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Best Online Baccarat Sites in Japan

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Baccarat is a casino game with global appeal. It is popular not just in North America and Europe, but across Asia too, including in Japan. Nowadays, many punters prefer to carry out their gambling on a computer or mobile device, and this is the case with baccarat too. Fortunately, there are a huge range of online baccarat sites out there, many of which will happily accept players from Japan. 

In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know in order to start playing online baccarat in Japan. We’ll explain how the game works, list the top casino sites which offer it, give you tips on turning a profit, and more. 

Best Baccarat Sites In Japan

BK8 JP logo 200% Deposit Match up to ¥67,000 Get Offer
Spin Samurai JP logo Get more than €800 + 75 Free Spins Get Offer
1xBet JP logo 100% Deposit Welcome Bonus up to ¥194,000 Get Offer
Wazamba JP logo 100% First Deposit Match up to ¥65,000 Get Offer
Jackpotcity JP logo 16,000 JPY Deposit Bonus Get Offer
Lucky Niki JP logo Get Offer
22Bet JP logo 100% Deposit Match, Up to 40,000 JPY Get Offer
MyBookie JP logo 100% Deposit Match, Up to $1,000 Get Offer
BetOnline JP logo 100% Deposit Match, Up to $1,000 Get Offer
Casumo JP logo 100% Match up to $300, Plus 20 Free Spins Get Offer

Our Top 5 Baccarat Sites Reviewed

Just above this section, you can see all of our 10 recommended sites on which to play online baccarat in Japan. Each of these has its own particular strengths, but – overall – each will also give you an excellent all-round experience. Now though, it’s time to focus on what makes our top five overall brands so special. 

1 – BK8 – 200% Deposit Match Up To ¥67,000

bk8 online baccarat

BK8 is a well-rounded betting brand which made the decision to focus exclusively on the Asian market. This has paid off massively, and – while there isn’t a Japanese-language version of the site – gamblers within Japan are still able to sign up for themselves, and see what all the fuss is about. 

Do so, and you will find a massive online casino in place, with a huge range of both regular and live games to choose between. These have been provided by some of the biggest developers around, including Evolution Gaming and Pragmatic Play, and naturally include plenty of baccarat titles. 

What we like:

  • Accepts cryptocurrency payments
  • Big-time bonuses
  • Highly-rated online baccarat providers

What we don’t:

  • Multi-site layout is initially confusing

2 – Spin Samurai – Get More Than €800 + 75 Free Spins

spin samurai online baccarat

Spin Samurai might have our favourite interface of any online casino right now. It is extremely user-friendly, and looks incredibly cool too, leaning heavily into its Japanese theme. We’re also pleased to say that the entire website is available in Japanese, as well as English. 

This casino also nails it when it comes to online baccarat games, with dozens of titles to choose between. These include not just regular baccarat games, but also ‘speed’, ‘zero commission’, and other variants. If you ever fancy taking a break from online baccarat, you’ll also find an outstanding selection of slots in place. 

What we like:

  • Dozens of different baccarat games
  • Exceptionally user-friendly layout
  • Japanese-language website available

What we don’t:

  • Can take a while to connect with a live chat operator 

3 – 1xBet – 100% Deposit Match Up To ¥194,000

1xbet online baccarat

1xBet is an absolutely enormous international betting site. Rather than targeting any particular country or region, it has tried to build up a worldwide audience since launching in 2007, and has definitely succeeded. Japan is one of the many countries which 1xBet serves. There is an entire Japanese-language version of the site available, and you can make payments directly in JPY.

1xBet also houses an absolutely huge range of casino games, with literally thousands available to play. 35 different online baccarat titles are in place, including first-person, no-commission, and speed variants, and there are also plenty of big-time promotions to help your money go further.

What we like:

  • Japanese-language site available
  • Dozens of online baccarat games
  • Highly competitive bonuses

What we don’t:

  • Interface can seem overwhelming at first

4 – Wazamba – 100% First Deposit Match Up To ¥65,000

wazamba online baccarat

Wazamba has an extremely colourful and fun layout, which makes this an enjoyable online casino on which to play. It also serves the Japanese audience well, with a full Japanese-language version of the site available, although you can’t make payments or bets directly in yen. 

