NBA Chat With Jabari Davis 6/12/14

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  1. steppxxxz

    I wonder where rumors start? The suns willing to give up bledsoe and picks and dragic for love? Did that come from the Suns? Im always curious about that. First you hear Ryan McDonnagh (sp?) say, hey, we will pay bledsoe whatever it takes. A month later, he’s being dangled for Love. Does any of this come from the front offices ?

    • Jabari Davis

      Good afternoon NBA and BI fans, thanks for joining this week’s chat session. Today’s background tunes are from Arrested Development (3yrs, 5 months), so let’s get to this…

      Hello Step, always appreciate you kicking things off for us. Truthfully, I’m of the opinion many of the rumors that get circulated tend to originate from agents. Not placing all blame on them, as there are certainly leaks that come from the front office at times…but from my experience, many come from agents/players.

      I’m sure the Suns want to retain Bledsoe, but if they had the chance to bring in a guy like KLove the conversation and decision may change. Essentially, they have to make sure Bledsoe knows they want/appreciate him, but also have to keep all options open in case something larger were to present itself.

  2. Roger

    Hey Jabari thanks for being a good sport and answering all my questions last week! That means a lot! Let’s say he was patient “enough” to coach. How would Kobe do? What about Reggie Miller?

    • Jabari Davis

      Hello Roger. Absolutely no problem, and I thank you for submitting them. I knew this question would come at some point! With Kobe, it would be a matter of if he wanted to do it. Because he’s such a student of the game, Bryant would probably be a better coach than some would think. Reggie could probably do well, as he clearly knows the game. As crazy as it might sound, Kobe actually seems like more of a coach than Reggie, though. It wouldn’t be about popularity contests or what any of us say on social media (or the media, while we’re at it) at that point. I could see Bryant embracing that challenge, especially since everyone seems to think he couldn’t do it. Now, how he would handle losing…or a player as hard-headed as him? Wheeew…I’d tune in! haha

  3. Roger

    One more one more! Having the tooth fairy show up at my window is more probable, but how would a core of Melo, Kobe, LBJ, Gasol look in the purples and gold?

    • Jabari Davis

      Hey Roger, thanks again for joining. Hypothetically speaking…it could look great. Kobe/Gasol would be able to kind of ride off into the sunset (doing the Kid ‘N’ Play dance in Nikes) on a positive note, and James/Melo would be the face of the franchise for the foreseeable future. Now, let’s come back down to reality (sorry Mrs. Tooth Fairy)…I’m just not sure I see either of them coming. Not saying it is absolutely impossible, but to even land one of them at this point seems far-fetched to say the least. I get the feeling they’ll explore those options (and KLove/Kyrie as well), but will keep flexibility open if those guys don’t materialize this summer.

  4. Darby

    Hi Jabari, hope you’ve been enjoying the Finals! So the new coaches… Jason Kidd must be totally kicking himself for signing a year too early, only getting $10.5m over 4…
    Steve Kerr, 0 years experience formal coaching at any level, $25m over 5 years… Derek Fisher, 0 years, $25m over 5 years…
    Dwayne Casey, takes team to Playoffs after long drought, only gets <$12m extension over 3 years… Randy Wittman, Playoffs too, only $9m over 3 years (granted, who knows how much better the Wiz would be with a good coach)… 'splain the disparity?
    How much would 0 experience Jabari Davis make as a coach in this new NBA (I'll tweet Mitch and tell him the search is ova)? XD

    • Jabari Davis

      Hey Darby, thanks for joining today. Alright, I’ll be waiting for MK’s call! You make a great point (ASIDE from JD for coach), as I’ve been surprised by some of these recent totals considering the experience and other existing contracts. I’m never one to question another man’s money, but I’m sure guys like Lionel Hollins and George Karl may be wondering how they’re still out of a job?

      My best guess would be Fish and Kerr own the room when being interviewed. Based on their interviews and Kerr’s commentary, I’d bet on it…just with THEIR money. Not mine.

  5. steppxxxz

    Boy, Im not sure what the Knicks can do to get better within at least two years, probably three. No picks. Several just awful contracts. Who can you sign? I guess you could trade bargnani for a bag of chips, (if there were any takers) but honestly, nobody will do that, and i guess you can move chandler.But for what? Whats he worth? Can they realistically try to throw money at Deng or Hayward? .. second question; where does Hayward land? My guess is Phoenix, but who knows. I think he’s going to make a few million more than Steven Kyler suggested a whole back. Hayward has handle, size, smarts. Rare combo. Good, not great, shooter. He’s gonna make around 11 to 12 a year is my prediction. And Id pay him that.

