NBA Chat With Tommy Beer 5/8/17

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  1. Cain

    Hi Tommy do you think a trade of Thad Young + 2nd rounder for Derrick Favors works?
    Thad offers a little of what Diaw does, but far younger and more athletic. Favors adds some toughness to front-court in Indiana.

    Would love Indiana to go after Redick,
    Turner, Favors, George, Redick, Teague a very useful starting 5.

    • Tommy Beer

      Hey Cain,

      Not a crazy idea.
      Thad has two years left on is deal – 2018-19 being a player option at $13.9 million.
      Favors has just one year left.

      Favors has a MUUUUUCH higher upside, as he is far younger and more talented. However, the knee issues are concerning.
      If the Jazz thought they were just one piece away, I could see them considering such a deal, as Young has a higher floor due to Favors knee issues. But I don’t think they’d give up on Favors, who is still just 25 years old. If they were willing to move him, they might let him prove himself healthy and then trade him at the February trade deadline.
      The concern with Favors is he’ll be a free agent in 2018. How much are you willing to pay him? He’ll command north of $100 million due to his upside. That’s a risky investment.

      Regarding Redick, the PAcers are paying Monta $11 million and Lance $4 MM and they have GRIII. Don’t see them chasing Redick

  2. Omar

    Hi Tommy. What NBA jobs do you think will open up this off season? What NBA coaches are on the hot seat?

    • Tommy Beer

      I think Steve Clifford and Alvin Gentry are two coaches on the hot seat, bit not sure we’ll have a change this summer

  3. Omar

    Hi Tommy. What are the chances of dwane casey coming back as coach or do you think he will be let go since they lost to Cleveland?

    • Tommy Beer

      Hey Omar,

      I think Casey is safe. The Raps got overpowered by LeBron. Don’t see how you can pin that on Casey.
      Toronto has won at least 48 games in four straight seasons. That’s impressive

  4. Cain

    Any chance Indiana pursues Carmelo Anthony? He may like the idea of playing next to PG13 and expiring contracts of Ellis, Jefferson, 2017 1st rounder and maybe GRIII could work.

    For Indiana Melo can score 20ppg and he is still clutch which Indiana needs.
    Teague,Stephenson,George,Melo,Turner would be their own death line-up.

    • Tommy Beer

      Who would Indiana send to New York?

      They don’t have the assets to entice NY. The Knicks obviously wouldn’t want any part of Monta Ellis contract or Al Jefferson.

      Not to mention, we have to assume Melo would decline a deal to Indiana.

  5. Omar

    Hi Tommy. What are the chances of doc rivers coming back as coach or do you think he will be let?

    • Tommy Beer

      Doc calls the shots in L.A.
      So, if Doc the Coach wants to keep coaching the clippers, then Doc the GM will happily retain him.

  6. Virgil

    GM TB so it looks like we are stuck with PJ and he is trying to get rid of Melo. Is the Clippers offer the best you think we can get. I know it really depends on Melo but what if Melo decides he doesnt want to go. Then what do the Knicks do a Marbury on him or do they waive and buy him out? Could they use the stretch provision on him?

    • Tommy Beer

      Hey Virgil,
      I spent some time last week digging into possible Melo deals.
      Here is the link:

      No, I don’t think the Clippers deal makes sense for the Knicks at all. The Knicks would be crazy to take back a re-signed Redick at $16+ million. Would set the franchise back.

      I think the best landing spots for Melo (from a Knicks perspective) would be either Boston, Toronto or Miami. Those three teams have the combo of young assets and draft picks that would enable New York to get the best return in exchange for Melo.

      If Melo decided he simply will not waive the no-trade clause, they Knicks are stuck.
      Yes, they could stretch him, but then they’d be paying nearly $11 million a year for the next five years (which would count against the cap) to NOT play for the team. I think they would be forced to try to make the most out of bad situation. Bench if need be etc. The Knicks do have their first-round pick each of the next few years, so even if they bottom out, they’d be rewarded with lottery picks.

  7. Virgil

    who is going to be a better fit Frank N or D Fox? also with all the teams with multiple first round picks, is there a possibility the knicks have any assets to get one or buy one?

    • Tommy Beer

      I think D Fox is an absolute no-brainer for the Knicks if he is still on the board when they pick.

      Fox would a be a great fit in today’s NBA.He’s incredibly quick, long, athletic, aggressive, unselfish, competitive… He gets after it on the defensive end. Comparing anyone to John Wall is dumb b/c Wall has once-in-a-generation end-to-end speed, but Fox has the talent to approximate Wall’s impact.
      Yes, Fox’s lack of a reliable jumper is definitely troublesome, but remember that Wall had the same knock against him coming into the league as well.
      It has been a loooooong time since the Knicks have had a top-tier PG. Fox has that kind of upside.

