NBA Chat With Jesse Blancarte – 1/11/17

Join Jesse Blancarte, BaskJesse_Blancarte_Chatetball Insiders’ senior NBA editor and writer, for his weekly chat on Wednesday at 5:00 p.m. ET. Any and all questions regarding the NBA in general are welcome.

  1. Krat

    Where is interest for Nurkic coming from?

    • Jesse Blancarte


      Marc Stein of ESPN reported recently reported that the Nuggets are shopping Nurkic on the open trade market, but didn’t state which teams, if any, have made serious bids for him. What is clear though is that there will be a lot of interest for teams that are in need of a young, promising center who can play both ends of the court, which is what you are getting in Nurkic. The Portland Trail Blazers could certainly use a player like him, so I am confident that they have at least looked into his availability (though I can’t say that for sure). Aggressive teams like the Dallas Mavericks are also certainly monitoring Nurkic’s availability. Nurkic is talented enough that just about any team would look to grab him if he can be had at a reasonable price.

  2. Trog

    Time for the Mavs to start moving veterans?

    • Jesse Blancarte


      I have been a proponent of the Mavericks’ prioritizing the players and assets that are key parts of their future and making everyone else available to start a rebuild. With Nowitzki on the verge of retiring and the Mavericks well out of serious contention for anything meaningful, I think they should be aggressive in implementing a long-term plan to get back to the top of the Western Conference.

  3. JimInCyberspace


    It looks like dissension in the ranks is a trend among once good NBA PG’s. What should the Bulls do with Rondo and what should Knicks do with Rose?

    I think a one for one trade would be fitting.

    • Jesse Blancarte


      I am pretty sure Rondo has a partial guarantee for next season, so I would look to trade him (if possible at this point) or buy out his contract. From what I’ve heard he is handling his situation in a professional manner, but I just don’t see him helping this Bulls team in any way that warrants keeping him around. If a trade isn’t possible, I would pursue a buyout.

      As for Rose, it’s hard to tell what exactly is going on at this point. He has had his moments this season and could demand a decent contract this upcoming offseason (though he won’t get anything close to the max-level contract he reportedly will be seeking). I think Rose can still offer some on-court value for the Knicks this season, but I would be concerned by the fact that he will be seeking that kind of contract after this season. Because of that, I would look to move him for a future asset.

      I don’t see one-for-one trade happening by the way. There’s no upside for the Bulls to bring Rose back on an expiring deal.

  4. Deven

    When can we expect Ben Simmons to make his debut. I’m dying to see him take the court!

  5. JKFargo

    Some of these NBA teams (chicago, Lakers and NY Knicks for example) made head scratching moves this offseason and it’s pretty much went as expected. They just aren’t good and the moves set them back more than helped them. Is it a big surprise neither Rose or Rondo are happy? Everybody, but the front offices from those teams, thought the moves were bad. The moves didn’t improve them much anyways. At best, the Bulls or Knicks were looking to get in as a 4 seed or lower. Why don’t they realize they have to take a step back to take two steps forward? Phil should tear it down and make Melo want out. I get there is pressure from ownership, but these owners have to have some sense of reality. Do owners really think that fans are way more happy with a 40 win team compared to a 25 win team? A top 7-8 pick in a loaded draft is worth more than a headache 40 win season that might not even result in a playoff appearance.

    • Jesse Blancarte


      Every team has the ultimate goal of winning championships, but there are other goals that are always in play as well. Let’s remember, the NBA is a business and most owners run their respective teams accordingly. Having an extended drought is not an attractive option when you know that fans may start tuning out, losing interest and stop showing up to games. Sometimes being a playoff caliber team is enough to keep things on the business side in good shape. That may not align with the fans’ interest, but that’s part of the reason why teams make moves that don’t exactly make sense from a fan’s perspective. Besides, if every team that wasn’t a true contender stripped their teams and went for a top-pick each season, the NBA would suffer from lack of competition.

