NBA Rumors Chat With Steve Kyler – 1/16/17

Basketball Insiders Publisher Steve Kyler will hold his weekly chat at 11:00am EST on Mondays. Drop in your questions regarding NBA trades, the NBA Draft, roster moves or questions about your team.

  1. Badax33


    I listened to your Podcast with Jesse Camerato and I ussually agree with your opinions. But in this podcast you talked about Sacramento and said they have some very interesting pieces to move. I hate to say this but the pieces you talked about combined probably wound’t bring you a late first round draft choice – McLemore 17 MPG, 5PPG on 38% shooting in his 4th year, WCS (who was the 6th pick in 2015) 12MPG, 4 PPG and 2 RPG, Malachi Richardson 5 MPG and 3 PPG (he has some talent) and then there’s Big George and Skal and neither is doing much, not sure of their D League exploits. The problem with the Kings is their front office STINKS, and the owner is an IDIOT. They have the best Center in the game and 3 of their last 4 draft choices have been Centers, plus they traded a bunch of draft picks to free up Cap Space to sign Kostas Koufus, another center and Rondo who they let go. They have 5 Centers, now if they were playing volleyball maybe they could all play together. The Kings are 16-23, 9th in the West, won’t make the playoffs and Rudy Gay is walking this summer. And the Kings will sign Boogie to a 200M contract and won’t make the playoffs next year, plus they still owe Chicago this year’s first round pick and Philly a future first round pick – for the cap space to sign Koufus and Rondo. This team has NO assets and is DOOMED!!!!!! Sorry Steve.

    • Steve Kyler

      Welcome in everyone. I hope the week was good to you. The month of January is flying by and we’re starting to hear more trade chatter that’s rooted in something. There are lots of questions in the queue so let’s get after them.

      Thanks for the listen on the Podcast, hope you enjoyed it.

      First and as a general theme, you make it tough on me when you are insulting toward executives. I have to deal with them and many of them do read what I write. I don’t agree with the terms you are using to describe the King’s leadership, but I do understand you are frustrated because this is not turning the way many hoped it would.

      Second, while you may not see a lot of value in the Kings parts, other teams do. Are those parts returning an All-Star, not very likely, but those parts could return value, and some of them have enough salary attached to make something work?

      As for the decision making, look it’s been ten seasons since the Kings were in the playoffs. That’s not on Vivek and Vlade exclusively. This team has been making bad draft decisions for almost a decade.

      I do not agree with the no assets comment, mainly because I have talked to executives who value some of their rookie-scale guys. As for “Doomed”, that might turn out to be true, but that does not mean they don’t have the chips to make a trade or two.

  2. edward edgerson

    will the ny knicks make a trade also you might have to keep rose because there only one player jru holiday and after that there no one else i see thank you

    • Steve Kyler

      I have said this repeatedly. I don’t think the Knicks have the assets to make a trade. If you go up and down the roster, the young guys are the only promising pieces and the Knicks can’t afford to give those guys up.

      Of the things, fans would like to see moved. Does Derrick Rose have any real trade value? Meaning does he return the answer to the problem. I don’t think he does. I don’t think anyone takes Joakim Noah’s money. And despite the recent dust-up, I am not sure Carmelo Anthony will waive his no-trade clause, even thought it might be best for both involved.

      Trading away future draft picks would be foolish.

      I just don’t see what the Knicks have that’s valuable enough to return the answer to the problem; they could become different, not sure they become better.

  3. JimInCyberspace


    Do you think Derrick Rose is okay, does he need a leave of absence?

    He has been on the Schizo side of things, Hornecek needs to be “hard on us” he said just after the former MVP went AWOL which resulted in a NY Knicks slap on the wrist?

    D-Rose wants a max contract in FA, good luck with that. He’s got too much baggage in too many ways to take a flyer on him at half that price in my opinion.

    • Steve Kyler

      I think the D Rose stuff is way overblown. My understanding is it was something with his mother and its been addressed and taken care of.

      He’s playing through the noise and trying to be the answer to the problem, but keep in mind very few players say “Hey come over here I have something to say.” The quotes you see are a response to a specific question asked.

      Rose has always been a little different, but this is true of a lot of guys – when you are on top of your game and playing like an MVP, no one says anything about you. When you struggle or are not that guy, that’s when your flaws are a problem.

      I spoke with some Knicks people when they traded for him, and they felt like the cost to get him, the possible reward from the situation and his overall game were worth the risk in the short-term. They said if he’s not the answer he’s cap space in July and we look for a better answer.

