NBA Rumors Chat With Steve Kyler 7/22/14

Steve_Kyler_Chat_InsidersBasketball Insiders Publisher Steve Kyler will hold his re-scheduled chat at 10:30am EST on Tuesday. Drop in your questions regarding NBA trades, the NBA Draft, roster moves or questions about your team.

  1. Connor

    What is the latest that you are hearing about the sacramento kings and josh smith?

    • Steve Kyler

      Welcome in everyone. Sorry for the delay, we had a massive power outage in my neighborhood last night which claimed the original plan. I will do my best to get to as many of your questions as possible. So lets jump right in.

      Dead. It was dead at the draft. As I chronicled in the AM which will drop shortly, the Kings and Pistons talked around the draft, but it was pulled off the table by Van Gundy then. The Kings tried to re-engage and got nowhere.

  2. Eric

    Hey Steve,

    How do you see the playing for each position in Orlando playing out this year? Does Payton get the lion’s share at the point, or Ridnour?

    VO at shooting guard?

    Harkless, Harris or Gordon for small forward?

    Harris, Gordon or O’Quinn at PF?

    And Vuc, if he can stay healthy at center?

    Thanks for making Monday just a little less terrible.

    • Steve Kyler

      If you have followed the Magic under Rob Hennigan rookies don’t start, and rookies play a deliberately measured amount of minutes to ease them into the 82 game grind and to help them adjust. I expect Payton to be the starter around mid-season, but I don’t think he starts day one.

      I think you are more likely to see Victor start at point guard early on, but there is a chance Vic is at the two with Ridnour as the starter

      You can take Aaron Gordon off the board as a starter. He is too raw to be productive as a starter. I think as the season goes and they see improvement, he might start just to get him experience, but I doubt he starts a bunch of games as a rookie.

      That leaves Harris more likely at the three… with Frye at the four.

      I think the battle to watch is Harris and Harkless. Mo is spending time with Idan Ravin this summer; he is the guy that trains Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul… So Mo is trying to bring his game way up this year.

      There also is a scenario in which Vuc is the point, Mo is the two, Tobias at three, Frye at four and Vuc at five. My guess is that’s the opening day starters.

      Vuc is always your starting center if healthy, although I can see situations where Frye might start at center and the Magic see if Vuc can play the four in a big lineup. But honestly I see Channing at stretch four.

  3. Jay

    If the Bulls stay healthy and win the championship this year and McDermott play a big role in helping them win, Michael Jordan would have a hand in helping then when their 7th title via the Tyrus Thomas trade from years ago. Irony Right….

    • Steve Kyler

      Way too many If’s for that be to a real statement. If the Bulls win a championship it will be because of a lot of other factors more so than McDermott, if Doug averages 8 points a game as a rookie that’s going to be a lot.

  4. Kevin

    With the Suns and E. Bledsoe so far apart on a new contract, I’ve seen rumors of S&T with LAL, Houston, and Milwaukee. I’ve looked at the rosters for both LAL and Houston. Steve, what on earth do either of those teams have that they would be willing to give up that Phoenix might be interested in? Realistically, I don’t see it happening. If you were a GM, is there something you see that I’m missing?

    • Steve Kyler

      The Suns have sort of addressed this… they are planning for Eric to be back either on a new deal with them or on the Qualifying Offer. They’d like for it to be a new deal, but it has to be on their terms. Currently no one in the market place can offer more (outside of Philly who is not interested) than Phoenix is offering and frankly $12 million per is likely the right price for Bledsoe.

      As for the sign and trade stuff… I can tell you the Bucks would be very interested. The Lakers and Houston is Eric’s side trying to drum up a better offer. As you point out, there is nothing there that makes sense for Phoenix.

  5. Cory

    Since free agency is winding down, it’s time to ask for a ridiculously premature prediction: who do you have pegged as All Star starters? Will playing beside Lebron keep Kyrie ahead of a (hopefully healthy) D-Rose? Will age lead to Kobe and Wade falling out of their starter’s roles for young guns like Curry, Paul, and Wall? Has Noah raised his profile enough to get past Paul George as a starter? Will Kevin Love be a starter for whatever conference he’s in? (I’ve adopted the ESPN approach of asking about things that may not happen for 8 months and are entirely speculative, but nonetheless count as news). Thoughts?

    • Steve Kyler

      I have given zero thought to the upcoming season. I am still in off-season mode.

