NBA Chat with Bill Ingram 6/3/14

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  1. steppxxxz

    gonna follow up briefly. You like Vonleh…more than gordon. Cant teach size, but when I see Vonleh I see a potential jason thompson. No feel for the game. None. Now he’s young…so maybe. Gordon = great feel. Ok…who do you see coaching the Lakers? Id have thought Scott…but now the vibe i get from LA (im from there and know peripheral people associated with team) is that Hollins is looming as very populary IF he wants it. And ditto Minnesota now. Jorger back in memphis…and how does that work? The team mnight be a bit put off, no? But my biggest worry is Flip Sanders hires himself. And then Cavs. Guesses?

    • Bill Ingram

      If what you’re saying is true, absolutely go with Gordon. Thompson has been filling up space for too long. Good guy, not a great player. I like Scott for the Lakers, not least because he would catch a break from fans and media because of his history with the team. I like Hollins in Minny, Gentry in Cleveland.

  2. steppxxxz

    Pacers look dead. What do you do if your larry bird? Clearly this team is maxed out. This is the ceiling. Hill not quite good enough. Paul George is terrific, but not quite elite. West is a year older, and also not quite elite. Lance is lance. And Hibbert has regressed (though he was always a tad overrated) The bench is awful. Bird made several bad moves. What do you do? And follow up….you said you can teach defense. Think I might argue that. Cant teach lateral quickness. And yes, its a more offensive league now…sadly….but guys like Battier are always hugely coveted. And this is what i see sinking a lot of young players with good offensive games…trey burke, and maybe what keeps Kevin Love from being a legit MVP….cant move sideways.

    • Bill Ingram

      Good Evening, Everyone, and welcome to the chat! It’s a big summer for the Pacers. Frankly, they are teetering on the precipice of mediocrity. They had something special, Bird broke that up (and it seemed logical at the time), and now the team lacks cohesion and identity. I don’t believe it’s a coaching issue, so it has to be addressed through personnel. The weak spots are Hill (great backup) and Hibbert (mental case), so there are the places to start. I don’t think I ever said you can’t teach defense. You ABSOLUTELY can. In fact, you MUST. It has to be instilled in most players from a young age. The guys who love it – Battier and Tony Allen, for example – are rare commodities.

  3. Keith

    Would the Bucks or 76ers consider trading their #2 and #3 picks with the Cavaliers to get up to #1, so they have the top choice. Seems like the Cavs are unsure who they want of the top 3 players while the 76ers and Bucks sound more certain on 1 player they would want. Maybe the Cavs can pick up some extra picks or a player to move down 1 or 2 spots. Thanks.

    • Bill Ingram

      I think David Griffin should keep the pick and swing for the fences. This is the best draft in years, and having the top pick is a position 29 other teams would love to be in. That said, you’re going to get a heck of a player at 2 and 3, so why give up a lot of assets to move up a spot or two in this draft? Makes sense in weaker drafts, but not this year.

  4. Keith

    Why all the hatred towards Kevin McHale, whenever you discuss him?

    • Bill Ingram

      I don’t hate him . . .I hate that my team has been mediocre for decades and they continue to make boneheaded decisions that will keep them mediocre. I also don’t respect McHale, but there’s a difference. I respect a coach who has a clear vision for his team and can articulate it consistently to the media. McHale either can’t or won’t do that. You can’t win big with a small time coach. You also can’t win with the front office telling the coaching staff how to play the game.

  5. Adobo in brooklyn

    Yo bill can u guys replace those dudes in the show the starters in nba tv, those guys are annoying. They think their funny but uhmmmm never mind. Anyways, i heard draft people saying the agent of exum is protecting him on working him out with other talents cause gms may see his flaws that he aint that strong , cant shoot and he doesnt have the point guard’s vision like mcw. In other words he is just a young shooting guard , probably like a jeremy lamb. Is he too high for the 4th pick? Thanks

    • Bill Ingram

      You can only hide a guy for so long. Trust me – no one is going to use a lottery pick on a guy who won’t come work out or appears to be hiding something. Too many better options.

  6. Deven

    Should OKC and the Spurs meet again the WCF, how can OKC get the home-court advantage, other than having a better record?

    • Bill Ingram

      They can win Game 1 or 2 in San Antonio and steal it.

  7. Deven

    How concerned are you about Parker’s ankle?

    • Bill Ingram

      Not at all. Worst case, Patty Mills can tear up Mario Chalmers. Tony has a nice rest and the Spurs have an awesome training staff.

  8. Aristotle

    Hey Bill

    Could you see a guy like Gasol going to Miami, considering he said money isn’t everything to him at this stage in his playing life?

    And does Ray Allen re-sign with Miami, considering someone else will throw money at him (can’t see him retiring just yet)?

    • Bill Ingram

      If Ray wants to keep playing, someone will pay him, and why would he leave Miami? Maybe to go to OKC? Thunder sure need someone like that off the bench. I would expect him to stay put, however, if he doesn’t retire. I know Pau said money isn’t everything, and you have to admire that, but he can make SUBSTANTIALLY more somewhere else. He’s not close enough to the end of his career to settle for the peanuts Miami could offer.

  9. Con

    Hi Bill,
    Thanks for doing the chat! If you are Toronto Raptors, what team need would need to be addressed this summer and who should they target in trade/free agency?

