NBA Chat With Tommy Beer 5/15/17

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  1. Collin

    Hey Tommy. I’m a Hawks fan, but a realist. This situation is turning more into a suns (kings is too extreme) east with better coaching more so than spurs east due to resslers extreme and now increased meddling that gives us no hope on snytginh but mediocrity for the next 4/5 years. He’s going to DIRECTLY handle milsaps negotiations, he sided w a long term blinded bud on not tearing down, he went back on his word 2 weeks after praising Wes. I simply don’t see how this is a tantalizing situation for any gm candidate and I also I’m not too excited about the possibility f a gm who didn’t pick his coach flashings I know this is long, but thoughts? Thanks for reading of you did

    • Tommy Beer

      Hey Colin,

      Yes, it’s a concerning situation in ATL. Anytime an owner gets too involved in the day-to-day operations, of a franchise – that is usually a bad sign.

      The best teams, in all sports, usually have a strong decision-maker that runs the franchise and the owner sits quietly by. Look at the Spurs. Pop and Buford run the show, and Holt just appreciates. Robert Kraft with the Pats… he lets Bill Belichick call the shots and they win over and over again. Even dating back to George Steinbrenner’s days with the Yankees. The Yanks go great when George was suspended from running the team by MLB.

      Usually, an owner learns the hard way that they tend to botch things up when they get too involved. We’ll see how this shakes out in Atlanta.

  2. Caleb

    Rumor is that agents don’t want their players working out for the kings due to dysfunction. Do you think that has any effect on the Kings chances of trading their picks for established players instead of drafting rookies?

    • Tommy Beer

      I think that will only be a small percentage of players. Most likely players that are locked into the top-5 anyway.

      It’s extremely rare for a player and/or agent to burn bridges with a team that has a lottery pick. There are only so many spots to land, and a top-10 pick is great guaranteed money. Most young players are just happy to get into the league.

      I do not see the Kings trading away picks for veterans. When they traded Boogie cousins for Heild and a lottery pick – they choose their fate. They are going in a complete rebuild. They are years and years away from competing, so it would be counter-productive to trade draft picks for established players ready to contribute now

  3. Omar

    Hi Tommy. Will there be any nba teams looking to make any coaching changes in the off season? When will we know the future of dwane casey and Steve Clifford and alvin gentry?

    • Tommy Beer

      Hi Oar,
      There was a report out of The Advocate today that stated Gentry will remain as the head coach of the 2017-18 season. Dell Demps will also stay as GM. Gentry is set to represent the Pels at the draft lottery, so that pretty much ensures that he is sticking around New Orleans. However, this is likely his last shot. He has to win this year to save his job.

      If the Raps or Hornets are going to make a coaching change, they’d likely do it before the draft and free agency. The fact that they haven’t yet leads one to believe that they will not be removed.

  4. Omar

    Hi Tommy. When will we know the future of doc rivers?

    • Tommy Beer

      Safe to assume Doc is staying in L.A.
      If he does choose to make a move – he’d likely do soon

  5. Martin Mendoza

    what do you think of the Knicks picking Zach Collins if the Knicks get moved down in the lottery?

    I think with Zach Collins mobility to be able to guard 4’s and his very good post game at the 5 will compliment kP very well.

    What do you think?

    • Tommy Beer

      Nah, I don’t see it. The Knicks have enough bigs. KP is the future.
      Willy Hernangomez is locked into a great contract for three more years.
      Joakim Noah had a nightmare first season in NY, but is on the books for 50+ million over the next three season. Kyle O’Quinn and Lance Thomas are role players up front.

      The Knicks desperately need a PG. If all the top PG’s are off the board, they will likely go with a wing (such as Jayson Tatum or Issac. Or even SG Monk).

      Agree that Collins has a nice upside, but I think he would be a reach in the top-10. Esepcially for the Knicks, who have major needs elsewhere.

  6. Chris G

    If Boston wins the draft lottery tomorrow, do you think they’ll keep the pick or, since they are in win-now mode, would they be more inclined to trade it for a proven player, maybe a Jimmy Butler or Paul George?

    • Tommy Beer

      It’s a fascinating question, Chris.
      It may depend on what happens tonight. If the Celtics beat the Wiz in Game 7 and then give the Cavs a run for their money in the ECF, maybe Danny Ainge and company feel they are just one piece away from overtaking the Cavs.
      In addition, the consensus #1 overall pick is Markelle Fultz a PG. Do they draft a PG knowing that Isaiah Thomas is the heartbeat of their team? But Thomas does only have one year left on his deal. Should be an extremely interesting summer in Beantown, no matter how it plays out…

  7. mookie

    The Knicks have to take a PG with their first round pick, right!! This might be their best chance!!

    • Tommy Beer

      I agree with you, Mookie.

      This is a draft that features four top-tier PG’s.
      The Knicks desperately need a point guard. If they jump up into the top 3 on Tuesday night at the lottery, then their prayers will be answered. They will get one of Fultz, Ball or Fox.
      FWIW, I would have Fox ranked ahead of Ball.

      If they stay put at 7th, they there is a chance they are in deep trouble. Fultz, Ball and Fox will be gone by the seventh pick. Dennis Smith Jr. may be off the board as well. That would be the worst-case scenario for the Knicks, in my opinion.


      That’s it for me this week. Take care, everyone!