Alongside regular online baccarat titles, you’ll find a few more unusual offerings here, including ‘Mini Baccarat’, and another game which prioritises side bets. There are also plenty of other table games and online slots to keep you entertained, and an excellent VIP program to reward your ongoing loyalty.

What we like:

  • Accepts cryptocurrency payments
  • Interesting selection of baccarat games
  • Useful VIP program in place

What we don’t:

  • No mobile app available

5 – JackpotCity – 16,000 JPY Deposit Bonusjackpot city online casino

JackpotCity is another brand which has clearly made it a big priority to target the Japanese market. This entire online casino is available in Japanese, and you can also make payments and play games directly in JPY. 

Of course, this is also an excellent online casino in its own right. You’ll find some absolutely huge jackpots to try your hand at here, as the same suggests, but there are also slots and table games aplenty. For online baccarat players, JackpotCity provides not only a nice range of games to choose between, but also a full and detailed explanation of exactly how the game works. 

What we like:

  • Beginner-friendly online baccarat site
  • Deposit directly in JPY
  • Big-time jackpots available

What we don’t:

  • Not the best selection of ongoing promotions

The Best Baccarat Casino Sites in Japan Compared

There are dozens of different casino sites, at least, which not only provide online baccarat games, but allow you to play them from within Japan. Naturally though, not all of these sites are created equal, with each having their own particular strengths. 

If you’re looking for an online baccarat site which excels in a certain area, you should definitely check – before committing to any specific brand – that it meets your standards. Below, you can see how all 10 of our recommended online baccarat platforms stack up in three of the most important areas for modern bettors in Japan. 

Brand Number of Games Japanese Language Site Mobile Apps
BK8 ~1,000
Spin Samurai 3,000+
1xBet 2,000+
Wazamba 1,700+
JackpotCity 600+
Lucky Niki 1,000+
22Bet 1,100+
MyBookie ~250
BetOnline ~500
Casumo 1,600+

How to Choose the Top Online Baccarat Casino in Japan

The quickest way to get started playing online baccarat in Japan is to simply pick one of our 10 recommended brands. If you’d prefer to find your own baccarat site instead though, you’re completely welcome to do so. As you carry out your search, we’d recommend prioritising these five factors.

  • Player Safety

This is definitely the first thing you should check, before signing up to any online baccarat site. In short, you need to be completely sure that – if you do so – both your money and personal data will be protected. 

To start off with, check that the brand has at least one license with a regulatory body, such as the Malta Gaming Authority. You must also research the security measures which they have in place, which should include SSL encryption, powerful firewalls, anti-fraud checks, independent security audits, and more. Ideally, the brand will also give you a few ways to keep your account safe yourself, such as 2FA. 

  • Online Baccarat Titles

After confirming that the site is safe, the next thing you must check – obviously – is the selection of online baccarat games which are available. 

Ideally, these will include not only computer-run titles, but live dealer ones too. Even if you haven’t tried the latter, you’ll quickly find it to be a fun and more interactive alternative to the former. Likewise, we’d recommend ensuring there are at least a couple of different baccarat variants in place, to keep you entertained for the long haul. Finally, check that the titles are provided by developers with a strong reputation for both quality and reliability. 

  • Payment Options

Before creating an account with an online casino, you must check that at least one or two suitable payment methods are in place. Debit cards will be supported on any legitimate casino site, but – if this isn’t an option for you – it’s essential that you make sure there’s an alternative option. Also be sure to check that no unreasonable transaction fees are charged, and that withdrawals are processed within a reasonable time frame. 

Elsewhere, it may be worth seeking out a site which lets you make baccarat bets directly in JPY. We wouldn’t call this a deal-breaker, but it will help to save you some money on currency conversions. 

  • Mobile Features

Many punters nowadays are playing casino games, including online baccarat, solely on their mobile devices. If you fall into this category too, then you should definitely evaluate a brand’s mobile features before signing up. 

If they provide a mobile app, we’d recommend downloading it, browsing around, and seeing how it feels. Alternatively, if there’s no mobile app available, you can simply do the same with the mobile website instead. As you do so, focus not just on the quality of the user-interface, but also the loading speeds of the games and pages, and the mobile platform’s reliability.

