NBA Chat with Bill Ingram 6/10/14

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  1. JimInCyberSpace

    Bill, it seems that Dave Blatt is the hottest potential NBA HC? I don’t know much about him…what are your thoughts?

    • Bill Ingram

      Good Evening, Everyone, and welcome to the chat! He’s an outside the box answer, for sure, though it’s not entirely different from hiring a college coach. Blatt has been wildly successful coaching Euroleague ball, but that’s not much like the NBA game at all. It will be interesting to see if he can make such a transition, and to hear his thoughts on the differences if he can.

  2. steppxxxz

    The kevin love feeding frenzy baffles me. Ive heard the bulls would offer Gibson AND butler and a couple #1s. Now personally im not sure i would trade Taj Gibson straight up for Love. If a guy is 30 and never been in the playoffs, its partly his fault. But second I heard the Suns are considering bledsoe and dragic and #1s…..this is probably not true and the product of love’s agent….but….it sends what message to your young roster? The suns backcourt was why they would have been the #3 seed in the east….so break it up for a no defense big man? I dont get it. Love is a great shooter, yes, but defends almost nothing. And he hasnt made his teams up to this point better. Count me among those that find this hysteria insane. Your thoughts?

    • Bill Ingram

      I see you’ve figured out how the game works. I am completely with you on believing that Phoenix offer is agent speak. Why on earth would you give up BOTH of your backcourt stars? I don’t agree about Taj. I would absolutely make that deal, but it’s because Love would be playing for a coach who would demand more out of him and that’s what he needs. In Chicago it’s not enough to grab 20 rebounds – you better be contributing on the other end of the court, as well. That’s how you make the playoffs. It’s like the hysteria around Melo. I’m not impressed with him at all. Scoring is fine, but defense wins games . . .and championships.

  3. Oliver

    Hey Bill,two questions,

    1.What would you give up for K Love if you were the PHX Suns. You can pick players and draft picks. I think I would give up Bledsoe since he will be overpaid and one draft pick (14 or 18) Would this be enough? Would you do that deal? Let us assume both guys would sign a contract with their potential new Teams.I tink Love would be terrific in PHX!!

    2. What is your prediction for the finals after game 2? I still hope and believe in SA in 7!!

    • Bill Ingram

      1) I can see giving up Bledoe for Love, but not two backcourt players, as has been rumored. What does PHX do at power forward in that deal? Seems to me they would want to use Love to get rid of Rubio, though that is merely what I would look to do, not a “rumor” with a “source.” The Chicago rumor makes more sense because Taj would be a very good starter for them. 2) I had and have Spurs in 6. I don’t think home court matters at all with these two teams. Too many veterans. 🙂

  4. Darby

    Hi Bill, hope you’ve been enjoying the Finals! For HOU, are they planning to not pick up Chandler’s option, dump Lin/Asik, sign a 3rd Star with a cap space, then still be able to go over the cap to re-sign Parsons? Could a team screw them over (let’s say the Lakers) by agreeing to take Lin/Asik, then offering Chandler a decent sized contract so that HOU either loses him or has to match the offer and lose the cap space? How much time does HOU have to match? I’d guess they’d try and hurry to sign a 3rd star in that scenario and then match to follow the rules? Thanks, keep up the great work!

    • Bill Ingram

      So far the Finals have been about what I expected. Yes, that’s precisely what the Rockets are hoping to do, and they communicated as much to Chandler before they declined the option. This is what they always do – let some other team set the value for Parsons. I believe it’s 48 hours now . . .it changed under the new CBA so teams couldn’t be held up as long waiting for the match. I asked a GM friend what he would offer Chandler if he wanted to test Houston’s determination to match and he said $10-12 million a season. I’ll take Parsons at $10 over Melo at his inflated value any day.