    • Jabari Davis

      Hey Stepp, thanks again! Hmmm, I think I’d prefer my bag of chips…especially if they are Salt & Vinegar Kettle. No, you cannot throw money at Deng/Hayward. They don’t have the cap space. I do think they are a bit more flexible than some are thinking, because I think they end up moving Chandler this summer. Teams looking for a rim-protector with an expiring contract. While I wouldn’t have touched Amar’e with a ten-foot pole a couple years ago, he’s also an expiring contract as well. If they were willing to take a longer contract back in return, I could see teams willing to take one of those contracts of their hands. When healthy, each can still contribute and would serve as instant cap relief following the year.

      I am one of the few that loves Hayward’s game. Mainly, because I don’t expect him to do things he simply can’t. I appreciate guys with all-around games that can sort of do a bunch of things relatively well. While every team needs specialists like scorers, playmakers, and shot-blockers…I also think “glue guys” that can do a lot of the intermediate stuff are every bit as vital to overall success. Something tells me the Jazz end up paying him what they need to, but I wouldn’t mind seeing him with the Suns either.

  6. spricmi

    Mr. Davis, Do you think that the Jazz made a right decision with Quin Snyder?? What would have been your choice, personaly i would have loved Lionel Holins

    • Jabari Davis

      Hello Sp, thanks for joining today. I was surprised to see them reverse field on Boylen, but I do think Snyder could be a good choice as well. Players seem to like him, he’s well-respected around the league, and I think he’ll work well with Burke. That said, I also love Hollins. Seemingly, more than others. I’m hoping to see him back in the league this summer. Might be tough, since I don’t see the Lakers/Cavs hiring him.

  7. coach_d

    how good would a all-european team (maybe parker, batum, kirilenko, dirk and gasol with noah rubio deng and pau coming of the bench) be? i think they would contend right away. Would they have an advantage playing like a european team with less iso and more ball movement and spacing? especially with all those great passers on the floor!

    • Jabari Davis

      Hey Coach D, thanks for joining and for that submission. Interesting question, and one I always wanted to see. Similar to how the NHL did their All-Star game at one point circa 2002 (North America vs), I wouldn’t mind seeing that game once a year! Since many of those players are accustomed to playing international ball already, I actually think it could make for a great matchup.

  8. steppxxxz

    great piece at NBA dot com on Pop and his management of minutes. He has saved Tim and parker and Manu. And this is my biggest complaint about Thibs, and how he wears guys out. Luol Deng, in my opinion, may never be the same player he once was. he was hospitalized. People dont want to see it as a basketball issue, but i think it is. Deng was terrible for cleveland last year. Now some of that is a bad coach, a terrible owner and petulant point guard. BUT….its also didnt look like the same guy who used to explode to the hoop. Maybe it comes back. I hope so. He’s one of my favorite players. But, I feel this is a very underdiscussed topic and in my opinion, San Antonio is going to win this title, if they do, because they developed a great bench and kept their stars healthy in their advancing years. Of course it helps to have Tim Duncan and tony parker, but….the point remains. Thoughts.?

    • Jabari Davis

      Hello again Stepp…very interesting topic, and one I think we’ll begin to hear more about over the next few years. I’m a big proponent of monitoring the minutes in order to maintain a healthy rotation AND strengthen your bench. Pop is an absolute master at it, and I agree it will play into why they win it if in fact they do.

      Anyone that has followed me on Twitter for an extended time (@jabaridavisnba) knows I caught some flack from Lakers fans for suggesting Kobe’s minutes should have been significantly scaled back down the stretch of 2012-13. I understood he was in the midst of a great season, but I also kept in mind the fact that he was in his 16th year at that time. In fact, DURING the very game he got hurt, my TL was cluttered with “SHUT UP! You can’t sit KOBE!” and all that nonsense. Well, we’re going on 18 months since his initial injury, and I wonder if those same individuals still feel the same way?

      Am I saying injuries are a direct result of coaches over-playing or placing too much responsibility on a player? Not necessarily, but I do think placing added stress/strain on older bodies can add to the wear and tear making them more susceptible to injuries.

