NBA Chat with Cody Taylor 1/6/17

Cody_Taylor_ChatBasketball Insiders writer Cody Taylor will hold his weekly chat at 1 p.m. EST on Friday. Leave him your questions on the latest rumors, this season’s storylines or anything else about your favorite team.

  1. Julius

    Hi Cody,

    Happy New Years!!

    As the trade deadline approaches who do you think will be a ideal fit for the pacers?

    I read a article today how Paul Milsap would be the perfect running mate for Paul George!! However giving up Thaddeus Young and CJ Miles is it worth it?

    Nevertheless keep up the good work!!

    • Cody Taylor

      Happy New Years, everyone! Welcome in! Let’s get started!

      I think it’s reasonable to think that Millsap could fit well into just about any team. He’s that sort of player that can step in and help a team out. With that being said, the Hawks know that and know they can pretty much make a trade to the highest bidder.

      I don’t think a package of Thad and CJ would do it. I think the Hawks would be looking at draft picks and/or younger players because Thad and CJ keep them in the exact position they’re in now. The Pacers are not trading Paul George for Millsap and you’d assume the only other player the Hawks would want is Turner and the Pacers are not trading him, either.

      It doesn’t sound like the Pacers are an option for the Hawks unless they throw a first-rounder at them.

  2. Greg

    Westbrook without durant missed playoffs in 2015 and barely 50 percent this year. Durant without westbeook in 2014 60 wins. No wonder durant left since weetbrook only makes spot up shooters better by never playing off ball & throws balls at refs.

    • Cody Taylor

      I’m trying to figure out which team you’re a fan of to be dissing Westbrook like that but I will let that go. I’m not going to devote a ton of time on a question that was obviously so well thought out.

      All I can say is that I don’t follow your logic and would just ask that you simply watch what Westbrook is doing this season because it may not happen for a long time.

  3. Fred

    What is nikola jokic’s potential. Star, superstar

    • Cody Taylor

      I think you can look at just about any player in the league and see that they could become a star or superstar one day. It all depends on the opportunity he gets and what he does with it. Jokic has shown that he’s a solid scoring big man that is a hell of a passer. If he continues to develop his skills it doesn’t seem crazy to think he can be a star one day. He’s drawn comparisons to Paul Millsap in the past so that’s not a bad comparison to have.

  4. JimInCyberspace


    Zaza Pachilia, potential starting center for the WC all-star team tells anyone with half a brain that most NBA fan’s don’t know jack squat about BB. Not picking in Zaza, there are examples each year.

    Lot’s of contractual money making potential is linked to an all-star team selection for a few players. It’s not something that should be entrusted to ballot stuffing ‘fans’?

    The NBA is taking baby steps to right this wrong. 1/2 of the vote for fans, 1/4 for players and 1/4 for media members this year.

    I’d like to see the whole thing decided by NBA players, coaches and GM’s in some fashion for legitimacy reasons. Which team wins the game doesn’t matter to anyone, does it? Who gets ‘selected’ to an all-star team often times does.

    Or just embrace the MLB idea of an all-star game (every franchise must have a player on the all-star team) and admit it’s a full-on made for TV circus?

    • Cody Taylor

      Well, I think to keep the fans’ engagement in the game you have to keep them involved in deciding which players are in the game in some way. Maybe the league cuts their percentage down to 25 percent and gives 25 percent to coaches or GMs? Then, it’d be fans, players, media and coaches that decide, but all on an equal level? That’s just me thinking off of the top of my head.

      Personally, I don’t like the way the MLB does it. I think having it so each team gets a player on probably takes a spot away from another player that earned it and then they’re left out of the bonus money that comes with it. There have been some years my Marlins didn’t deserve a player on it so I’d be all for changing that.

      It sounds like Zaza’s wave of voting will slow down and the players and media vote will bump him down some so I don’t think we have a real cause for concern with Zaza making it in. You never know, though. Stranger things have happened.

  5. keeweekid

    How do you size up the trade deal for the Cavs and Atlanta?

    • Cody Taylor

      If you’re the Cavs, you have to like it. Adding a proven SG in Korver will be huge, especially with JR out for an extended amount of time. To have Korver out in the corner spotting up for 3 should be huge for them. At that point, teams will have to decide if they want to double LeBron or Kyrie and have Korver open or play one on one against LeBron or Kyrie.

      From the Hawks’ standpoint, the reported first-round draft pick is what they want. For what the Hawks want to do, which sounds like to get a bit younger, this is a solid move.

  6. keeweekid

    With P. Milsap having a player option next year, what can Atlanta expect in return? Think they would even get a $0.50 on the dollar return for his talent level considering the potential team trading for him has to consider he may leave.

    • Cody Taylor

      Teams in these positions rarely receive anything significant in return. Teams won’t give up too much knowing Millsap can leave in free agency. For the Hawks, they’ll be looking for younger players they can build around or draft picks. Easy as that.

  7. cj

    what do you think of this trade?
    mccollum, aminu, vonleh, & chandler to ATL
    milsap, bazemore, 2017 2nd[from ATL], & a 2018 1st[from ATL] to DEN
    barton, faried, & a 2017 1st(from DEN) to POR

    • Cody Taylor

      Not a fan of this idea. The Hawks just re-signed Bazemore. He’s not going anywhere. The Blazers just re-signed McCollum. He’s not going anywhere. If you’re the Hawks, I’m not sure that improves you that much. Plus, the return the Blazers are receiving is not good. You’re giving up McCollum and other role players for Barton, Faried and a pick? Don’t like it. I think McCollum is worth more than that.

  8. Daniel

    Who do you think ends up with that 8th seed in the west? #lakernation

    • Cody Taylor

      Let’s say the teams currently sitting 1-7 stay put and don’t move. So, that’s GS, SA, HOU, LAC, Utah, MEM and OKC. I think that leaves the Kings, Blazers, Nuggets and Pelicans as contenders. Out of that group, I’m going with the Blazers given they’ve hit a bit of a rough patch here as of late and think they’ll eventually get it back on track.

      I think your Lakers are still a season or two away. Those young guys still have to go through these situations of losing and learning how to win. I like what I’ve seen from them, though.

      That’s all the time I have for this week. Thanks for joining me again! Catch you next Friday at 1 p.m. EST.