NBA Chat With Tommy Beer 1/16/17

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  1. Sasha

    Do you think demarcus cousins not making playoffs is his fault. He acts very toxic , argues at refs. He has pretty decent team rudy gay matt barnes collison decent role players. George karl is a hall of fame coach who got a crap nuggets team without melo to playoffs for three years

    • Tommy Beer

      Well, there are a couple of different sides you could take in this debate.

      I’d argue that his teammates have definitely been below average. Gay puts up decent numbers, but his Net Rating has typically been poor. Look at how much better the Raptors have been since they traded Gay away. Ditto for Rondo last season. He led the league in assists, but was a net negative. It’s actually a good question: Who is the best teammate DMC has ever played with??

      On the other hand, making the Playoffs in the NBA is not particularly hard. Granted, the West has been stacked the last few seasons, but a truly great player can carry his team to the postseason on a consistent basis. I mean, it’s unfair to compare anyone to LeBron, but look at the talent (or lack thereof) on the 2007 Cavs team that LeBron carried all the way to the NBA Finals… And this season, the Blazer are six game under .500 (18-24), but still are sitting the 8 spot. The Kings are two games behind Sacramento.

      All things considered, I think Cousins is an incredibly talented player. Arguably the most talented center in the NBA today – as Draymond Green and LeBron has avowed recently. However, I would not want to build my franchise around him.

  2. Will

    Hey tommy. I know you’ve previously said it’s not time for NY to cut their losses – playoff experience would be great for Kristaps and this year might be the best chance for a while to get it. But it’s looking bad… if they did trade Anthony and if he agreed, what’s the best haul you think he might return at this point? Any chance Boston or the Lakers surrender some young assets or picks?

    • Tommy Beer

      Hey Will,

      I continue to believe Melo will choose to stay in New York, and not waive his no-trade clause. However, I will admit that I am less confident in that opinion today than I was 24 hours ago.

      It sounds like the haranguing from the fans/media/Phil have been taking a toll. Still it’s not something Melo hasn’t dealt with before.

      And in years past, he’s opted to stay in New York every time. When he was a free agent and could have opted to sign with Chicago when it looked like there were just a piece away from the Eastern Conference Finals. Or last season, when the Knicks were going nowhere and there was talk that the Cavs wanted to trade for Melo. You would think that Melo would jump at the opportunity to play with his buddy Bron and with a very good chance to win a title. But he opted to stay in NYC.

      It sounds like, based on his comments after the loss to the Raptors, he is at least considering it at this point.

      I don’t think the Lakers would consider it. Melo has just 2 years left on his deal and they are far away from contending. The Celtics have plenty of pieces and could certainly use Melo, but the package they would be willing to send NY would be very underwhelming. For instance, Knicks fans might figure the package starts with Jae Crowder and picks etc

      But Ainge loves Crowder. Who has more value to Boston: Melo making $53 million over the next two season. Or Crowder making $22 million over the next three seasons.

      Factoring age and salary and defensive aptitude – you could argue Crowder is the more valuable asset. Let alone Crowder and a top pick in stacked draft

  3. JimInCyberspace


    Putting the horse before the cart, how many championships do you think KD ends up with? Less than James Jones is my bet.

    What ever happens in KD’s quest for a ring he won’t be seen by most of this BB generation as ‘leading’ a team to a championship…he’s a coat-tail guy?

    It’s kinda sad, KD is clearly the best player for the Warriors. I just don’t see KD ever supplanting Steph as the most favored Dub?

    • Tommy Beer

      Gotta disagree. Durant has been the Warriors best all-around player this season. Most pundits and fans and observers recognize this. KD will finish with more MVP votes than Curry.

      If the Warriors win the title and KD outplays Curry in the postseason – KD won’t be viewed as a “coat-tail” guy. Instead, he’ll be the guy that carried the Warriors over the top after they fell flat (3-1) to the Cavs the season before…

  4. Virgil

    So the Knicks have finally exploded to the delight of many of your writers. We know that there is no fix for the seemingly next 3 years but is there anything that can be done? Do you agree that as long as Dolan owns the team it will be dysfunctional?

    • Tommy Beer

      I have to admit I find it odd that many fans think the NY media and writers that cover the Knicks “take delight” in the Knicks being bad.

      It’s quite the opposite, actually. If a team is good and competing for a title, the coverage of that team increases exponentially. How many articles were written about the Cavs and Warriors over the second half of last season? How many about the Knicks. When a team is terrible, that directly affects the writers. That costs them money and clicks and TV spots etc. You name it. It’s bad.
      Yeah, they may be a few more click-bait articles that gain traction in January and February, but I can guarantee you that the vast majority of writers would LOVE for the Knicks to be good…

      The Knicks have been a terrible since Dolan took ownership of the team. No two ways about. Thus, it is fair to assume they will continue to be bad. However, there is something different in NY this time: Kristaps Porzingis. The knicks also all their future first round picks. KP and picks gives the Knicks a head start and the chance to build a winner

  5. Virgil

    TB you are a Knicks writer is there anything to the Rosen analysis that Melo is not wanted in NY? I truly believe he is PJ puppet and PJ had him put it out there to start the discussion of getting Melo to waive the no trade

    • Tommy Beer

      It’s a fair comment. Rosen and Phil are boys. Have been for a very long time. I know Rosen said that Phil was speaking thru him in that article, but it’s hard to imagine that Phil didn’t have at least a small bit of input…

  6. freddy hoops

    I saw your tweet last night regarding how CJ McCollum has put up numbers almost as good as Kawhi Leonard this season… Is he getting the love he deserves?

    • Tommy Beer

      Yeah McCollum has been an absolute stud this season. Especially this month. Thru seven games in January, He is averaging 31.1 points, 4.1 assists, 4.1 rebounds, 3.4 3-pointers, 1.6 blocks, 1.3 steals and just 2.1 turnovers. And he is shooting a ridiculous 53.0 percent from the floor and 90.9 percent from the free-throw line.

      For a guy that shot 69% from the free-throw line over the first two seasons in the NBA, it goes to show you how hard work pays off. And as a fellow Patriot League alum – I’m happy to give him props.

      Okay – thanks for stopping by everybody!
      Have a great week