NBA Rumors Chat With Steve Kyler – 1/2/17

Steve_Kyler_Chat_InsidersBasketball Insiders Publisher Steve Kyler will hold his weekly chat at 11:00am EST on Mondays. Drop in your questions regarding NBA trades, the NBA Draft, roster moves or questions about your team.

  1. Ben

    Steve will the SIxers make a big man trade soon ?

    • Steve Kyler

      Welcome to 2017’s first NBA Chat. Hope the holidays were good to you. There are lots of things to get to so, let’s get after it.

      Lots of issues with this question:
      #1 – Sixers are not updating anyone on their trade status. So, until they decide to do a deal, Bryan Colangelo is the only one who knows when they’ll make a trade. I can say, from everything I have heard, they do not have anything close, but they are open to discussions.

      #2 – Big trade? Define a big trade? I think if they do anything, it will be to move out Nerlens Noel, but there does not seem to be anything close at this point. Are the 76ers getting back an All-Star? not likely. They’ll likely get pennies on the dollar for Noel, hence why he’s still on the roster.

  2. Michael Danzel

    If you had to guess Which team do you think lands Rudy Gay? I saw somewhere that he has some interested in the Rockets if Kings let him choose a destination

    • Steve Kyler

      I know Orlando kicked the tires on it. I have been told Rockets like where they are, so that’s not very likely. Rudy is basically a rental, so that will weigh heavily on where he lands. He could end up staying in Sacramento if the return is not right and the Kings get the cap space.

      Rudy recently changed agents, so he’s got new people trying to help him maximize his opportunity, so we’ll see. But it is hard to trade a guy who is hurt.

  3. Pete Bordi

    When will teams know the new cap holds for free agents and how do you think that will affect this year’s trade deadline?

    • Steve Kyler

      Teams know all of that already. The financial parts of the CBA were distributed to teams, so they know what next summer will look like in the new deal.

      Changes in the landscape always impact movement, but I think we’ll see the same kinds of deadline deals as we have in previous years. Most deals are accounting or roster related; there are very few impact deals at the deadline.

  4. Pete Bordi

    What do you think the Spurs will do to upgrade their roster at the trade deadline? With Aldridge playing well, should they look to max out his value and trade him now?

    • Steve Kyler

      I don’t think moving Aldridge is remotely a consideration. As for improving the roster, not sure they have much more to improve. They are 27-7 and easily the 2nd best team in the West, not sure what you are expecting.

  5. James

    Hi Steve,

    I am a Lakers fan. Do you see any trade happening from now to Feb deadlines.


    • Steve Kyler

      I know Laker fans want to see movement, but the team isn’t really looking at that. They came into this season wanting to build a positive culture for the young guys to grow into, that’s where they are. I don’t think they turn away a conversation but the vibe I got from conversations about them is the Lakers are good with where they are and not overly interested in changing it.

  6. JimInCyberspace


    Who stays with the Bulls longer, Rondo or Hoiberg? I think Forman should be on the chopping block, the whole thing is his creation?

    • Steve Kyler

      That’s a tough one. If it were any other team, I think they’d cut Rondo or buy him out, but the Bulls normally don’t do that.

      As for Fred – tick-tock – no question he’s on the hot seat but I don’t think we’re to the point where they fire him mid-season, but the Bulls have done that before.

      As for Gar Forman, he and John Paxson have some pressure for sure. The problem with the Bulls is Jerry Reinsdorf is very, very loyal to his front office guys. I don’t see a change mid-season but not making the playoffs will be a tough conversation for both during their exit interviews with ownership.

  7. Raphael de Aguiar Brandão

    Hi, Sir.

    The Bucks have been making a good campaign so far and one of the surprises is the rookie Malcolm Brogdon.

    The good Khris Middleton is injured and this may disrupt the team’s game if he comes back in the playoffs or near it.

    Is there any chance the Bucks will negotiate Khris Middleton to pick up a player who enters playoff rhythm, either as a starter or as a Brogdon reserve ??

    Thanks sir.

    Raphael Brandão

    • Steve Kyler

      Middleton has started working out around the team so he’ll get up to speed shortly. I don’t think you steer away from an All-Star. I think getting him back will only make the Bucks better as it will push some talent into the 2nd unit.

      I don’t see Middleton being very tradable in his current state. He’d have to prove he’s healthy before he’d command a return.

      If the Bucks are going to move someone it’s likely Greg Monroe, but from what I understand on that, there just isn’t a lot of interest in Moose because of how his contract is structured.

  8. Richard Nelson

    Good morning

    I have 2 questions…first..the mavs will make trades this season..and Vucevic is gonna be trade?

    • Steve Kyler

      The Mavericks usually make a trade every trade deadline, so I think it’s possible mainly because they have some serious veterans that may want to be on a winner and the Mavs may want their cash off the books.

      As for Vucevic. He’s not someone the Magic have to get rid of, but he is someone they would move if the right deal surfaced. He has such a team friendly contract that he might be their only meaningful trade chip they’d part with.

  9. ‪@GoldenEagles_MU ‬

    Any word out of Milwaukee about possible trade?

    • Steve Kyler

      Nothing new. As I covered above. Greg Monroe is likely the only guy they’d be seriously open to moving and they did the dance on him already. If a team called with a good offer they’d move him, but if that does not happen, they like where they are as a team.

