NBA Rumors Chat With Steve Kyler 1/27/14

Steve_Kyler_Chat_InsidersBasketball Insiders’ Publisher Steve Kyler will hold down his weekly NBA chat at 10:30am EST. Drop your questions about your team, the NBA Draft, free agency or the 2014 NBA Trade Deadline. It’s all fair game, so get in early.
  1. Jamie

    Any update with the Andre millers trade?

    • Steve Kyler

      Welcome in everyone. Hope the week was good to you. Lots of questions to get to, so lets get after them. If you have not taken the Basketball Insiders reader survey, please do. Your input will help us shape what comes next.

      There was a tweet from Darren Wolfson, suggesting that Miller would be moved to either Sacramento or Minnesota around the All-Star break. I know the Kings have been after him, trying to unload Marcus Thornton. My guess would be JJ Barea being moved for Miller on the Minnesota side.

      I wouldn’t hold your breath on either just yet.

  2. downtown food truck

    Will nash finally retire? And why dont a team like the spurs ,thunder or nyc take a look at kaman, he still seems like a guy who can give u solid minutes?

    • Steve Kyler

      Why would he? Keep in mind that a lot of guys just love the life style of being a NBA player. Once thats over its over. Nash has one more year left on his deal. The Lakers may opt to “stretch” his final year, but I have not heard anything from Nash’s side about retirement. In fact its been the opposite.

      On Kaman, not sure that they haven’t. The question becomes what does either have or are willing to offer for him? Keep in mind that just because you don’t hear a rumor about someone does not mean conversations have not taken place.

      From what I have heard the Lakers have talked to everyone in the league about almost everything they have trying to extract youth or draft assets – there just is not a lot of desire or value surrounding what the Lakers have.

  3. Chris G

    More legitimate rumor: Carmelo to the Bulls, or Thibs to the Knicks? Or are both just a lot of imaginative speculation?

    • Steve Kyler

      I think both have legs of their own, that may or may not be based in anything more than thats what people are talking about.

      I can say this — there is a disconnect in what Tom Thibodeau ultimately wants and what the Bulls front office wants. Whether thats a big problem or a little problem is something those groups have to work out. There are people who believe that Tom and the Bulls front office are destined for a break up. I think its that mindset thats fueling the other stuff.

      I am not sold the Bulls let Thibbs go. I think we’ll get to the off-season and we’ll see what ownership believes. My view is that the Bulls won’t find a better coach than Thibbs and if he and the front office can’t get along and get on the same page. It might be time for a new front office. Again, thats my view.

      As for Melo in the Bulls — as I covered in the AM this morning ( I think there will be a number of suitors at the table for Carmelo and Chicago is likely one of them.

      I think its WAY too early in the process to think there is a real front runner.

  4. Marty Jannetty

    I asked this last time around, but want to check back in with it. I only ask again because I care and love your NBA coverage and hope for a similar-ish type for CBB. With all that being said you guys have been live for a little while now, but still no CBB coverage! I only have two sites that I regularly go to for that stuff but I really wouldn’t mind a third who does it. Plus having one who might do more of it or in a better way. I like the other two sites, but one isn’t updated daily and the other is starting to be generic. So get me more (any really) CBB stuff. PLEASE. I BET OF YOU Steve Kyler <333333

    • Steve Kyler

      I promise… pinky swear promise… College Basketball is on our radar, but we are still finding our groove with the new format and we have a number of business things we have to nail down before adding to the team makes an sense for us.

      We want to expand college… we want to expand D-League… we even want some international flavor, but we can’t force all of that in the first week.

      It’s coming, just be patient with us as we unpack and get a groove going again.

  5. Jake

    Will Victor Oladipo become more of a Westbrook or Wade type? What is his “ceiling”?

    • Steve Kyler

      I always think its a little unfair to type-cast a player as the next anything.

      I think Victor is a good combination of the two… I do not think he is a great point guard. I also don’t think he is nearly as good as Wade was at the same point in his career.

      I always temper my valuation of players on bad teams. The issue is being forced with Victor on a lot of fronts. He is putting up numbers and he is finding his way, but defining his ceiling now isn’t fair to him or to me, because we really don’t know yet. He has a lot of potential thats clear, but until he becomes exceptional at one thing, its hard to peg just how good he can be, mainly because he is in a situation designed to make him look good right now.