  • Customer Service

Use any online baccarat site for long enough, and you will eventually encounter a problem. That’s perfectly normal, but it’s still crucial that you’re able to get the issue solved as quickly and effectively as possible. 

This is why you must also check an online casino’s customer support options before signing up. It’s highly preferable for there to be at least one direct contact method, such as live chat or phone, rather than just email or a ticketing system. We’d also recommend ensuring that the coverage hours are acceptable (with 24/7 coverage obviously being optimal), and sending a test enquiry to the customer service team.

How to Play Baccarat at an Online Casino

Baccarat is an extremely simple game to both learn and play, and this has definitely been a factor in its longevity and popularity. Understanding the basics takes barely a couple of minutes of your time, and – below – we’ve told you everything you need to know in order to get started. 

The Aim

Similarly to blackjack, the aim of baccarat is to get as close to a target total as possible. In this case, you’re looking to get to nine points. Whoever gets closer to that target, between you and the banker, will win the hand. 

The Format

As with blackjack, you’re dealt two cards in online baccarat. Here though, you don’t choose whether or not to hit for additional cards. Instead, the choice is made for you. 

If your hand totals an eight or nine, this is called a ‘natural’ win. Get a six or a seven, and you must stand. If you get a five or less, you must take a third card. As noted below, this isn’t always a good thing, since that third card – if it takes your overall total above 10 – might lower your score significantly.

Card Totals

As noted, your target number here is nine. The value of your hand is calculated by adding together the two values. Basic number cards between two and nine simply count for that number of points. Picture cards and tens are worth zero points, and aces are worth one point. 

If the value of your hand ever goes over 10 points, then it’s overall value will simply be the second digit of that total. If your cards total 15 points, for example, then the actual point value will be five. 

Betting on Online Baccarat

You only have three straightforward betting options with baccarat: player, banker, or tie. We’ll give you tips on which bets are smarter than others shortly. 

For now, simply know that – in the first two cases – you’re picking which hand will have a higher total value. The odds for this wager are evens, meaning you’ll double your stake. In the third case, you’re guessing the points values will be tied. The payout here is much higher, at 8/1. 

Our Top Online Baccarat Strategies

As noted, when you play online baccarat in Japan, you’re taking part in a straightforward game of chance. Despite this, however, there are definitely still steps you can take to improve your chances of making money over the long haul, with these being five of the most meaningful. 

Know Your Chances

Like all casino games, online baccarat has a house edge built into it. In this case, it’s actually relatively low compared to the vast majority of games, at 1.06% for the banker’s hand and 1.24% for the player’s. For comparison, the house edge in blackjack is only slightly lower, at 0.5%, while that for roulette is significantly higher at 5.26%. 

For the bettor, however, this means that – despite being a game of pure chance – the odds are still in the house’s favour. As such, however careful you are with your betting, or however experienced you are at baccarat, you can never bank on making money over an extended period of time. 

Don’t Take the Tie

You only have three betting options with online baccarat, which obviously isn’t a huge amount of choice. Even so, we’d actually recommend taking one of those bets off the table straight away.

The tie can seem tempting to inexperienced baccarat players, thanks to its hefty 8/1 odds, which are vastly bigger than the 1/1 odds you’re given for the other two bet types. Don’t be fooled, though – the chances of there actually being a tie are a mere 9.6%, which aren’t nearly high enough to make betting on it worthwhile. 

Back the Banker

On the surface, it might seem like the player and banker have identical odds of winning a hand of baccarat. In reality, the banker actually has a slight edge. This comes via a few different smaller rules, such as the banker standing on a seven through nine, rather than a six or seven. 

The difference between the player and bankers’ chances only amounts to 1.18%, which will have almost no effect on an individual hand. When you play online baccarat for a long time though, this edge will make a difference. That’s why experienced online baccarat players will almost always back the banker, despite usually being charged a 5% commission for doing so.

Follow a Staking Plan

You can’t control when you hit or stand in a game of online baccarat, but you can control your betting. Particularly if you’re just getting started with the game, we’d highly recommend having a staking plan in place to help with this. 

There are a few different routes you can take here, with the Martingale and Fibonacci systems being the most popular. In the first case, if you lose a hand of baccarat, you simply double your stake for the next hand, and keep doing so until you eventually win a hand and make back your money. With the latter system, you follow the Fibonacci sequence (1,1,2,3,5,8,13, etc.), also until you win a hand and make back your losses. 

