NBA Chat With Tommy Beer 1/23/17

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  1. cprado

    Good afternoon. Do you see Lakers making some move with the veteran core?? For another young guy, or a pick, or a defensive player? Or some move to put next year cap down.

    Deng, Mozgov, Willams and Young, even T-Rob or Black.

    They are in west conference last position now.

    Thank you Tommy.

    • Tommy Beer

      I’m sure the Lakers would love to move one of their vets for younger players or picks – the issue is that it takes two to tango. L.A. is going to have a tough time finding a willing trade partner.

      Deng is set to make $17.1 million next season, $18 million in 2018-19 and $18.8 in 2019-20
      Mozgov is on the books for $15.2 million, $16.0 and then $16.7… Those are heavy caps for aging players that have underperformed this season, in the very first years of their deals.

      Lou Will ($7 million next season) has some value – but they don’t want to dump the team’s leading scorer.

      Nick Young has played better than expected this season – but is viewed only a rental as his deal has a player option this summer.

  2. Jerry

    Hello Tommy.

    You know your in trouble when your number one point guard is injured and you have to rely on Brandon Ingram to run things.
    With Rubio disappointing the Timberwolves (which doesn’t sit well with me),wouldn’t he be ideal for the Lakers to help Russell out?
    The Lakers could add Calderon and Huertas into the deal.

    • Tommy Beer

      Hello Jerry,

      I’m confused – you want the Wolves to give the Lakers Ricky Rubio for Jose Calderon and Huertas?
      Why on earth would the Wolves consider that??
      I must be missing something?

  3. Omer Rapaport

    Hi there,

    How do you evaluate the work of Sam Hinkie with the Sixers, now that some the assets he brought (Covington, TJ Mcconnell, Saric and that center from Kansas) deliver? Is it too soon to determine that the process was justified? And finally, do you think Hinkie will land another gm gig soon?


    • Tommy Beer

      Hey Omer,

      I was actually one of the guys that defended Hinkie and “The Process when he got canned last season.
      In my opinion, the objective of every franchise should be to win a title. Too often, I think GM’s and owners cave to pressure settle for incremental improvement that may allow them to sneak into the playoffs, but oftentimes only leak as a seventh or eighth seed.

      That’s the absolute worst place to be in the NBA – when you are too good to land a top-3 lottery pick, but not good enough to win a playoff series, let alone challenge for a title.

      The NBA is so dependant on having a legit superstar. And it is very rare that you can sign one, which means you need to draft one. Thus, you want to get as many chances (high draft picks) as possible – to land a stud.
      If that requires two or three years or being awful, so be it. At least there is a plan in place. It is clearly delivered. The fans understand what management is doing, as the process is defined for all to see. Sometimes it may take five-plus years. But at least you are giving yourself a shot.

      For the last 15-plus years – the Knicks were in that desert of bad but not bad enough, always afraid to bottom out.

      The Sixers path was unconventional – but look at what it has yielded. Next season, the Sixers will likely roll out a starting frontline of: Embiid, Saric, Ben Simmons.
      They also have Okafor and McConnell… and two more lottery picks this summer – their own and the Lakers (top 3 protected)

      Re: Hinkie directly, I think he’ll take a smaller/less visible front office role before being hired as GM

  4. JimInCyberspace


    My favorite player is Russell Westbrook in full disclosure. How do you see his career playing out?

    He’s an ultra athletic guy in his prime but I think his game will go south with father time rather quickly. I hope I’m wrong.

    KD pretty much pulled the (chance at a championship) rug from underneath OKC and Russ when he simultaneously strengthened the Warriors and weakened the Thunder?

    It will naturally take a long while for a franchise like OKC to regain championship competitive form after losing a player like KD for nothing in return, even with Sam Presti’s keen drafting eye.

    What is Russ left to do if HE wants to win a championship? How/where does he shop his services in the current NBA two party system? The Cavs already have a pretty good PG.

    The NBA is similar to BIG XII basketball…there are some GREAT games but we all know KU wins in the end. Parity would make BB great game again.

    At this point I mostly watch professional snooker online for my sporting fix. It’s not a game, defence is still an integral part of snooker…hence the name.

    • Tommy Beer

      Hello Jim,

      You know why I love these chats – and the internet in general?? Because I had no idea I’d spend a few minutes watching (and enjoying) snooker highlights this afternoon!

      Regarding Westbrook… I think you make a very valid point regarding his long-term prospects. Look, every team in the NBA would love to have him, but I think GM’s would acknowledge that there is concern about how his body holds up long-term. He plays so hard and with so much energy and attacks the basket so relentlessly that it’s hard to imagine he his game aging as well as someone who is far less dependent on their physicality (someone like Steph Curry for instance).

      Russ shots just 30.5 percent from downtown.
      He’s at 43.3 percent from the field for his career. How much will that percentage drop once he rely more on 16-foot jumpers as he is unable to get to the basket at will as he now can…

  5. Joe Hoops

    The Knicks need to get Melo out of here!!! it’s time to tank!! what’s the best deal the Knicks can expect for Anthony?? multiple first round picks and players??

    • Tommy Beer

      We could spend a good deal of time arguing about what Melo might be worth on the open market, or which teams would be able to best take advantage of his unique skill set, and then what would be fair compensation that the Knicks could expect to receive in return…

      However, the reality is that Melo has absolutely no intention of waiving his no-trade clause.

      No matter how much some Knicks fans want him to so NY can start a true rebuild around Porzingis – it’s just not going to happen.

      Melo has said many, many times in many, many ways. He wants to stay in New York. He’s staying in NY

  6. cj

    portland gets j.okafor & k.faried
    philadelphia gets j.nurkic & w.barton or j.murray
    denver gets a.aminu, m.leonard, portland’s 2017 1st[from cleveland], & philadelphia’s 2017 1st[from sacramento] or philadelphia’s 2020 1st[from oklahoma city]. whichever one they prefer.
    so what do you think about this trade?

    • Tommy Beer

      Nah – I think Denver would be giving up too much to only gate back late first-round picks. They like Murray and Barton is a good player. Nurk is out of the rotation, but still has value as a talented big man

  7. Justin

    Jazz trade Exum/Burks/Lyles/ g.s 1st they own, okc 1st they own for Deron Williams and Dirk. Dallas gets young fast with a few potential pieces. Dallas of course ask dirk if he signs off on this and send him to a contending team. jazz give up some youth to add a solid back up P.G. And a starting PF next to Gobert. I love it for both teams. Deron / Favors off the bench..Maybe an old Deron / Boozer. Could you see this happening?

    • Tommy Beer

      First off, the salaries don’t match. Not even close.

      But even if they did, no way the Jazz would consider trading an insane amount of good, young assets for two players that likely wouldn’t be on the Jazz next season, nor in the league in a couple of years…

      Thanks for stopping by everybody –
      Have a great week!