NBA Chat With Jabari Davis 2/20/14

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  1. Charlie

    If you were the GM of the Phoenix Suns, would you accept an Okafor + late first round draft pick for Pau Gasol to make a push in the playoffs? Or is that price too high for a few month rental of an aging player?

    • Jabari Davis

      Hello and thanks for joining today’s chat. The deadline just passed, but I’ll be keeping an eye on any late announcements as we go along.

      Hey Charlie, thanks for joining. I probably would have, but only if I felt completely confident in Gasol’s health. Obviously, with the deadline just passing it didn’t take place…but I do think a healthy Gasol could have been a positive addition to a talented young team looking to make a playoff run.

  2. Sweet Dee

    When asked about free agency, Kevin Love is quoted as saying “I’m not sh#$ing on the Lakers, but we have the better team, the better foundation.” I will have to agree with him on this. At least Minnesota has a decent center, pass first PG, shooting guard who averages 19+ a game and a great coach. Based on current rosters and not “what if we sign this guy and this guy.” What does the Lakers have to offer other than an aging Kobe with a massive contract coming off two major surgeries + a rag-tag group of other players to fill in the rest of the roster? I mean, who is the best prospect on the Lakers right now? A guy who won’t be a starter in this league. Questions: Do you agree with Kevin? And what are the chances he jumps ships to Laker Land come free agency?

    • Jabari Davis

      Hello SD, thanks for joining today. I can completely see where Love or anyone else could look at the current circumstances of both teams and determine Minnesota is in a better position right now. The key portion of that is “right now”…as it really depends upon which front office and organization you feel more comfortable with moving forward.

      Minnesota has a Love/Pek, and if Rubio continues to develop as an all around player, that’s a fairly respectable start with room to continue to build. Without dragging Lakers fans through it any further, let’s just say there are currently far more questions than answers regarding the future. The Lakers had a long history of building, rebuilding, and reloading when necessary and possible. As of now, even though they’ve made some positive or seemingly smart moves over the last few seasons that simply haven’t worked out. The next 16 months will absolutely be vital for this front office and roster. They’ll need to draft well, find the right pieces via free agency to not only fit well around what they hope will be a returning and healthy Bryant, but also in preparation for the future ‘A. B.’ (After Bean, if you will). We’ll see how things work out, but if you’ve been a longtime fan of the Lakers you have to hope they can continue to rebuild and return to a level fans (and the org) are more comfortable with.

  3. JimInCyberSpace

    JD, remember when OKC didn’t make a move in the off season, and KD was asked what he thought about…”great”…?

    I don’t think they trade anyone, they have “Organization Chemistry” They are under the Salary Cap…with draft choices? Buy and hold…just like real estate?

    • Jabari Davis

      Hey Jim, thanks for joining again. If Westbrook is fully healthy, OKC has shown they are strong enough to compete with any team in the league. From Durant’s continued ascension, to the improvements of guys like Jackson, Ibaka, and Jeremy Lamb, they look ready. We’ve heard Westbrook intends to play tonight, but I’m just hoping they can stay relatively healthy so that we can see what they can do in the playoffs at full strength.

  4. Danny

    Hi Jabari,
    Question on the not-so-big-trade.
    Brooks and Bazemore, who do you see benefiting from the D’Antoni reclamation project more?
    Who is more likely, or none, to stay next season>?

    • Jabari Davis

      Hey Danny, thanks for joining. Admittedly, the Blake trade came as a bit of a surprise. Also, once that deal was made, it came as another surprise that it wasn’t followed up by a Gasol, Hill, or Kaman deal. I figured, with the unpredictable Blake deal, it must have been the first domino. Clearly, it wasn’t. As for Bazemore and Brooks, it is tough to say what type of impact they might have. Brooks is a guy that was held in somewhat high regard at one point after positive rookie season, but hasn’t done much since then. Bazemore is a defender that isn’t known as a shooter.

  5. Bobby

    What are the chances of D’Antoni being fired at the end of the season? Don’t see how the Lakers attract free agents with him as coach. Also, No Lakers trade = not willing to take on bad contracts? Thanks.