  8. Chris G

    Hi, Tommy. This is kind of a big picture question, but do you hold a franchise in higher esteem if they’ve won championships in multiple generations, or are you more impressed by number of titles won? For example, the Bulls have six titles, but all were tied to Michael Jordan. The Spurs have five titles, but they’re all tied to Tim Duncan. In contrast, teams like the 76ers, Warriors, and Pistons have won fewer titles overall than those two teams, but did them with completely different teams in different eras. Which type of franchise impresses you more?

    • Tommy Beer

      I guess I’d go with the franchises that have won over multiple generations and eras.
      In your example, the Bulls won six titles but it was due primarily to landing the 3rd pick in the 1984 draft and then selecting Micheal Jordan. Yes, the trade for Pippen was great and signing Toni Kukoc etc. But, let’s be honest, MJ was the reason for it all.

      Other franchise that have had to re-tool and won with different casts probably get a bit more credit for sustained success

  9. Jay

    Greetings from Germany

    If it is true that Paul George is determined to play for the lakers someday I am really concerned about the development of Ingram. I think PG is more than capable of playing the 4 but not full time so my question is : Do you think Brandon Ingram can play shooting guard long term?

    Thx for your time

    • Tommy Beer

      Hey Jay – thanks for checking in…

      Yeah, I think Ingram could handle the SG spot and play alongside PG longterm. (what a wonderful problem to have if you are the Lakers, huh??)

      Today’s NBA is moving closer to “position-less” players. Guys that can play so many different posistions. Is Porzingis a forward or a center or both? Ditto for Anthony Davis and KAT.

      Is Giannis a PG or PF?? He’s both

      LeBron can play every position and guard everybody on the floor

      Ingram is obviously not in the class of those guys (yet?) but he is skilled enough to develop into what the Lakers need…

  10. Rabbi Mordechai Abraham

    IT is one of the top scorers and yet the worst defensive player in the NBA.
    Doesn’t that average out to “average “? And if that’s not the case explain why,please.
    I remember Ernie D who led the league in assists and free throw percentage and was a good scorer but was out of the league after a few years and probably before his prime because he was horrid defensively!
    How is IT really different.
    I think because he is on a superior defensive team i.e. Crowder,Bradley, Smart,…and an anaemic offensive team he seems like he is better than he really is.
    Therefore he may expect to be awarded with a max contract which I don’t think he is worth and Danny Ainge probably feels the same.
    Can he be traded for a real all round star i.e. PG 13 or Butler ?
    I don’t think so, and I would bet that other teams would agree.
    Furthermore I think the Celtics would be better off selecting a truly elite PG in the draft.

    • Tommy Beer

      This is why I love these chats… We just got an Ernie DiGregorio reference!

      This difference is that in today’s NBA, it’s much easier to “hide” undersized players and/or poor defenders. Teams can play zone and switch constantly and cross-match etc. Smart coaches, such as Stevens, can find ways to eliminate the disadvantage of having a guy like IT on the floor

      IT is below average defender due to his size, but not the worst defender in the league. And, IT averaged nearly 30 ppg this past season and 10+ ppg in the fourth quarter alone. That leads to a ton of wins and the net result is FAR more positive than just average.

      That said, he’s is NOT as valuable as a guy like PG13 or Butler. But those guys are superstars.

      If I am Danny, I draft Fultz and try to make it work next season. Have Fultz come off the bench for a few months and see how things are looking. Then maybe look at moving IT at the deadline if you don’t feel like you will be able to re-sign him at reasonable money.
      Will be a fascinating summer in Boston.

  11. Deven

    Do you think KP will demand a trade this summer if things don’t improve?

    • Tommy Beer

      I don’t.
      I think KP is frustrated, and rightfully so, but there is no sense in publically demanding a trade. The Knicks have no reason to move him. He is under team control for another two seasons, and then the Knicks have the opportunity to re-sign him to a long-term extension worth far more than any other team can offer him before he can even test restricted free agency.
      Long story short, the Knicks would have to do something really stupid to chase KP away.

      That being said, I think Phil Jackson and the Knicks should make getting on the same page as KP a priority. This kid is the type of player (and person) you want to build a franchise around. He’s had some missteps of late, but his body of work since the day he was drafted has been extremely positive.
      Phil could afford to get into an ugly public squabble with Melo, but if he does the same with KP and alienates Porzingis in the process, Knicks fans will revlot. for real.


      Thanks for stopping by everybody.
      Hope everyone has a wonderful week!