NBA Chat With Tommy Beer 12/5/16

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  1. Raphael de Aguiar Brandão

    Good afternoon Sir. Do You think that Lakers could make any move before trade dealine?? With Wolves for example. It seems that Thibodeau has an interest in a experience player. Could it happens for Shabazz for example??

    And which player could be involved in eventual Lakers trade for any team??? Deng, Clark, Timo???

    Deng is a very good player inside and outside the court but he doesn’t find himself in Walton’s game yet. He had just two or three good appearances.

    One more please, Is there any chance to have a trade involving Nerlens Noel in this month for any team?? People in Lakers Community here in Brazil always ask for a trade to bring Noel for LA and make a young core to grow up together. Any chance?? Even with Timmy??

    Thanks a lot. And Sorry for my english guys.

    Best regards.

    • Tommy Beer

      The Lakers would probably like to get out from under the weight of some of their less attractive contracts, but I do not expect the Wolves to panic and make any hasty moves.

      Yes, Minnesota has gotten off to a terrible start this season – but they are still one of the youngest teams in the NBA and have an incredibly bright future. Thibs will get things turned around and have them playing better defensively sooner rather than later. More importantly, they are not overly concerned with this season. Thibs has long-term security (five-year deal) and also get to call the shots on the personnel side. Thus, all thigs considered he can afford to stay patient and take a macro view.

      However, of the players you mentioned, I think Shabazz Muhammad is a guy they would move for the right price. He doesn’t bring much to the table other than scoring and he has a $4.3 million qualifying offer next season.

      I think the Sixers will try and move Noel at or before the February trade deadline, but the Lakers have Randle and Mozgov at PF and C – so I don’t think LA is a fit

  2. Dale

    have we ever seen anything like what Westbrook is doing? It has to go down as one – if not the greatest – season of all time, right???

    • Tommy Beer

      Westbrook is playing at an incredible level right now.

      He recorded a triple-double in five straight games. That is the fourth longest triple-double streak in NBA history. The three players with longer streaks are Michael Jordan (7) , Oscar Robertson (7) and Wilt Chamberlain (4).

      Also, I was the league leaders in double-doubles today and that helps to highlight just how insane Westbrook’s numbers are. Russ is now up to 10 triple-double this season, that’s the same number of double-doubles as LeBron James and DeMarcus Cousins. And Westbrook has more trip-dubs than Kevin Durant (8) and DeAndre Jordan (6).

      Consider this:
      Russell Westbrook has 10 triple-doubles this season.
      The entire New York Knicks and Dallas Mavericks teams COMBINED have a total of eight DOUBLE-doubles this season

      Also, keep in mind that Westbrook is playing far fewer minutes than Oscar when he averaged a triple-double and there are far fewer possessions per game for Westbrook.

  3. Bobby Hoops

    What up with Kristaps Porzingis – seems like he is struggling with his shooting the last couple of games??

    • Tommy Beer

      True, KP has struggled to find his shot the last couple of days. He is just 8-of-30 (26.7%) from the floor in the Knicks last two games.

      However, the fact that Porzingis has struggled defensively yet still found ways to contribute should be very encouraging for Knicks fans. For instance, despite missing 10 of the 12 shots he attempted against the Wolves on Friday night, KP was plus+7 for the game and the Knicks won. He blocked three shots and made two three-pointers. KP simply being out there on the floor forces opposing centers/PF’s to run out to the 3-point stripe often, that leaves the lane wide open for D Rose or Brandon Jennings drives.

      And last night, KP missed 12 of the 18 shots he put up, but was plus+11 in another Knicks victory. He blocked four more shots and pulled down 14 rebounds. He was all over the floor defensively and is getting better and better as a weakside help defender. And remember when fouls used to be an issue? Porzingis has gone 10 straight games without committing more than four fouls. That’s remarkable for someone who challenges and changes/blocks as many shots as KP does.