    • Jabari Davis

      Hey Bobby, thanks for your submission. There’s really no telling what the Lakers are going to do, as they’ve been a bit unpredictable of late. That said, while I think those blaming him for the way this year has turned out are simply looking for a scapegoat, I believe the front office will evaluate all aspects of the organization moving forward. I think it really could depend upon whether a more desirable coach were to become available. Otherwise, you wouldn’t necessarily move in a different direction simply to do it with additional years on MDA’s contract. Not saying they wouldn’t make the decision. Just saying it would have to be for something other than another lateral move.

  6. James

    Really glad to see CHA not trade away the draft picks they have for 1 year of mediocre success. Evan Turner would have been a nice addition but possibly three picks in this year’s draft could be major. At #11 I would take Hood over Turner if I had a chance to choose, thoughts?

    • Jabari Davis

      Hello James, thanks for joining this week. I definitely see your point, and really like what Rodney brings to the table. That said, I also understand those that would have preferred a veteran in Turner, as he is still relatively young, but is a known commodity. Ultimately, if you’re CHA, you could conceivably hold on and qualify for the postseason without giving up the picks for a guy like Turner. Especially, if you don’t see Turner as a guy that would be in your future plans.

  7. Mike

    Why is Al Jefferson not getting more MVP love? I know he wont win, nor should he but putting the Bobcats on his back and carrying them to respectability should get him 3rd place in voting. He was literally the only addition they made this offseason, labeled a defensive liability they are top 10 in defense.

    • Jabari Davis

      Hello Mike, thanks a lot for joining. Great question, as Jefferson has been great for the Cats this year. I still wouldn’t call him a “defensive stopper” by any stretch, but he hasn’t been as terrible as many reported. Let’s just say he is just beneath those “next up” players in the most recent MVP discussion, but as long as they remain in the playoff race don’t be surprised to see his name thrown into the mix. You’re exactly right, though…he’s been very good.

  8. Swammi

    Following up on the Kevin Love talk: if you are Flip Saunders and Danny Ainge rings saying “I want Kevin Love, make me an offer I can’t refuse,” what is your offer?

    • Jabari Davis

      Hey Swammi, thanks for joining. Since the C’s don’t appear to be interested in moving their top picks over the next couple years, I’m not sure how that deal gets done. Rondo would be their biggest trade asset in the offseason, but unless they were able to get a third team involved, I don’t see it working out.

  9. TP

    Can you break down the Bobcats acquistion of Neal/Ridnour?

    • Jabari Davis

      Hey TP, thanks for joining. In Neal and Ridnour, the Bobcats are getting a couple guards that each get hot from beyond the arc and provide veteran depth to their rotation. At the very least, they are insurance in case of injury or a need for a reserve playmaker. Even though Neal is only in his fourth year, he’s 29 and has deep playoff experience with the Spurs over the last few seasons.

  10. Virg on the Charles

    Can you explain the purposes of the trade between Indiana and Philadelphia. This is not about talent but I cannot divine the cap space or tax implications.

    • Jabari Davis

      Hey Virg, thanks for joining today. Indiana is clearly looking to establish themselves this season. I didn’t expect this move, but the if the Pacers can maintain their chemistry and remain healthy, they’ve put themselves in as strong of a position as seemingly possible. As for the Sixers, Granger is a $14 million player that will likely come off their books in the offseason and give them complete flexibility.

  11. Swammi

    Now that the trade deadline has passed, which story lines intrigue you heading into the final two months of the regular season?

    • Jabari Davis

      Thanks for joining today’s chat. Always a great deal of fun interacting with each of you, so your topics/questions are always appreciated.

      Hey Swammi, great question. Thanks again. If Indiana’s addition works out (which I think it will), does Miami still make the second half push many of us anticipate? Who becomes the greatest challenger to a healthy OKC out west? How do teams like the Warriors, Blazers, Suns, Raptors, and Wizards finish things out?