  9. JiminCyberSpace

    JD, I know this is old news, but I asked the question to Bill…and his chat went away, don’t know why???

    Fining D-Wade 5K in the finals for a flop that put a false foul Manu???

    I’m sure Arison/Riley are giving him a bonus, under the table?

    My suggestion is that the NBA fines “players”, one half of one percent of said players base salary…put some teeth in the fine? Minimum salary guy pays about $4500 for a FLOP…a guy like D-Wade pays roughly $95K

    Or suspend the player one half of the next game? Put a lil whap on that arse for acting.

    A 5K fine means nothing?

    • Jabari Davis

      Hey Jim, thanks for joining again this week. You’re preaching directly to the choir on this one. I think the 5K fines are absurd, as these guys aren’t stressing that. Especially when they benefit from the flop directly in the moment. While raising the fine could be a deterrent, I’d prefer for them to just have a centralized review location that monitors each game (yup, just like MLB) and to simply have a quick review on those things. Takes it out of the on-site ref’s hands, and should actually make the process faster than the current one.

  10. Eddie

    What are your thoughts on Rambis coaching the Lakers? What’s up with the Melo rumors to Miami? I’m not a fan of Rambis coaching the Lakers.

    • Jabari Davis

      What’s going on Ed? Thanks for joining again this week. It really seems like the team is waiting to see what happens with the draft and to start free agency. The reality is, you don’t figure guys like Rambis/Scott aren’t going anywhere, so there’s really no rush to come to a decision. Especially when you think there’s a chance a potential free agent could want to offer input into such a decision. I will say it is pretty telling that MK/JB are willing to accept input from this year’s crop of free agents, but were not willing to do the same for Dwight Howard. Could simply be a matter of being more realistic about the current landscape of the NBA, but either way that’s an intriguing development.

  11. Randy

    Hi Jabari

    How do you think Julius Randle’s surgery affects his draft stock? Before this news, the lowest I had seen him in mocks was 8 to the Kings. Could this drop him to 10?

    • Jabari Davis

      Hey Randy, great to have you back this week. I sure hope not, but you never know. I’m sure you saw the follow-up where it appeared Randle was rebutting the initial report from Woj/Yahoo, but that could admittedly be a bit of spin. If team doctors examine the foot and determine it will be an issue that can be corrected and dealt with, then I don’t see falling too far from where previously projected. If it ends up being an issue that might cause additional concern, then you never know. Either way, I’m pulling for him. Hate to see these guys start their careers with stuff like this.

  12. Chris

    Hi Jabari: With the news that Randle may need foot surgery, how far does that potentially drop him in the draft? Moreover, how does this adversely (or not) affect the Lakers? Was/is Randle their pick at #7? Thanks in advance for the answer, sir!

    • Jabari Davis

      Hey Chris, thanks for joining today. I just touched on this, but I’ll answer from the Lakers’ perspective for you. If I’m them, and he either declined to workout or be examined by our doctors, then I would not take a flier on him. That isn’t to say I am not in favor of him if healthy (or going to be), but I just don’t know that you take the risk if not fully comfortable with the medical side of it. Hopefully, the report was a bit stronger than the reality, and we’ll be able to see that young man doing what he loves.

  13. Keith

    What’s good, JD? What does a man profit if, as the best player in the NBA, he gains multiple championships but loses respect?

    • Jabari Davis

      What’s going down, Keith? I can always rely on you to throw one of these in! Let’s just say we’re talking about LeBron James with this one…I think social media and current public opinion will differ from the way history looks at him. When we look back 25 years from now, I have the feeling there will be an awful lot of folks either regretting some of the things they said/tweeted about him, or stubbornly holding onto a false premise that just makes them look foolish. It’s time that we all move past the whole “Decision”and “teaming up” thing. The whole “Michael didn’t need to team up” or “Magic didn’t leave to join” narrative is a bit tired and a huge disrespect to Scottie Pippen (HoF), Dennis Rodman (HoF), Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (HoF), and James Worthy (HoF). Obviously, the circumstances came about a bit differently in each case, but the truth of the matter is, you don’t win in this league without great talent around you. You certainly don’t win with any regularity. Great topic, Keith. Seriously.

