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WWE Betting- Comparing The Best Sites for WWE Betting in Canada



Also known as World Wrestling Entertainment, the WWE has been captivating wrestling fans since 1950. Despite having predetermined outcomes, WWE betting is still offered by the top online sportsbooks in Canada. With the recent legalization of single-event betting in Canada, WWE fans can place bets on WWE main events, including WWE WrestleMania and WWE Royal Rumble, without breaking the law.

As new sportsbooks join the market in Canada, wrestling fans will be able to legally place bets on WWE events with leading online bookmakers. Canadians that want to cash in on WWE betting odds can sign up for an account and claim up to $4,260 in free bonus cash.

Scroll down to learn more about the best WWE betting sites in Canada.

With weekly shows and pay-per-view events running year-round, wrestling fans in Canada can cash in on odds for WWE matches, WWE props, and WWE futures bets. WWE fans can predict the next WWE Champion, along with the winner of pay-per-view events, like the WWE Royal Rumble. To help WWE fans make the most out of their online betting experience, we ranked the best WWE betting sites in Canada. 

Check out our list of the top sites for WWE betting in Canada below. 

Ranking The Best WWE Betting Sites in Canada

  • PowBet WWE Betting Site With Big Bonuses and Fast Payouts
  • Bet365 –  The Best Betting App In Canada For WWE Betting
  • Shangri La LiveThe Best WWE Betting Site For Bonuses and Promotions
  • Betway –  WWE Betting Site In Canada With Excellent Live Betting Odds
  • Sports Interaction – Trusted WWE Betting Site With Early Lines For Pay-Per-View Events
  • 10Bet – The Best WWE Betting Site For High-Rollers
  • Bodog – Industry-Leading Sportsbook With Great WWE Betting Odds
  • Conquestador – New WWE Betting Site With A Huge Welcome Bonus
  • FezBet – WWE Betting Site With A Wide Variety Of Betting Bonuses
  • Wazamba – WWE Betting Site in Canada With Unique Account Features  

The Best WWE Betting Sites in Canada Reviewed

According to our research the following are the best WWE Betting Sites in Canada.

1. Powbet – WWE Betting Site With Big Bonuses and Fast Payouts

Powbet Review WWE Betting in Canada

One of the top new sportsbooks in Canada, Powbet offers competitive WWE betting odds, a wide variety of betting markets, and a long list of bonuses. 

At Powbet, WWE fans can bet on individual matches, cash in on WWE props, or place futures bets on WWE events, like WWE Royal Rumble. Wrestling fans can also benefit from special account features, including Powbet coins, which allow members to purchase bonuses and other rewards. Powbet also offers safe and secure payment methods, including several different cryptocurrency payment options, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin, and more.

New members can sign up to cash in on the welcome bonus that matches 100 percent of their first deposit, up to $150. Members can also take advantage of the weekly reload offers, cashback bonuses, and a sports jackpot worth over $20,000. With unbeatable bonuses, Powbet is suitable for sports bettors of any skill level. 

PowBet Sportsbook Review –
WWE Betting Site With Big Bonuses and Fast Payouts



✅ Competitive WWE odds and a wide variety of sports to bet on 

❌ No live streaming options for sports
✅ Great for sports bettors of all skill levels

❌ In-play betting experience isn’t up to par with other top sportsbooks

✅ 100% deposit bonus worth up to $150

✅ Safe payment methods, including cryptocurrency payment options

Welcome Bonus Offer:

PowBet offers a 100 percent deposit bonus of up to $150 for new members.

Click below to sign up for PowBet and claim your welcome bonus cash. 

2. Bet365 – The Best Betting App In Canada For WWE Betting

Bet365 Review WWE Betting Sites

An industry leader in sports betting around the world, Bet365 has excellent odds, essential features, and an easy-to-use app. For WWE fans looking for the best props, Bet365 is one of the best places to get started. Bet365 offers competitive odds for props like a method of victory, first to be eliminated, WWE draft picks, and more. 

