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2015 NBA Trade Deadline Diary



  • Thunder Eyeing Norris Cole?

    If OKC completes the Brook Lopez-Reggie Jackson deal, Thunder could make a move for Miami's Norris Cole, league sources tell Yahoo Sports.

    via Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports on Twitter

  • Denver Done Dealing After McGee, Afflalo Trades?

    Unless something else emerges between now and deadline, Denver is done dealing today, league source tells Yahoo.

    via Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports on Twitter

  • Garnett May Block Nets-Wolves Trade?

    There's nothing imminent on the Nets-Wolves deal with Thaddeus Young and Kevin Garnett. Source: "Garnett may shoot it down." We'll see.

    via Alex Kennedy of Basketball Insiders

  • Denver Unlikely to Move Chandler Today

    Blazers (got Afflalo) and Clippers (no assets) were teams in Wilson Chandler mix. No market now. DEN will reevaluate moving him in summer.

  • Kings Send Ramon Sessions to Wizards

    Kings trading Ramon Sessions to Washington for Andre Miller, source tells Yahoo.

    via Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports on Twitter

  • Sixers Acquiring JaVale McGee from Nuggets

    Denver is in advanced talks on a deal to send JaVale McGee to Philadelphia, league sources tell Yahoo Sports.

    Denver has agreed to send JaVale McGee to Philadelphia, along with a first-round pick via OKC, league source tells Yahoo Sports.

    via Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports

  • Orlando Magic Remain Quiet On Trade Front

    While the Orlando Magic have a number of names being kicked around the trade rumor mill, there doesn’t seem to be much going on as the deadline approaches.

    The Magic have a normally scheduled practice today and will continue to prepare for their game tomorrow versus the Pelicans.

    Several of the players mentioned in rumors have said they have heard nothing from the team and that everything is sort of normal. That does not mean the Magic are not talking. Sources close to teams trying to pry lose Magic players say they remain somewhat disengaged from serious conversation, but that could change in the coming hours.

    Via Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders

  • Nuggets Trade Arron Afflalo to Blazers

    Denver has traded Arron Afflalo to Portland, league source tells Yahoo.

    Blazers will send Will Barton, Victor Claver, a future lottery protected 1st and a second-round pick to Denver for Afflalo and Alonzo Gee.

    Thomas Robinson goes to the Nuggets too, source tells Yahoo.

    via Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports


  • Nets, Thunder In Serious Talks on Lopez Trade

    Brooklyn, OKC are in serious talks on Brook Lopez deal for package including Reggie Jackson, league sources tell Yahoo. Story soon on site.

    Yahoo Sources: Minnesota and Philadelphia could be included to expand Brooklyn-OKC deal w/ Garnett to Wolves, Thad Young to Nets.

    Jarrett Jack could also be traded, clearing the way for Reggie Jackson to become the Nets' starter.

    via Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports

  • Kevin Garnett Rules Out Contract Buyout

    According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, Brooklyn Nets veteran forward Kevin Garnett has ruled out a buyout with the franchise. According to Wojnarowski, Garnett will only entertain a potential trade back to the Minnesota Timberwolves at this time.

    Sources: Despite Doc Rivers' strong interest, Brooklyn's Kevin Garnett has ruled out contract buyout. He'll consider the one trade scenario.

    via Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports

  • Lakers and Knicks Dropping Back?

    There was a sense Monday that both the Lakers and Knicks were going to be aggressive in trying to land a couple of the players they have eyes on in free agency, mainly to obtain their Bird Rights and the possibility of lower cap holds.

    As the market has started churning, there is a belief that neither team has the assets to really make a splashy move happen and the idea of leveraging young guys or future draft assets to get a guy they could sign in July is unfavorable.

    Both teams are still involved in talks, according to sources close to the process, but neither team seems to be close to a deal. However, that can change quickly at the deadline.

    Via Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders

  • Denver Nuggets Continue To Field Offers

    The Denver Nuggets have been fielding offers on point guard Ty Lawson, the issue there is the Nuggets are asking for a ton in return for Lawson and may not get close enough to trigger a deal.