  5. Darby

    Hi Bill, so reading about CLE supposedly offering Calipari a huge 10 year deal, even though they go through coaches like dirty diapers… if the Cavs had hired him, fired him, and re-hired him down the line ala Mike Brown, but before the first contract was up, would they be possibly paying him double salary for the remainder of the 1st contract? Does the league also need to cap out executive and coaching salaries and contract years so poorly run teams don’t keep shooting themselves? (if they don’t take one of Embiid/Parker/Wiggins this year there DEFINITELY should be a cap on lottery picks…)

    • Bill Ingram

      That makes absolutely no sense to me. NO team should sign ANY coach for more than five years as an absolute max. There is just no way that he would coach out that contract. You’re going to wind up paying him $10 million a season to not coach . . .and probably for 6 or 7 years, given Cleveland’s coaching record. That said, it’s their choice, and I don’t think the league should try to keep people from being stupid. Stupidity carries its own consequence.

  6. JimInCyberSpace

    Bill, This $5000 fine for D-Wade flopping is like a nickel to you and me? Give the fine some teeth. I would recommend it be on a percentage of base salary.
    Half of one percent of the floppers salary would be a good start? That would roughly equate to a minimum salary player being fined about $4500, a guy like D-Wade about $95,000.
    They way it is…Slap on the wrist, $5000 fine for a false foul call on Manu in the Finals. I’m sure Riley/Arison will pay it and give him a bonus…under the table.

    • Bill Ingram

      I agree that it’s kind of silly. How about $5K for the first offense and double it every time? Wade doesn’t need them to pay it; he can find it in the couch or under the seat of his car, no doubt. How about we ask the officials to call what they actually see and not base a whistle on the reaction of a player?

  7. Lateak

    Its no secret that Kyrie Irving doesn’t want to be n Cleveland…. I always hear he wants to come home n play for the Knicks…. Is it possible this season r next season he comes to us

    • Bill Ingram

      Hard to see how he winds up in New York . . .especially since they aren’t poised to win any time soon. I think that’s wishful thinking on the part of New York media and fans. Kyrie wants to win, and if the Cavs put him in a position to do that I think he will stay. If they don’t, they will trade him to the highest bidder. That won’t be NY.

  8. Lateak

    I think Derek Fisher is a better hire then Kerr…. I’m super optimistic about the future of the Knicks…. I think Carmelo Anthony stays n he will be rewarded for it…. I think we can find a way to get kyrie Irving n other star player… That’s my hope what do u think can happen with the Knicks n 2015

    • Bill Ingram

      Honestly, I think that remains to be seen. Kerr is a better fit in GS because they are poised to go deep in the playoffs without much in terms of roster tweaks. The Knicks have their work cut out for them, and I think Fisher will help the team draw free agents and also be an extension of Phil Jackson, as he was with the Lakers. If Carmelo decides winning is more important than money (and his wife’s desire to be in NY), the Knicks could be in real trouble. Even if he stays, however, they are a borderline playoff team at best next season.

  9. Ken

    How real around the league is the interest in Kyle Lowry? Given that his best year was this past year when he was playing for a new contract will someone step up and overpay? Or will teams fear that Kyle may not be as motivated or be worried about him being able to stay at this new level of play?

    • Bill Ingram

      Motivation should never be a question with Lowry. He wants to win and he wants to win in a big way. His only issue has been health, and that’s hard to predict. The Raptors want him back and he wants to be back. I’d be surprised if someone put an offer on the table big enough to break up what’s happening in Toronto.

  10. Jeff

    Two different questions;
    1)If the NBA is serious about eliminating flopping since it is cheating, why do they not consider suspending players rather than a meaningless fine? It’s a shame the Finals features two of the most flop heavy teams in the NBA. A $5000 fine won’t keep D Wade from flopping, but suspending him for game 3 might.

    2)What the Hell is going on with the Cavs coaching search? I’m glad Dan Gilbert isn’t afraid of cutting checks but 80 million for Cal, is he high? Please tell me he’ll just let David Griffin do the job he’s paid to do.

