NBA Chat With Tommy Beer 6/12/17

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  1. Collin

    Hey, Tommy. When do you think woj comes to ESPN. And who of the vertical goes with him? Will ESPNs digital NBA coverage all be from the Vertical?

    • Tommy Beer

      Hey Colin,

      Sounds like Woj will make the move after the draft, right at the start of free agency, which July 1st.
      It’ll be interesting to see if Woj announces the draft picks early via Twitter this year.
      I assume he’ll bring most of his Vertical guys with him… Not sure what direction ESPN will go with their digital media.

  2. Raphael Brandão

    Hello, Tommy.
    What kind of player do you believe the Lakers will pick up in the 28th pick in this draft? A SG, a PF, a Center? Ojeleye or Sindarius are good options?

    In Free Agency do you believe that the Lakers will go after a specific player this year, maybe a Center,like it was said last month by MJ, or do you think they should “wait for Paul George” next year even with the risk of lose it?? Who would you sign if you were Magic Johnson in this FA? Is there any viable center in this FA?

    Is there any chance for the Lakers to buy any of the Sixers’ second-round picks??

    Sorry for so many questions. Thank you!
    Raphael Brandão

    • Tommy Beer

      Hey Raphael,

      I think the Lakers will take the “best player available” at #28.
      They are at the start of a rebuild, so they need help all over the floor.
      That being said, if they draft Ball (or anther PG) at #2, they will probably shy away from a PG late in the first – considering they would then have D Russell, J. Clarkson and L Ball. But other than that, I think they will see who falls and their highest rated player on the board, regardless of position.

      As far as free agency, there is no stud center on the market this summer. Nerlens Noel and Mason Plumlee are restricted and both the Mavs and Nuggets are expected to match all offers for those two. Greg Monroe is prob the best unrestricted FA center on the market, but not a great fit in L.A. In addition, the Lakers still have three years left on Mozgov’s deal and Zubaz played well for them last year.

      In regards to your last question: Yes, I could def see the Lakers buying a second-round pick.

  3. omar

    Hi Tommy. what kind of. trade will the Lakers will make on draft night? SINCE THE LAKERS HAVE MIXED Feelings On DRAFTING LONZO ANDWHAT DO YOU THINKWILL HAPPEN?

    • Tommy Beer

      I assume the Lakers will stay put at #2.
      If they don’t want Ball, they can stay at 2 and pick the player of their choice (Fox, Jackson, Tatum etc.)
      There is a pretty sharp drop-off after Fultz, so it’s unlikely a team would be motivated to give up the assets it would require to jump up to #2…

  4. Jdc

    Would a trade centered around L. ALdridge, pick #29,59 and Green, to de Twolves for Rubio and #7 be good for both teams? Minn would get veterans that play defense and can shoot while SA, gets younger and some cap space.

    • Tommy Beer

      Although the salaries don’t match (spurs sending out $30 million and getting only $13 MM back) and it’s extremely unlikely, but not the craziest ideaI’ve ever heard.
      Spurs obviously want at upgrade at PG and the Wolves (for some reason) seem to want to move Rubio.
      However, the Spurs unless the Spurs fell in love with a player at #7 (as they did with Kawhi at #15), they wouldn’t trade two valuable starters for one plus a pick

  5. Rabbi Mordechai Abraham

    Why isn’t anyone discussing possibly the best and probably cheapest (due to the gamble involved in signing him) potential free agent available?
    Chris Bosh.
    I know the medical issues are a real concern.
    But I also have a friend who is a professor of haemotology who enabled another professional athlete,with a similar clotting problem, to continue playing his high contact sport.
    Imagine what a different team the Celtics would be with him!
    Boston probably has access to the top medical resources available to deal with him.
    With him GH MF and their present Eastern conference finals team they might even be able to give Cleveland and the Warriors a run for their money.
    ( BTW I still think they should trade IT because after making the All NBA 2nd team his value will never be higher. What’s more ,by bringing in other offensive big guns IT’s contribution offensively will be diminished ,while his defensive liabilities remain the same.)

    • Tommy Beer

      It remains highly unlikely that any team’s medical staff will be willing to give Bosh medical clearance.
      Even if there is only a very, very small risk to Bosh’s life, it’s safe to assume no team would be willing to risk a man’s life to play a sport, even if the player was adamant he wanted to play.

  6. JimInCyberspace


    Someone is flat out lying about the game 7 parking lot phone call “scandal.”

    Draymond, KD, or Zach Lowe?

    1. I trust Zach didn’t make this story up and publish it at the World Wide Leader.

    2. Draymond doesn’t care what people think about his image.

    3. KD does.

    The liar in this triangle clearly looks like KD to me. What do you think?

