NBA Chat With Tommy Beer 1/9/17

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  1. JimInCyberspace


    First off, when are you going to update your BB Insiders photo? The beard and specs have a smart look.

    The Nets would like two first round picks for a Brook Lopez…of course they would, why not wish? This got me to thinking about the pitiful state of NBA BB in it’s biggest market.

    The Nets still have the Celtics trade casting a pall over things, and the Knicks still have Dolan. Which Big Apple organization currently has the “best management and brightest future”?

    • Tommy Beer

      Haha, thanks Jim – I’ll try to get a new photo up soon…

      It really is remarkable how bad things are in NYC right now.

      The Nets have a much better track record and have had much more success over the past 15 years. And the Knicks certainly are not an impressive team right now. However, the Knicks future is far brighter than that of the Nets.

      The primary reason is Kristaps Porzingis. KP has the talent and makeup to be a top-10 player in the NBA. He’s that good, at just 21 years of age. In addition, with the wording in the new CBA, the Knicks have very strong odds to re-sign him to two more max deals, keeping him in New York for a very long time. The Knicks also own all their future first round picks.

      The Nets situation is just a mess. First off, they have the worst record in the NBA in 8-28. Every other team in the league has at least 10 wins (even the Sixers). Worse yet, they don’t own the rights to their first round pick in the 2017 NBA draft. Instead, the Celtics are now the odds-on favorite to land the top pick this summer in a very good draft. That Garnett/Pierce trade continues to look worse and worse.

      Sean Marks seems like a competent GM and Atkinson is a solid young coach, but they are in such a huge hole. Without their own first round picks, it going to be very hard to bring in talent. And without talent, it’s going to be hard to attract top-tier free agents. It’s a nightmare situation.

      So, although the Knicks future certainly isn’t rosy, it’s better than their crosstown rivals.

  2. Phil

    Is it time for the Knicks to start tanking and thinking about next season?? They have been so badly lately – can they dig out of the hole they are in??

    • Tommy Beer

      Nah, the Knicks can’t embrace a tank-job at this point in the season. As bad as they have been of late, they still have 17 wins on the season, which is just one less than the Bucks, who are currently the eighth seed in the east. As long as they stick around .500, they will have a shot to sneak into the postseason. And getting some playoff experience for Porzingis and some of their other young, core players would be beneficial. More importantly, it could be argued that New York will be viewed as a more attractive free agent destination if the Knicks finish the season on a positive note and appear as a team on the rise heading into this offseason.

      Moreover, the Knicks don’t have a lot of attractive assets to move. Joakim Noah is viewed as a bad contract right.

      Trading Melo would probably benefit both the Knicks and Melo, if Phil was able to get a solid package in return. But Melo’s no-trade clause makes that conversation moot. Melo has stated over and over again that he no interest in playing for any other team other than the Knicks.

      I understand the appeal to a frustrated fan of cleaning house and getting as high in the lottery of possible – but the Knicks have too much offensive talent to throw away a shot at the postseason in a mediocre conference.

  3. JimInCyberspace


    I’m still not convinced the Warriors are a sure thing to win the WC, even with KD. The omnipresent Spurs are like the Patriots…they have the best coach and organization. The Dubs are 0-2 vs the Grizzlies this season and the refs tend to let ’em play in the PO’s?

    If the New World Order Dubs fall on their jump shot sword again, it could be great for the overall well-being of basketball, I’m pretty sure Charles Barkley would agree on this one?

    Grayson Allen looks like a Warrior type player….he already has Draymond Green like footwork, do you think they could snag him in the late 1st round?

    • Tommy Beer

      I don’t know Jim… I don’t think it’s wise to best against the Warriors coming out of the West.

      You have a valid point in the Grizz, as more opponents will try to muck up and slow down the game when they go up against the Warriors. However, Golden State is also solid defensively.