  6. Marshall Gabell

    Appreciate you time this morning Steve, and I love the new Basketball Insiders!

    Now, where do you expect Carmelo Anthony, Rudy Gay, Rondo and LeBron to go in the offseason, because they’re all in their contract season.

    • Steve Kyler

      Thanks on the site… make sure to spread the word.

      As for each guy you mention… none of them are in a contract season. Some have “options” for free agency.

      I don’t have a clue yet on Carmelo. Lots of mixed signals from his side.

      Rudy Gay, I think might Opt-in, based on his play since arriving in Sacramento, he might have salvaged his free agent value, but I am not sure he’ll leave the money on the table. Although very possible.

      I don’t think Boston is moving Rondo, not unless it starts to get really bad with him and Brad Stevens. He is under contract for this year and next year.

      LeBron is not going anywhere.

  7. JR

    Hi Steve!

    I highly appreciate all your work in the last years and very excited about the new website. I’m happy you keep rolling and sharing with us all the great knowledge you have. Good luck!

    What do you think about new Pelican Alexis Ajinca? Can he help Monty Williams win more games? Is he any good? I mean what can he do for them?

    I think he’s a non-player. You can’t win with this guy.

    I’d take Gorgui Dieng over him any day.

    • Steve Kyler

      Alexis is a guy… thats it. He is a big guy, but he’s not anything more than a body in a uniform. I do not mean that as disrespect, but he’s not a budding star waiting to erupt. There are lots of roster spots in the NBA occupied by “guys”

      So no I do not think he helps Monty Williams win games. He was size that was available, that would sign there and maybe could offer some resistance against big guys.

  8. Row

    Morey openly admitted that Asik talks have fizzled and Motiejunas has attention brewing. Can Houston land their dream PG or PF packaging D-Mo? Both?

    • Steve Kyler

      Daryl found out that the poison pill… is poisonous to everyone. I have talked to a few teams that say as much as they’d like to acquirer Omer the player, their owner would never agree to pay that contract. When you are paying someone $15 million, you have to be able to market him, and thats just not going to happen with Omer.

      I also think how this played out with Omer has effected his value around the league. He is a really good player, but do you want that guy in your locker room?

      As for flipping one of the guys on rookie deals…. Maybe. I think there is more desire on Houston’s part to make a deal than anyone looking at Houston’s roster.

      There is some pressure internally to make some thing happen, because Houston is not the team they want to be. They are motivated to make a move, but historically Daryl has over valued his trade chips so I wouldn’t think that a problem solving trade is coming, simply because Houston needs an impact starter and their assets may not return one.

  9. bjoe

    Steve, good to see you back! Long time hoopsworld reader. All the best with your new site. Greetings from Poland.

    • Steve Kyler

      Thanks… Change is inevitable in life… especially when you sell things to other people.

      Glad you found us. Spread the word.

  10. Jason

    Do you think the Sixers can make any moves before the week of the deadline or do most talks really take shape during that final week? Do other dominos need to fall before teams focus on the likes of Young, Turner and Hawes.

    • Steve Kyler

      Typically, teams use this time to figure out whats available. Most deals take shape based on conversations that take place between December and the deadline. Sometimes teams find their deal and make it. Sometimes teams wait until the deadline to extract the most value.

      As for the 76ers specifically. They are not in a situation where they HAVE to do something. They have things they would do, but they are not up against some kind of deadline. If it makes sense they’ll do it, but they are not in fire sale mode.

      Having trade assets going into the off-season is not a bad thing. Turner is the one that might be forced, but even then they could do a sign and trade for Evan and get assets back.

  11. John

    Hi Steve…
    Are you hearing anything about the Pistons in the trade market? Coaching replacement? GM replacement? or Are they going to ride this out this year?

    • Steve Kyler

      Only thing I am hearing is MASSIVE denials about moving Greg Monroe. So I read that as Greg Monroe better pack 🙂

      The Pistons just hired Mo Cheeks, so I doubt he’s fired mid-season and Joe Dumars isn’t going anywhere mid-season either. The off-season may be a different story, but if you look at Portland… they went through the same thing last year and turned it around impressively this year.