      They were never married to him long-term.

  4. Tyler Boudreaux

    1) Since it looks like the Nets might not win another game this season (if I were the NBA I wouldn’t test them for performance enhancing drugs this year as they are obviously using them), shouldn’t the team consider taking on another team’s problem (i.e. Rondo, Rose, etc.) in return for a draft pick. Afterall they are significantly under the minimum salary cap and they are going to have to spend that money one way or another.
    2) On to the positive, anybody you think the Nets should target with their (actually the Celtics) mid-twenties first round pick this year. Terrance Ferguson? Melo Trimble? (Please not TJ Leaf who is a good college player but his lack of athleticism will hurt him in the NBA. I see him as a more current version of Mitch McGary.)
    3) Do you have any good Jimmy “Super Fly” Snuka stories?

    • Steve Kyler

      The Nets are trying to build a foundation with players that play really hard. They are not bringing in a problem if they can help it. That said they have been very aggressive in trying to find deals for draft picks or rookie scale guys they like. So they are not sitting on their hands.

      I have no sense yet of who the mid-20’s guys really are yet. When I talk with scouts and executives, we tend to focus on the top of the board. If you spend 5 minutes on each guy, you are an hour in by the time you get to the 10th guy, so it’s tough. I sprinkle in guys I like lower on the board. I get asked about guys I like too, so some names come out.

      I can say no one thinks Melo Trimble is a first round talent.

      Here is my most recent Mock Draft.

      I had the Nets taking Tyler Lydon from Syracuse. He’s super long for a hybrid four. I like his upside.

      I actually had met Jimmy “Super Fly” Snuka early in my radio career. We did a think called Wrestle Reunion that was sort of a convention thing for wrestling that featured all the big names in early wrestling. It was pretty cool.

  5. Leif

    Hey Steve,

    What are you hearing as it pertains to Dragic & Whiteside in Miami?

    • Steve Kyler

      Nothing meaningful. Miami is receiving a lot more calls than they are making and they are trying to decide the best path forward.

      I think they will move Goran Dragic. I am not sold they’d move Hassan Whiteside unless the return was just silly.

      Most of what you are hearing is coming from teams that are trying to get what Miami has, not Miami trying to make a deal.

  6. Garrett

    How active is Portland? What kind of player are they looking to get? Also, do you have any news on the awkward Festus Ezeli situation in the locker room the other day?

    • Steve Kyler

      Unfortunately, I do not have any news on Festus; we sort of assumed that his whole “hug the team” thing was related to a possible injury exception. Teams had until yesterday to file for a Medical Exception. There has been talking that he’d have season-ending knee surgery, but his agent said that was not currently on the agenda yet.

      As for activeness of Portland, I was told they have been in the mix on talks. I think it pretty obvious they have too many wings and too many guys that are not part of the core. They had been linked to Tyson Chandler and Nerlens Noel. The bulk of their guys became trade eligible yesterday, so we’ll see if things heat up now that everyone is tradable.

  7. Malik

    Do the Sixers have any interest in JImmy Butler? Would 3 1st ((Lakers, Sac 18, Sixers 19 -protected) & Jah/Stauskas for Butler/Rondo make sense?

    • Steve Kyler

      They made a run at Jimmy in free agency. That was under Hinkie, but I don’t think anything has changed.

      The problem with trading for Butler is the Bulls just are not there yet. When the whole Bulls not sure if they can build around Butler story came out, they adamantly denied that was something they have talked about.

      The problem with rumors is there are a lot of people that talk, and most that do have an agenda of sorts. That does not mean what they are saying is not true. It means that sometimes one person’s perspective of the situation is not always the situation.

      The Bulls are not where they want to be, although it’s gotten a little better. Two straight wins, five of their last ten and back in the playoff picture, so there is pressure. The Rondo thing has not worked. Wade is showing his age, so its Jimmy and the young guys most nights.

      I think it’s fair to say “can you build a winner around Jimmy,” I think he’s better than anything they could get in a trade. The hardest thing to get in sports is an All-Star, and Jimmy is one.

      As for your deal. I can’t imagine the 76ers let Rondo into their culture. I think that’s a lot of value for Jimmy, but I can say I have not heard anything remotely close to that being talked about.

  8. Noah

    Good afternoon Mr Kyler. Thanks as always for answering our questions. So there is a person who claims to be a Magic insider who occasionally leaks info and he says the price for Dragic is too high so Jrue Holiday and Eric Bledsoe are the targets now. Is this accurate and what would the Magic have to give up in these potential deals? I know you dont usually like giving names but if you could, who do you think the Magic are targeting/will target in trades?

