The Best IGT Casinos in Canada – Claim Over $5,000 at the Top IGT Casino Sites

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IGT is one of the biggest casino game providers in the world. They might not carry the weight that some of the top brands do, but their range of games has to be up there with the best. Throughout this article we will be looking at the best IGT Casinos Canada and which we think you should be considering for your IGT fix.

Top 4 IGT Casinos

One of the things that we absolutely pride ourselves on is that of our reviews and below we’ve included the top 4 IGT casinos for Canadian players. We give a longer review of each of these brands a little later in this article, but for those looking for a short answer, here you go.

  1. BetVictor – Iconic name and largest range of IGT games in our list
  2. Casumo – Not their biggest game developer overall, but another good option with a great welcome offer
  3. UnibetSmall IGT coverage, but great gambling platform with over 16 million users worldwide

The Best IGT Casinos Canada Has to Offer – Reviewed

If you’ve read any of the review pages for other casino game developers, then you might notice that the list of casinos that host IGT is quite a bit smaller than most for Canadian players. The range simply is not there and to be honest, we aren’t sure why that is.

However, the four casinos that we’ve listed below are four of the biggest names you could possibly find. They’ve all been around for many years and have hundreds of millions of players signed up between them. To say they know what they’re doing is an understatement.

We’ve included reviews of each of them below and we pride ourselves on being able to go the extra mile in terms of our review section and all of this is linked specifically to how well the casino performs with IGT casino games.

We also wanted to add that picking the best IGT Casinos in Canada is not necessarily a one-size-fits-all job. We’ve listed who we think are the best generally, but this will change from player to player. Have a read-through and see which fits your style the best.

1) BetVictor – Biggest Overall IGT Games Coverage

BetVictor tops our list and the main reason for this is the game coverage that they have. IGT has around 250 games to choose from overall and BetVictor currently has almost 70 of these games in circulation within the casino. It’s not full coverage by any means, but a good range to choose from and the best you’re going to get.

The Best IGT Casinos in Canada - Claim Over $5,000 at the Top IGT Casino Sites

In terms of the games on offer, there’s a nice mix and some of our favourites included the likes of Magic of the Nile, Scarab Link and Da Vinci Diamonds. These are three of the best IGT games anyway, so it’s no surprise to see that they have been included.

Almost all the games taken by BetVictor from IGT are that of slots. The only exceptions are Wheel of Fortune, blackjack, and roulette.

The only downside to the coverage is the lack of being able to sort games by game provider. This is something that we would like to see from all casinos and is rarely accessible, which is a shame. It’s one of those where if you don’t know exactly the games that you’re looking for, it’s going to be almost impossible to sort IGT games from other casino games.

Overall, BetVictor leads the way for IGCT casinos Canada and if we had to make just one pick, this would be it. Players who sign up can get a 200% matched deposit bonus of up to $1,000 on BetVictor.


  • Biggest range of IGT casino games in Canada
  • One of the most respected brands in the world
  • Huge range of casino games outside of IGT


  • Not sort feature to easily find IGT games


2) Casumo – Best for Welcome Bonus

Casumo has made huge strides in the online casino sector of late and we can easily rank them as one of the best in the business right now. Their game coverage is second to none, with the casino having over 1,800 casino games to choose from.

The Best IGT Casinos in Canada - Claim Over $5,000 at the Top IGT Casino Sites

Their work with IGT is a little smaller than some of the other casinos we have tested. They include around 33 games in total, which is a decent amount, but small in the grand scheme of their massive casino.

The downside is that they have a few of their better games omitted from the list, meaning that of the 33 games on offer, it’s not as strong as it could be. It’s not terrible by any means, but the likes of Cleopatra, widely regarded as one of the best slots in the business, is missing, which is a shame. We must add that the Cleopatra PLUS game is included though, but it’s not as good as the original.

That aside, it’s still a nice range of IGT games to choose from and whilst they are a little off the mark compared to the two above, it’s a decent enough effort from a great casino brand.

We must note that new accounts to Casumo are going to be able to grab up to $1,800 worth of bonus money, making it the biggest on our list. We talk more about his later in the article.


  • Huge casino with a growing presence within the industry
  • Decent range of IGT games
  • Massive and best welcome bonus for new players


  • A couple of notable absentees in terms of games, such as Cleopatra


3) Unibet – Small Coverage, Great Platform

Unibet takes out 4th spot on the IGT list and with it, come highly recommended on our part. Obviously, they can’t compete in terms of depth, but the range of games they’ve included is very strong indeed.

