NBA Eurocamp Chat With Steve Kyler 6/9/14

Steve_Kyler_Chat_InsidersBasketball Insiders Publisher Steve Kyler will hold his weekly chat at 10:30am EST on Mondays. Drop in your questions regarding NBA trades, the NBA Draft, roster moves or questions about your team.

  1. joemel

    Good day Steve… i love MJ(hornets) team now, 3picks and cap space, do you think its good to trade those picks to a proven vets(affalo)? how about offer 8 to 10 million for lance or deng? 6 to 8million for parson? 3 to 5 million for s.livingston? then add some rookies, 9-staukas or lavine? 23-nappier or i hope payton? 45-big man who can hit 3s. were going to be good this year and have young guys for the coming years years. thanks

    • Steve Kyler

      Welcome in everyone… hope the week has been good to you. This chat is coming to you from the 2014 Adidas EuroCamp in Treviso Italy. A couple of Italy comments… amazing food… wonderful people… they have not yet mastered the art of climate control – feeling very much like Game One in San Antonio almost everywhere you go. But as they say, we must power through. Lots to get to so lets get after it.

      Wow… a lot to process there. Always good to trade non-top 5 picks for veterans, simply because you know what you are getting. In Charlotte’s case, they really-really like Affalo, the problem is not sure they have anything – even draft picks – that Orlando wants.

      As for your free agent scenarios — sure, but not sure I would sign up for Lance Stephenson. Luol Deng was down right terrible after leaving Chicago, so both present more risk than reward at that price, but you have to take risks in free agency — the no-brianer guys tend to stay or get massively overpaid… they guys you can get usually have questions.

  2. steppxxxz

    hey steve. been enjoying your twitter feeds lately. So….Flips hires himself. Seems a bad move, at least perception wise. I cant imagine this gives prospective FAs a good impression of the organization. Am I wrong? And two….who do you see as the late rising surprise of the draft? I had thought maybe KJMcDaniels……who i like a lot. But seems like a few guys have had very impressive workouts. But you know more about that than I do. CJ Fair i know did well, and LaVine certainly did. Anyone making a big statement in workouts?

    • Steve Kyler

      Thanks for the props on the Twitter feed… I try to keep it lively.

      As for sleeper/risers in the draft… there are a few guys that are getting more hype than substance — Zach LaVine is one of them. I have talked to a lot of NBA people here in Italy about Zach and he does have some fans, but everyone sort of sees it the same way. Being super athletic and willing to work your tail off usually ends up well. No one is sold he’s going to be great, but alot of people with picks in the teens to twenties think he is the kind of player you risk a draft pick on potential wise.

      As for guys that have worked out well — Marcus Smart; he’s blown a few teams away with his poise and maturity. Elfrid Payton; word is he may have a commitment in the teens, trying to work up from that spot. I usually don’t put a lot of stock in teens-level commitments because that will change if a good player falls.

      There is a lot of stuff still in play, so we’ll see. On KJ McDaniels — I think his range is still 15-25. Watch for my guy Jarnell Stokes – he has done really well, could be off the board in the late twenties.

  3. steppxxxz

    Ok, i read where bulls are thinking Gibson, Butler and two #1s…….for love. In what universe is this rational or sane? This is the hype machine. I also read somehwere Suns were thinking Dragic, picks and maybe even bledsoe. This cant possibly be real. I wouldnt make that trade for anyone this side of michael jordan . IS this all just Love’s agent? or is this league now just driven by marketing and celebrity and hype?

    • Steve Kyler

      You have to take any “proposed trade” for Kevin Love with a grain of salt. First, alot of that comes from an abstract — what would it take to get KLove question, that usually produces an answer of X, Y and Z. The follow up usually is would Team X do that, that usually produces a “Yes.” kind of answer. That does not mean any of that has been discussed.