      Its impossible to predict fan voting… for instance how does Laker Nation and Jeremy Lin factor into the equation if he plays well? There are so many variables. I haven’t really thought about it, because how you play determines a lot, what havens if Paul George falls off? Injuries?

  6. Charlie

    With a glut of tweeners signed at the small forward position (Harkless, Harris, Fournier, Aaron Gordon, Marble) do you envision the Orlando Magic trading any of these guys to strengthen the point guard position? I’m afraid the Magic will ruin Olidipo if they force him to play the 1.

    • Steve Kyler

      I think its going to be worked out in camp. The Magic are into this “no positions” concept and that you put the best players on the floor. So you have to remove Point Guard, Shooting Guard, Small Forward Power Forward labels from your thought process. They have backcourt guys and front court guys and they will play the most effective combinations together.

  7. Chris G

    Could the Lakers be looking at a long stretch of mediocrity, like the Celtics went through in the 1990s and first half of the 2000s? I’m not seeing where those big stars are they can use to reload. Lebron’s in Cleveland for the foreseeable future, Anthony and Bosh are locked up, Love was supposed to be headed to the Lakers per rumor, but now it seems Golden State and Cleveland have dibs on him; I can’t see Durant leaving the Thunder (despite what the Knicks and Wizards hope to do in 2016). I once though D-Rose might bolt Chicago, since he trained out there in LA, but can he be the centerpiece? I always assumed the Lakers would rise because they’re the Lakers. Now, I’m kinda worried.

    • Steve Kyler

      The problem for the Lakers is they can’t over pay someone anymore. They used to be able to attract players because they could spend more. Now that they are under the cap its going to be harder to do that. They are going to have to grow some assets. Prospect a little more and get the cupboard restocked.

      The one thing about LA is its a huge opportunity for someone. The established guys don’t need the Lakers spotlight like it used to be, but there will be young guys that are lost somewhere that need what LA can offer them — think about Nick Young. Those are the kinds of guys the Lakers can get to leave other situations.

      But to answer your question directly — yes, going to be a tough road back mainly because they have given away so many draft assets. Their 2015 pick is top 5 protected so that may help a little because the 2015 class has some really solid players at the top, but that means a crappy season next year to maximize it.

  8. Chris G

    When does next season’s schedule typically come out? I’m curious to see who gets opening night and the Christmas Day games.

    • Steve Kyler

      It varies in 2012 it was done around the end of July… Last year it was August 6th… so it usually drops at some point over the next two weeks.

  9. Mikey

    I really believe that the Lakers are pushing hard to acquire Eric Bledsoe from the suns by giving up Jordan Hill + Nash + 1st rounder. What do you think of the odds of something like this happening?

    • Steve Kyler

      No. This is being fueled on the Bledsoe side.

      The Lakers could have put in an offer on Bledsoe with their cap space and forced the action. They did not. This is an agent trying to generate a market for a guy thats not getting a lot of love.

  10. son of coach

    Steve, are you buying the hype regarding the Bulls as Eastern Conference favorites at this point?

    • Steve Kyler

      I think the Bulls are one of the teams you have to respect… I think Chicago, Cleveland and Miami are the best teams in the East. Indiana could be right there along with Washington. Toronto, Charlotte and Detroit make up the next tier. New York and Brooklyn are in the mix too.

  11. Horace Bowers

    Will the Pistons trade Josh Smith? Will Monroe be kept or traded?

    • Steve Kyler

      Doubtful on Josh being traded before the season starts, once Van Gundy has a sense of what Josh means to the team that could change.

      On Monroe, the Pistons are not going to go MAX, but thats off the table now. I think he’ll be back on a reasonably priced deal for the Pistons.

  12. Chris

    Hi Steve,

    I have a bit of a complicated question about Qualifying Offers and the Wizards. In a surprise to many Wiz fans, Kevin Seraphin was extended a QO of about $3.8 million. I guess that made sense given that the only big man under contract for the next year at that moment was Nene. But then the Wiz resigned Gortat and Gooden and did S&T’s for Humphries and Dejuan Blair. That would make Seraphin the 6th big man.

    So why would the Wiz have not rescinded the QO? Could Seraphin have signed the QO much earlier and the Wiz didn’t report it in case Seraphin got a better offer or they wanted to do a S&T for him and they could pretend he didn’t sign it? I have also seen discussion that Seraphin has the same agent as Lebron (and Seraphin was in Cleveland last week) and that Seraphin might be a part of an elaborate three-way trade with Cleveland and Minnesota involving Kevin Love.

