NBA Chat With Tommy Beer 4/24/17

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  1. Collin

    Hey Tommy! Did you see the interview hawks owner tony ressler did w/ vivlamore of the AJC? To me, it sounded like it confirmed Zach Lowes summer report that the Dwight signing was about seats than about actual basketball and that it can be traced back to the ownership. With this meddling, I think if some of these mediocre moves (and moves to come like resigning milsap) will lead to ressler scapegoating a great coach in bud and lead to the Hawks becoming a franchise like ORL, SAC, etc. where ownerships meddeling prevents success. Thoughts? Thank you!

    • Tommy Beer

      Hey Colin,
      Being based here and New York and covering the Knicks for over a decade, I can attest to how troublesome it can be if an owner meddles in the day-to-day operations of a franchise. The best owners are the ones who sign the checks and allow qualified basketball minds to make basketball decisions.

      With that said, some owners are unwilling to spend the money necessary to put a quality team on the floor..

      So, the Hawks are still in fine shape moving forward. ATL is nowhere near the Kings, Knicks or Magic in terms of incompetence.
      I think Coach Bud will be there longterm. The recogzonoe they have a good one.
      Re-signing Millsap will be crucial.
      I’m also relly interested to see how much Tim Hardaway gets offered on the open market and if ATL matches a big number.

  2. Drew

    Hi tommy,

    How do the Knicks go about resolving this porzingis situation? Do you think there’s any level of self awareness by management of the mess they’re creating?

    • Tommy Beer

      Hey Drew,

      Good question. As I stated at the time, Phil can pick a fight with Melo and he’ll probably survive. But if he alienates Porzingis and disrespects and pushes him away, the Knicks fans will absolutely revolt. New Yorkers have placed all their hope in KP. Phil and company simply can not lose his trust.

      I think you bring up an important point: Do they realize the severity of the situation? And if KP is really that angry, will they take the steps necessary to repair the relationship. Phil hasn’t shown much willingness to remedy the situation with Melo, so odds aren’t high.
      Should be another very interesting summer in NYC

  3. Omar

    Since the pacers lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers and will nate McMillan come back and coach the or will he be let go? What are the chances of him coming back or being let go Evan thought he has two years on his contract? When are we going to know the future of Alvin gentry and what are the chances of him coming back to coach the tean? If the Portland trail blazers lose to golden State warriors and what are the chances that terry stotts comes back to coachteam or will he be let go? When are we going to know the future of Steve Clifford and what are the chances of him coming back to coach the team or will he be let go?

    • Tommy Beer

      Nate McMillian will likely be back. Although they lost a close series to the Cavs, he was able to guide the Pacers to the playoffs.

      The fact that the Pels haven’t let go of Gentry yet, means he has a decent chance to coach next season. It may com down to whether or not Anthony Davis is a fan of Gentry and is willing to go to bat for him.

      I think Stotts is safe. After a terrible start, he helped the Blazers get back to the postseason in a stacked Western Conference. The team played very well down the stretch, esp after the Nurkic trade. Losing to the loaded Warriors is not a knock.

      It will be interesting to see what the Hornets do. They don’t have much roster flexibility due to minimal cap space. If Jordan wants to shake things up, he ay chose to part ways with the respected Clifford.

      The thing working for all the above-mentioned coaches is that there is no top-tier coach sitting out there that other teams are desperate to fight for…

  4. Yogaman

    Is D’Angelo Russell’s ceiling James Harden?

    • Tommy Beer

      Doubt it.
      Harden is a generational offensive talent. Even if Russell develops into a true star in L.A., it’s unlikely he will ever average over 29 points per game or over 11 assists per game.
      Harden averaged 29.1 ppg and 11.2 apg in the same season!! He’s just the third player in NBA history to ever do that.

      So, no knock on D’Angelo, but very people in history have had a Harden-type ceiling.

  5. Deven

    In your opinion, who do you think the Knicks should draft, regardless of where they select?

    • Tommy Beer

      Well, I think they need to draft a PG.
      Look at the teams that have been successful this postseason – one common denominator has typically been a stud PG.
      Lack of a legit PG has doomed the Knicks for years. The Knicks best point guard over the last 10 years has probably been Raymond Felton. Think about that for a second.

      So, that needs to be addressed.
      I think De’Aaron Fox would be a great fit alongside Porzingis. Yes, his lack of a jumper is concerning, but Fox has a terrific handle, great speed, and is a terrific, long, active defender. He could be a running mate alongside KP for years to come.
      Dennis Smith Jr. is also a fantastic prospect. Working his way back from an ACL tear at N.C. State last season, he showed he has the total package.
      The wild card is French phenomenon Frank Ntilikina. He’s 6’6 with a smooth stroke and a good handle. He’s been forced to play off the ball a bunch this season for his pro team, so it’s unknown if he’s more of a combo guard than a pure point. Still an intriguing option.

      Thus, if the Knicks stay at #7 overall after the lottery – hopefully, Fox falls to them. If not, Smith may be the call. If they drop, maybe they take a chance on Ntilikina.

  6. Deven

    So the Bulls/Celtics series went from being shocking to “back to normal” series. Man, I wish Rondo hadn’t gotten hurt. They’re in trouble aren’t they?

    • Tommy Beer

      Yeah – this series has been crazy.
      And, yes, the Rondo situation totally changed the whole dynamic of the series. Still, I wouldn’t be shocked if Rondo returned for Game 6, maybe even Game 5. He’s one tough hombre.

      I’ll be covering Game 5 in Boston, so I hope we get a close, competitive game on Wednesday night.

  7. G

    Hey Tommy, I was curious on your thoughts about Paul George and the comments he made about his teammates during the series, do you think he threw them under the bus, and now that his season is over, where do you see him playing next season?

    • Tommy Beer

      I didn’t have a problem with what he said. As the team’s best player and leader, he’s responsible for demanding the best out of his teammates. It’s on him to keep a dude like Lance in check.
      It’s a fine line to walk, and maybe some stuff needs to stay in the locker room, but I don’t think he crossed a line.

      The Pacers are in a very tough situation regarding PG’s future. If they are going to trade him, they should move him this summer. If he leaves to L.A. via free agency in 2018 and they have nothing to show for it would absolutely devastate the franchise

  8. Chris G

    There’s been relatively little change on the coaching front–I think this was the first season in quite some time with no in-season coaching changes, and even though half the league is done playing most of them have stood pat, too. Do you think teams are just waiting until maybe the draft/free agency before making coaching changes, or are we moving in a stretch of more coaching stability (if, for no other reason, teams are getting tired of paying coaches not to coach for them after they’re fired)?

    • Tommy Beer

      Yeah, it’s the first time in over 20 years that no coach was fired during the season…

      As I touched on earlier in a previous question – I think the fact that there is no elite coach waiting in the wings has a lot to do with it.

      You also noted a couple of other key points. Owners don’t want to have to pay two and three coaches at a time. But we still may seem some activity prior to the draft and free agency.


      Alright folks, my time is up.
      Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Take care of each other