    • Bill Ingram

      Thanks for stopping in! It all starts with Kyle Lowry. Keeping him in town is priority number one, and thankfully he very much wants to be back. Obviously there are questions to answer at the 2 and at power forward, but I think I would get an audience with Vince Carter. Reuniting Vince with the team would give the Raptors outstanding veteran leadership off the bench, but also give them an impact player who is still instrumental in hanging W’s on the scoreboard.

  10. Roger

    If Brandon Roy and Greg Oden would have stayed healthy, how good would have that team been?

    • Bill Ingram

      Incredibly good . . .maybe the best team in the West. I’d bet on that, actually.

  11. Roger

    Allen Iverson vs. Kobe Bryant one on one. Who takes it? Winner gets Lebron

    • Bill Ingram

      Kobe takes them both.

  12. Jon

    Duncan wins title and retires. Spurs sign Greg Monroe and train keeps rolling?

    • Bill Ingram

      I can see that happening, actually. The Spurs have been rumored to like Monroe, and while he is no Duncan, he is a talented big man that Pop could mold into a better player than he would ever be in Detroit. Of course, that’s assuming Pop doesn’t retire right along with Duncan, and that Duncan wouldn’t elect to try to defend the title.

  13. steppxxxz

    still a number of coaching jobs available. Im surprised david vanterpoole isnt mentioned. Guy has a great CV. He’d be one of the first guys I talk to. Dave Blatt too. Who do you see Cleveland hiring if you had to guess? And lakers? And finally….. What happens in OKC? im guessing not much. So the real question is what SHOULD happen, if you were GM.

    • Bill Ingram

      Of all the names I’ve heard mentioned in connection with the Cavs I would absolutely go with Alvin Gentry. I can’t imagine getting the top pick and then foisting Vinny Del Negro or the unproven Lue on that player. What a terrible way to start. Go with a winner who knows how to develop players and put them in positions to win. I think Scott Brooks stays. As for the Lakers . . .what a mess that team is. It’s going to be a headache for whoever takes the job, and that’s why it’s taking them a long time to find someone. Hollins wants it, but would Kobe kill him before training camp is over?

  14. Randy

    Exum seems to be an enigma. Should Orlando get him at 4 or get Randle/Vonleh at 4 and Ennis at 12?

    • Bill Ingram

      Right now the Magic seem to be leaning Exum, yes.

  15. Charlie

    If you were the GM of Boston and the expected top 4 picks are off the board. Rank your preference #1 to #4 from these players: Marcus Smart, Julius Randle, Noah Vonleh, and Aaron Gordon.

    • Bill Ingram

      Depends on what they’re going to do with Rondo. If he stays, you don’t go Smart. If they deal him and don’t get a PG in return, Smart is top of the list. Hard to go wrong with Randle or Vonleh, probably go Randle, and Gordon brings up the rear.

  16. Dennis

    I read that Kevin Durant and Rajon Rondo hired independent personal statisticians who do not work for the team. They would go to all the games, track all the stats and come up with advance scouting reports on the player, areas they are strong/ weak, and overall advanced metrics findings (including shot distribution charts and percentages).. I thought this was very interesting. How many players approx. currently have a personal statistician? And do you think this trend will continue as these pieces of information can be invaluable to a player.

    • Bill Ingram

      I don’t have any idea how many players have one, but this is the latest trend. I expect more and more players will do this as yet another way to give themselves an edge.

  17. Cain

    Could the Pacers let Stephenson walk and use that money to get Grevis Vasquez or Isiah Thomas? Even Gordon Hayward? (Maybe too pricey)

    • Bill Ingram

      Would be a huge mistake to go Thomas over Stephenson, but Vasquez is an interesting question. The Pacers are committed to Lance and he owes them a great deal more than most people know, but Vasquez is a heck of a player and a better starting PG than Hill when he’s healthy. Yes, Hayward would be too expensive.

  18. Cain

    If the Mavs couldn’t get Monroe, could they make a play for Hibbert? They have the cap room and I am sure Indiana would love a guy like Wright in return.

    • Bill Ingram

      I would take Wright over Hibbert every single day, every single time. Thing is, the Mavs aren’t going to spend that kind of money on …. well, they DID sign Samuel Dalembert. LOL Wright gives you incredible effort every time out. Hibbert is better at times, but if you’re looking at a body of work, Wright beats him hands down for consistency and putting team first.

  19. Ron

    Hello sir. Thanks for making yourself available. Okay, my questions, one, what becomes of Thaddeus Young ? I have heard rumors that both Sacramento, and Charlotte might have a interest in obtaining Young for their 1st rounders. Also, is there at all any interest from the Rockets still for Thaddeus ? And if so, for what ? I know Philly has zero interest in Asik. And the 25th pick is not close to getting a upper talent like Young.

    Thanks sir.

    • Bill Ingram

      Good question and you make a great point. Young is a very underrated talent, but doesn’t fit in with the long-term rebuild in Philly. He should be worth a high teens pick, right? He’s be awesome in Charlotte . . .and in SAC if Rudy leaves.

  20. Frank

    There seems to be a lot of different opinions of international centre prospect Jusuf Nurkic from Bosnia. How do you project him as a pro? And what teams in his range are in the market for a prospect centre?

    • Bill Ingram

      Alright, last question, everyone! One thing everyone agrees on is that he is 6’11 and 280 . . .and that makes him a strong candidate to go top ten. He needs a lot of work, but at 19, who wouldn’t love the chance to mold him into a great NBA pro? Thanks, as always, for spending some of your time with us here at Basketball Insiders!