    • Bill Ingram

      1) As I mentioned previous, I’m with you. The $5K fine is a joke for a star player. I think suspension might be a bit much, but a more severe, progressive find is definitely in order. Either that, or just stop pretending you’re trying to eliminate flopping. 2) I sincerely hope he will let Griff do his job. If Dan Gilbert just wants to throw away money he should go out on top of the arena and just start throwing it to Cavs fans.

  11. Andrew

    Though I feel the contract given to Fisher is a little much (but what do I care, not my money), I feel the strength Fisher offers is his ability to work with an alpha dog type player like Kobe and Melo. Am I putting too much importance here? And what are the strengths you see in Fisher?

    • Bill Ingram

      I see a few, actually. Few players understand the game as well as Fisher, both on and off the court. He has a reputation that should help the Knicks draw free agent interest. He can run the triangle, if Jackson dictates that from the front office, though it’s never been successful without Jordan or Bryant to rescue it when it breaks down. Finally, Fisher is great with the media, and that will help him weather the storm if they don’t win right away . . .which they probably won’t.

  12. Frank

    Hi Bill,
    Happy summer! I want to pick you brain regarding Dwayne WADE. He’s obviously a very talented player but… 1)It appears to me that he’s one who is regularly guilty of cheap shot/”dirty” plays.(Think Rondo’s dislocated elbow;airborne elbow to Lance S.’s head; take down of D.Green in last play of game #2.). Does Wade have a reputation for cheap shots amongst NBA players? 2)I saw that WADE was fined $5000 for a flop in game #2. I think it was on a play that cost S.A. a bucket… in a game S.A. lost by 2 points. How can the NBA address this so flopping doesn’t get rewarded? If the rules were amended to eliminate “Charges”…how would that affect the game in you opinion? Thanks.

    • Bill Ingram

      Hey Frank! Yes . . .I’ve always loved summer. Pool time! I don’t think Wade is considered a dirty player, not like Bruce Bowen was, for example. He certainly does flop, and he will deliver a cheap shot from time to time, but in the grand scheme of things he doesn’t have that kind of reputation. He’s a cheater, then, but not too dirty. See my earlier comments on how to fix it, but I wouldn’t eliminate charges, no. I like rewarding the hustle it takes to draw a charge, I just hate when the refs are fooled into calling a flop a legit charge.

  13. Jeff

    Fan of the Fish hiring or nah?

    • Bill Ingram

      Two thumbs up! It’s time for Fish to move into the next phase of his NBA career.

  14. Rocky

    Who is the better player right NOW, K. Love or Melo?

    • Bill Ingram

      Well, since neither plays any defense, I’ll take Love for his rebounding prowess.

  15. B Money

    What would the Magic be looking to get in return for Afflalo?

    • Bill Ingram

      I know teams are interested, and he would love to be on a playoff team, but I don’t think the Magic are actually looking to deal him at this point.

  16. Roger

    Hey Bill. Let’s say he was patient “enough” to coach. How would Kobe do? What about Reggie Miller?

    • Bill Ingram

      I think Kobe is like Michael – his expectations are too high and he would have a hard time not holding players to a standard too high for most to reach. Reggie doesn’t appear to have any coaching aspirations, but I think his temperament would lend itself to coaching if he wanted to go that route.

  17. Roger

    Finding big foot would happen before this, but how would a core of Melo, Kobe, LBJ, Gasol look in the purples and gold?

    • Bill Ingram

      Big foot? Is that you? It’s so unlikely that I can’t even answer the question in a what-if type of scenario.

