NBA Chat With Tommy Beer 2/13/17

Join Basketball Insiders Senior NBA Writer Tommy Beer for a chat session on Monday at 2:00 p.m. EST.

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  1. JimInCyberspace


    The outcome of a rather meaningless regular season GS at OKC game was predictable, but still entertaining. I think the biggest winners were food related….Mahogany Prime Steakhouse and Cupcakes, they got some nice Pub. Does Russ warm up to KD during ASG festivities? He must be chomping at the bit to play with four Warrior All Stars and their omnipotent HC.

    Buddy Hield has some Draymond Green in him, doesn’t he? 😉

    Can the NBA impeach James Dolan from ownership for the good of the league…kinda like Donald Sterling? I’m fully convinced that Dolan has been the crux of all Knicks problems for several years. It starts at the top and rolls down hill.

    • Tommy Beer

      Hey Jim,

      Yeah – I’m hoping that the Warriors and Thunder meet up in the postseason. Would be such a tremendous amount of pressure on the Dubs… Imagine if the Thunder won one of the first two games in Golden State?!? OKC would be so insanely loud for Game 3. Hope we get to see it someday.

      The Knicks have been a mess for 15-plus years. The Oakley situation was just horrible. The NBA is unable to do anything, however… It’s not like a situation in Philly, where the theme of management was to rebuild at the cost of current wins. The Knicks have been trying to win; they have been just going in the completely wrong way.

  2. Chris

    I’m in a competitive 12-team fantasy league: are there any players you view as must-adds off the waiver wire right now???

    • Tommy Beer

      A few guards:
      Tim Hardaway is playing very well of late. Over Atlanta’s last five contests, THJ is averaging 22.0 points (on 53.4 percent shooting), 4.0 rebounds, 3.2 assists and 2.6 3-pointers

      Malcolm Brogdon is still unowned in too many leagues. Esp keeper leagues

      Matt Barnes – Over his last five games, he’s averaging 11.0 points, 11.6 rebounds, 3.6 assists and 1.8 threes per night.

      Brandon Ingram: I expect the Lakers to start focusing on the future sooner rather than later. I think that translates to more playing time for their youngsters over the second half of the season.

      James Johnson: He’ll see his value take a bit of hit when Dion Waiters and Josh Richardson return, but Johnson has earned major minutes. He’s been a beast of late.

      Willy Hernangomez: I’ve been driving the Willy Hype Train all season long. With Joakim Noah injured, Hernangomez has seen his playing time and production spike. The kid is legit.

      Ivica Zubac: Like Ingram, expect to see Zubac’s minutes

  3. Chris

    One more fantasy question for you: who do you like in DFS tonight? I mean, besides the obvious studs??

    • Tommy Beer

      Thabo Sefolosha is going to miss another game – so I want Tim Hardaway Jr in my lineup.

      It was just announced that Klay Thompson won’t play on Monday – so I think you bump up the value of the other Warriors Big 3.

      No Emmanuel Mudiay on Monday – so Jameer Nelson is a good play.

      No Cody Zeller again – so Frank Kaminsky has value. He’s averaging 16.0 points, 6.2 rebounds, 2.8 assists, and 1.4 steals over Charlotte’s last five games.

      Ish Smith has been outplaying Reggie Jackson of late, so I like him at an affordable price.

      No Embiid and no Okafor for the Sixers, so I like both Dario Saric and Nerlens Noel tonight.

  4. Elvis C

    what is your take on the Knicks messy week… from Oak to the Sprewell back at mSG??? whta’s going on over there??

    • Tommy Beer

      Terrible job by the Knicks.
      Oak was wrong for the way he handled the situation by escalating it to a physical level – but there was no need to confront him with 9 security guards after he had just sat down.
      And having Sprewell and the other Knicks there was so clearly a PR stunt.
      As I tweeted at the time, it’s shame that Dolan and the Knicks made those former players choose between either being used as prop, or possibly alienating the franchise…

  5. Reserquese

    Why did deandre jordan make all star over rudy gobert. Because he plays for los angeles and wants to have a los angeles team represent it. Goberts team was winning games when hayward was not playing yet jordans team was losing until griffin arrived

    • Tommy Beer

      It’s close, but Jordan is having a better all-around season…
      Nothing to do with LA.
      Also, The Clips lost five of their first six games after Blake Griffin returned from a knee injury.

  6. Marvelous

    The Knicks have a lot of talent of their roster. Instead of just blowing it up can they open up some cap space and flexibility by trading Noah? Where might he be a good fit?

    • Tommy Beer

      The problem with trying to trade Noah is the contract.
      He is set to make $17.7 million next season
      $18.5 million in 2018-19
      $19.2 million in 2019-20

      I, personally, don’t think he is as washed as some have painted him. Still, even with the salary set to jump north of $100 million, it’s very unlikely the Knicks would be able to deal away Noah without taking back an equally onerous contract…


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