Stay Responsible 

As we’ve already made clear, online baccarat is a game of complete chance. As such, you should never think in terms of ‘hot streaks’, being ‘due’ a win, or any of the other old gambling cliches. Instead, you should always be thinking logically, and remembering the cold, hard probabilities of you actually winning a given hand. 

Naturally, you should also be sure to only ever wager what you’re willing to lose. This might be calculated on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, but the important thing is that you stick to that rule regardless of the outcomes of your betting.

Different Types of Baccarat Games Online

Baccarat has been around for a long time now, and – as such – has unsurprisingly spawned a number of variants. Let’s take a look at the three most common examples, which you’re most likely to find on an online casino in Japan. 

Punto Banco

This remains the most commonly-played version of online baccarat around the world, including on Japanese casino sites.

It basically follows the set of rules we’ve outlined throughout this article. Six to eight decks of cards are used here, depending on where you play, up to 14 players can sit at the table in a live dealer game, and – unlike in some other variants – you don’t get to choose whether or not to take a third card. 

Mini Baccarat

While Punto Banco remains the most famous version of online baccarat, this variant is definitely coming for its crown. Many online casinos in Japan nowadays will offer at least one game of mini baccarat to their players. 

In short, this is a much more speedy version of the standard game. This is primarily because only seven players can play at once, meaning that the betting is handled significantly more quickly.

Chemin de Fer

If Punto Banco is the ‘American’ version of online baccarat, this is the French alternative. Six decks of cards are used, and the role of the banker rotates around the table, rather than being assigned to a croupier. Cards are dealt face-down, rather than face-up, and – crucially – you can also choose whether or not to hit for a third card here. 

The Top Betting Offers for Baccarat Online in Japan

Big-time betting offers can make a significant difference to your bankroll with an online casino. The biggest deals of all are almost welcome offers, which can only be claimed once, directly after signing up to an online baccarat site. 

If you’re a fan of online baccarat in Japan, you won’t find much variety in the deals you can claim, to put it mildly. Every major casino site provides the same kind of welcome offer – a ‘Deposit Match’, which matches your first payment up to a certain maximum amount, in the form of a bonus.

With that said, there are still plenty of differences between the details of these deals. Most importantly, these include the maximum bonus amount, and the specifics of the rollover requirement for the bonus. Below, you can see how all of our recommended online baccarat sites stack up in these areas. 

Brand Welcome Bonus Key Terms and Conditions
BK8 50% Match, Up to $100 Min deposit $50. 20x rollover requirement. 30 day time limit.
Spin Samurai 125% Match, Up to €100 Min deposit €10. 45x rollover requirement. 14 day time limit.
1xBet Up To €1500 +150 Free Spins Min deposit €10. 35x rollover requirement. 17 day time limit.
Wazamba Up to €500 + 200 Free Spins Min deposit €20. 35x rollover requirement. 10 day time limit.
JackpotCity 100% Match, Up to 16,000 JPY Min deposit 1,000 JPY. 70x rollover requirement. 7 day time limit.
Lucky Niki 100% Match, Up to €100 Min deposit €20. 30x rollover requirement. 30 day time limit.
22Bet 100% Bonus Up To $300 50x rollover requirement. 7 day time limit. 
MyBookie 100% Match, Up to $1,000 Min deposit $25. 30x rollover requirement. 30 day time limit.
BetOnline 100% Match, Up to $1,000 Min deposit $25. 30x rollover requirement. 30 day time limit.
Casumo 100% Bonus, Up to $300 Min deposit $10. 30x rollover requirement. 30 day expiry date.

Final Thoughts

While the Japanese government doesn’t technically support online gambling, it’s not expressly forbidden for individuals either. As such, it is extremely straightforward to start playing online baccarat within the country, and you’ve got plenty of choice when it comes to picking a site on which to do so. 

In this article, we’ve listed your 10 top options for playing online baccarat in Japan. All that you need to do now is pick one, create an account, trigger its welcome offer, and start enjoying this classic casino game for yourself. 

Our Top Recommended Site For Online Baccarat

BK8 JP logo 200% Deposit Match up to ¥67,000 Get Offer


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