  6. JKFargo

    Does a guy like Andrew Wiggins actually hurt the Wolves chances of winning games more often than not? The Wolves have only won one game that Wiggins shot below 45% and that was against the Suns and he went 10-11 from the line. So basically, if he shoots below his season fg %, the Wolves can’t or have extreme difficulty winning games. His only real skill is scoring with the ball and he isn’t that good at that most nights. His decision making and free throw shooting really hurts at the end of games. I am not giving up on Wiggins, he will be a good player at the very least, but is his development more important than winning? Would it be better to tell Wiggins to concentrate on defense and rebounding and letting the shots come to him? His defense and basketball instincts are bad. Am I wrong to want him to be good at something besides scoring? like things that go into winning?

    • Jesse Blancarte

      I think it’s too early to make any definitive assessments on Wiggins. It’s true that he is primarily a scorer at this point. However, we used to come down on DeMar DeRozan for many of the same perceived deficiencies, but he kept improving on his strengths to the point that he is undoubtedly a plus-contributor for his team. I see the potential for Wiggins to do something similar. He has the ability to be a consistent scoring threat, as well as a strong defensive player.

      At this point in the season, I think nurturing his development, as well as the other young players on the roster, is more important than wins. the Wolves aren’t winning a championship this season, so they should focus on instilling solid fundamentals and Thibodeau’s offensive and defensive systems more than anything else. Long story short, I get the criticism of Wiggins, but I think it’s way too early to think that he won’t become anything more than an inefficient scorer.

  7. Jk

    It’s more about the owners being realistic. Those moves like rondo and rose are usually bad. You can tell they wont be happy unless they are treated like stars. Having extended droughts with no hope bad for franchise, but Knicks and bulls have butler and porzingis. Wouldn’t the best move be trying to compete for conference titles? I get its business, but doesn’t make good decision make good business? There is so much proof of it not working. It would clearly b better if Noah wasn’t on the Knicks and they were headed for a high lotto picks. Those are the facts aren’t they? Are lakers fans really upset if deng and mosgov aren’t signed? Isn’t all bad decisions simply bad?

    • Jesse Blancarte

      I agree that following a plan that is designed to lead to championship contention is ultimately a good business decision. I just think some owners and teams prioritize winning championships a bit more than others or are at least willing to suffer through some down years to get there than others. I was against those signings when they were first reported and I still am. I think teams are generally getting smarter about team building and maneuvering the CBA, but bad signings are inevitable.

  8. JKFargo

    I guess I’m not talking about all teams tearing it down and building through the draft, but if anyone throws 100 million dollars at Derrick Rose it’s a bad move. It’s that simple. The executive who signs Rose to a mega deal is making a bad basketball move. The team can tell fans like me I don’t know what I’m talking about. Signing Rondo to a big deal this summer is a bad move. The Knicks went all in and they still stink. Doesn’t reality have to enter the minds of some of these big market teams? It’s not about tanking, it’s about building your team. The Knicks have to realize that this will be Porzingis team in the future. In 2 years, he may be the only guy left from this roster. I guess the lesson I want some of these teams to realize is sometimes the best move is the one you don’t make. agree?

    • Jesse Blancarte

      I understand what you’re saying. I agree that $100 million for Rose would be a bad deal (to say the least). And I agree that not making the deal for Noah would have been preferable. Like I said, in my opinion, teams are generally getting smarter about roster moves and long-term planning, but even the best plans and front offices can make big mistakes along the way.

  9. Scott

    Do the lakers deal Lou the drifter williams or Uncle Swaggy for a 1st rd pick? they are at least as good as Kyle Korver.
    Is Mitch asleep at the switch?

    • Jesse Blancarte


      Williams and Young have played well this season and could be desirable for teams looking for additional bench scoring. However, off the top of my head, I can’t think of a team that would offer a first-round pick for either of them. I disagree that they are as good as Korver.

      Mitch is not looking to make any significant moves, but I am sure he’d be willing to consider making a move if the right deal presented itself.

    • Jesse Blancarte

      That looks like it for this week. Thanks to everyone for stopping by and be sure to message me on Twitter (@JBlancarteNBA) to keep the conversation going until next week’s chat.