leads? Seriously I have mini heart attacks 2x/week!

    • Bill Ingram

      First, the NBA is a game of runs. Most teams that build a big lead wind up having to fight off a team that closes the gap. Even Miami, OKC and Indiana have to do that from time to time. Second, you have to have a great coaching staff that stops the game and makes adjustments when the other team starts to make a run. The next time McHale does that it will be the first time ever. Can Houston trade Lin, Asik and McHale to Dallas for Dirk, Vince and Carlisle? They’d be undefeated the rest of the season and go 16-0 en route to a title.

  11. Motor City Tre

    Is Mo Cheeks an NBA coach or not? Even though his track record suggests otherwise, I don’t think he’s ever had a great roster. Detroit has talent but none of it is complimentary. Was this the right move or is it more of a personnel issue?

    • Bill Ingram

      I wouldn’t hire him, no. When you have a mismatched roster you need a creative coach to make it all work. Of course, there is a strong argument to be made that Jennings and Smith don’t fit that team at all . . .see my earlier comments about Dumars. I’d have fired them both.

  12. Dom

    ASW picks for each event? Ready, Set, Go!

    • Bill Ingram

      What? Give away the big feature we’re working on answering that question? 😮

  13. steppxxxz

    thoughts on coach for detroit? Ive heard Hollins…which is maybe not the most inspired choice…but ok. But one would hope they find a guy who is more creative maybe, though Hollins commands respect. And….does anyone take Josh Smith or Jennings in a trade.

    • Bill Ingram

      I can see someone taking Josh Smith, someone who needs a power forward. I’m surprised we haven’t heard Houston mentioned in connection with Detroit, since Dwight and Josh are very good friends and they would be very difficult to score against in they were together on Houston’s front line. Jennings? Highly unlikely . . .Hollins commands respect, Karl does, too, and he’s more creative. Nate McMillan would be good there, too…

  14. Roger

    Just out of curiosity, how do you think Kobe and Lebron and Iverson would fair in the 50s and 60s era of basketball. Would they be too talented for anyone in that era to have a fair chance?

    • Bill Ingram

      That’s an anachronistic comparison, as athletes in the 50’s and 60’s couldn’t do 90% of what we see today’s pro athletes doing. Ignoring that, though, Kobe, LeBron and Iverson would have all averaged 50ppg.

  15. Danny

    Has any GM that has assembled a championship team ever been sacked from his position? Yes, I am looking at Joe D.
    Apart from Detroit, which roster do you think is the most poorly balanced, besides those blatantly tanking teams……

    • Bill Ingram

      David Morway took the Indiana Pacers from brawlers to ballers and was not renewed last season. The Pacers would have been in the Finals last year if the Spurs hadn’t advanced. The NBA can’t have two very small market teams in the Finals, hence Paul George’s uncharacteristic foul trouble early in Game 7. I have to admit that from day one I thought the Pistons were a mess coming into the season. Josh Smith made no sense and Jennings, well, he was addition by subtraction for the Bucks.

  16. Paprika

    The brightside of the laker’s season is they got good pg’s who are border line starter materials… Anyone intrested on blake, kmarshall or farmar? And how about contender who may need kaman? Portland?

    • Bill Ingram

      I’m not entirely sold that a contender who lands Kaman is still a contender. I like Chris, but he isn’t exactly tearing up the court. He played himself out of the rotation in Dallas, and the Mavs weren’t very good last season. Marshall looks interesting there . . .best he’s played. They should keep him.

  17. Deven

    Can the Rockets catch the Spurs and take over the division and perhaps win it?

    • Bill Ingram

      They can if the Spurs keep losing players to injury and the Rockets keep their guys on the roll they’re on! If they can get one more piece, a wing defender, perhaps, for Asik at the deadline they’ll be very dangerous come playoff time.

  18. Deven

    If the Spurs can’t beat the elite teams, are they doomed?

    • Bill Ingram

      Hard to say. It’s like the HEAT “struggling.” They’re sitting back and waiting for the playoffs. Nothing else matters to San Antonio, and I’ll wait to judge them until I’m sure they are really trying to win.

  19. Park Barkley

    How much will a max contract for Monroe be?
    It seems like Houston got Hardin for a great deal compared to other elite players.
    If a GM wants to make a deal that helps them steal a restricted free agent, what options does he have? (Front load payments, give him a player option for year 4, anything else?)