    Lawson has struggled with his situation under the current leadership in Denver, with one league source suggesting that Lawson has asked to be traded on more than one occasion.

    Lawson was a no-show at Nuggets practice yesterday after spending the All-Star break in Las Vegas. Nuggets head coach Brian Shaw told Chris Dempsey of the Denver Post, that no one on the team had heard from Lawson and that his absence was unexcused.

    Lawson took to social media to explain that his travel plans got “derailed” trying to get back in time for practice. However, two hours later he posted pictures of himself on a private plane.

    The Indiana Pacers and the Boston Celtics are said to be the two teams most actively engaged with the Nuggets about a Lawson deal, with Pacers guard George Hill said to be one of the chips the Nuggets covet as part of a deal.

    Lawson isn’t the only Denver player said to be available today; it’s expected that both guards Arron Afflalo and Wilson Chandler will be moved, with Chandler drawing attention from both the Portland Trail Blazers and the LA Clippers. Afflalo is also on the Blazers’ wish list, but is also a candidate for the Chicago Bulls and the Charlotte Hornets.

    The Nuggets also have big man JaVale McGee on the market as well as veteran point guard Jameer Nelson.

    Today looks to be a busy day for the Nuggets; they seem to have a lot of things in the proverbial fire today.

    Via Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders

  • Timberwolves Backing Away From Kevin Martin Trades?

    There had been reports suggesting that if the Minnesota Timberwolves could not find a trade for shooting guard Kevin Martin, that he might be a prime candidate for a contract buyout.

    Yesterday, Wolves sources sort of shot that notion down, saying not only was Martin unlikely to be bought out, there was a sense that he might not even be on the trade market.

    Both Martin and the Wolves like the situation together and while Martin might fetch something in trade, there is a growing sense that Wolves president and head coach Flip Saunders wants to keep Martin around as a veteran influence on his young core.

    The notion of a strong veteran influence is likely why the Wolves are said to be at the Brooklyn Nets regarding forward Kevin Garnett.

    There have been a couple of reports suggesting the Wolves were offering Thaddeus Young to the Nets in exchange for Garnett, in hopes of bringing him back to the team that drafted him and let him finish out his career where it started.

    Garnett is one of a handful of players with a defined No-Trade clause in his contract so he would have to agree to the move, but there is a sense that a deal sending Garnett back to the Wolves could drop today, the Wolves seem like it’s something they’d like to do.

    Via Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders

  • A Goran Dragic Trade May Not Be Easy To Pull Off

    In trade negotiations, there is always a little gamesmanship. One team tries to angle a little more value out of the other team and the back and forth that makes or breaks a deal is often about compromise.

    The Phoenix Suns opened the phones on guard Goran Dragic yesterday and fielded a lot of interest. The interest was exactly what they were hoping for when Dragic informed the team he would not be willing to sign a new deal and that he wanted to be traded.

    The key suitors for Dragic from the Phoenix side have been the Boston Celtics, Sacramento Kings and Houston Rockets. All three are offering packages built around young, promising players and a draft pick or two.

    The problem is none of those teams are on the list of teams Dragic’s representatives supplied the Suns with.

    Dragic’s camp wants him traded to a team he’d ultimately sign a lucrative long-term deal with and while Boston, Houston and even Sacramento are decent enough situations, they all present problems for Dragic and his agent.

    The Suns’ stance is simply that they are going to make the best deal they can make for themselves and are not at all interested in what Dragic may or may not want. However, as word has leaked of serious talks with “non-list” teams, Dragic’s camp is making it clear in the loudest of terms that a “non-list” team trading for Dragic needs to understand he’s not re-signing there.

    There is a sense among league sources that Suns owner Robert Sarver was less than happy to have terms dictated to him by Dragic and his agents, so it will be interesting to see how this all plays out with the deadline less than six hours away.

    Via Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders

  • No Deals For Clips, Raptors, Spurs, Hawks, Grizz?

    So far, these teams believe they have nothing going at deadline: Clippers, Raptors, Spurs, Hawks, Grizzlies. Can always change w/ one call.

    via Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports on Twitter

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