    • Steve Kyler

      I have not heard anything specific on either guy. I can say the Magic have been out in the marketplace since early December kicking the tires on players.

      I would imagine that Jrue Holiday is expensive in trade, even as a pending free agent. As for Bledsoe, I was told recently he’s not the guy they’d be open to moving unless it was a windfall of a deal. I think Brandon Knight is the obtainable one.

      The Magic have the Jeff Green salary they can trade pretty easily. I think Elfird Payton, CJ Watson or Nik Vucevic are the roster players that could be included and then there are draft picks, which I doubt they’d move.

      Holiday is interesting because I think he’d solve a lot of issues. Not sure he’d re-sign in Orlando unless they got silly with the money.

  9. MARCELO melo

    What is the best case scenario for a Heat quick rebuild? I would say because Heat will have $25 million from Bosh and a good draft ball, We have a chance to a quick rebuild, not like what WOLVES, 76rs and others have right now.

    • Steve Kyler

      The HEAT have a unique window to not only get a high-level pick, but they could get to $40-$45 million in cap space if they waive Bosh for medical reasons and trade off Dragic. There are some things already on the roster in Whiteside, Richardson, Johnson, and Winslow that adding a top flight rookie and two or three solid free agents could jump start the process quickly.

      If the draft lottery holds true, the HEAT land the 2nd pick as of a today. That puts them in the Markelle Fultz, Dennis Smith, Lonzo Ball and Harry Giles game. Either of those would be huge chips to build around.

      Miami’s rebuild might not take the four-five years the 76ers has taken, because they have things now and guys want to live and play in Miami.

  10. Frank

    Hi Steve,
    Assume SAC & ORL are considering this trade:

    Please analyze. Would this help both teams? Which team would say “Nyet”.

    • Steve Kyler

      I don’t think your trade helps the Kings at all. It’s more of a dump for young guys. For the Magic, they’d get a lot of veterans in return and maybe that helps him lock up a playoff spot, but they would not be much more than first round fodder.

      I need to be clear on this. I have no information to believe this deal has ever been considered.

      I can say the Magic had expressed some interest in Rudy Gay earlier in the season, but that did not seem to go anywhere.

  11. Frank

    Hi Steve,
    Assume you’re the GM of the KINGS.
    The KNICKS approach you and say…

    “Our team is a mess. D.ROSE has become a distraction. We’re not resigning him.”


    Do you take the deal? Would the trade actually make the KINGS P.O contenders?

    • Steve Kyler

      I need to be clear on this one too. I have no information to believe this deal has ever been considered.

      I can tell you that wouldn’t help the Knicks as much as maybe the Kings. If I were the Kings, I’d do that deal.

      On the Knicks side, I think you forgot how bad it got with Aaron Afflalo last season in New York. It is a different coaching staff, but if was not pleasant.

  12. Josh Meyer

    Hearing any trade rumors involving the Wolves?

    • Steve Kyler

      Nothing new. The same stuff. Tom wants some veteran help. I don’t think he’ll do anything major before the trade deadline. If they are going to shake the team up its likely after the season.

  13. Bryan A Young

    What would a deal for Goran Dragic look like? Could it something the Heat wait until Draft night to do?

    • Steve Kyler

      The prevailing belief is no long-term money, at least one high-level draft pick or a promising rookie scale player.

      And yes, it’s absolutely something the HEAT could wait to pull off. I was told if Dragic is on the roster next year there are worse problems to have.

      No urgency to move him.

  14. Josh Meyer

    Do you see Thibs/Layden dealing for a vet before the deadline?

    • Steve Kyler

      I think they will look at what is possible. I do not think they consider anything that involves their core three guys of KAT, Wiggins or LaVine.

      Gorgui Dieng is tough to trade because of his extension; he counts very differently against the cap as outgoing salary versus what he can return.

      I think if the Wolves do anything it’s built around Shabazz Muhammad, Adreian Payne, and Jordan Hill. None of those guys return the kinds of answer Thibbs would want.

  15. Bryan A Young

    What do you think of Lonzo Ball and how he projects as a pro?

    • Steve Kyler

      I like him. He’s long and not the prototype point. He’s an impact guy for sure and he’s fun to watch. The challenge with big and long point guards is how do they defend the smaller guys in the NBA?

      I think he has a real shot at the top pick too.