    Can you give me any insight on what might be going on?

    • Steve Kyler

      $3.8 million for an asset like Seraphin is reasonable. Because he picked up his Qualifying Offer he can veto any trade, so moving him becomes highly unlikely. He now gets to unrestricted free agency, which likely means he didn’t get a lot of love from the marketplace. As for the Wizard’s he didn;t cost them anything, they were not going to have capspace. He’s worth more to them on the roster than what his contract value is.

      Seraphin is not repped by Rich Paul… he is repped by Mark Termini.

      Rich Paul’s Klutch Sports is :
      Eric Bledsoe – LeBron James – JaJuan Johnson – Cory Joseph – Devoe Joseph – Myck Kabongo – Mckenzie Moore – Tristan Thompson

      As for an elaborate three team deal, have not heard anything on that from a credible source.

  13. Gary

    If Cleveland wants Kevin Love but Minni prefers assets that can contribute now, what are the odds of a third team becoming involved? Just an example, Toronto could send Derozan and Amir Johnson, as well as picking up the Martin contract, to the Wolves, with young (and Canadian) players like Wiggins, Bennett and Thompson becoming Raptors. Both Cleveland and Toronto could add picks to the transaction. Any other third parties who you think might “grease the wheels” for either a Cav or Warrier trade?
    Gary M

    • Steve Kyler

      The problem here is not many teams, especially not ones in the East are going to be eager to help the Cavs get Love or the Wolves get veterans. This is a case of not helping the enemy. Not saying its not possible, just saying its not being discussed at this point.

  14. Andre Walker

    Who should the Knicks attempt to trade either JR or Shump for, what PF could they come up with in that deal. Would they be able to acquire anyone that will workout in the triangle. Can they also move Bargani in that deal.

    • Steve Kyler

      Sure and lets move all the bums off of Broadway. Its easy to say lets trade this guy and this guy, but you have to have a buyer and while the Knicks would love to move JR Smith’s money and Shump supposed attitude problem, not many teams are offering anything for them.

      So do you down grade to get them off the roster? Not sure thats what Phil is looking for.

  15. Gar Forman

    I’m looking for a third-string big. Is my best bet bringing Nazz Mohammad back, or any chance I could lure away Elton Brand for a return engagement?

    • Steve Kyler

      Saw Nazr in Vegas, he looked fit… so sure. As for Elton he and I joke about how much more he wants to play, he says he still has something left, so sure. I would argue that there are better options — Ekpe Udoh, Greg Stiemsma and Jermaine O’Neal come to mind.

  16. mark

    Good evening Steve, thank you for taking my question. Frustrated bucks fan here. Why wouldn’t . Milwaukee dump delfino and wolters with a pick if necessary and offer bledsoe Max deal or close to it. Put suns to test and see if they match. Small price to pay to put that kind of young talent bucks already have. In my opinion that would bring most hope for bucks fans since big dog, ray Allen and cassell.

    • Steve Kyler

      Because there is no guarantee you’d get him. Just getting space does not mean you get the guy and moving money is expensive, it usually costs you first round draft picks.

      The Bucks are at the table on Bledsoe, but he’s not unrestricted so everything is tied to Phoenix and they would gladly match whatever Milwaukee gets Bledsoe to sign – if he’d sign there.

  17. Frank

    Hi Steve,
    Do you see Mayo &/or Ilyasova being with the BUCKS in NOV?

    Assume a MIL/NYK trade ILY/Mayo/Delfino for Bargnani/J.R.Smith/Sumpert? Thoughts?

    • Steve Kyler

      There is no way I’d do that deal if I am Milwaukee. I’d do that deal twice if I were New York.

  18. keeweekid

    With the speculation of Love for Wiggins/Bennett/pick(s, why is another PF with a year left not getting same attention, LaMarcus Aldridge?
    I realize Blazers made 2nd round and want to sign him to max but IF management believes current team has a ceiling of 2nd round, would this not be an interesting idea for the Blazers?
    Who do you think GM’s have a higher desire to have on their team, Love or Aldridge?

    • Steve Kyler

      LaMarcus has been way out front saying he wants to stay in Portland, so unlike Love who is clearly out in Minnesota, LaMarcus has said he wants to stay.