Unibet Casino Homepage

Highlights within the casino come in the form of Cleopatra, Pixies of Forest, Golden Goddess, and Icy Wilds. All four games rank within the top 150 slots in the world, which is impressive and likely why Unibet has gone down the route of including them.

As to why the range is small (just 18 slots on offer), we aren’t too sure. They will have had access to choose more, but for whatever reason decided against it. Whilst the quality is there, they can’t rank any higher than they do, just because of the lack of games to choose from.

We will add that, overall, the Unibet casino is going to be one of the best you can play on. It lacks for IGT games, but total game coverage outside of these ticks over the 1,600 mark. They also have one of the best-looking casinos on the list, which is another reason why we wanted to include them.


  • One of the best casino brands in the world
  • A hand-picked IGT game selection that includes the top 5 best IGT in the portfolio
  • Best looking online and mobile casino


  • With just 18 IGT casino games to choose from, lacks depth

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How We Choose the Best Casino Sites

The team tests every possible casino site that it’s involved with IGT gaming to make sure that we can bring all the facts to the table. At the end of the day, we’re simply reporting what you’re going to find and by doing so can then rank and rate each casino on these findings.

Within the team, we’ve created a formula that allows us to see what areas are most important for our readers. There’s no hard and fast rule for each casino, but the basics include things like game coverage and design. At the end of the day, the casino can only include the games that are on offer from the developer, it’s then up to them to choose how they go about promoting them.

IGT Casinos – Benefits

IGT has been one of our long-term best casino game developers for a while now. They’ve been around since 1975, which makes them one of the oldest game developers that we’ve tested.

Obviously in that time how the company works and the products that they have on offer have changed dramatically. Whilst online casino games are a priority, they still make land-based casino game machines that are stocked all around the world.

There’s a lot of things to like at IGT and whilst they aren’t as innovative as some game developers, there is a reason why hundreds of online casinos stock their catalogue of games. Below we’ve included a look at a few of the benefits of playing casino games at IGT.

Branded Slots

Ironically, IGT doesn’t stock a massive range of branded slots which is an odd thing to kick off a “benefits” section. But what they do is have a handful of games that are highly thought of. The current line-up of branded slots include:

  • Ghostbusters
  • Jurassic Park
  • Marilyn Monroe
  • Sex and the City

It’s an odd mix of games, we will admit, but as we say, they are all excellent. The standout is that of Jurassic Park and one of the main reasons is that they include no fewer than 5 variations of the game all under a single banner. Each variation has a different number of paylines and is linked to different movies within the franchise.

The game that flies under the radar and we think is undervalued is that of Ghostbusters. This was the first of the branded games that IGT included and it’s still one of their best. They were able to take on 3D technology, which for slots was a huge step. They include a ton of cut-scenes from the movie and characters that are all tied in with the Ghostbusters brand.


A bit of a broad thing to include here, so let us expand on this a little more. IGT has always pushed the boundaries of tech even coming from games that are in brick-and-mortar casinos right through to online games.

Their latest ventures have included some exciting additions which are integrated into many of their games. The likes of Diversity Multi Games, USwitch Mult Games and Mystery Progressive are three of an array of new technologies that they have been able to bring to market.

It’s things like this that allow them to separate themselves from the crowd. It’s not that this is necessarily making IGT better than the rest, but it makes them different and in an unbelievably saturated online casino sector, this is a huge asset.

About IGT Casinos

IGT started life back in 1975 which makes them one of the oldest casino game developers in the world right now. It wasn’t until 1991 did the company start to work with video and online slots, paving the way for them to go public on the New York Stock Exchange.

Their first slot release was in 1996 in the form of Wheel of Fortune. Some 25+ years later and not only is the game one of IGT’s best sellers, but also one of the better games in the casino sector. There are now 10+ variations of the game that IGT promotes within their casino package, each with a slightly different twist making them highly relevant games still.

The business has moved on over the last decade, probably more so than many thought. They were bought out in 2015 by Gtech for a sum worth around $6.4 billion, which gives you some idea of the sheer size and profitability of IGT.

Top IGT Casino Games

What makes a casino game developer is that of the games on offer. Like most, there are lots to choose from at IGT with over 250 games in the catalogue.

This is a far cry from some of the biggest game developers, but they are still regarded as one of the best, nonetheless. What’s been impressive to see from IGT is their constant strive to improve. They’ve been keen to update a lot of their older games to bring them up to scratch for things like mobile, whereas a lot of competitors have just left older games to concentrate on new titles.

