NBA Chat with Cody Taylor 2/3/17

Cody_Taylor_ChatBasketball Insiders writer Cody Taylor will hold his weekly chat at 1 p.m. EST on Friday. Leave him your questions on the trade deadline, All-Star weekend or anything else about your favorite team.

  1. Jason

    Rumors are the Magic are open to trading Ibaka and the Blazers are interested. Is there a potential move there to be made in getting Serge to Portland?

    • Cody Taylor

      Welcome in, everyone! Let’s get to the questions!

      The issue other teams will have with Ibaka is, will he want to re-sign there? Unless they’re sure he’d stay long term, teams are going to be hesitant to offer a big package for him. So, if you’re the Blazers, would you offer, say, Meyers Leonard and Aminu for Ibaka? Maybe a Leonard and a pick for Ibaka? If you’re the Magic, do you take that? Do you get creative and ask for Crabbe?

      There are options there to play with but with Portland close to the tax line, do they want to re-sign Ibaka to a huge contract and go over that tax line? Maybe not. I don’t see Portland as a team that’d be interested in Ibaka as a “rental” player just to make a playoff run. If you’re the Magic, and you know he’s not going to re-sign this summer or you’re not going to pay him, there becomes a point where you can’t be greedy and demand too much for him. At some point, getting something is better than nothing.

      I don’t think Portland is a viable option at this point but you never know. We’ve seen crazier things happen.

  2. Juvalkin

    What makes rick charliele a good coach. Only won when phil jackson lost his team with lamar hooking up with kardashian and brandon roy bonebto bone knees and beat a spurs team in 09 without ginobili and parker. He always chokes in playoffs despite having a high pay roll

    • Cody Taylor

      Carlisle is widely respected by everyone across the league. You don’t earn that sort of status by mistake. He’s built relationships with everyone there is to know in the league and you don’t often hear bad things said about him. He’s shown that he knows basketball and has one of the best basketball minds in the league.

      Just take this season for instance. They were one of the worst teams in the conference not that long ago and have been one of the most injured teams in the league this season but he’s continued to work for his players and put them in a position to do well. They’re 7-3 over their last 10 games and have recently defeated the Spurs and Cavaliers. Now, they’re just 2.5 games back of the last playoff spot in the West.

  3. Badax33

    Cody, Greetings from a diehard Celtics fan.

    I have a trade idea I’d like your comments on. We all know Boston has discuss a deal for Jimmy Butler. Here’s my deal:
    Boston trades Bradley or Crowder, Smart of Rozier, Net’s 2017 and 2018 pick and a 2019 1st round pick plus cap filler for Butler, Portis and the Kings 2017 1st round pick. Now if
    Chicago wanted us to take Lopes rather than Portis to clear morecap space, that’s fine.
    Let’s face it for Boston it gives us another real All-Star and a guy who will take some pressure off IT. Portis or Lopes provides us a rebounder which we need.
    For the Bulls, it will mean rebuilding, but they’d have possibly the first pick this year, plus their own and the Net’s pickin 2018. They also clear Salary Cap space especially if they require us to take Lopes. Sure Wade would probably Opt out but that would just balloon their cap space to around 70M once they dump Rondo.
    It seems to me to be a good, fair trade for both teams. Comments.

    • Cody Taylor

      The Bulls’ situation is tough to gauge. We’ve all seen how bad that situation has been in recent days but does that signal they’re ready to start a rebuild here? Butler still has more room to grow but it seems clear this roster isn’t going very far. I’m not sure they’re ready to sound the horn and call it a day with this roster, though.

      But if the Bulls were to start over, Boston has to be one of the first places you start with. They have a lot of assets to offer and young players and you know they’d probably ship any of them off if it meant getting a guy like Butler. That seems like a solid start to your trade you present. Maybe too many picks for the Celtics to agree to it but they might just have to do that in order to get the Bulls to part ways with Butler.

      What about Crowder, Brown, Smart and a pick for Butler? That might be hard to say no to if the Bulls are sure they’re ready to start over.

  4. Blake Fuhriman

    Milwaukee looked like a promising team that could be a tough out in the playoffs. Now in a serious funk they look like a team set for the lottery once again. Can they turn it around? If not, is J Kidd on the hot seat?

    • Cody Taylor

      You almost get the feeling they’re just trying to hang on until Khris Middleton returns. He’s expected back really soon so that should hopefully get the team the spark they need.

      It doesn’t feel like Kidd would be on the hot seat but, of course, we’ve seen how short the leash can be for head coaches these days. Maybe we revisit that conversation if they just completely fall apart and continue sliding down the standings.

  5. Grant Tuckett

    I do not the approach of rebuilding in Orlando.
    Why they not giving Mario, AG and EP plenty of time on the court to progress and gain experience. Especially Mario as a no.5 Pick is barely seeing the court under Vogel. Meanwhile, CJ Watson is playing 30+ minutes, he is no part of this franchice’s long term plans.
    This is just another part of the whole mishandled rebuild in Orlando.

    • Cody Taylor

      Let me first start off by saying I don’t disagree with what you’re saying with how they’ve handled this rebuild. At the same time, the team made the decision that they wanted to compete to win now and return to the playoffs. So, based on that philosophy, they elected to give heavy minutes to the guys they believed would help them win now. Gordon and Payton have seen their fair share of time on the court and continue to play heavy minutes – Gordon is averaging a career-high 27 minutes per game while Payton’s minutes are down by one minute per game on average.

      Their plan to win now obviously hasn’t worked out well this season as they’re 19-32, 13th in the standings. I think they should try to get back onto the rebuilding effort because they veered off from that path a bit to win now and we’ve seen it’s not working. I think they should go back to it and continue building the roster out. It may sound tough for fans to hear that but I think most would agree the current plan isn’t working. Get something for Ibaka on the trade market, see what you might get for Jeff Green and his expiring deal and just take a look at things and all of your options.

      If I’m the Magic, I start looking ahead to the draft to be honest with you. Right now, they’re projected to have the fifth pick in the draft. Wouldn’t someone like Jonathan Isaac or Jayson Tatum look good there? Move Gordon back to the four and get a real small forward in there? This is just me thinking out loud.

  6. Cody Taylor

    Looks like that’s it for this week. Join me again next week at 1 p.m. EST. For those questions that can’t wait – hit me on Twitter, @CodyTaylorNBA.