NBA Chat With Tommy Beer 1/30/17

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  1. Colin

    Good afternoon TB.
    With Melo seemingly on his way out of NY, do their offseason additions of Rose, Noah and the like seem even more ridiculous now? I guess on a positive note, they have no obligation to Rose beyond this season. To be fair to Noah, his recent form has been much improved also

    • Tommy Beer

      Hey Colin,

      First, I still think there is a better than 50% chance Melo is still on the Knick past the trade deadline.

      As far as the Rose situation, I think it made sense at the time, and still does. I think Phil’s thinking was that they desperately needed to upgrade the PG position (which is 100% true) and there were no PG’s on the open market they could get last summer that they felt committing to long-term. Thus, Phil though adding Rose would be an upgrade as a one-year rental. The summer of 2017 FA crop is very good (was better before Westrbook signed his extension) and having rose with just 1 year on his deal allowed the Knicks re-examine the free agent PG market in July of 2017… The issue with the Rose deal was they had to trade away Robin Lopez, who is a good center on a good value contract.

      That was partly why they went so hard after Noah.

      I have to say I’m surprised at how hardly people are destroying the Noah signing. I’ve seen it referred to not only as “the worst contract in recent NBA history, but also the worst contract in professional sports.” c’mon bruh

      In reality, it’s not even the worst deal signed last summer. Is it a good contract? No, certainly not. But it’s not a franchise-crippling awful deal either.

      Joakim Noah is averaging 14.3 rebounds per-36 minutes this season. which is a career-high. His rebound rate is up to 21.3%, which would also be a career-high. Over his last 15 games, Noah is averaging 10.5 rebounds per game. He’s one of only 15 players in the NBA averaging more than 10 boards per contest over the last month.

      The inability to finish around the rim is a big problem. The terrible FT shooting is def an issue.

      But again, he’s a solid role player that is a good teammate who practices and plays hard every second he is on the floor.

  2. Deven

    Rasheed Wallace recently appeared on Area 21 the other night and he answered a question submitted by a fan about the origin of “Ball don’t lie.” It got me thinking: Why did he act the way he did on the court all those years he was in the league? From the techs to the ejections and just is erratic behavior overall.

    • Tommy Beer

      tough for me to answer what Rasheed’s motivation was…

      He was a very unique dude, both on and off the floor. I won’t pretend to be able to get into his head to explain what makes him tick.

      However, it’s sad that a lot of that stuff overshadowed just how good of a basketball player. He was one of the most talented players of his generation. He was a stretch-center before KP and Towns and Embiid and all these guys came along. He was a predecessor to those dudes.

      Sheed had legitimate Hall-of-Talent, and I don’t say that flippantly

  3. Aristotle

    Hey Tommy,

    Okaro White…has he done enough to knock someone off the HEAT roster to keep a spot?
    If yes, does that mean Miami’s front office is looking for a taker, so they don’t have to pay someone out?

    • Tommy Beer

      yeah – White has definitely played better than expected. It looks like he’s even motivated James Johnson to step up.

      However, I’m not sure he’s done enough to knock off one of those first 15 players. Although it is possible that after Miami waives Bosh (which they are expected to do in March) they could bring back White.

      Miami also has Briante Webber playing well for their D-League team…

  4. JimInCyberspace

    Tommy, what’s gonna happen to Classic Jerseys? I like green…the color of money. The old Mav’s and Jazz uni’s are favorites.

    The Celtics are the third NBA team to sell jersey sponsorship. Boston based GE got the nod, but Sam Adams would have been perfect. 😉

    How long ’til MLB and the BIG Kahuna NFL joins the gravy train? Does the gold rush trickle down to the NCAA level as well? Will the Blue Devils, Tar Heels, or Demon Deacons be wearing R. J. Reynolds sponsorship patches on their uni’s in the foreseeable future?

    I hope this Eurosport advertising experiment doesn’t de-volve into a Fútbol type situation.

    • Tommy Beer

      Hey Jimmy,

      I know it upsets some traditionalists, but I honestly don’t have a big issue with a small patch on the team’s jerseys. I wish the added revenue went towards reducing the cost of tickets so that more “average” fans could afford the astronomical prices it costs to attend an NBA game. But we both know that is unlikely.

      Yeah, I think it’s only a matter of time before the NBA and NFL follow suit. If there is a way to make money – pro sports teams will eventually exploit that opportunity. It has been proven time and time again. However, I don’t it will get to the point where its a euro futbol type scenario. I think teams will stop before it gets to that point.

      As far as the NCAA – I would think that they would have common sense not to blantaly rake in more money while not paying college athletes. However, expected the NCAA to use common sense is not usually a good decision. I would never put it past them to make a money grab

  5. bobby

    Knicks need to dump Melo!! addition by subtraction ! get back whatever they can !

    • Tommy Beer

      I totally disagree with this line of thinking.

      I’ll write in-depth on this subject later in the week, but I’ll outline my thoughts quickly here…

      Trading Melo for assets that benefit the Knicks longterm would be a smart decision.
      Dumping Melo for pennies on the dollar, would be dumb.

      We know Melo is not a perfect player, far from it.
      But he is an insanely gifted scorer. He’s one of the best scorers in recent NBA history. While not as athletic and not as consistent as he once was, he can still light up on occasion. He showed that in his 25 point quarter last week. And his 45 point explosion on Sunday. Thus, he still has plenty of value.

      Just because you have a nice car and it the monthly payments to own the car are high, that doesn’t mean you just give the car away. It still have value. You have invested in it. You don’t give away valuable assets. That’s not how smart organizations operate. Melo may not be a Rolls Royce, but that doesn’t mean he’s worthless. 5-series Beemer is still something plenty people want.

      And the idea that he is holding Porzingis back just simply isn’t true. KP has benefited from playing alongside Melo. KP has unlimited potential, but there’s no harm in not putting the weight of the franchise on his shoulders for another year or two.

      KP struggled mightily earlier this month. But nobody talked about it. Everybody was focused on the drama surrunding Melo. #VALUE

      Okay – more on that on Wednesday…


      Thanks for stopping by.

      Have a great week everybody!