NBA Chat With Tommy Beer 3/6/17

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  1. JimInCyberspace


    I noticed Stephen Curry passed Chauncey Billups for 10th on the three pointer list. Three point shooting is not the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Chauncey Billups. His drive and competitiveness maybe. It’s either a testament to Billups’ longevity or a reflection of the way the game is played today?

    • Tommy Beer

      Hey Jim,

      Probably a bit of both. Jason Kidd has a similar story.
      Over Kidd’s first few seasons in the NBA, folks would jokingly call him “Ason Kidd” because he had no “J”
      Lo and behold, Kidd was third all-time in made 3-pointers by the time he retired.
      (He currently ranks 8th)

      The 3-point shot is far more valued today than it was during the 1980 and 90’s.
      Consider Isiah Thomas for instance. He was one of the greatest PG’s to ever play the game and a good shooter. Yet, he only averaged 1.4 3-point attempts per game over the course of his career. If he was playing today, he would be taking attempting more than 5 triples every night.

      The game has changed dramatically when it comes to the 3-point shot – which is why we have to keep that in mind and put these types of records in context.

  2. JimInCyberspace


    First of all, I don’t wish injury on any player. But, it would be “interesting” if KD doesn’t come back from his injury this season and the Warriors win the Championship anyway? What would that do to KD’s psyche? How much would that ring mean to him?

    • Tommy Beer

      that would def be a tough pill for KD to swallow.

      Just as interesting – he has an opt-out in his contract this summer… would that influence his decision in any way? I would think not, but you never know…

  3. Bruce

    Do you think Derrick Rose will be back with the knicks next season?? is he the PG of the future??

    • Tommy Beer

      Nah – I don’t think Rose is back with the Knicks next season.

      Although, I will say New York is going to have a tougher time landing a starting-caliber point guard via free agency that many suspect. I wrote about at the deadline when the Knicks were considering trading for Ricky Rubio. There are a number of quality FA point guards up for grabs, but the Knicks may not have a shot at the majority of them. The elite are expected to stay where they are (Curry in GSW, CP3 in LA, Lowry in TOR) and the others, the Knicks will have to pay for. For instance, the Knicks are going to have to offer max money to get Jrue Holiday. George Hill is going to get a contract starting north of $20 million IMO.

      Still, I think it would be a mistake to bring back Rose. Lots of flaws in his game at this stage of his career. He is a high-usage player that doesn’t look to get other involved. His defense (or lack thereof) is poor. He certainly still has a rare talent in his ability to get to the rim at will, and there is value, just not as the starting point guard on a winning team. I think he’s suited to be a sixth-man, playing on a team with solid defenders that can clean up his mistakes. If he’s just asked to come off the bench and provide instant offense and a spark of energy, that would be an ideal fit.

      Many Rose fans point to his highlight play and his impressive PPG average and say he is still a star, but they are missing the big picture.

  4. Virgil

    i feel as though the Knicks crowd missed a golden opportunity yesterday with the music off all first half. They should have been screaming at the top of their lungs to fire Phil and how much Dolan sucks as an owner. It would have been heard throughout the arena and on National TV. Man they blew it. Any way my question is can the Knicks stretch out Noah and use the savings for another target

    • Tommy Beer

      I have to admit, I have been surprised at how quiet the MSG crowd as been at times this season. Especially right after the Charles Oakley saga. I thought for sure the Garden would be chanting “CHAR-LES OAK-LEY” the entire game. Instead, there were basically no chants at all.

      I think it has a lot to do with the fact that the seats are so expensive nowadays that the “average” fan is priced out. Most folks just can’t afford to spend $400 to bring your wife and kid to a game.

      Regarding Noah, I don’t think the Knicks end up going that route. Stretching Noah would mean paying him close to $8 million per season over the next seven seasons. I think they’ll bring him back and tray to get him healthy. If he has another poor, injury-plagued season next year, then maybe examine that idea at that point. But for now, hope that he bounces back with a string 2017-18 campaign.

  5. bruce

    If Derrick rose is not the PG of the future – or even next season, then who is? Can the Knicks land a stud PG this summer?

    • Tommy Beer

      I think it depends on what happens in the draft. That’s the first domino to fall.

      If the Knicks lose in Orlando tonight, New York will be just one game ahead of the Magic, who currently have the 4th-worst record in the NBA. And the team that finishes the season with the fourth-worst record has an 11.9% chance to win the lottery and a 37.8% chance to land a top-3 pick.

      So, if the Knicks continue to lose and climb up the “reverse” standings, there is a chance to get a top pick. Even if they stay where they are or improve their record, there is still a chance that they get lucky on lottery night.

      There are handful of highly coveted point guards than will likely be available in the draft. If the Knicks somehow, someway get their hands a guy like Markelle Fultz or Lonzo Ball, or even a Dennis Smith Jr., then their objectives in free agency shift dramatically. Remember, the draft is in June, before free agency begins. Thus, if they feel they walk away from the 2017 draft with their “PG of the future” then they don’t have to target a starting caliber PG in free agency. They can simply look to land a solid vet than maybe starts for a year before becoming a backup and a mentor to their young PG.

      If they draft a less, but still highly-touted prospect such as De’Aaron Fox or Frank Ntilikina than things become a bit more tricky.

      If they don’t draft a PG at all, then I think securing one in FA is vital.
      As I outlined in the answer to a previous question, landing a top-tier proven P will be difficult.

      I think they make a run at George Hill. Jeff Teague. Those may be the only two starting options that are feasible.
      After that, you are looking at guys like Darren Collison, Patty Mills, Shaun Livingston, Deron Williams etc. It could get ugly.

  6. Raphael de Aguiar Brandão

    Hi Tommy.

    Portland seems to have a little grown up with the Nurkic entrance, I do not think they were bad with Plumlee but for some reason they seem to have improved.

    Which player do you think is the best player??? Let the fit in Portland and Denver out…Just make analysis about all the skills, defense, passing, shot blocker, shooting, Nurkic or Plumlee is a better player?? Who would you choose?

    And Do you think that Denver will re-sign with Plumlee (or cover any value) to be the Jokic’s backup??? How much does he ask? Could he be a decent starter for which teams??? If there is a chance.

    I liked the way that Plumlee play, just to be clear.

    And about the draft who do you think is the better fit for Lakers and Suns??? Lonzo, Jackson, Tatum, Smith??

    Bye Tommy and sorry for my english.

    • Tommy Beer

      Hey Raphael,
      thanks for the question.

      I think the Blazers needed to shake things up. They have plenty of talent but had been in a rut all season. Nurk came in and gave them a much-needed spark.

      Nurk and Plumlee are much different players, in terms of style. I think Plumlee is a better all-around fit on most teams, but Nurk fits in well with Portland (whereas his skills were redundant in Denver).

      And yes I think the Blazers will definitely re-sign Plumlee. If anything, Nurk playing so well in Portland almost forces their hand. It would look even worse if they gave up Nurk AND a 1st round pick and then let Plumlee walk! They have to keep him now

  7. Rasuel

    Is prizingas the next bargani.

    • Tommy Beer

      c’mon bruh.


      And with that, we’ll wrap it up.
      Thanks for stopping buy and have a great week,


    • Tommy Beer

      c’mon bruh.


      And with that, we’ll wrap it up.
      Thanks for stopping buy and have a great week,