  19. LA in LA

    Hey Kyler, I’m livid about this Boozer signing:

    1) How can you justify the Lakers signing Boozer? We already had 5 bigs before we signed him, all of whom need minutes so we can see them develop. I’m not interested in seeing if Boozer can recover from the worst statiscal season of his career.

    2) Don’t you think we’d be better off seeing if we can make Ed Davis take his game to the next levels (he’d be the latest former first round pick to come here and rehab his bust reputation to be a solid player), or develop all of our other young bigs?

    3)On a non-Boozer note, could you see Kobe requesting a trade? I can’t but I wonder if he wouldn’t rather be on a team that actually contend rather than waste his last two years on a team that will be lucky to reach the playoffs.

    • Steve Kyler

      OK… one by one:

      1) How can you justify the Lakers signing Boozer? —> inexpensive veteran that can start, and help the young bigs find their way. He was a great Big Brother for DRose and Taj Gibson.

      2) Don’t you think we’d be better off seeing if we can make Ed Davis take his game to the next levels —> One is unrelated to the other. Ed will get him chance, but he won’t be counted on to fail. If he shows signs, he’ll play if he doesn’t, he won’t. Boozer did not impede the development of Joakim Noah or Taj Gibson.

      3) could you see Kobe requesting a trade? —> No chance. He’s been too “Laker for Life”, but you never know. He is already talking about life after basketball, so we’ll see, but I seriously doubt he is in a position to demand anything.

  20. Johnny

    What are some projections your hearing on how high the salary cap could go in the next few years and after the new TV deal is signed? I’ve read anywhere from a $83M to +$100M by 2016. How would effect free agency now and in a few years?

    • Steve Kyler

      $66 million is the estimate for next season… from there it could go way up… some have said $77-$80 million after new TV package kicks in, and then depending on how the labor talks in 2017 go, it could go up or stay flat if the percentages change…. We have seen basically a 5-7% growth in the cap, so if you measure things out that way at an average of 6% growth, and keep things on the low side on the new TV deal.

      2015- $66 million
      2016- $77 million
      2017- $81 million
      2018- $86 million

      I think those are likely numbers.

  21. daray

    Hey Steve,

    Why aren’t the magic in the race for Monroe/bledsoe/E. Turner?
    they need to add more talent/ASSESTS.
    Especially bledsoe fills a need! They should pay him 13-14 mil/year. Even if they wouldnt want to keep him they could still trade him at the deadline. I read the Lakers offered randle + picks!!!!
    So why arent the magic adding assets to their team?

    • Steve Kyler

      Magic went with Frye instead of Monroe… they drafted Payton instead of Bldesoe and had zero interest in Evan Turner.

      You may think they need more assets, but they don’t… they have a ton of assets, they need to those assets to produce. Bledsoe and Monroe would have been MAX money for 2nd tier talents. Neither of those guys are franchise players.

  22. Aristotle

    Hey Steve,

    A few questions on Summer League:

    1. Watching Hairston and Napier play so far, do you think Miami are kicking themselves losing a nice back up to Dwyane Wade instead of now having Napier which was to try make LeBron happy?

    2. I’m still waiting on McLemore. Does he truly have potential or is he looking like a bust?

    3. By asking the above questions, is a fan like me putting more emphasis on Summer League performances than should be put? How important is the Summer League to coaches and teams?

    • Steve Kyler

      Miami might have been a better fit for Hairtson in terms of all the off the court stuff, but he was never an option for Miami. Napier wasn’t drafted “because of LeBron”, they saw the world the same way that Napier was the best option available. Also, keep in mind Josh Selby was a Summer League MVP, Anthony Randolph set summer records and Marcus Banks was a beats in summer play… conversely Michael Carter-Williams stunk up summer league and won Rookie of The Year.

      Summer League is a really poor indicator of NBA Regular season success. Napier had James Ennis and Justin Hamilton to work with, hard to be effective without help.

      You are not the only one waiting on McLemore. I said this during the draft process for him. He was the last to be in the gym training. He just isn’t a hard worker and thats whats required to improve at this level, can’t coast.

      Summer League gets your feet wet… hopefully it illustrates how much faster, more physical and more demanding the NBA is and gives young guys a basis to work from to improve. As for how much its valued, onyl in the sense of knowing what guys need to work on or in the case of second year and third year guys, what they have worked on.

  23. Patrick

    Are the Lakers seriously considering trading Julius Randle for Eric Bledsoe?

