NBA Chat with Cody Taylor 4/21/17

Cody_Taylor_ChatBasketball Insiders writer Cody Taylor will hold his weekly chat at 1 p.m. EST on Friday. Leave him your questions on the playoffs, June’s draft, free agency or anything else about your favorite team.

  1. Cain

    If Indiana and Boston both lose in first round does that increase the likelihood of a PG13 to Boston trade?

    If Chi-Town eliminates Boston why would Butler want to go there? Chicago is a pretty well built playoff team.

    • Cody Taylor

      Welcome in, everyone! I’m back chatting so let’s get right to it!

      Well, based on what we saw last night with the Pacers blowing a 26-point lead, I’d say the writing is on the wall. It’s definitely going to be interesting this summer to see how that plays out. When we see Geoge in his press conferences, he looks miserable at times and you get the feeling he’s in his last days with the Pacers.

      Of course, things can change quickly and a move here or a trade there could be all that’s needed to persuade him to stay.

      I think adding George to the Celtics would be what they need to get over the hump. I’ve said this for a while now, the Celtics need another scorer next to Thomas and Horford, and they need a better one than Avery Bradley. The Celtics would be legit contenders with George, in my opinion.

      I disagree with your assessment that the Bulls are a team built for the playoffs. I think they have done a great job of exploiting matchups and that’s why we’re seeing them have success against the C’s. I don’t think that would happen against the Cavaliers or the Wizards.

  2. Omar

    If the Indiana pacers lose to Cleveland and will they let Nate Mcmillan go even thought he has two more years on his contract?

    • Cody Taylor

      After one season? I don’t think so. You have to give him a chance to institute his philosophies and style into the team. We know coaches are on a short leash these days, but one season may be hard to move on from especially considering they made the playoffs.

  3. Omar

    If the wizards sweep the hawks and will mike budenholzer be let go and what are the chances that he comes back if they lose to the wizards?

    • Cody Taylor

      I would say there is virtually no chance Coach Bud would be let go if the Hawks were to be swept. He’s one of the most respected head coaches in the league and has made the playoffs in each year as head coach. You always have to ask, who would you replace him with? It’s hard to imagine another candidate coming in and leading the Hawks better than he has.

  4. JimInCyberspace


    I feel for Isaiah Thomas and his family. But, I don’t think that’s why the Celt’s find themselves in this hole vs the Bulls. The Bulls have been dysfunctional at times (traded Taj Gray and McBuckets for Cam Payne for example) but they still have the best player on the court in this series?

    I think the Bulls won the regular season head-to-head vs the Celt’s? But the PO’s are a different animal, match-up’s as they are. If the Bulls close out this series as I expect, does Gar/Pax retain it’s job with the Bulls…what about Hoiberg?

    • Cody Taylor

      It’s hard to say how that tragedy has affected him and the rest of the team. By all accounts, it looks like it hasn’t affected his play that much but you never know. I’ll say this: him playing in Game 1 is one of the bravest things I’ve seen in a long time. It was nothing short of incredible, in my opinion.

      The Bulls have proven this season that when they outrebound their opponents, they win more often than not. They crushed the C’s on the glass in Game 1 by 21 and did so for most of Game 2 before Boston evened it up at the end. I think their frontcourt has been fantastic, especially Robin Lopez. It’s been basically Al Horford leading the charge on the glass for the Celtics and that hasn’t been enough. The two teams split the season series 2-2 so I think this was definitely the matchup the Bulls wanted.

      It’ll be interesting to see if Rondo’s injury changes things any. I’d imagine we’ll see Wade and Butler handle the rock a lot more given their two point guards now are Jerian Grant and MCW. It’s crazy to think Rondo has this much impact on the series considering he was out of the rotation at one point this season and was all but traded at one point it seemed like.

  5. Cody Taylor

    It looks like that’s it for this week! Join me again next week at 1 p.m. EST!