Obviously, there is a fine line about how best to work this, but throughout testing, we saw very little drop-off in terms of quality throughout the casino. Are some games better than others? Yes, of course, but the overall quality is higher than most casino game developers.

We’ve spent the time to create a list of what we think are the best IGT casino games at the minute.


The Best IGT Casinos in Canada - Claim Over $5,000 at the Top IGT Casino Sites

Cleopatra was arguably the game that put IGT on the map. It was released back in 2012 but is still widely regarded as their best online slot.

As the name would suggest, this is an Egyptian-themed game that is about as “classic” as they come. It’s got a 5×3, 95.7% RTP and is rated at medium in terms of volatility.

It’s one of those games where if someone asked what’s the best slot to start out with, this would be what we recommend. It’s got everything from gameplay to jackpots, with bonus rounds, free spins and tons of multipliers throughout.

Magic of the Nile

The Best IGT Casinos in Canada - Claim Over $5,000 at the Top IGT Casino Sites

Magic of the Nile is one of the most successful “new” slots that IGT has released. It was made in 2019 and since then has jumped up the ranks to be one of the best slots in the world. Not only does it have great gameplay, but it looks stunning and works flawlessly on mobile.

It’s another Egyptian theme and you can tell that IGT not only utilizes games like Cleopatra as backdrops for this but also that they just know what people want for these types of games.

The free spins and re-spins in the bonus round are two of many highlights, but you could argue that this sort of theme has been done to death within the IGT ranks, taking a bit of the shine off.

Pharaoh’s Fortune

Pharaoh’s Fortune might be a little bit of a controversial pick, mainly because its RTP of 94.52% is low compared to most. It was a game that was released back in 2006, so it’s no spring chicken either and you may be wondering why we would include it on the list.

The fact is that there are few slots that come with such high-value wild and scatter symbols within the game. It also has a brilliant free spin round with up to 6x your initial free spins won. To complement it all, a 60,000x multiplier is in place for jackpot wins, the largest of any of the games that we’ve spoken about so far.

Scarab Link

The Best IGT Casinos in Canada - Claim Over $5,000 at the Top IGT Casino Sites

Another Egyptian-themed game and to be honest, we weren’t going to include it for that reason, but it’s an excellent slot and it’s one of their best, so regardless of the top four being the same theme, it must go in.

We had to include the game as this is a 2021 release and it’s only with this you can see how far IGT has come over the years. Even graphically compared with something like Pharoah’s Fortune are night and day.

The game has a great 10 spin wild frame cycle, along with hold and re-spins within the progressive jackpot round. There are three jackpots in total that payout 10x (mini), 20x (minor) and 40x (major).

Da Vinci Diamonds

Da Vinci Diamonds is one of the games that IGT is best known for. You could consider this a classic given that it’s been around since 2012, but it still feels fresh and gives most games a good run for their money.

It’s not a game that’s going to blow you away graphically, but with features like tumbling reels, free spins with up to 300 possible and a 5000x multiplier on offer, it’s got it all.

BetVictor Casumo Unibet
Cleopatra Y Y Y
Magic of the Nile Y Y Y
Pharoah’s Fortune Y N N
Scarab Link Y N N
Da Vinci Diamonds Y N N

IGT Game Types

IGT is best known for its work in the online slots section. But there are several other games that you will find within the IGT casino tag.

The reason why they are more limited than most is that they push table games and other casino games through the other companies under their umbrella. However, we’re going to take a look at a range of games that you can access from the IGT database that are not online slots.


Given that roulette is one of the most popular table games in the world, this seems like an obvious place to start. Admittedly, IGT does not have an amazing range of roulette games to choose from, with just two in the entire catalogue.

The games are your standard European rules and double bonus spin roulette. To be fair, both have been done well and we loved the bonus rounds that were attached to the bonus games. It does beg the question of why they’ve not produced more when they’ve done so well with these two?

Card Games

You get to choose from 10 games within the “Card” section and with it comes a pretty good balance. The first one to note is that of blackjack, but like roulette, games options are limited with just a single variation of the classic game.

Aside from the classics you’ve got the likes of triple draw poker, video poker, jacks or better and a host of bonus games. It may not be the biggest section in the IGT catalogue, but there is still plenty to sink your teeth into when it comes to card games.