      I can tell you this… The Bulls would love to land Kevin Love and there are a lot of things they would give up, but to say that would give you all of that might be a stretch, I think its parts from that pool of assets, but not likely the entire pool.

  4. Ryan D

    How’s it going, Steve?

    I have a question about Dante Exum. How worried/confident are teams about how he projects in the NBA–based on the limited exposure and competition level? Do you think he can become one of the best PG’s in the league down the road?

    • Steve Kyler

      There is no sense of concern about Exum any more than exists about Embiid, Parker or Wiggins — they are all four just scratching the surface of their potential. None of them are proven NBA players, all of them have concerns and issues.

      As for playing and competition level — Dante has played against a lot of top tier guys, many much older than he is and did well. I think people think because he didn’t log 40 NCAA games that teams haven’t seen him. I personally have seen him play in six games plus scrimmages via Adidas Nations, in which a lot of NBA scouts were there. He also played in Adidas Super 64 that year in Vegas. So he has played a lot of high caliber basketball in places NBA teams scout. So trying to ding him because he didn’t play NCAA is a little unfair, he played everyone he could given his age and has been training in a pro-style training environment in Australia .

      As for best point guard in the league — that tough to call — some of its situational, some of it is developmental, some of it who does he play with. Way to early to say he could be the top guard, but he has some impressive tools.

  5. Deven

    What did Game 2 mean for the Spurs, other than the fact it was a loss?

    • Steve Kyler

      What does it mean… its not a series until someone wins a road game, and Miami won a road game. I think the HEAT got a monster game from LeBron and only won by 2… so its not like it was a blow out… so Spurs have to go into Miami and get that one back, or things swing Miami’s way.

  6. Deven

    Just how concerned the Spurs should be about that nasty injury to Parker?

    • Steve Kyler

      Spurs have some depth, but they are not nearly the same team without Parker, so its a big concern, but they played and won a lot of games without him this season, it just gets harder when he’s not a 100%.

  7. Timothy

    Was wondering what do you see the Orlando Magic lineup like next year. Do you think Afflalo is moved to free up minutes for Oladipo and Smart/Exum. Maybe a Exum Oladipo Harris, O’quinn and Vucevic. How many games can Orlando fans hope to win next year?

    • Steve Kyler

      Victor played 31.1 minutes a game this year… LeBron played 37.7 minutes a game this year. Not sure Vic’s getting robbed of time because of Affalo. There are plenty of minutes for guys. Vic has to get better to get those extra 6.6 minutes a starter like LeBron gets.

      Also keep in mind Tony Parker became an All-Star playing less than 33 minutes a game for the last five seasons.

      As for how many games… they have to get better on the road. The Magic were 4-37 on the road, while being 19-22 at home. They bring that up 5 more games at home, and 8 to 10 more on the road and they are a 38 win team which is what Atlanta was this year… They have to improve on the road and that requires maturity and experience.

  8. desmond (san antonio)

    hey steve do spurs fans including skip have unrealistic expectations of k Lenard ? he is a good player maybe even sees a all star game or two but this talk of superstar is a joke ! on defense he is a star but on offense he has some of the worst handles an no ability to create his own shot and he wont get much better at that ! so agree his max talent is a modern day shawn marion and if that’s a disappoint to spurs fans they do have unrealistic expectations ?

    • Steve Kyler

      The Spurs like him a lot, but I think he has to earn some of the hype he gets, but lets be realistic… who is the best player on that team when Tim and Manu are done? — Its gonna be Tony and Kawhi. But I think Popovich has fluffed him up so much that fans believe what he is selling.

      Honestly I think he is an amazingly good player, just scratching the surface.

  9. B

    Are the Lakers really just considering coaches with NBA experience? So they wouldn’t be open to a coach like Blatt? I think an innovative approach would be a breath of fresh air a la Pat Riley instead of another retread. What your best guess of who gets the job? Thanks.