      I think the situations and talent are different, but you have to give things time to come together, especially with so many young guys and guys with conflicting agendas.

  12. Jeff

    Sounds like there’s chatter about Jeff Green being shopped and everyone knows Brandon Bass could be moved for the right price. Any idea what the market for these guys is?

    • Steve Kyler

      I think like all teams with players that can play, there is a sense that their teams will trade them to lose games.

      Boston is in asset collection mode, so who gives the unprotected first rounder for Jeff Green? Same with Brandon Bass? Rookie scale contracts and draft picks are the keys to the conversation and no one is really doing that yet.

      Phoenix and Sacramento have both said they’d move a pick to secure the right player… not sure Green or Bass fit that description.

  13. George Flood

    Hi Steve, loving the new website. It’s obvious some great work has gone into making it.

    What do you make of Trey Burke’s short NBA career so far? As a Jazz fan who was excited to trade up for him during the draft, I’ve been really encouraged with what I’ve seen.

    • Steve Kyler

      I think Trey landed in the right situation for him. Its going to take time for it all to come together.

      I think the draft knocks on Trey are proving true… he’s not a great shooter and he has struggled to score at this level. He sure can lead a team and he knows how to get guys the ball. In time I think his shooting will get better and he’ll find a groove with his team mates.

  14. bullzfan

    What will it take to get Carmelo in a bulls uniform? There’s reports that he prefers bulls over Lakers. Is Carmelo already slowly but quietly heading out of new york? He can’t really force his way out because of what he did in denver

    • Steve Kyler

      I’d take reports of a front runner on Carmelo with a grain of salt.

      As for what it will take… a contract that pays him $20 million per season and thats where the Bulls are going to struggle to get him. They’d have to create a lot of room beyond amnesty on Carlos Boozer.

      The Bulls have $63 million in commiments next season. Amensty on Boozer shaves off 16.8 million. If the cap is $62 million, thats $15.877 million in space, which won’t be enough to get Anthony his max contract.

      The CBA allows Carmelo Anthony to make north of $21 million in the first year of his deal (105% of his last contract year) regardless of where he signs.

  15. luka

    as a wizards fan I would love to see greg monroe in dc,Do you think that detroit would accept offer including portet,ariza,glen rice jr?

    • Steve Kyler

      I know Washington is interested in Greg… however I have been told aggressively that Detroit is not open to it. So short answer is no.

      Does that change at the trade deadline? Maybe.

  16. Larson

    What kind of trade chatter have you heard about the Warriors since they acquired Jordan Crawford and MarShon Brooks from Boston?

    • Steve Kyler

      I have not heard anything credible regarding the Warriors… so nothing worth comment about.

  17. Chris

    Hi Steve,
    What’s your take on Otto Porter of the Wizards? He missed Summer League, training camp, preseason and the first part of the regular season to injury. But as he has gotten some time he’s looked unathletic and out of place. Is it too soon to call him a bust?

    • Steve Kyler

      1st — who in this draft class outside of Victor Oladipo has looked good?

      Otto has struggled to get healthy, and when you sit for long periods of time, your going to look like he looks. He is behind the curve, much like Anthony Bennett in Cleveland.

      I think calling anyone a bust after having injuries in their first year is a mistake. But I would also say if you thought you were getting Carmelo Anthony, thats on you because Otto was not a star level talent coming in. He is supposed to be the franchises future third option and I still think he can be.

  18. Javoris

    With OKC trading away Ryan Gomes weeks ago and had a bit of a cap relief, do you see the Thunder making any moves before the deadline? Or was the move simply for relief?

    • Steve Kyler

      It was 100% about making sure they were not a tax payer and that they had room to add if they wanted to… not sure they want to right now.

  19. Joey Laughlin

    Do you think the Pacers will move Granger for bench pieces

    • Steve Kyler

      No. I think the Pacers like what they have chemistry wise and feel like Danny can help them in the post season more than anything they can get for him in return.

  20. Walter

    The term “sources” are used a lot. Sometimes the info from the sources seems like a shot by that source to cause discontent or rumors with the hope of muddying up the waters. Does this kind of thing happen?

