Clyde Drexler: Celtics, Not Rockets First Big Three


Clyde Drexler said Sunday he’s flattered that LeBron James mentioned him as part of one of the first Big Threes, but the Hall of Famer said superteams began long before his 1995-96 Houston Rockets.

“You know, I love LeBron and anything he says is gold. But I’d really like to give you a different opinion,” Drexler told ESPN on Sunday. “The Big Three was Kareem, Worthy and Magic, way before Bird, Parish, Maxwell and McHale and D.J. Those great teams always had four, five great players. Not only three, they had four to five great players. “The early Celtics from the ’60s with Bill Russell, Havlicek, Cousy and Sam Jones, that was the first Big Three. So it goes further back from that.

Source: ESPN

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