  14. Deven

    Assuming Miami wins tonight’s game, what chances would you give them to win Game 5 in San Antonio?

    • Jabari Davis

      Hey Deven, welcome back to the chat! That’s a definite assumption, considering how the Spurs looked in GM 3 and the fact that San Antonio was almost as good on the road (30-11) as Miami was at home (32-9) this season. I do expect Miami to respond, but I just wouldn’t place anything past this San Antonio team. I picked them in 6, so assuming MIA wins tonight, I stand by that choice.

  15. Keith

    JD, if you dominated the beginners level of Madden video game, then had less success on the All Madden level. Would you keep trying with same team or create a new team and give your players 99 ratings to compete? What do you think Lebron would do?

    • Jabari Davis

      Haha, back with another one on LeBron I see. I do get it, and was probably equally as irritated by the reports of MIA’s potential interest in Melo this summer. I’ll go on record (right now) and say that while we’ll probably all be obsessing over that until the eventual decision is made, I don’t think that comes to fruition. I don’t think Wade is opting out, and I still see Melo playing in one of three places next season: Chicago, staying in NY, or the outside chance with the Lakers. I could absolutely be wrong, but that’s what my instincts are telling me at this point.

      While that “super team” would be terrible for most fan bases, I will shamelessly admit the “Heatles vs the World” tour would make for a ton of stories from jerks like me, ha! As a fan of the game, I will openly admit that I don’t think it is good for the league, and would probably lead to a ridiculously long lock-out the next time the CBA is up for negotiation. I think it is set until 2021, but can be addressed following 2016-17. If that trend were to continue, expect it to be a real standoff that time around.

  16. Alfredo

    The Donald Sterling saga has reached a new low with him taking the case to court. Sterling will do everything in his power to retain ownership of the Clippers, even if he has to destroy the NBA. The probate court is perfectly aligned to free agency period. Does the Sterling saga affect the Clipper’s chances at signing free agents, drafting players, and trading players? Could the roster be the same as last year due to the scandal?

    Additionally, there have been suggestions that the contracts of the Clipper players be voided and become free agents. Chris Paul could sign with the Heat, for example, giving Miami a Team USA starting roster. If the sale gets stalled to the point where Steve Ballmer escapes the bid, there is a rumor that Adam Silver could consider contracting the Clippers as a last resort. Ballmer will still get a team, but it will be an expanded one – the no-relocation clause which prevented the Clippers from going to Seattle may or may be in there.

    What do you think is going to happen ti the Clippers? Will they live to see July and beyond? If Sterling successfully wins against the NBA, will this be the end of the Clippers? I know my worst case scenario is not going to happen, but when it comes to Donald Sterling, I’ve learned to expect the unexpected.

    • Jabari Davis

      Hello Alfredo, thanks for joining today. I’ve heard many of those rumors as well, as I imagine you are in/or around Los Angeles. I don’t think it is going to come down to contraction, and I don’t see the Clippers’ players being released from their contracts. For the record, I also don’t see Chris Paul walking away from 100 million in order to sign for a vet’s minimum with Miami or any other team. They all want to win, but not at quite the cost that move would take.

      I honestly think the sale eventually goes through, but I who knows if it ends up being at the price we initially heard. I heard Max/Marcellus chiming in on it yesterday as well, and also wondered if their could have been a bit of buyer’s remorse after-the-fact. Not in the decision, but in that price tag?

  17. Scott

    Hey J- the more I think about it the more it seems that the Lakers FO is really out of touch. What’s your take? Over pay Kob when teams like spurs get Tim to take a discount. Hire retread coaches when others are taking fresh faces Fish.Kidd. etc etc.

    • Jabari Davis

      Thank you ALL for joining today. Always my absolute pleasure to host these things, so make sure you join next week as well!

      Looks like you’re the final question, Scott. I appreciate you taking the time to join. Not sure I quite see it that way, as we don’t know what their ultimate decision will be. I could see them going with a retread in order to at least get through Kobe’s contract, but I also wouldn’t be surprised to see them go with a Messina/Griffin/Hoiberg either. One thing it’s always best to do, is avoid the “we’re bored and not in Finals” rumor mill. Not that these reports don’t have any merit whatsoever, because they could decide to go with either Rambis or Scott ultimately. I just wouldn’t get overly worked up about it (just yet) until something concrete is out there.