  16. Josh Meyer

    Where do you rank Towns with the best players in the league?

    • Steve Kyler

      That’s a completely subjective question. What’s the criteria? Points? PER?

      I don’t rank players. I know some guys that are really into that, but it serves no purpose to what I do, so I don’t spend any time thinking about it.

      I don’t think anyone will doubt that Towns is a special talent, one of the brightest up and coming guys in the league, but to fairly compare a sophomore to guys that have been at this for a lot of years. I am not sure he cracks the top 25 regarding pure production. But I also don’t think that means anything.

      I tend to lean on tangible things. Towns is in the top 25 in PER (25th ranked). He is 24th in the NBA in scoring. 8th in the NBA in rebounding. 31st in Field Goal percentage. 3rd in the NBA in double-doubles with 30 on the season.

      That’s who he is.

  17. Clint

    Are you hearing any trade rumors involving OKC? Do you think that they will make a move before the trade deadline?

    • Steve Kyler

      Nothing interesting. Was told a few weeks ago, they do want to add another guy and have been sniffing around. The Thunder are usually active in trade situations, especially if they can get a guy’s Bird Rights.

      They had been linked to Rudy Gay early in the season. Not sure that went anywhere.

  18. Enrique Rodriguez

    Hey Steve, what can Orlando do to turn this around?

    • Steve Kyler

      Not sure they can. The team has fundamental flaws. If they got in a true focal point, point guard maybe it looks better, but they lack an impact player. Until they get one not sure they can be that much better than they are.

  19. Wesley

    Is dirk nowitsky playing through an injury.

    • Steve Kyler

      Early in the season, he has an Achilles strain; that’s likely still lingering a little. He’s been sick, but I think missing so much time combined with his age and the state of the team has more to do with his play than anything. This is likely his last year, and this is what last year’s look like.

  20. Raphael de Aguiar Brandão

    Hello sir.

    I asked this question on Twitter but I think you didnt received it.
    I heard, a couple of months ago, a rumor of interest from Okc in Rudy Gay. Does it exist any possibility ??
    If you’ll excuse me, I’d like to ask you some more questions.
    1) Do you think Detroit will be able to cover some 20M proposal by K.C.P ??? Their Cap for next year is at 95M if they rise to 102M yet they would not have cover or would they do for Bird Rights ?? If it is by bird rights how much is the limit to this re-sign? (Hard Cap?)
    2) The Utah team has been showing great basketball despite the bruising problems. It’s a team that pleases me not only for its defensive system but also for its ofense. How far do you think Utah will go this season ??? Conference final? League Final ??
    3) Next year Hayward and Hill will be FA. Do you think that re-signing them would raise Utah from playoffs contenders to contend for the NBA title or next year we will be between GS and Cleveland?
    4) Is there any chance of Mario Herzonja being traded and still avenge in the NBA ??

    Sorry for my English.
    Thanks a lot Steve!

    • Steve Kyler

      No worries on the English, we’ll get through this together.


      1) Do you think Detroit will be able to cover some 20M proposal by K.C.P ???
      — The way the NBA cap system works is it’s always possible to keep your own guys. So there are no financial restriction for the Pistons beyond do they want to pay him that kind of money. I think they’ll let the market set the price and ultimately match him.

      2) How far do you think Utah will go this season ??? Conference final? League Final ??
      – I am not nearly as optimistic as you are. As of today, the Jazz are the 5 seed and would matchup against the Clippers. That’s a good matchup that they could win, especially if the Clips are not healthy. If they slide to the 7th or 8th seed they pull the Spurs or Warriors and likely get walked in the first round.

      3) Next year Hayward and Hill will be FA. Do you think that re-signing them would raise Utah from playoffs contenders to contend for the NBA title .
      – Short answer is no. Re-signing those guys would be good for continuity and continuing the process, but the Jazz do not have the star talent of either conference leader. It would take someone playing way above the current level for them to be a top level team next year without a major addition.

      4) Is there any chance of Mario Herzonja being traded and still avenge in the NBA ??
      – Very likely on a trade. Not very like on avenging the NBA. Mario is roughly two years into his NBA career and while a change might be good for him, he hasn’t shown anything special. I think at best he’s a role player in the NBA. It’s more likely he washes out and is back in Europe. That would be a shame because I really believed he’d be an impact guy over here and he just hasn’t been.

  21. Aristotle

    Hi Steve,
    With the constant chatter about Cavs looking to trade for a PG, would it not be wise for the Cavs to look into acquiring someone like Udrih from Detroit, or Huertas from LA?, Won’t cost much, have great IQ, get everyone involved. Others I thought of were maybe bring back Steve Blake? Maybe acquire Briante Weber from Sioux Falls?