New members that sign up for Bet365 can receive a welcome offer of up to $200 in free bet credits on their first deposit. Sports fans can also boost their bankroll by cashing in on other promotions, including free bets, parlay bonuses, and more. With key features like BetBuilder, Cash Out, and live streaming events, Bet365 delivers an excellent all-around betting experience.

For members that want to bet on the go, Bet365 also offers a very user-friendly mobile app for both iPhone and Android devices. Bet365 members can place bets, manage their account, or live stream games right from the mobile app. 

Bet365 Sportsbook Review –
The Best Betting App In Canada For WWE Betting



✅ Great WWE odds for game lines, props, and futures markets ❌Smaller welcome bonuses compared to other sportsbooks
✅ Easy to use app for both iPhone and Android devices 
✅ Live streaming events
✅ Key features including BetBuilder, Cash Out and parlay bonuses

Welcome Bonus Offer:

WWE fans can sign up to Bet365 to cash in on a welcome bonus offer worth up to $200 in bet credits.

To sign up for Bet365 and claim your free bonus cash, click below.

3. Shangri La Live – The Best WWE Betting Site For Bonuses and Promotions

Shangri La Live Review WWE Betting Sites

Shangri La Live is relatively new to the betting industry but has emerged as a leading sportsbook by offering one of the best welcome bonuses in Canada. New members at Shangri La can sign up to receive a 100 percent deposit bonus of up to $500.

In addition to the great bonuses, Shangri La offers some of the best WWE betting odds for props and events. WWE fans can place bets on main events including Wrestlemania, Royal Rumble, and SummerSlam.  The sportsbook also features essential features like Cash Out options, parlay bonuses, and live streams. 

With great bonuses, daily prizes, and excellent WWE betting odds, Shangri La Live is one of the best sites for betting on wrestling in Canada.

Shangri La Live Review –
The Best WWE Betting Site For Bonuses and Promotions



✅  Great odds on WWE betting odds for props and events ❌ Website and user experience not as well-designed as other top sportsbooks
✅ Welcome bonus offer of up to $500 ❌ High rollover requirement for welcome bonus at its sportsbook
✅ Offers simple and safe security payment methods like cryptocurrency 
✅ Includes essentials features like Cash Out

Welcome Bonus Offer:

New members can sign up to Shangri La and receive up to $500 in free bonus money.

To sign up for Shangri La and claim this limited-time welcome bonus offer, click below.

4. BetWay – WWE Betting Site In Canada With Excellent Live Betting Odds

Betway Review WWE sites

When it comes to betting on wrestling, Betway gives value to WWE fans by offering some of the best odds and markets on the web. New members can sign up to Betway to receive a welcome bonus offer of up to $200 on their first deposit. Members can also use their boosted bankroll on a wide variety of WWE betting markets, including longest ring time, match winner, and elimination bets. 

At Betway, members can cash in on exciting promotions like free bet odds, Betway boosts, and exclusive promotions for Canadian sports teams. Sports bettors can also take advantage of the Parlay Club, which gives members a free bet every week when they place a parlay bet with at least three sections. 

Accessible via its website and mobile app, Betway is great for players that want to bet on the go. With top-notch odds, bonuses, and an online casino, Betway is an excellent option for players of all skill levels. 

BetWay Sportsbook Review
WWE Betting Site In Canada With Excellent Live Betting Odds



✅ Competitive odds and a wide variety of WWE betting markets ❌High rollover requirement for its sports welcome bonus
✅ Welcome bonus of $200
✅ Easy to use mobile app
✅ Great promotions including parlay club, Betway boosts, and more

Welcome Bonus Offer:

At BetWay, WWE fans cash in on a welcome bonus offer worth up to $200.

To sign up to Betway and get free bonus cash, click below.

5. Sports Interaction – Trusted WWE Betting Site With Early Lines For Pay-Per-View Events

Sports Interaction WWE Betting Review

One of the most trusted betting sites, Sports Interaction is based in Canada and has been serving Canadian customers since 1997. The sportsbook rivals leading betting sites with some of the best odds, markets, and contests. At Sports Interaction, wrestling fans can place bets on a wide variety of WWE betting markets, including WWE props and WWE futures bets for main events like WWE SummerSlam. 

