NBA Chat With Jesse Blancarte – 1/25/17

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  1. Virgil

    OK so if the knicks did a Stephon Marbury on Melo would he then waive his no trade to get out of there. And by a Marbury i mean just sit him and not play him. They could lose games to get a better pick and get rid of melo

    • Jesse Blancarte


      Most likely. Anthony and his agent wouldn’t tolerate that situation for long, so I could see him doing that (though I can’t imagine the Knicks following through with that). ESPN’s Marc Stein reported that the Knicks have tried to engage the Cavaliers in trade discussions regarding Carmelo and Kevin Love, though Cleveland reportedly isn’t interested.

      The Knicks apparently were going to approach Melo if the Cavaliers were interested in the deal. Considering that the Knicks are engaging in trade discussions at all suggests that they think Melo will waive his no-trade clause if the right deal presents itself.

  2. Bob

    Can a team use the “stretch Provision” on more than one player per season? I ask because if the right free agent (or two) were interested in joining the team, could they stretch both Moz and Deng to get a deal done?

    • Jesse Blancarte


      Teams can waive players and, based on the circumstances, can “stretch” the remaining salary over a longer period of time. Here is a helpful excerpt from Larry Coon’s Salary Cap FAQ (which is the best resource available for these sorts of questions):

      Individually negotiated revisions to the payment schedule are not allowed for contracts signed or extended under the current CBA2. For these contracts or extensions, a waived player’s guaranteed salary for the remaining seasons is “stretched” and paid in equal amounts over a greater time span, as follows:

      “If the player is waived from July 1 to August 31, then his remaining salary is paid over twice the number of years remaining on his contract, plus one. For example, if the player is waived on August 1 with two seasons remaining on his contract at $10.2 million and $10.3 million, respectively, then his remaining salary is paid over five years (two seasons times two, plus one), in even amounts of $4.1 million per year.

      If the player is waived from September 1 to June 30, then the current season is paid per the normal payment schedule, and any remaining years are stretched over twice the number of years remaining plus one as described above. For example, if the player is waived on December 1 with two seasons remaining on his contract at $10.2 million and $10.5 million, respectively, then the current season (at $10.2 million) is paid normally, and the final season (at $10.5 million) is stretched over three years (one season times two, plus one) and paid in even amounts of $3.5 million per year.”

  3. Deven

    What I love and respect about Kawhi’s game is after a very exciting play, he has no antics. Has he always been that focused? He makes some great plays, he can go crazy, make faces at the camera, but he’s always laser-focused and is always solid. Where did that come from?

    • Jesse Blancarte

      Going to have to use some attorney lingo here:

      Objection – asked and answered:

      Jesse Blancarte (From last week’s chat)

      I can’t speak for Kawhi, but I agree that his humility and no-nonsense approach to the game is a breath of fresh air. At least since his high school days, Leonard has turned to basketball as a sort of refuge. His father was tragically killed when Leonard was in high school, and yet Leonard still played in his school’s game the following night. Not too long after, he was asked about the situation and his decision to keep playing:

      “Basketball helps me take my mind off things, picking me up every day when I’m feeling down,” Leonard said.

      Considering those terrible circumstances and how he responded, it’s clear how much the game of basketball means to him. With that in mind, I think it’s safe to say he takes his approach to the game very seriously and isn’t too interested in the theatrics of it. That, and playing for Gregg Popovich has a way of keeping a player’s attitude or ego in check.

  4. cj

    saying he waives his trade clause, what do you think of this trade
    portland gets booker, lopez, jefferson, & WCS
    brooklyn gets leonard, crabbe, casspi, koufus, & either portland’s 2017 1st or portland’s 2017 1st from cleveland.
    sacramento gets aminu, davis, & either bogdanovic or kilpatrick

    • Jesse Blancarte


      Without going too deep into this, I would simply say that I think Brooklyn would look for a different kind of package in exchange for Lopez. Brooklyn is certainly looking for young talent, but I don’t think they would move Lopez for this group of players.

  5. JimInCyberspace


    LBJ or David Griffin, who is really running the show in Cleveland?

    LeBron complains about the roster needing to add a play maker and then says it’s not Griffin’s fault? I think Griff is doing a pretty good job.

    Exactly which play maker does LBG have in mind, and what will the Cavs have to give up to get him? LBJ says he doesn’t have the patience to be a HC. I don’t think he has the patience to be a GM or owner either.

    • Jesse Blancarte


      Griffin is running the show and has been doing a really good job of it, as you mentioned. But LeBron’s opinion matters and it plays a factor in front office decisions. I think he was just frustrated about his team’s recent level of play and was venting. I may be in the minority, but I’m not reading too much into his comments. The Cavs could use another player who can make a play off the dribble, but that’s probably true of every team not named the Warriors. My guess is the Cavs will look for help in the buyout market, rather than making a significant deal.

  6. Paul S

    Hi Jesse.
    For a team in a situation such as the Orlando Magic who – regardless of how they got there – are destined this offseason for another significant “direction shift” – one that will more than likely include a change in management as well as multiple player trades – what is the advantage to fighting for the 8th spot in the playoffs? Most fans know by now – and intelligent and informed corporate sponsors with guys PAID to know – that the current product as constructed isn’t very good and doesn’t project to be moving forward.

    • Jesse Blancarte


      Based on where things are today, I could see teams like the Knicks, Magic, Pelicans, Kings and Suns making significant changes like the ones you’re describing. I think there are plenty of teams that will be looking to make significant trades and free agent signings from now until the start of next season, but those are some of the teams that I think could be making changes at all levels of their respective organizations.

    • Jesse Blancarte

      That’s all the time I have for today. Thanks for stopping by and asking your questions. Be sure to stop by again at the same time next week!