    • Steve Kyler

      That’s sort of what they are waiting for. Someone with proven ability to surface that won’t cost a ton and fits the situation.

      I think it’s more likely they wait to see who gets bought out too. There are guys like Mario Chalmers and Norris Cole that could be answers as well.

      I don’t think a D-League guy helps them. The Cavs are a title team. Unproven guys are tough to make work.

  22. Aristotle

    Hi Steve,
    I’m just curious (and I know it wouldn’t happen) if a team was to trade for Giannis, what would his value be? Yes he’s a freak, but so much more to improve on.Would it be similar to what it took to get Melo in 2011?

    You look at Cousins, who is all quality but has issues circling around him, and then you have Antetokounmpo who is opposite in personality, but gives it his all. How does one evaluate them?

    • Steve Kyler

      I think I get what you are aiming for, but let’s be absolutely clear. There is no scenario in which Milwaukee would trade Giannis. It’s just not going to happen.

      As for his value. He’s a top 10 guy. I think you can make a case that he’s maybe even top 5 this year. His PER is bananas. Those kinds of players do not get traded, so you can’t value them.

  23. Eric Morera

    Good morning, Steve , I got a question about the Heat, knowing Riley, He wont got to the lottery rebuilding process more than one year, He believe to much tanking damage the heart of the prospects and consequently, He always tank one year and start over, which way in your opinion is the faster one with the current roster, Salary cap in July and the draft picks the Heat own. Thanks

    • Steve Kyler

      As I covered above. The HEAT has a window this summer where they get a high-level pick, maybe $40 million in cap space with a nice young core.

      I don’t think this is a long re-build, but it will mean dumping Dragic. Waiving Bosh and risking his money haunting you later and maybe setting the price on some restricted guys in free agency.

  24. knickernacker

    Hey Steve,

    Knicks fan for life so I’ve seen them suck for a looong while, but I really had some hopes this year, now I’m seeing turmoil. I don’t think
    our bench are THAT bad, and our starters don’t seem bad on paper. I also dug Hornaceck as a coaching hire, but thought he’d inspire more, maybe that’s coming…how did it come to this so quickly?

    Now everyone talks “blow it up” but I don’t see it that way.
    Let Rose walk or trade his expiring for “something good”, add to Melo
    and co. (or trade #7 if that’s what all sides reallly want) and one would think we’ll be competitive. You know Knicks fan, we feed off hope. Am I delusional? Hearing anything worth repeating?

    • Steve Kyler

      I look at it this way. There are very few “sure-things” in sports. The Knicks have missed on so much they took a gamble this off-season and I thought it would work out better than it has. I would also say, I don’t think it’s as bad as it seems in the media. The Knicks are three games out of the playoffs. And four games out of the fifth seed. A good four-game winning streak changes a lot.

      As for the future. Porzingis is the future.

      The season is not dead yet, but it sure got ugly fast. We’ll see what this team is made of. They will either come together under adversity or they’ll crumble.

  25. Ryan

    My beloved Magic suffered another late loss Saturday. This was probably due to our lack of a “go to player” as you have diagnosed this problem with the Magic many times.

    Would you give up a player like Elfrid Payton in a package for Goran Dragic? What is your philosophy on giving up on a guy who may be inconsistent but shows a lot of promise like Elfrid? Are you one that would never give up a young developing player for an established vet because you never know what that young player could turn into? Or, if you were a GM, would you be more open minded to cashing in young chips to get some veteran help? Or, is it situational and when Alex Martins calls and says we need to compete this year you pick up the phone and call around? Just wondering if you had a hard philosophy on player development and cashing in young assets.

    Also, are the Magic conversations with Miami anything more than exploratory?

    • Steve Kyler

      Would you give up a player like Elfrid Payton in a package for Goran Dragic?

      – Yes, Frank Vogel would lean on him more than he will Elfrid.

      What is your philosophy on giving up on a guy who may be inconsistent but shows a lot of promise like Elfrid?

      – When Kiki Vandeweghe was running the Nuggets he explained this: In the draft you are either picking your franchise future or you are using that player to get a franchise future. Elfrid is not the franchise future. I wish he was, but he has not progressed as a shooter enough to say you have to keep him over a proven guy like Dragic that wins you games today.

      if you were a GM, would you be more open minded to cashing in young chips to get some veteran help?

