NBA Chat With Larry Coon 5/8/14

Larry_Coon_ChatLarry Coon the noted author of the CBAFAQ, will answer your Salary Cap and Collective Bargaining Agreement questions. Larry will answers your questions about the Salary Cap, NBA trades and the CBA at 3:00pm et

  1. Deven

    Other than LAC-OKC, which other series have you been enjoying the most?

    • Larry Coon

      I’ve really been enjoying watching Washington these playoffs.

  2. Deven

    I think Donald’s wife has no right to keep the Clippers. Otherwise, CP3, Blake, Coach Rivers and others would want out and not play for the team next year. It would be very awkward don’t you think?

    • Larry Coon

      On what basis do you say she has no right to keep the team? From my understanding, the team is owned by a family trust, and the Sterlings are the co-owners of that trust. If Donald has to sell his interest, she’s still the co-owner of the trust, and therefore of the team. Silver has already made clear that this is about Donald and not about his family. I think it will be a nightmare to disentangle their interests, but that’s the league’s problem.

  3. Deven

    Is Pau Gasol leaving the Lakers, regardless of who the coach is going to be next year? I’d be shocked if he came back.

    • Larry Coon

      No, I’d say the odds were better than 50-50 he was going to leave if D’Antoni was still the coach, but now that he’s gone, I think the odds are better than 50-50 that he stays. I think the Lakers would be very interested in having him return, even at a fairly hefty salary (but still well below what he made this year), so long as the number of years was right.

  4. Jack

    Is there a front runner or front runners for the Lakers coaching job?

    • Larry Coon

      I don’t know that there will be a front runner until they know who’s interested in the job. They will talk to college coaches like Cal & Ollie to gauge their interest (and remember, Basketball Insiders’ Eric Pincus tagged Ollie as the ideal candidate even before Conn won the NCAAs). Byron Scott is out there, and they will definitely talk to him. Then there’s the recycled crew — guys like George Karl, either Van Gundy, Rambis (who already has Laker ties), etc.

      An interesting idea that’s been mentioned is Derek Fisher, but the last I heard, he’s not interested in coaching. I’m hoping to get the chance to ask him directly about it this weekend.

  5. Jonathan

    Can Dirk provide the Mavs flexibility in free agency by verbally agreeing to return but allow the team to pursue other free agent targets first and then structure Dirk’s contract based on what fits after the other signings are finalized (front/back load his deal)? If so, would this increase the degree to which the Mavs would pursue restricted free agents since the 3 day hold would have less impact?

    • Larry Coon

      Dirk will continue to have a cap hold until he re-signs, signs elsewhere, or is renounced. It is possible for the Mavs to renounce Dirk, go after other free agents, and then re-sign Dirk using cap room or the Room exception.

      And yes, if the Mavs knew that Dirk would be willing to come back for less money, and would be willing to wait around while they signed other guys, it would definitely have an impact on the team’s free agent pursuits.

  6. Alfredo Rodriguez

    The Donald Sterling fiasco has rocked the nation and all around the globe. Adam Silver has banned Sterling for life, but there will be an epic legal battle the moment the 29 other owners force a sale of the team. I have a few questions on this:

    Will the Sterling situation have any effect on the NBA’s CBA and the Clipper’s salary cap? I ask this because the Clippers have always had bad teams with draft busts, but Sterling still got profit because the money came from revenue produced by other teams. Or, he would exchange producing players for bad contracts and cash compensation. Either way, it’s almost like money laundry or racketeering – he never cared about competing. There was even a taped conversation of Sterling purposely wanting the Clippers to tank. This has led me to believe that Sterling may have purposely rigged games against the Clippers to help other teams besides making money. Rigging is one of the key violations necessary to have the board of governors remove Sterling (and maybe win in a court of law when this is taken to court). Sterling may have even had accomplices not just outside, but inside the NBA as well, to protect his character from being revealed. Is there any validity to these theories? How big of a mess is this Sterling mess?

    • Larry Coon

      You made a lot of unwarranted leaps there to get from Point A to Point Z. There’s no evidence of — an no reason to believe — any of the things you mentioned actually occurring.

  7. Chuck

    Hey Larry,

    If the Rockets decline their team option on Chandler Parsons, how would his qualifying offer be determined? Would the starter criteria apply? And how would that affect his cap hold?