  4. Bobby Hoops

    We know about Westrbook and Harden and LeBron – but who else is in the MVP conversation?? Is it just them three??

    • Tommy Beer

      Yeah, I think you have to put Chris Paul in the conversation. I know the Clippers have stumbled a bit of late, but CP3 continues to play so well. I think Paul is by far the best PG of his generation and is criminally underrated among fans. But that’s a conversation for another day.

      Kawhi Leonard deserves some MVP love. We should never be surprised by the Spurs being great, but folks (myself included) were curious as to how the Spurs were going to continue to stay near the top of the league. When we factor in both sides of the ball, Kawhi Leonard may be the second best pound-for-pound, all-around player in the NBA (behind LeBron)

      And one guy who I think gets overlooked far too often (even in his own city) is Kyle Lowry. It seems to have gone unnoticed, but last week Kyle Lowry had one of the most impressive weeks I’ve seen in a long time. Over the Raptors last four games last week, Lowry scored 94 points on just 43 field goal attempts. To put that in context: Russell Westbrook scored 90 points on 81 field goal attempts last week.

      Lowry has made 29 of those 43 shots, for a cumulative field goal percentage of 67.4 percent. He’s also made 19 of the 27 3-pointers he attempted (70.3 percent). His eFG percentage over this current stretch is a mind-boggling 89.5 percent and his True Shooting Percentage is 91.5. His average offensive rating over his last 130 minutes is 164, meaning the Raptors are scoring, on average, 164 points per 100 possessions with Lowry on the floor.

  5. Alex

    I know you’re the guy to ask about fantasy advice, so who are some waiver wire additions I should consider?

    • Tommy Beer

      Sure, I few guys I’d target are: Will Barton, C.J. Miles, Ricky Rubio, JaMychal Green and Tyreke Evans.

      Barton has looked fantastic since returning from an ankle injury. After putting up 17 points, seven boards and five assists last Friday, he backed it up with 20 points, five rebounds, four assists and two steals on Saturday. Better yet, he didn’t seem to suffer any setbacks with his ankle. If he is still floating around your waiver wire after missing most of November. If he out there, go scoop him up.

      CJ Miles is another player working his way back from injury. Before he got hurt, he was supplying plenty of fantasy value, averaging 15.1 points, 3.6 boards, 2.6 three-pointers and-and 1.0 steals over the Pacers first ten games of the season

      Tyreke Evans will likely be back in action by the middle of this month. For his career, he is averaging 16.7 points, 5.3 assists and 4.9 rebounds. That upside is why it’s worth gambling that he can return sooner rather than later.

  6. Alex

    At this point, who are 3 players in the running for the Most Improved award?

    • Tommy Beer

      hmmmm, good question.

      A few guys that jump out at me: Giannis Antetokounmpo, Myles Turner, Harrison Barnes, Otto Porter, Trevor Booker and Clint Capela

  7. john

    Now that we’ve seen them play a decent amount of games, what is the Knicks’ ceiling this season? If everything goes right, how good can this team be?

    • Tommy Beer

      If everything breaks right I suppose the Knicks have a chance to chase 50 wins. Not sure how realistic that is, beacuse that assumes that everything goes the right way foro NY – including injuries (or lack thereof).

      However, the Knicks have been dominant at home (9-3) and have won eight of their last 11 games. Granted, many of the Knicks wins have come against lesser opponents, there is no denying that 11-game stretch is impressive.

      Over the last three weeks, only the Warriors and Spurs have more wins and/or higher winning percentage.

      So, while I think it’s more likely that the Knicks float around .500 for much of the season, they have shown that they can put together weeks of winning basketball.

      New York plays in Miami on Tuesday. Then things get tricky.
      They host Cleveland (will LeBron be out for revenge vs. Phil Jackson for his “posse comment) before taking off on a five-game West Coast road trip. We should learn a lot more about the Knicks at that point.

      Thanks for stopping by everybody. Have a great week and we’ll catch up again next Monday

      Take care,