NBA Chat With Tommy Beer 1/2/17

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  1. Raphael de Aguiar Brandão

    Hi, Tommy.
    I asked this to Jabari but i think that he doesnt receive it.

    Is there any chance of changes happening in the Lakers? Nerlens Noel around here ?? Without involving the young core. Sixers need a point guard since Bayless and Rodrigues are injured. Can José Calderón be a way out?
    I ask this because considering the decline of the team the front office may have changed their initial mindset.
    When I talk about exchanges, I mean veterans. Players like Deng, Mozgov, Young, Calderón, Lou and even Tarik or T-Rob. There is the possibility that the Lakers will trade some of these players to add defensive value to the team.
    Our defense urgently needs change. The contracts of Deng and Mozgov may hinder the acquisition of quality players in the Free Agency that will add defensive value. Players like Jrue Holiday, Nerlens Noel, Caldwell-Pope, Serge Ibaka or Tyreke Evans. Coul we involve one of them or both (Deng and Mo) in a eventual trade??
    Deng is much better than at beginning of the season but the contract value is so high. What do you think about any trade in LA?

    Thanks Tommy, I love the work of you and Steve. Have a nice 2017 both of you.
    Best Wishes.

    • Tommy Beer

      Hey Raphael,
      Thanks for checking in…

      Calderon has no value on the trade market. The Sixers do need PG help, but they would not trade for Calderon. While Calderon is a good veteran mentor, he is at the very tail end of his career. Noel has far more value on the open market than Calderon. NO way they get Noel without giving up some attractive assets.

      I’m sure the Lakers would like to add some dynamic young players to their emerging core – but [otential trade partners will have no interest in Mozgov and Deng, who make a combined 101 million over the next three seasons.

      I think the two Laker players with the greatest likelihood of getting moved by the February trade deadline are Lou Williams and Nick Young. Lou has one year left on his deal at $7 million and would be able to provide immediate offense for any team off the bench. Swaggy P has a player option for next season, so is essentially an expiring contract.

  2. Philip Fletcher

    I know triple doubles are impressive, maybe they should be an offensive player of the year but, why do sports reporters overhype these guys as MVP canidates, when they are only average on the other end of the court?

    • Tommy Beer

      It’s a valid point, but often times defensive value is more difficult to measure.

      Offensive numbers (points, assists, 3-pointers etc.) are easily identifiable and understood by even the casual fan. Most reporters are speaking to or writing for casual fans. There are only so many of us hardcore maniacs out there.

      That said, I think most MVP voters take defense into account. Two seasons ago, Harden finished behind Curry, and many voters pointed out that Harden’s defense (or lack thereof) was the deciding factor.

      In addition, it is important to note that following the 2014-15 season, the NBA player association held their first ever “Players Awards” and the players selected James Harden as the Most Valuable Player.

      At the end of the day, there are many athletes who can get after guys defensively, but there are so few people on the planet who can create offensively like Harden and Westbrook. These guys re so rare. And that’s why they will be at/near the top of MVP voting again this season.

  3. virgil

    great to have you back. what do you make of the knicks defensive struggles. is there anyone out there to help them out with the limited assets they have?
    have they hit the wall and progressed as far as they can?

    • Tommy Beer

      Hey Virgil,

      Thanks for the question.

      Yes, the issue in NYC is defense.
      The Knicks are in the middle of the pack offensively. They rank 16th in the NBA in Offensive Efficiency, scoring on average 104.1 points per 100 possessions.

      However, they rank just 25th in Defensive Efficiency, allowing opponents to score 107.6 points per 100 possessions.

      As far as upgrading the roster via trade, you hit on a key fact: The Knicks don’t have may assets that interest other teams. Thus, they won’t be in the running for studs like Paul Millsap or Boogie Cousins. Or even a player such as Ricky Rubio.

      They could make offers for scorers such as Kyle Korver or a guy like Ben Mclemore. However, that won’t help the Knicks defense.

      One player that might make sense as a trade target would be Tony Allen. He’s 34 and no longer the defender he was when he was first-team All-Defense, but would still be a major upgrade defensively for NY.

      He’s on an expiring deal, so it’s safe to assume the Grizz would entertain offers…

  4. virgil

    Any chance the knicks can get in on a deal for noel or vucevic would either fit or help. I hate auto correct

    • Tommy Beer

      Center is actually a position of strength for NY, so I don’t think they would target Nerlens Noel or Nikola Vucevic.

      However, Noel is a plus-defender. If Phil and the Knicks believed in him and were willing to re-sign him next summer, they could offer the Philly one of their two young (affordable) bigs.
      Kyle O’Quinn has been playing well of late and is making less than $4 million. Willy Hernangomez’s contract is incredibly valuable – he will make less than $1.6 million for each of the next three seasons.
      While the value would intrgue the Sixers, Philly already has too many centers (Embiid and Okafor), so f they moved Noel, they would want a guard back, not a big.

  5. Dale

    James Harden moved ahead of Westbrook in the MVP race IMO after his incredible performance on Saturday night… Where does Harden’s night rank in the history of greatest individual gamess ever played???

    • Tommy Beer

      It was a truly incredible performance by Harden. Not only was it the first 50-point, 15-assist, 15-rebound game in NBA history, it was also tied for the most points ever scored as part of a triple-double.

      What’s more, Harden needed just 26 shots to score his 53 points. He was 14-26 from the floor, 9-of-16 from downtown and 16-of-18 from the free-throw stripe – making him just the fifth player in the last three decades to score more than 52 points on 26 or fewer FG attempts.

      However, the stat related to “total points produced” was my favorite stat from that game. Per the Elias Sports Bureau: “Harden’s 17 assists on Saturday night produced 42 points on field goals by his teammates (eight of the assists came on three-pointers), so Harden finished the game with a combined total of 95 points that he either scored himself or on which he assisted. The only player in NBA history who had a higher total in a single game was Wilt Chamberlain, who, in his 100-point game in 1962, was also credited with two assists, yielding a total of 104 points that he either scored or on which he assisted. Harden finished the month of December with 194 assists, breaking the Rockets’ record of 183 assists in one month that he had just set in November.”

      We may never see anything like that again…

      Well, actually, when does Russ Westbrook play next? The gauntlet has been thrown down!

  6. Lamell jones

    You smoke mollys. Me any my homies from philly got 18 ounces

    • Tommy Beer

      Nah, I’m good…

      Thanks for the offer tho

      And with that, this chat is wrap.
      Thanks for stopping by and have a great week everybody!