    • Steve Kyler


  24. Eric

    What do you think Ray Allen will do retire or play this upcoming season?

    • Steve Kyler

      I think its far more likely Ray joins a team mid-season for a playoff run than signing on training camp and 82-games.

  25. scott

    Any idea what the Laker plan is?

    • Steve Kyler

      Stay flexible… Add talent next summer. Keep swinging till you hit something.

  26. Radu

    Hi Steve,
    So I was looking at your list of teams with any cap space left and I was thinking of Greg Monroe. Other than resigning with the Pistons, Phoenix would be the only realistic option out there (assuming they’re really interested).
    If you were Phoenix, would you spend your cap space on Monroe? I guess they’d have a bit of leverage being the only suitor outside of Detroit but then again, as you mentioned, they’d need a pretty high offer to prevent Detroit from matching.

    If you were Phoenix, how much would you offer and if you were the Pistons, how much would you be willing to match?

    • Steve Kyler

      Word was they were talking offer sheet, but honestly anything short of Max is a favor for Detroit, as they would match and say thanks for the discount.

  27. Mr R

    Do you scratch your head at some of the decisions the Magic have recently made? Are there some concerns on the direction Rob Hennigan is taking the team? It does not seem they will make the playoffs again next year.

    • Steve Kyler

      I often ask “ok… Explain it to me”… Because on the surface I don’t always get it. Beyond Aaron Gordon which I think was a dare “to be Blake” move because they had a second pick, I am OK with their logic.

      I think some times we get caught up in what an individual is or isn’t and overlook what he could be in the aggregate – how does the piece work inside the team?

  28. Dinakdakang ilocos

    Do u thinks its locked that ray allen either retires or plAy only with the cavs? Who do u think gets shawn marrion ? Thanks

    • Steve Kyler

      I can say what we’ve been told is Ray is done. But I think that’s far from decided officially. I think he is done for now and comes back in December or January. As for Cavs, who knows, people act like he and LeBron are life long friends. I think the Cavs have as good a shot as anyone.

      On Marion, not sure. He doesn’t want a minimum type deal. So who is going to give him real money, don’t think that’s clear yet.

  29. Manila jeepney

    Will the lakers play small fast ball with the line up they have or will the sign another big like lets say okafor? And do the mavs need to look for a starting sg like shumpert and slide monta at the 1 or should monta play with devin harris as starters?

    • Steve Kyler

      Not sure Oakfor is going to play… There has been almost no talk about him other than fan chatter. His neck surgery was pretty aggressive.

      Lakers have almost nothing left to offer financially, they have spent their money. Not sure Mek risks permanent injury for the minimum.

  30. Lakeshow32

    Any intel on what Love would be willing to do (opt in or extend) with either Cavs or Warriors?
    Do you believe he will make it to free agency next year?

    • Steve Kyler

      We have been told that he would be open to opting in, however his first priority would be to hit free agency. I think he’d rather talk with his new team and get them to allow his free agency rather than opting in as it would cost him about $3 million.

      I don’t think he’d kill a possible trade over the option, but I also think that’s far from decided.

  31. Reggae in the waves

    Who do u think will have the best record in the east and who would go to the finals? I hot cavs to win the most in the east and have either the heat or bulls to go to the finals..

    • Steve Kyler

      If healthy… Chicago. Everyone forgets how good Chicago is and they got deeper and better.

  32. trevor

    With the additions of mc dermott and mirotic it seems that bulls solve their last year shooting issues while they still lack size and athletisism in the wing.Could you see the one year remaining contract of dunleavy being traded anytime soon?What kind of value will it bring back?

    • Steve Kyler

      Unlikely they have Tony Snell and Jimmy Butler who can hit shots and really add some punch on both ends of the floor heard DRose is really shooting the ball well too, so there is that.

  33. Charlie

    In your video for “The Favourites to Land Kevin Love” you said Kevin Love was the consolation prize for teams that missed out on Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony and Loul Deng. I have to believe you mispoke here as almost every team in the league would have Kevin Love rated higher than Loul Deng. Right? Or are you rating Deng higher than Love?

    • Steve Kyler

      Deng was obtainable… Love was not. If you can’t get something obtainable you go to the next guy. The comment wasn’t about ranking, it was about obtainablity.