    • Tommy Beer

      I assume it’s just a mixup in time/date etc.
      KD doesn’t deny he spoke with Draymond, only that it wasn’t “right after the game.”

  7. Chris G

    I had this question when it looked like a 16-0 playoffs sweep was underway for the Warriors, but I’ll ask anyway–who do you think was the actual second-best team this season in the NBA? NBA Finals say Cavs, who are also the only team to be beat them in the playoffs. Record-wise, it was the Spurs. The Rockets also had a better regular-season record than the Cavs. So, in your view, assuming the Warriors do win, who was actually the second-best team in the league?

    • Tommy Beer


      I say the Warriors are in the top tier all by themselves.
      Then the Cavs in the second tier
      The Spurs below Cleveland
      Then Boston, Washington, Houston, CLips and Jazz underneath them.

  8. Deven

    Do you think Dolan isn’t a basketball fan?

    • Tommy Beer

      Definitely a bigger hockey fan than hoops fan

  9. Deven

    Why do you think 3-0 deficits are doable in hockey and baseball but not in basketball?

    • Tommy Beer

      Baseball is far more dependent on a changing variable: starting pitching. That greatly changes the odds each night.
      In basketball, typically the same 8 or 9 guys play each night.
      For instance, when the Sox came back from down 3-0 vs. the Yanks, they had Pedro Martinez and Shilling on the bump in Games 5 and 6.

  10. Sweet Dee

    Each year the MVP award is given to the best player in the NBA. Jordan has 5, Lebron has 4, Magic and Bird each have 3. Going back in the day Bill Russell has 5 and Wilt has 4. They were recognized as the most dominant player in the NBA in a given year. Yet, time and time again I hear about Kobe Bryant as a top 5-10 player of all time. But Kobe has 1 MVP on his resume. He was voted as the best player in the league only once during his 20 year career = 5% of the seasons he played. To put this in perspective, both Steve Nash and Steph Curry have more MVP trophies on their mantle. Questions: What is the reason for this nostalgia when it comes to Kobe? Is it due to the large LA market he plays in? Recency bias? Or longevity with his career .447 field goal percentage as a high-volume, low efficiency player over 20 years that have people putting him in this discussion. Your thoughts.

    • Tommy Beer

      Well, the MVP award is not always given to the best player. If it was, MJ would have far more than just 5 and LeBron would have more than 4.
      Karl Malone was never better than MJ, even tho he won an MVP. And LeBron is still the best player in the sport.

      Still, that being said, your point is still valid. Kobe is overrated, IMO. He has no business being mentioned in the top 5 of all time.
      A truly great all-time player – absolutely, but not in the same conversation as LeBron, Kareem, MJ, Magic, Wilt, Russell etc.

      I think you hit on the key points. Playing in L.A., Kobe got a ton of national exposure. He was also such a gifted and graceful athlete. Everything he did looked cool. He was a great marketer. Recency bias is always a factor. He played on winning teams – the Lakers won 3 straight titles (with Shaq being the Finals MVP each time).

      Add it all up and you a ton of Kobe stans out there…

  11. Ismael

    Do you see the Spurs staying put with Pau? Any teams that would be better with a player like him? It would be cool for him to finish his career with his brother in Memphis.

    • Tommy Beer

      Pau has a player option for $16.2 million next season – so even if the Spurs wants to move on, it’s up to Gasol. Safe to assume he picks up that option and is back in SA for 2017-18

  12. omar

    Hi Tommy. When Will we start hearing about any NBA trades?

    • Tommy Beer

      trade rumors will pick up after the Finals end and we get closer to the draft

  13. BeeMagic

    Hi Tommy,

    I reffed college not pro basketball though professionally in volleyball. Been around the NBA for over 40 years. Still have ref-eyes. Why do the refs in the playoffs permit so much more clutching, holding, grabbing etc. in the paint? The calls look so arbitrary, it seems to contribute to tempers flaring I think it has been getting worse by the decade, not the rough play the calls. Your thoughts?


    R. de

    • Tommy Beer

      I think it has to do with the league office’s preference to increase scoring – thus, they let a lot of grabbing go on down low, but don’t allow hardly any contact on the perimeter.

      I came of age watching guys like Derek Harper hand-check opposing guards to death. 90’s were a different world.

      But, yes, I agree – as a result, the calls often seem arbitrary.
      The Flagrant Foul calls are often terrible as well.
      For instance, the Flagrant call on Kevin Love in Game 4 was ridiculous. Draymond Green’s foul later in the fourth quarter was far worse.


      Thanks for stopping by everybody!
      Enjoy Game 5 tonight and have a wonderful week