NBA Chat With Tommy Beer 5/22/17

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  1. omar

    hi tommy. when do you think we will know if there will be any coaching changes this year in the. NBA?

    • Tommy Beer

      Hey Omar,

      We’d likely know by now if changes were going to be made.
      After not a single coach get fired during the 2016-17 season, it appears we may see all the same 30 coaches return for start of the 2017-18 season as well.

  2. omar

    hi Tommy. if you wore the Lakers and you have the second the pick and would you draft? when will we know if jimmy butler or Paul George will get traded?

    • Tommy Beer

      If I’m the Lakers, I pass on Ball.
      Yes, the father is worrisome, but that’s not my biggest concern. I’d be more worried about Ball’s jumper.

      If I wasn’t I love with D’Angelo Russell, I’d take De’Aarron Fox. If I was content with Russell as my PG of the future, I’d go with Josh Jackson or Jayson Tatum – prob Jackson

  3. D.Jones

    Tommy, the way I see it, the C’s take Fultz in the draft and forget about Butler and George. However, do you see another current NBA player–Porzingis, Davis–that could become available for that first pick?

    • Tommy Beer

      It’s fun to talk about, but I don’t think it’s likely.
      If I’m Ainge and the Pels were willing to move Davis, I’d do it. Ditto for Porzingis.
      But, again it’s very unlikely for a number of reasons.

      I think the Celtics will draft Fultz, secure the asset, and then determine the next steps from there. Drafting Fultz does not preclude them from trading him at some point in the future. Either before the start of the season or at the deadline in February. Having the kid in camp and then for three months of the regular season will give Ainge and company plenty of insight into how the future might look. Are they happy with his work ethic? Do they see him as an all-NBA player.
      Then figure out how the roster looks going forward. Can he play alongside Isiah Thomas? Is IT willing to sign an extension for less than the max?

      With all that information, then Boston can explore how they envision their team going forward. The Celtics have the advantage of having time on their side. Their peak is still probably a few years away.

  4. JimInCyberspace


    If I were Magic Johnson, I would pass on the Big Baller Brand. Too many associated headaches, and it’s supposed to be very talented draft class to choose from.

    I think the best thing that could happen to Lonzo is to get as far away from Pops as possible.

    Or do you think Magic would put LaVar in his lane?

    • Tommy Beer

      As I wrote earlier in a previous question, I’d pass on Ball if I’m L.A.
      I think the downside is too significant.

      However, I don’t think the father is a big a problem as some. Plenty of other NBA players enter the league with issues from home, whether it be brothers or moms or friends from childhood that are potential problems. The difference with LaVar is that he is so outspoken and loud and craves the spotlight. In today’s social media age, that’s a recipe for headaches.

      At the least, if I’m Magic and the Lakers, I sit down with Lonzo and ask him where he ould draw the line. For instance, if he’d be willing to distance himself from his father’s comments if Lavar were to criticize one of his teammates or the head coach. Would Lonzo be able/willing to tell his dad to shut up if he felt his dad crossed the line?
      I’d also sit down the father and explain that if there are problems, we’d be willing to fine and/or suspend the player. Give them a worst-case scenario and see how the Ball family reacts.

  5. Virgil

    Tommy THank you for being a professional and keeping up with your chats. Is Phil really trying to get fired it seems everything he is doing is almost a dare at Dolan to do it. You now have your 2 star players alienated by the president of the Knicks. Why would anyone want to come to the knicks as a free agent? What is really going on? THey are the worst

    • Tommy Beer

      Thanks for reading and chipping in questions, Virgil!

      Can’t lie, Phil’s decisions over the last year have been perplexing, to say the least.
      However, I don’t think he’s trying to get fired. Although it seems possible that he simply has no fear of being fired and is thus willing to act in a way that most other team presidents would find beyond the pale.
      The latest incident is the firing of assistant coach Jonathon Longstaff. Porzingis loved that dude and would compliment him whenever he got the chance. It would seem to be common sense that the team would be happy to keep a member of the coaching staff that has helped improve the development of the most important player in the organization.

      Kurt Rambis was tasked with improving the Knicks defense last season as NY’s “defensive coordinator.” Yet, the Knicks finish near the bottom of the league in defensive efficiency in 2016-17… and Phil’s buddy still has a job.

      Jackson ego continues to be an issue. It makes fans wonder whether he’d rather win 40 games running the Triangle and proving he’s right, rather than win 50 games by stepping back and letting Hornacek chose the offense the teams will run.

  6. Tom

    Wouldn’t you question Lonzo’s strength of personality and potential leadership skills because doesn’t appear to have the stones to tell daddy to shut up. Most teenagers over 18 would have already told their dad to put a sock in it if they had provoked someone like Lebron to mock their shooting form. As a rookie prospect entering the league you don’t need added incentive for superstars to want to shut you down.

    • Tommy Beer

      It’s certainly a question that NBA front offices will be asking. We’ve talked quite a bit about this in the chat already today.

      I’m sure he looks up to his father, and, to his credit, his dad has helped put him in a position where it looks like he’ll be a top-2 pick in the NBA draft and make guaranteed millions. However, there is a point where his dad does more harm than good. Calling out superstars like LeBron and Kobe just makes no sense, other than making it more difficult on his son.
      Lonzo will definitely have a huge target on his back from Day 1. He’ll have to cash checks his dad wrote.
      The most important game of his life thus far – in the Sweet 16 vs. Kentucky, Lonzo was most invisible. D Fox at his lunch. not a great sign

  7. Daryl

    I don’t quite see why Eric Spoelstra is being recognized as a coach of the year nominee. It’s mentioned a lot how he got the team to within a game of the playoffs after their horrible start. However, it’s not like he took over for a coach who was fired because of the 11-30 record–he was the coach then, too, so why is that overlooked? I don’t quite see how the same media people who say Joel Embid shouldn’t be rookie of the year because he only played half a season are praising Spo as their choice for coach of the year when it seems he was only a great coach half of the year. Or am I missing something?

    • Tommy Beer

      It’s a valid point, but also important to remember the Heat had some roster turnover (D Waiters and James Johnson etc) to start the season and then had some injuries to overcome early in the year. Justise Winslow only played 18 games. Josh Richardson was out.

      So the Heat dug themselves a huge hole by January.
      At that point, they finished with a 30-11 record, the second-best in the entire league over the final 41 games of the season. That’s quite a feat. Thus, the props to Spo

  8. George

    Hey Tommy:

    If you were Vlade, do you keep the 2 top 10 picks or make a trade?

    • Tommy Beer

      Depending on the trade of course, but I’d keep the picks unless I got bowled over.

      The Kings are years away from being competitive, no need to trade for established players. Stockpile as many picks as possible and build for the future.

      Alright, that’s it for me this week, folks.
      Take care and have a wonderful week.