New members can sign up to Sports Interaction to redeem a welcome bonus of up to $200 in bonus cash. Sports fans can also take part in free-to-play contests that allow members to compete against one another for cash prizes. 

As the official sportsbook for four CFL teams, it also offers other promotions including free bets, free spins, and more. With essential features like Cash Out, live streaming, and a long list of promotions, Sports Interaction has everything gamblers are looking for in a betting site. 

Sports Interaction Review – 

Trusted WWE Betting Site With Early Lines For Pay-Per-View Events



✅ Long lists of markets and competitive odds ❌ No mobile app
✅ Trusted sportsbook based out of Canada
✅ Offers many promotions including free bets, free spins, contents, and more
✅ Live streaming options

Welcome Bonus Offer:

Sports Interaction is handing out up to $200 in free bonus cash just for signing up

To claim your sportsbook bonus, click below.

Comparison of The Best WWE Betting Sites

When betting on WWE events, some sportsbooks have features that help wrestling fans win real money while betting online. The best WWE betting sites offer exclusive features, including in-play betting, betbuilder, and cash out options. Wrestling fans can also receive free bonus cash and no-deposit bonuses just for signing up

For a quick breakdown of the features available at the best WWE betting sites in Canada, check out the chart below.  

Comparing The Best Sportsbooks For WWE Betting In Canada

Bet Builder Cash Out In-Play Betting Parlay Bonus Odds Boosts Custom Bets Welcome Bonus

User-Friendly Design








Shangri La Live

Sports Interaction


What Makes The Best WWE Betting Sites

It can be difficult to find the best WWE betting sites for Canadians that are new to online gambling. The best betting apps in Canada offer competitive WWE betting lines and markets, along with live betting odds and generous bonus offers. Members can deposit using safe payment options and take advantage of other features including live streaming events. 

To learn more about what to look for in the best sites for WWE betting in Canada, scroll down below. 


For WWE fans looking to make a profit while betting on the WWE, finding the best WWE betting odds, lines and markets is a good place to start. The top sportsbooks in Canada offer Canadians the best WWE markets with a long list of props, including the WWE draft picks. Canadian gamblers can visit online betting sites like Sports Interaction for their attractive odds and wide variety of markets offered. Sports Interaction also offers WWE fans the first access to game lines for pay-per-view events before any other sportsbooks. 

Live Betting

One of the best new ways to bet online, live betting gives WWE fans the greatest experience in entertainment, betting flexibility, and money making opportunities. Like the best new online sportsbooks, Betway offers fans a chance to capitalize on WWE betting odds as wrestlers’ odds begin to change during the course of the match. 

Live Streams

The leading sportsbooks and online casinos in Canada offer cool account features like live streaming. With the best betting sites offering live streams from all over the world, WWE fans can access, watch and place bets on any event. For sports bettors on the go, live streaming is an essential feature enabling them to access the game at any point. As one of the most reputable sportsbooks, Bet365 offers sports fans across the globe access to live streams. WWE fans can download Bet365 on their mobile app as well to access any stream, making it convenient for everyone. 


When signing up for a sportsbook, WWE fans can boost their bankroll by looking for online betting sites that offer big bonuses and great promotions. The best new online sportsbooks and casinos give new members generous bonuses and many promotions including free bets, spins, and more.

In Canada, new online casinos like Shangri La Live and Powbet offer the best bonuses. Wrestling fans can maximize their bankroll by signing up to Shangri La Live to receive their sports welcome bonus of up to $500 on their first deposit. 

On the other hand, Powbet offers WWE fans a smaller welcome bonus but a long list of promotions and account features. New members at Powbet receive a sports welcome bonus of up to $150 and access to exclusive promotions, including a sports jackpot, cash back options, weekly reload offers, and more. 

Betting Apps

Not all online betting sites have a compatible mobile app for iPhone and Android users. While betting apps are convenient and easy to use, there are still several sportsbooks that do not offer an app for either device. However, there are a few online betting sites that offer betting apps, including Bet365, Shangri La Live, and 10bet. 