Other Games

To round up the pack there are a few “other” games that are single games that don’t really fall into a single category or at least, not enough of the games to warrant talking about them. These include:

  • Lucky Falls
  • Derby Run
  • Champion Raceway
  • Wrecking Ball
  • Colour Cubes
  • Keno Multiplier
  • Midas Match
BetVictor Casumo Unibet
Blackjack Y Y Y
Card Games Y Y Y
Other Games Y Y N

IGT Mobile Casinos

The role of mobile casino games has played a huge part in the success of IGT over the years. From 2010 onward they were keen to start moving games to become mobile-ready and the introduction of HTML 5 has now seen their entire catalogue accessible on mobile devices.

The latest games that IGT releases are now made with mobile-first compatibility. This means that they are created for mobile before then being converted to online. In years gone by, this was very much the other way around.

You’re going to find that the game benefits from being on the latest Apple and Android devices. You’re able to access them from dozens of platforms from as much as 5+ years ago, but the newer models enhance graphics and increased screen size makes for a more enjoyable gaming experience.

All four of the IGT casinos Canada that we’ve included on this page have dedicated mobile casino apps that you’re able to download for free. Each the casinos offer their full catalogue of IGT casino games in mobile, so you get full access.

We do wonder that if one of the reasons why pick on games from some is because of mobile compatibility issues. IGT claims all their games can be accessed on mobile, but for online casinos like Unibet to have a limited run, seems a little strange and this would be a valid reason.

IGT Casino Game Bonuses & Free Spins

One of the areas that we work hard on is to bring you the best offers and deals from all casinos that we review. Some are better than others, but not all are made equal which means that you need to shop around to find the best casino bonuses and free spins for you.

Both offers that we have included below can be claimed and cleared playing IGT games. In fact, none of the IGT games will limit clearing either offer, so it’s a perfect partnership.

One word of warning before we move on is to not necessarily go with the biggest offer each time. You’ll instinctively look for the biggest bonus to claim, but these are usually the hardest to clear. Take a bit of time to read through the terms that are linked to each offer and then assess if they are obtainable for you or not.

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How to Get Started with an IGT Casino

We’ve talked a lot about the best IGT Casinos Canada, but we wanted to take a closer look at how you open an account with one. There are lots of different casinos you can use to sign up with, but for this example, we have used Unibet to walk you through the registration process.

Please note that processes are going to differ for each casino, but they won’t be a million miles from what you see below.

Open a New Account

First off you need to click this link to access Unibet and then once in, click on the register button that you’re greeted with.

Enter Login Information

You now need to add an email address and a password for your account. Make sure you have access to the email address and make the password unique.

Unibet Registry Step 1

Personal Information

It’s now time to enter your personal information, this includes name, date of birth and gender. Again, take the time to make sure this is right as you will need to verify it and any typos or incorrect info may mean you can’t access your account.

Unibet Registry Step 2

Additional Info

You now need to enter things like your country, address, and cell phone number. You will be asked to verify all this info at some points (usually when you come to withdraw cash for the first time) so make sure you can do this before entering it.

Unibet Registry Step 3

Create Your Account and Start Playing

Your account will now be set up and it’s time to start playing the best IGT casinos in Canada with some of the highest-rated casino games in the world.

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Best IGT Casinos Compared

We’ve created a table below of the best IGT Casinos Canada and how they are set up. You can use this to pick things that you want from your casino to make sure you get the one that suits you best.

Online Casino Welcome Bonus Games Offered # of Slots Customer Service Payment Options
BetVictor 200% Deposit Bonus, Up To $1000 1500+ 1500+ Help Centre & 24/7 Live Chat
Casumo 100% up to $1,800 Bonus 2000 1800 Contact Form, 24/7 Live Chat
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • iDebit
  • MuchBetter
  • Paysafecard
  • EcoPayz
Unibet 100% Deposit Bonus, Up To $500 850+ 600+ Help Center, email support & 24/7 Live Chat
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Interac e-Transfer
  • Instadebit
  • Paysafecard
  • Wire Transfer


IGT is without doubt one of the best game providers in the business right now. They have an incredible range of slots to choose from, but their table game section is one that needs a little work.

If we were to pick the best IGT casino, it would have to bet BetVictor. Not only do they have the biggest range of IGT games for Canadian players, but they also have one of the best promotions sections you’re going to find anywhere in the world.

Best IGT Online Casino in Canada for 2021
BetVictor Casino logo 200% Deposit Match Up To $1,000 Star Rating Get Offer

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