    • Steve Kyler

      They are being very thorough… they are looking under every coaching rock, but they want someone with proven “NBA” experience and while I am a big fan of Blatt, he isn’t a NBA coach yet. I like the idea of a team like Minnesota adding him now to learn under Flip Saunders. The NBA game and the Euro game are MASSIVELY different animals in almost every way.

  10. Adam

    Steve – a couple questions here. Are there any legs to the Afflalo and Charlotte rumors? Is the 9th pick something you could see working for both sides? You have stated before that Milwaukee likes Exum but taking him at #2 would be too high. Could you see the #4 and #9 moving Orlando up to #2?

    • Steve Kyler

      There is no such thing as too high when you can obtain the player you believe is the best player and fit for your team. I think fans and the media get way too caught up in “too high or too low” — each team has a very different value structure, so the player you may think is one, may not be what my team values at one.

      All of the lists and projections and rankings sheets are based on outsiders — not NBA teams releasing their list. I am deadly serious when I say this. I play the Mock Draft game with four or five executives every year the day before the draft, and none of us have ever had it right… each team values players differently. None of us are wrong, because the truth is the margin between guys is not nearly as great as we like to believe when we put players in lists. Look at the history of the draft — how many times has the guy drafted number two busted, while the guy drafted 13th is great. The lists are often misleading to how teams really view talent.

      As for the Charlotte — I can tell you for about 9 months the Bobcats have been at Orlando regarding Afflalo. Steve Clifford is supposedly a big fan and views him as an answer to some of their big problems. Orlando has been unwilling to make a deal.

      I don’t think the #9 has a ton of value to Orlando. They have a closet full of young guys, so much so that there is talk here in Italy that the #12 might be used on a “draft and stash” guy. The Magic want to be a playoff team next year and bringing two or three rookies in, may not help them achieve that. I believe Arron is more valuable to them as a veteran and efficient score than he is in trade, unless he returns rookie scale veterans — guys in their third or fourth year. Not saying they won’t deal Arron to move around, because I know that they would, but they do not feel “urgency” to move Arron.

  11. Rob

    You guys have Phx moving up on the landing spot for Keving Love, Any Chance Orlando steps in and becomes the Third team to help the deal? ORL-Min-Phx Bledsoe to ORL, Afflalo to MIN, Phx get Love + Send 2014 1st Rounders to MIN, Something built around this? Orlando was rumored to be highly interested in Bledsoe last summer

    • Steve Kyler

      Orlando’s interest in Eric Bledsoe has been so massively overstated. I think Orlando would get involved in a Kevin Love deal for themselves… not sure they would be brokers and I also doubt Orlando is paying Bledsoe’s asking price in a sign and trade either.

  12. Desmond ( san Antonio)

    Going forward who would you rather have Leonard? Or Paul George? I’m a spurs fan but I have to say they are even on defenses but George has a offensive talent that will always be better then Leonard agree?

    • Steve Kyler

      Interesting question… my view — Paul George is a far more dynamic scorer – can give you 30-40 a night. Kawhi is a far more predicable player, can fit into a team concept, is more consistent in his game and can give you more in terms of rebounding, and defense.

      I think PG is likely the better guy to build a franchise a round, but Kawhi wouldn’t be terrible either, you would just need a lot more offense in a Kawhi built team.

  13. Jerry

    How about Kevin Love for Ibaka and Lamb? Seems like a good fit for both sides.

    • Steve Kyler

      But it neglects the fact that Kevin still becomes a free agent next summer and OKC has lost two assets for a short term boost. It also overlooks that OKC is pretty happy with where their team is as as a whole. There is not going to be a lot of panicking and major moves.

      They have to find one more guys, likely someone from the bench and they have to stay healthy and everyone has to grow just a little bit more.

      Its not OKC’s time… they are really close, so breaking things up likely pushes them back not forward.

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      Guys… I am out of time. Thanks for all the questions. Make sure you are following me on Twitter (@stevekylerNBA). See you all next week.