One of the best betting apps in Canada, the Bet365 app is compatible with both iPhone and Android devices, making it accessible to anyone with a smartphone or tablet. 10bet also offers an iPhone betting app in the Apple App Store. Meanwhile, Shangri La offers an Android betting app, giving members access to betting odds on the go.

Payment Methods

The best sportsbooks offer safe payment options for Canadian members, including credit 

offer members the ability to deposit quickly with cryptocurrency payment methods like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. By depositing and withdrawing with cryptocurrency, members can process transactions safely and securely, within a matter of seconds.

New betting sites like Powbet accept many cryptocurrency payment options. WWE fans can create an account at Powbet and add funds into their account using cryptocurrency within seconds. For Canadians, the Canadian based betting site, Bodog also accepts payment methods using cryptocurrency making depositing quick and efficient for all members. 

Processing Time for Payouts

After winning cash online, withdrawing winnings must be processed by an approved payment method. The best sportsbooks offer members quick payment processing times and zero fees for deposit and withdrawal methods. For the quickest payment processing times, WWE fans can process transactions using cryptocurrency payment methods at sportsbooks like Bodog and Powbet.

Customer Service

When it comes to betting online, excellent customer service is a nonnegotiable account feature. Although it doesn’t happen often, sometimes bettors will need to settle a dispute or have questions answered about their betting account. The best sportsbooks have a wide variety of customer support options including email, live chat, and more. Canadians that are looking for a trusted sportsbook can sign up to Bodog to receive the best customer care. Bodog has a reputation for putting its customers first by providing industry-leading customer support. 


Site security is one of the most important features to consider when gambling online. While most online betting sites are safe and secure, some sites take security to the next level. The best online betting sites require members to verify their account before they play online. 

To increase the security of players’ accounts, sportsbooks like Bet365 also offer two-factor authentication, which adds an extra layer of security to member accounts. WWE fans can sign up for secure online betting sites, like Bet365, to ensure their cash, identity, and personal information is protected. 

What To Look For In The Best Sites For WWE Betting In Canada

Brand Recognition ✅ Trustworthy

✅ Reliable

Payment Process ✅ Safe Payment Options

✅ Fast, Secure Payouts

Safety & Security ✅ Safety & Security

✅ Protecting Privacy & Personal Information

Speed & Design ✅ Fast Software

✅ User-Friendly Design

Customer Service ✅ 24/7 Live Chat

✅ Friendly Customer Service 

Overall Value ✅ Best Odds

✅ Live Streaming

✅ Promotions Offers

✅ Special Features

WWE Betting Odds

WWE Betting Odds

Even though WWE matches are scripted, fans can still place bets on WWE events at online gambling sites in Canada

When it comes to betting on the WWE, the best sportsbooks offer competitive markets for all pay-per-view events, including WWE Fastlane betting odds, WWE Survivor Series odds, WWE WrestleMania odds, and more.

Like betting on the UFC and other contact sports, WWE fans can also find odds for individual matches, along with WWE props and WWE futures betting options. In addition to claiming promotions, wrestling fans can increase their profits with odds boosts at participating sportsbooks. 

Below, we’ll break down some different betting markets that wrestling fans can expect to find at the top WWE betting sites in Canada. 

WWE Match Odds

Wrestling fans can bet on a wide variety of WWE markets, including WWE matches. Wrestling fans can find moneyline betting odds for individual matches, including odds for WWE title fights and WWE main event matches. This means that WWE fans can simply predict a winner of a match by selecting a wrestler at a predetermined price set by the oddsmakers.

WWE Props

In addition to WWE match odds, wrestling fans can also cash in on the wide variety of WWE props. When it comes to betting on the WWE, the props are always changing depending on the event and the script.  Wrestling fans can find props for individual matches, which give fans the ability to predict events like the method of victory. Leading up to WWE pay-per-views, sportsbooks may also post props betting options that are specifically tailored to an event, such as the Royal Rumble.

WWE Futures Bets

Even though wrestling is scripted, the best sportsbooks still offer odds for WWE futures, including the next WWE Champion. Wrestling fans can also find futures bets for every pay-per-view event, including WWE Backlash betting odds, WWE Fastlane betting odds, and WWE Survivor Series odds. Wrestling fans can place future bets on the winner of other WWE championship belts, including the Intercontinental Championship, the US Championship, and the WWE Tag Team Championship.