  10. ‪@GoldenEagles_MU ‬

    Do you have an idea when Middleton will be back for the Bucks ?

    • Steve Kyler

      He has been with the team recently and said he thought maybe after the All-Star break. No one is trying to force an artificial timeline. A torn hamstring is no joke.

  11. ‪@GoldenEagles_MU ‬

    What’s the expected time frame for Ben Simmons?

    • Steve Kyler

      Again, like Middleton. No artificial timelines on Simmons. They have said maybe before March, but I keep hearing that both sides are completely fine if he misses the whole season and comes back at this next year completely healthy.

      It is all about how he heals and progresses. They are not trying to rush anything and risk him getting re-injured.

  12. ‪@GoldenEagles_MU ‬

    Do you think it’s possible Milwaukee looks into bringing back brandon knight?

    • Steve Kyler

      Unlikely. They are in a pretty good groove right now. You never say never, because they liked Brandon a lot. That is a hard deal to swing unless Monroe is the guy going out.

  13. virgil

    I know they are limited on assists, but what type of deal is there that would help the knocks improve defensively.
    also I like the article today of possible trade of Millsap to raps do you think that is a good fit and would that push them closer to the cavs.
    also great to have you back chatting

    • Steve Kyler

      I am not sure the Knicks have anything to trade that’s not a core piece. The problem with the Knicks is how poorly Joakim Noah has worked out. Not sure they can fix that in trade.

      The Raptors are open to making an impact move. The problem with trading for Millsap is the Hawks want a ton for him and if the Raptors considered it, they’d need assurance Paul would stay in his deal or re-sign. Not sure Paul does that.

  14. Kirk Wallace

    Any rumblings from Chicago? Rondo? Taj/Mirotic expiring…

    • Steve Kyler

      I have heard the same stuff that’s out there. Things are getting frustrating for a number of people. There is some pressure to make this work but not sure anyone takes Rondo and while I am a fan of Niko’s he has played so poorly this year, not sure he matters as a pending free agent in trade.

      Teams usually trade for answers, not questions.

  15. casey

    do you think the magic can get DeMarcus Cousins in a trade ? and what backup sf can they get in a trade?

    • Steve Kyler

      To answer the question directly – No.

      To answer the question more broadly – you’d think magic fans would have learned their lesson about temperamental big men heading into free agency.

      Cousins is way too toxic for what’s going on in Orlando. He’d get everyone involved fired when he walks away in a year.

      The next part is the Kings feel like they can sign him this summer to a Designated Veteran Extension. It will cost him about $50 million in guaranteed money if he gets traded now. He is saying all the right things to make sure that does not happen.

      As for Small Forwards – they have been looking at options since training camp, so they know it’s a need. It’s just finding the right deal.

  16. Shawn

    Hi Steve. The Wolves have been stuck in a weird rut all season. They play well in the first half and build a big lead. Then they blow it as they sleepwalk thru the 3rd quarter and lose the game.

    Saying “That is what young players do” seems like a cop out given that this is the 2nd and 3rd year as starters for most of these guys. Lack of a bench has really hurt, but is the starting unit a good combination?

    Also why does Thibs continue going with the Wiggins high pick and roll over and over late game? It doesn’t lead to high quality shots.

    • Steve Kyler

      I can’t speak to Thibbs coaching decisions. I have not talked with him about it and it’s not something I spend a lot of time on.

      Here is the problem with building teams through the draft – it can be a maddeningly slow process.

      You may not like the answer, but the truth of it is the Wolves never ran a very structured system. Under Thibbs there is a lot more structure and the guys still don’t have it locked in, especially late in games.

  17. Mike Blanton

    Do you think the Blazers make a move for a big man? Can they?

    • Steve Kyler

      They could. The question is at what costs. The things you want to move have limited value. the things that have value, you likely do not want to move. So it’s finding a match in situations.

      The Blazers have been in the mix on the names out there. The problem comes back to whats it cost? They won’t give up core guys.

  18. Louis

    What do think the main for the magics struggles have been so far and what do you see the magic doing to fix it?

    • Steve Kyler

      They are terrible offensively. They do not have a take over a game player.

      As for fixing it, not sure it’s fixable. I am not a fan of the roster or the system they are running.

  19. Sam Rentsch

    As of now, which player is most likely to be traded before deadline?

    • Steve Kyler

      I think it pretty safe to say Nerlens Noel is moved. I think Rudy Gay is moved. I think Phoenix looks at moving Brandon Knight and I think Miami looks at moving Goran Dragic. Jeff Green’s deal was built to be traded, so there is that.

      I think the Pistons, Magic, Blazers, 76ers and Celtics are all buyers if the right guy shakes loose.

  20. Jim

    Nurkic is looking for more playing time, Do the Nuggets placate him by giving him more PT or trade him….to who for what ?

    • Steve Kyler

      I would be surprised if the Nuggets traded Nurkic, they like him a great deal. There is no question about the logjam. I think they try and sort the depth out in trade, but I don’t think Nurkic is the guy unless he returned a ton of value.

  21. virgil

    Any chance the knicks can get in on novel or vucevic

    • Steve Kyler

      Would be surprising. I am not sure the Knicks have the assets to make a trade for that kind of player. Equally, not sure Jackson wants another young guy.

      Guys… I am out of time. Thanks for all the questions. Make sure you are following me on Twitter (@stevekylerNBA). See you all next week.