  18. SatBchMagicer

    Good evening Bill, hope things in general good for you/yours in Dallas. With about 2 weeks before 2014 Draft, lets focus on the 14/15 HOU Rockets prospects. Lets assume: Didn’t happen on any ‘Love/Melo/Asik/Lin/Jones/Parsons(sign-trade)’ type deals. I see Howard/Harden/Asik/Lin/Jones/Motiejunas/Garcia/Casspi/Beverly/Covington/Daniels as on HOU roster to start 14/15 (either as guaranteed or worth $ option spots); Parsons ‘resigned’ at market set price; that’s 12 players, leaving 3 available spots (15 max); Canaan and Powell ended 13/14 under contract; Rockets have the 25 and 42 picks in 2014 Draft. So my questions: Who do you see in those last 3 (or they only use 2) spots? Given HOU has cap freedom to sign ‘significant’ FA, does GM Morey target one come July? If so, at whom do you think he would aim? Lastly, what need(s) will be addressed by Rockets with those 2 ‘later’ picks?

    • Bill Ingram

      All is well, thanks! First of all, the scenario you have laid out is not unlikely, but it would mean the Rockets had a disastrous offseason. They can’t take the court with the same team and the same coach and expect a different result. I’m looking for a savvy veteran who knows how to win and will defend. Shawn Marion, Vince Carter, maybe Kirilenko or Sefolosha. Those lower picks would seem to be irrelevant, but the Rockets do a great job with low picks. I’m sure some D-League players will get a lot of attention since they have experience in NBA situations. I’d look for a shooting guard to groom and a defensive-minded player.

  19. Sweet Dee

    n a chat you stated you were not a big fan of John Henson. But when asked for reasoning, gave a “Doesn’t have the mentality, and you can’t teach that.” I noticed that when you talk poorly of Lebron James, you don’t prove your point using statistics (as King James PER and stats are off the chart). These types of examples lead me to believe you are not a user of “advanced metrics” vs. “the eye test.” Which is also interesting considering you cover the Houston Rockets, who are one of the leaders of advanced metrics in the NBA. Questions: Do you believe advanced metrics are a good source of data? And if so, why don’t you use these types of arguments when praising/criticizing players versus your usual preconceived notions such as your blatant hatred of James even though all available metrics or NBA professionals would argue you are incorrect. By doing so it would validate your point and show the reader these opinions are based on merit instead of a bias personal viewpoint. Your thoughts.

    • Bill Ingram

      I’m a fan of using both, but if I could only use one or the other I would trust what you call the “eye test” far more than the advanced metrics. Advanced metrics are more accurate in baseball than they are in the NBA. For example, Morey finally gave in and landed two All-Stars in his quest to return to the Finals. The NBA is a talent league, much more so than any other sport. If you don’t have two All-Stars you’re not getting to the Finals in the modern NBA. Finally, this is a chat. It is biased. What you get here is mostly my opinion, based on personal experience, knowledge of players and teams, inside information and perspectives . . .informed opinion, but opinion, nonetheless. In a chat format I’m not going to fire up the advanced metrics machine and do an in-depth analysis of a player. You don’t need to do that to figure out what makes a player tick, anyway. If a player doesn’t have a burning desire to do whatever it takes to win, you know that from talking to him and watching him practice.

  20. Connor

    What do you think about chad ford s report that the sac kings were considering trading for Brandon knight- a deal involving him and the 8th pick would have to include more pieces in order to be realistic correct ?

    • Bill Ingram

      Yes it would. The Bucks like Brandon a lot, and wouldn’t give him up for the 8th pick, I don’t believe. You don’t have a great PG option there, and the Bucks would need a very talented PG back in a deal like that.

  21. joshua

    Do you think the Knicks should try and trade for Waiters and Sanders? I think they would do wonders under Jackson and Fisher.

    • Bill Ingram

      Alright, last question, everyone! I think it’s too early to give up on Bennett (right?), no matter how much he might look like a bust. I’ve heard they aren’t gung-ho to trade Waiters, either, though I think we know exactly what Waiters is going to be. Or are you talking two different deals? Larry Sanders? Bucks not quite ready to deal him yet. Besides, having to big men down low who don’t score a whole lot would be problematic. Game 3 tipping off, so time to run. Thanks for hanging with us here at Basketball Insiders!