WWE Betting Tips

WWE Betting Tips

As the largest wrestling entertainment company in the world, the WWE hosts over 500 events annually, bringing together over 36 million viewers in over 150 countries. While WWE events are staged, the best online gambling sites in Canada still offer odds for WWE matches and pay-per-view events. 

WWE fans can place bets on the match winner, cash in on WWE props, or make predictions on WWE pay-per-views in the futures market. 

Below, we’ll break down some of the information that WWE fans can use to their advantage when betting on a wrestling event. 

Follow The Narratives 

Although the WWE is scripted, the results are never given out to the general public, so neither fans or the sportsbooks know exactly what is going to happen. WWE fans can gain an edge on the sportsbooks by following the storylines leading up to pay-per-view events. The WWE is entertainment, which means that following potential trends, character backstories, and writer patterns is a great place to start to predict outcomes. 

In the WWE, wrestlers often have ongoing storylines and character arcs based on their status as a heel (bad guy) or face (good guy). Following the rise and fall of certain wrestlers can help better predict the outcome of future events. 

Stick to Main Event Matches

Unlike betting on the NBA or NHL, WWE falls under the category of entertainment betting. Since events are produced by writers to entertain fans, bettors can analyze season trends to predict when certain outcomes might occur. A lot of times, the character arcs of WWE superstars are easier to predict than matches for up-and-coming wrestlers. Bettors can also follow these storylines to take advantage of WWE pay-per-view betting markets like WWE Backlash odds, WWE Payback odds, and more. 

Bet on Lower Card Matches

While main event matches often feature more popular wrestlers, the odds for these events are usually priced fairly competitively. On the other hand, bettors can find increased odds on lower card matches and matches for less prestigious WWE Championship Belts, like the WWE Tag Team Title, SmackDown Champion, and more. 

During these lower card events, the underdog is often priced attractively, making it more profitable for WWE fans that make a correct prediction. By placing bets on smaller belt titles like the WWE US Championship, gamblers have a better chance of cashing in on higher odds. Since lower card title matches often feature up-and-coming wrestlers, fans that bet on the WWE can gain an edge when they know certain wrestlers are on the rise.

Capitalize on Prop Betting Options 

The best sportsbooks offer WWE fans a wide variety of props to bet on, including longest ring time, first to be eliminated, and method of victory bets. Wrestling fans can use props to increase their betting volume and cash in on more lucrative odds. At the best WWE betting sites, bettors can also find more markets to take advantage of like WWE Royal Rumble odds and WWE Survivor Series odds. 

Follow The Odds

Leading up to pay-per-view events like WWE Payback, wrestling fans can watch for WWE betting line movements at the top online sportsbooks to help them make more accurate predictions. Since the WWE is a staged event, sometimes information can be leaked before the match begins resulting in drastic changes in the WWE betting odds. When WWE line movements happen, wrestling fans can often accurately predict the outcome, as certain wrestlers move towards being heavy favorites. 

WWE Betting Tips –
How To Win Money Betting On WWE

✅ Follow the narratives
✅ Stick to main event matches 
✅ Follow the line movements
✅ Capitalize on props betting options
✅ Bet on lower card matches
✅ Keep up to date with the latest storylines

The Best WWE Betting Site in Canada

After the bell sounds, the best WWE betting site in Canada will ultimately come down to personal preference for individual users.

While some wrestling fans will want to find the best WWE betting odds, others may be on the hunt for bigger bonuses and loyalty rewards. Since every sportsbook excels in certain areas, WWE fans are encouraged to sign up for the sportsbooks that suit their style of betting. 

For wrestling fans in search of the best all-around WWE betting experience, PowBet is a great place to start. New members can sign up to PowBet to cash in on a welcome bonus offer worth $150. PowBet members also have access to a wide variety of other promotions, including reload bonuses, cashback promotions, and more. 

To cash in on the best WWE odds and bonuses, click below to sign up to PowBet today.


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