  34. Dennis

    Hi Steve, I’ve been a Rockets fan since the 70’s and I’ve enjoyed seeing some of the teams grow and mature. It doesn’t seem like Daryl Morey believes in allowing a team to have more than one season together before making massive changes. I thought we had a good nucleus and could just improve the bench and make a run. This offseason has been a disaster. At what point do you stop playing the analytics game and think about team chemistry?

    • Steve Kyler

      You can’t praise the guy one your and trash him the next…. This is who Daryl is, good and bad. Not sure that’s ever going to change.

      I talk to Daryl frequently and he is not the “all Analytics” guy he’s made out to be, that is surely a foundation piece of his thought process but there is more balance to these guys than they are given credit for.

      I would agree Houston got hammered this summer, but you rolled the dice in free agency and the Rockets came up snake eyes. Matching Chandler would have locked the team into Dwight, James and Chandler and. I am not sure that’s better team. But I am loving the reunion tour Morey is assembling.

  35. Dennis

    Are you surprised at the lack of a market for Eric Bledsoe? Despite the max price tag, Bledsoe is a terror on offence, not terrible on D, and is only 24 years old (meaning you get him for his prime years). Why has no one used their cap space to offer him a big contract while Gordan Haywood gets 16 mill per, Chandler Parsons gets 15 mill per and Chris Bosh gets 23 mill per.

    • Steve Kyler

      No, mainly because $12 million is likely the right price for him. The reason Hayward and Parsons got what they did is because other viewed them as missing pieces… Not sure anyone views Bledsoe that way.

  36. Mac

    If you were Pau Gasol would you have signed with the Spurs or Chicago if the money was the same?

    • Steve Kyler

      I am not Gasol… But I would say Chicago offered best mix of playing time and opportunity, Spurs have a lot of guys at Pau’s spot. The East is also easier on the body than the West.

  37. Menolikedwight

    I am an admitted Laker fan.
    Gotta say that I root against Dwight and therefor Houston. Was thrilled they didn’t pull off the Bosh/Parsons daily double.
    It is my opinion that Dwight lacks the maturity and work ethic needed to put rings on fingers. Agree?
    As a Magic follower do you share the same thoughts and feelings?

    • Steve Kyler

      Not sure where the Magic follower comes from… I am simply based I the region.

      I like Dwight. I like Dwight a lot. I never wish ill on a player especially one I consider a friend. I don’t usually agree with Dwight, especially recently, but I am not rooting against him, he’s my guy. I wish him nothing but success and urge him to get out of his own way.

  38. Raj

    Who else Lakers are trying to get? How good will be Ryan Kelly coming year

    • Steve Kyler

      This is basically it… Not much cash left, this is your squad.

      As for Kelly? Have no sense of it, he’ll get opportunity and that usually yields productivity.

  39. Shawn


    How do you feel about the Blazers this offseason? Does the addition of Kaman and Blake do it for you? Or do they (somehow) try to add some, presumably, minimum salary veteran talent?


    • Steve Kyler

      Not sure it matters… The Blazers will go as their core goes. I think Portland did pretty good filling out the bench , but real gains come from the guys they have already.

  40. Oleg

    Good day sir!

    Would the Lakers be able to afford 2 top-tier free agents next summer with what’s left with their cap room? Or would they need a trade for that one top-tier? Can you give an example of those free-agents combinations that the Lakers would try to get next year? Thank you sir!

    • Steve Kyler

      Lakers have $35 million in guaranteed contract money against whats going to likely be a $66 million cap — so thats $31 million in usable cap money. That is enough for a single max guy and a second near max guy, depending on the guys.

  41. BeeMagic

    Hi Steve,
    The Orlando Summer League seemed like hard-nosed SL ball. The Vegas SL looked like bad “street ball” and a bunch of “me first” play and little defense that was mostly a lot of hacking. Even the refs were lax. It may have been entertaining to some tho it was not pretty to watch as a fan of the game. I realize the fans being present change the atmosphere. Did you see it differently?
    I checked in on BBI’s Studs and Duds, loved it Will Exum be a 2 in this league, he looked out of his comfort zone?

    • Steve Kyler

      Orlando is quiet… no energy, all work… no fluff. Guys are usually very tight and very focused. In Vegas its more open, more lively. There is a crowd to play to and of course lots of opportunity to get distracted.

      I don;t think the Jazz have made any decisions on Dante yet. I think he’ll get time at both spots because he can play both guard spots. His first step is amazing.

  42. MacioBrown

    Who is the under the radar free agent that is still out there?