      And the old adage that “jump shooting” teams can’t win has been proven false each of the last two years. The Cavs and Warriors led the NBA in 3-point makes last season. It’s a different world then back in the days when Charles Barkley played. (Even though the only year Chuck made it to the Finals was when he played on a jump-shooting team in PHX).

      As far as the Spurs – I have learned never to count out a Pop-coached team. And Kawhi is incredible. But, I think you need a top-tier PG to compete for a title in today’s NBA. Point guard penetration is so vitally important in creating scoring opportunities. If you don’t have a PG than can get into the paint and breakdown defenses, you will have a tougher time getting good looks. Look at all the best teams in the NBA (Cavs/Kyrie, Warriors/Curry, Rockets/Harden, CLippers/ CP3, Raps/Lowry, Celtics/Thomas, Grizz/Conley) all the other top teams have something in common.

      Parker has played a bit better of late, and Patty Mills is a solid backup, but they are nowhere near the level of the aforementioned guys…
      I think that is the reason they get knocked out in the postseason.

      As far as Grayson Allen, I think the Warriors would “kick around” the idea of taking him at the end of the first round. *Ba Dum Tss sound effect*

  4. Dean

    Fantasy question… I have been hit by injuries lately… who are some guys on the waiver wire I can target??

    • Tommy Beer

      If Malcolm Brogdon is still floating around your league’s waiver wire, go grab him now. He’s the real deal.

      Micheal Carter-Williams is starting and seeing plenty of playing time in Chicago.

      James Johnson’s all-around numbers make him valuable. He’s underappreciated in fantasy circles.

      Ersan Ilyasova has re-emerged from the fantasy trash heap. He’s seeing plenty of minutes (esp with Okafor in the dog house) and is worth a roster spot even in shallow leagues.

      I like Tim Hardaway Jr. now that Korver is out of the ATL. THJ is averaging 19.3 points, 3.8 rebounds and 4.3 3-pointers, while shooting a blistering 59.6 percent from the field and 65.4 percent from 3-point territory (28-of-47) over the Hawks last four games.

      And I love Patrick Beverly. His ownership rate is steadily increasing, but too many fantasy GM’s are still sleeping on him despite the awesome numbers he is putting up. He is the only player in the NBA averaging at least 6.0 rebounds, 4.0 assists, 1.5 steals and 1.5 3-pointers this season.

  5. Jerry


    I don’t see Chris Paul winning a championship ring with the Clippers.
    Isn’t it about time he finds a team with which he can win the Ring?
    If you ask me, if by any chance he leaves Los Angeles, the Spurs would best help him get the Ring.

    • Tommy Beer

      Hey Jerry,

      Make no mistake, this is a make or break season for the Clippers. Chirs Paul, Blake Griffin and JJ Redick will all hit free agency this summer. It may end up being a situation where they get the band back together for another run… or, if CP3 or Blake leaves, will the rest stick around?

      I think the Knicks will make a strong run this summer. They will have the cap space to make play for one max-level free agent, with Derrick Rose and Brandon Jennings salaries coming off the books. They will try to sell him on the idea of being a running mate of Porzingis through KP’s prime and playing alongside his buddy Carmelo Anthony. A starting five of CP3, Courtney Lee, Melo, KP and Noah would be intriguing.

      Per my earlier answer, I think the Spurs desperately need a PG and would to add an all-time great like Paul. Would CP3 be willing to go to San Antonio? hmmm we shall see

  6. Dougie

    I don’t think Anthony Davis is getting enough love or MVP consideration this season… The guy is having an incredible season!! what do you think, Tommy??

    • Tommy Beer

      The MVP conversation is tough b/c the Pelicans are already 10 games under .500.
      However, I do agree with you that Davis doesn’t get enough respect nationwide. He is a such an incredible talent. The numbers he is putting up this season are insane.

      he has scored 30-plus points 18 times already this season, which is a franchise record (Pels still have 44 games left to play this season). Also, The Brow has eight games with at least 35 points, 15 rebounds and two blocks this season. The entire rest of the league combined has just one such game.