    And, do the Magic go long haul with Vucevic and the big payday he will command, or do they trade high when he is back from the longest concussion ever?

    Thanks, and the new site is great.

    • Steve Kyler

      I think how each writers uses information obtained from people who do not want to be quoted is on that writer. Its dangerous to paint with a broad brush.

      I can speak for myself in saying I have people who start every conversation with me with “You can’t quote me on this…” a lot of times, its in response to specific questions I ask. Those people trust that I am not going to assign their name to something and thats why they talk to me. There is a desire on most teams part to make sure media people know whats going on or what their mindset is. What they are not trying to do is make “statements” that cause more statements and it takes on a life of its own.

      I have had NBA executives pull me to the side and say “hey, you don’t have this right… let me help you out” and then share their mind set or their philosophy. Sometimes I’ll be sitting with someone having an off-the-record conversation where details of conversations are shared. I clearly won’t quote that, but sometimes that information is important to topics we care about so I may reference is by “sources”.

      I think you have to take whats said in any off the record conversation with a grain of salt. I trust the people I talk to, but I also understand there are hundreds of things they will not share and for good reason.

      I do try and chum up the waters a little with questions like “whats the craziest trade you’ve been offered this week…” and that too will yield some entertaining concepts.


      As for Vucevic. I don’t think anything has been decided yet. He has to finish the season. I know Orlando likes him, but will they go $13 or $14 million for him. I don’t think they will. I think they’ll put four-years $40 million on the table and see if Nik takes it, if not they’ll play out restricted free agency. I don’t think anything has been decided in terms of keeping anyone on the roster yet. You really can’t be in love when you are a 20 win team.

  21. Adrian

    Hey Steve,

    If your NY Knicks do you trade Melo, now that his stock is high?

    • Steve Kyler

      Not sure a guy that can walk away in July is at his high point. Equally the Knicks won’t get back nearly what they have in Carmelo in trade, so they will likely have to sit down with him and gauge where his head is at.

      The Magic told Dwight Howard when he was in a similar situation if he did not Opt-In they’d have no choice but to trade him. The Knicks may have to play the same card with Anthony.

  22. BeeMagic

    Excellent new site and direction, congratulations.
    Is A. Nickolson being held back to be part of a trade package? The bench seems so weak at every position. Does the absence of Vucevic mean that much to the rotation?

    • Steve Kyler

      No… if you are trading a player, you showcase him, not sit him.

      We saw this last year were Drew just sort of fell out of favor. This is the problem with so many duplicated guys. I have said this a few times. The goal this season is to put as much on tape for every guy as they can and that means guys will sit. I wouldn’t read too much into that other than there are log jams.

      If the Magic make trades that might get cleared up.

  23. marios

    Trade green, Wallace, Bradley, Humphries,bass… Take whatever picks you are offered and cap space… Restart… Rondo sully the drafts and one good free agent is the staring point of a new era… Keeping those guys offers nothing…

    • Steve Kyler

      I do not see a question here… so I’ll just say — “sure, what he said.”

  24. Marshall Gabell

    You said “LeBron isn’t going anywhere”

    Does that mean Chris Bosh or D-Wade will go somewhere else? Or will all three take pay cuts, again?

    • Steve Kyler

      I think there is more chance all three opt-in, than all three opt-out.

      I think they out-out if there is a chance to add another weapon to the team. I think everyone needs to get nervous about the summer of 2015.

  25. Tyler

    Why didn’t you retire with your millions after you sold hoops world?

    • Steve Kyler

      We sold HOOPSWORLD in 2008. It was acquired by USA TODAY when the company we sold to, sold to USA TODAY in 2012.

      As for the millions. We didn’t do nearly that good on the HW deal. As for retirement, I am still a young guy that loves what I do. Change is inevitable, you can run from it or you can embrace it. I think we’re proving every day that we – my guys – are HOOPSWORLD, not the domain name, but frankly I like our new name better. Its a little more fitting to who we are and what we do.

      Its been fun to build something new. Its been fun to be a free agent of sorts. We’re having a lot of interesting conversations about where our team will align next, so this is simply a new beginning.

      Guys… I am out of time. Thanks for all the questions. Make sure you are following me on Twitter (@stevekylerNBA). See you all next week.