    • Bill Ingram

      Here’s a link for determining max contracts – CLICK HERE! That’s why Houston got Harden for a lower-sounding Max. He hasn’t been in the league very long. As for your last question, see what Morey did to land Lin and Asik. Text book example.

  20. James

    What would it take to pry DD from TOR? He would be a great fit with DET, CHA, or PHX.

    • Bill Ingram

      The price was sky-high after they moved Gay and thought they were tanking. I don’t think you could get him now, given their shot at a division title and his phenomenal play.

  21. James

    Is it Possible for Silver to change the draft selection rules? Im thinking something on the lines that one of the 3 to first miss the playoffs gets the first pick (random of course). And then, one of the the worst teams gets the second pick. then back to the next top 3 teams for the third pick and back to the next worst three…etc. This would scare any team from tanking and encourage fringe teams to win, thoughts?

    • Bill Ingram

      I think the current lottery system has proven that the team with the worst record is anything but guaranteed to get the top pick. I don’t think Silver will change it any time soon.

  22. NapTonius Monk (@NapToniusMonk)

    I’ve always thought it would be a good idea to make the trade deadline the Thursday before the All Star Break. This would allow traded players to utilize the break to get situated with their new teams, rather than joining midstream as they do now. Your thoughts?

    • Bill Ingram

      Not a bad idea, really. It would also preclude trade talks from upstaging the event, as they do every year.

  23. Jason

    Do you see Hawes or Turner as fits to the Mavs? What assets could the Mavs send to Philly?

    • Bill Ingram

      I can see them both as being great for Dallas, but the Mavs don’t have what Philly is looking for. Also, for once, Dallas isn’t shopping . . .yet.

  24. Jason

    With the Sixers first round pick and Pelicans pick, what combo do you prefer for the Sixers:
    1) Parker and Harris or Young or Hood
    2) Wiggins and Anderson
    3) Randle and Harris/Young/Hood

    • Bill Ingram

      It’s a great problem to have, making that choice. I think the Sixers already have Wiggins fitted for a jersey . . .

  25. Jason

    Its February 21. What jersey is each player wearing:
    1) Turner
    2) Thad Young
    3) Hawes
    4) Brandon Bass
    5) Gasol
    6) Asik

    • Bill Ingram

      1) Charlotte
      2) Philly
      3) Philly
      4) Warriors

  26. Scott

    The Clipper are still looking for a big to come off the bench behind Griffin and Jordan. They’re rumored to be shopping Dudley. Any idea at who they’re looking at?

    • Bill Ingram

      Haven’t heard . . .but maybe Brandon Bass? I can’t see them landing a big name big for Dudley, but maybe Bass.

  27. Larry

    Good evening Bill…Have you heard any further rumors that the Bobcats will make a deal before the deadline…Bass or Turner or someone new. If they did get one of these guys do you see them as a good fit for the team. Thanks for any news.

    • Bill Ingram

      I am somewhat of a fan of the Bobcats, since a huge part of my family is in NC and I cover games there whenever I get the chance. As a fan I would love to see Turner there. He’s push them to a level they haven’t been at since Mourning and LJ were there.

  28. Bullsfan

    Can the bulls trade Carlos Boozer or is more likely that the bulls use the amnesty clause on him? Who would be interested in acquiring him? Is it true that the Phoenix Suns are interested?

    • Bill Ingram

      The Suns are interested, yes, but he’s not their first choice. If they can’t get Gasol, they might settle for Boozer. I think he gets amnestied at the end of the year no matter where he’s playing.

  29. Jordan

    Hey Bill, thanks for the chat!

    There is a growing faction of Jazz fans that would like to see the team sell high on Gordon Hayward and get some pieces for next year. What type of value does he have?

    I was thinking maybe Hayward for Jeff Green and a very lightly protected 2014 First rounder from the Celtics. What say you?

    • Bill Ingram

      I’ve heard that from fans, but not from anyone with knowledge of Utah’s plans. Doesn’t mean they won’t move him, but it’s not something they’re working hard to do. I like him quite a bit . . .as a player and as a person. I can see him being there long-term. As a reminder, our Trade Deadline Guide is now available, just click on the banner on the main page to download it to your device of choice. It’s very inexpensive and you can help keep us from having to put annoying content blockers on the new site like we had on the old one. Best of all, you’ll know the very latest on all 30 NBA teams heading into the trade deadline. Grab it now!