      If he can stay healthy, the sky is the limit.

  7. Brad

    Two questions
    1) How well do you feel the following players would fare in today’s NBA
    – Lamond Murray
    – Terry Mills
    – Gary Payton
    2) I believe the NBA has no interest in changing the draft rule. If it raises it to two years, scouting will become more difficult and the extracting players from foreign contracts will become more difficult. On the other hand if it removes the barrier, the NBA is on the hook to train these players. Additionally, they use the year in college as a weed out process. How congruent is this with your views?

    • Tommy Beer

      Well, that certainly qualifies as a random question, as I didn’t think I’d be asked about Terry Mills today.

      I’ll start with the easiest one: Gary Payton would still be a stud in today’s NBA.
      Yes, he wasn’t a great outside shooter, but there were years when he made 100+ 3-pointers, so it’s not like he is a Ricky Rubio-type shooter.
      GP would also be extremely valuable due to his ability to penetrate into the paint. He was incredibly quick with a terrific handle.
      Most importantly, his defense would be incredibly valuable. Having a PG who can dominate on the both ends of the floor is a coach’s dream. I’d argue that The Glove would be even more respected today than when he played back in the day, b/c the PG position is so incredibly important in today’s’ NBA.

      Lamond Murray was a great athlete, but his midrange game wouldn’t translate as well

      Mills would still find a place in the league b/c of his ability to shoot from deep. Plus, with zones, would be easier to hide him on defense…

      2). I agree with you on the age limit. Drafting kids out of high school was simply too challenging for NBA execs. It’s hard enough with one-year of school, but that one year is important b/c t levels the playing field a bit and gives GM’s a chance to see how kids function on their own…

  8. Michael

    I know Melo has the no trade clause, and has been clear about wanting to stay in NY, but the best trade situation for both Melo and the Knicks seems to be Boston. Melo would go to an immediate contender, and the Celtics have tradeable assets. My question is, if the Knicks keep losing before the deadline, do you think Melo would OK a trade to Boston, and if yes, what would be a realistic return for the Knicks? Nets pick, Crowder, Amir? Would that trade improve the Celtics or make them worse?

    • Tommy Beer

      I just don’t think Melo would be willing waive the no-trade clause under any scenario.
      Last year, the Knicks were out it by February, and there was talk that NY might trade him to Cleveland as part of 3-way deal… If anything, you’d think that would be a dream for Melo. Leave a losing team (that has missed the playoff 3 years in a row) to play alongside LeBron (who happens to be a lifelong friend) for a real chance at a championship. But Melo wasn’t hearing it.
      He wants to stay in NY, for better or worse. He’s dealt with plenty of criticism, I don’t think that will sway.

      In answer to your question – the Celtics would not make that trade, IMO. Honestly, I don’t know if they would trade Crowder (and cap filler) for Melo straight up. Let alone with the #1 overall pick.
      Crowder is a better defender than Anthony and is locked into an incredibly affordable contract. They love Crowder up there…

  9. Michael

    As a Knicks fan, I was hoping they’d be able to sign Westbrook this coming offseason, but with his new extension with OKC, I’d consider CP3 a great consolation signing. Do you think it would be insane signing Chris Paul to a max contract considering he’ll be 32 at signing? Not just for the Knicks, but for any team? I know he has the skills and numbers to warrant the max, but he’ll be in his late 30’s by the end of the deal making over $30 million a year.

    • Tommy Beer

      Yes, I do think CP3 is worth the asking price.

      He’s prob the best PG I’ve ever watched play basketball.

      It would likely hurt on the back end of the deal, but having a top-tier PG is crucial to success in today’s NBA. Don’t believe me – just look at the Knicks record over the last 10 years and the PG’s they have had…


      Thanks for stopping by everybody.
      Have a great week!