    • Larry Coon

      Chander met the “starter criteria” because he started more than 41 games and played more than 2,000 minutes. Since he was a second-round pick, his qualifying offer would be the same as the qualifying offer for the 21st pick in the draft. They take 120 percent of the scale amount for the third year for the 21st pick ($1,424,520), apply the 4th year raise for that pick (59.3 percent) to get $2,269,260, then add the qualifying offer percentage for that pick (44.1 percent) to get $3,270,004. That would be the amount of his qualifying offer if the Rockets decline his team option and let him become a free agent.

  8. Kevin

    I have a two-part question: In your opinion who should the Lakers try to re-sign from the past season? Also, who would you like to see coach the team?

    • Larry Coon

      Next year will be another transition year for the team, so I’d like to see them bring back some of the young players from last season like Bazemore, Henry and Kelly (Kendall Marshall is already signed). I’d also like to see them bring back Jodie Meeks, who really improved last season, and Pau Gasol if the money and year are right.

      As for coaches, I’m intrigued by the Kevin Ollie idea.

  9. JC

    What teams could/would take on Melo?

    • Larry Coon

      That he would also want to play for? Chicago and Houston are the two that spring to mind.

  10. Daniel

    Melo tells the Knicks he doesn’t want to stay. What do they do next? What can they realistically expect in a sign-and-trade?

    • Larry Coon

      There are a lot of different options at that point:

      * They could mutually decide that Melo will opt-in for 2014-15, which will enable the Knicks to trade him at any time (such as at the draft). His new team can then work out an extension with him (and the restrictions relax six months after the trade).

      * They could work out an extend-and-trade transaction.

      * They could let him become a free agent, and work out a sign-and-trade. For example, if he wants to go to Chicago, the Bulls won’t have enough cap room to pay his full salary unless they clear some additional players off their roster. The teams could try to work out a deal where, say, Gibson & a first round pick come over for a signed-and-traded Melo.

      Of course, if the team lets Melo become a free agent, there’s a chance he could sign somewhere else on his own and leave the team with nothing.

  11. Q

    What could the Bulls reasonably expect back from teams wishing to acquire coach Thibs?

    • Larry Coon

      Are you talking about a Doc Rivers-like situation where the team wants something in return for releasing the coach from his contract? A future first round pick seems to be the going rate. They CAN’T trade players in this sort of transaction.

  12. An

    If a team trades for Asik or Lin, how much of that poison pill contract are they responsible for?

    • Larry Coon

      All of it. The team trading for Asik or Lin assumes all of the obligations that the Rockets have. That means a $15 million salary next season (but it only counts $8.3 million on the cap).

  13. Charlie

    Do you think Mike D’Antoni will get another coaching gig? Are the warriors actually considering him? He could be a good fit… Steph Curry is a great D’Antoni point guard, reminds me of another Nash and has a good supporting cast that could do well in D’Antonis system

    • Larry Coon

      You could make the argument that D’Antoni just didn’t get a fair shake in LA. He was brought in mid-season and had to hit the ground running (even though he couldn’t even walk at the time he was hired), he never had the right personnel for his kind of play, and injuries decimated any chance of doing anything this season.

      That said, I think a team with the right personnel could very well give him serious consideration, and I think the Warriors could be that kind of team.

  14. Charlie

    Some interesting, but not really talked about names for the Lakers coach: Stu Lantz, Luke Walton. Personally, I’d like to see Luke as an assistant first, maybe with Phil and Kerr in NY. But Stu Lantz… He knows not only the Lakers but the entire league (players, coaches, personnel, systems, offenses, defenses) inside and out, possibly better than most coaches. He’d be able to tell the players directly his keys to the game. Why does no one mention them?

    • Larry Coon

      I like Stu, but no one mentions him because he’s never coached before. Of course, that didn’t stop Jason Kidd this year, and it probably wouldn’t stop Derek Fisher if he decided he wanted to coach. But Stu is a little too far removed.

      As for Luke, I think an assistant job in New York would be his ideal foot in the door if he wants to coach.

  15. Shahin

    One more question. I’m a Lakers fan that’s trying to help my 2 friends’ team (Warriors) get better. Who says no in this trade?

    Warriors send David Lee to the Rockets for Omer Asik

    – Warriors lose on a bit of scoring but jump up on inside D and rebounding. Asik’s 1 year contract means if he doesn’t pan out at least they don’t have Lee’s still on for a few more years.

    – Rockets get a great inside player that can provide another scoring option and NOT clash with Dwight spacewise. Lee’s longer contract means he, Harden, and D12 can focus on meshing better over the next few years.

    • Larry Coon

      It’s no secret that Houston has had Asik on the trading block, but Lee’s contract would eat into their flexibility.

      And I think we need to wait and see who will be coaching the Warriors next season before we determine what kind of players they need to bring in.

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