      – Depends. What is your window? The Magic’s window to do anything got messed up drastically this summer. This is a win-now group, so you have to look at that. If you waste two more years, then you lost the prime of everyone you have. So yes, the Magic either have to ditch the older guys or sell off youth to make this group work.

      when Alex Martins calls and says we need to compete this year you pick up the phone and call around?

      – Not exactly how the dynamic works. They all met. Talked about the path forward and it the decision made was going with the young guys would take too long. You’d have to start giving out $100 million deals without knowing if these young guys can win together. They opted to spend that money on more proven guys. Rob signed off on this and the guys in town are the guys he picked. Alex did not pick these guys, Rob and his staff did.

      My view is you have to have a five year plan in sports. Things change and you have to be flexible to the market, but you have to have a plan and I think the magic started with one, but ultimately got away from it because it was not working. Now they are trapped in a tough place. Just good enough to win a few games, but not good enough to compete in the post-season. That’s no-mans’ land in basketball

  26. Doug G

    We know constructing a deal for Melo is tough. That said, what teams would you watch for as likely suitors?

    • Steve Kyler

      No sense of that. The teams that likely would want Melo are not likely teams he’d agree to go to.

      I think Sacramento, OKC, Orlando, Atlanta and New Orleans would trip over themselves to get Melo. I really don’t think he’d approve a trade in-season.

  27. Virgil

    So the Knicks have finally exploded to the delight of many of your writers. We know that there is no fix for the seemingly next 3 years but is there anything that can be done? Do you agree that as long as Dolan owns the team it will be dysfunctional?

    • Steve Kyler

      I don’t agree with your assessment that we “enjoy” watching this play out. I am friends with Courtney Lee, Brandon Jennings and Kyle O’Quinn and I feel bad for those guys. I am close with some of their front office guys and turmoil like this puts their jobs in jeopardy, so I don’t take enjoyment out of this. There are some things in life you can only shake your head at and I think this is one of those things.

      I classify it in “How’d you think that would work out?”

      I do agree 100% that Dolan has created the dysfunction in how he does things and allows things to be done. I can also tell you he’s not going to sell the team.

      We’ll see what comes next, as I said above it is not nearly as bad as it seems. The Knicks are not out if it.

  28. Virgil

    How serious is the injury to Porzingis? is this something the Knicks and he should be seriously concerned with? Is it similar to Yao Ming or Ilgauskas had?

    • Steve Kyler

      He says its nothing serious just sore, but a sore Achilles is a usage injury, so it might be smart to shut him down and get him right, but the Knicks need him so there are competing agendas.

      I have not heard anything to make me believe its more than soreness.

  29. Chris G

    Is Fred Hoiberg a mediocre coach or a good coach in a mediocre situation? His pedigree seems to check the boxes of what makes a successful coach–former NBA player, so he knows the NBA life; former front office executive, so he knows how to work with GMs; former coach, so he knows X’s and O’s. Yet the Bulls are .500. But on the flip side, even if you have a gourmet French chef, if all you have in the kitchen is salt and paprika instead of sugar and cinnamon, you’re not going to make great French toast. So maybe it’s the personnel. The Bulls’ former coach, Thibs, is currently 14-27 (by comparison, his first year in Chicago he was 28-13 after 41 games) coaching a team with three 20 point scorers, yet despite the record he’s still viewed a solid if not great coach. There’s metrics for everything it seems–Is there some metric to look to that hints at a coach’s effectiveness other than just record?

    • Steve Kyler

      Is Fred Hoiberg a mediocre coach or a good coach in a mediocre situation?
      – Yes to both. I was never very high on Hoiberg as an X’s and O’s coach. I also thought Forman and Paxson fell in love for no good reason. I think it was so combative with Thibbs that Hoiberg’s demeanor and willingness to work with them won them over. I also think he inherited a tough situation last year because the entire roster loved Thibbs and he departed so drastically from what that team believed in.

      He was set up to fail last year. It’s marginally better this year, but the bench has just died on him. He’s got nobody to go to.

      Is there some metric to look to that hints at a coach’s effectiveness other than just record?
      – Sure, offensive efficiency, defensive efficiency. Breakdowns of plays. Depth of playbook, but does any of that matter if you do not win? Coaching at this level is not about being clever, it is about getting the most out of your talent and getting them to work together. I don’t think you can say that about the Bulls this year.

      Guys… I am out of time. Thanks for all the questions. Make sure you are following me on Twitter (@stevekylerNBA). See you all next week.