Best Online Roulette Casino Sites in Japan

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Roulette online is a truly enjoyable game to play, and in this guide, we will bring you all of the details on the best real money online roulette sites for Japanese players. We’ll also have details of the best strategies for playing and steps on how to play the game to have a thrilling time. Join us as we look at the best online roulette casino sites in Japan.

Top 10 Real Money Online Roulette Casinos in Japan

While multiple sites exist that provide roulette gaming to players based in Japan, it is important for you to join a platform that can be trusted. This is why we have put together this table of the best online roulette sites, giving you a chance to take a look and find one that suits your gaming preferences.

Top 10 Real Money Online Roulette Casinos in Japan
Conquestador Japan Home Page logo

Up To $2,500 Bonus + $10 Free Bet

5 Stars Claim Offer
Bons Japan Home Page logo

$2,000 + $10 Free Bet

5 Stars Claim Offer
Tiger Riches Japan Casino offer logo

100% Casino Welcome Bonus Up To ¥‎100,000 + 25 Free Spins

5 Stars Claim Offer
BC.Game Japan logo

Lucky Spin Up To 1BTC

5 Stars Claim Offer
Megapari Japan Offer logo

100% Deposit Sports Bonus Up To $100

5 Stars Claim Offer
Lilibet Japan logo

100% Welcome Offer up to $500/¥50,000

5 Stars Claim Offer
Rabona Japan Sports logo

First Deposit Bonus Up To $100

5 Stars Claim Offer

How We Rate the Best Roulette Sites

In order to ensure that we are indeed bringing you details of the best online roulette casino sites, there are certain criterium that we seek out when reviewing the platforms. When we know that a casino provides these, then look towards recommending them to you. So, what are these features that we want to see at a roulette casino Japan platform?

  • Good Range of Roulette Games – it’s never the case that we want to sign up to an online casino for roulette gameplay and then find there’s only one option to access. We want a variety of roulette titles coming from different developers, otherwise what is the point in registering? A great roulette online casino to join in this respect is the Conquestador site, which incorporates a wide range of software from many developers. This way, you’ll be able to play several roulette variants after signing up.
  • Top-Quality Security – if you have ever signed up to an online casino before, then you’ll know that you want to feel safe and secure as a player. Therefore, an online roulette casino should always utilise the best technology to keep everything secure, including your data. Furthermore, all your transactions should take place in encrypted format to keep the funds safe. One of the best casinos for safety and security is the Mega Pari site.
  • Exceptional Promotions – a welcome offer is always great to receive when you sign up for an account at an online casino roulette site. Yet ongoing promotions should also be considered alongside. This is why it is ideal to join a platform that has various promotions on hand for you to enjoy. Take a look at BONS casino as a fine example of such a platform. There, you can benefit from a welcome offer as well as various ongoing promotions when you continue playing at the site.
  • Support for Various Payment Methods – you’ll be depositing and withdrawing on a frequent enough basis when playing the best online roulette games at your chosen casino. This is why it is ideal for a casino to provide you with various options to utilise for these transactions. Joining the Tiger Riches platform offers you this opportunity. With possibilities for depositing and withdrawing through cards, e-wallets, prepaid cards and more, this is one site that does it all.
  • Helpful Support Team – should you ever come to a point of needing assistance while playing roulette online, then you need to know that you can acquire this readily. One of the best sites for this is My Bookie. Support agents should always be accessible through live chat, telephone, email and other options, whilst also being available on a frequent enough basis. The best sites provide a 24/7 customer support setup that you can take advantage of as a player.
  • Live Online Roulette – it’s not only a case of offering RNG roulette games in various formats, but live casino games are also highly popular today. This way, you get the experience of a land-based casino directly from your home computer or a mobile device. Featuring live dealers and high-definition streaming, this provides you with a wonderful alternative gaming experience. You’ll find various live casino roulette games on hand at Rabona, ensuring you are thoroughly entertained.
  • Mobile Connectivity – many gamers prefer playing casino games from their tablet or their smartphone these days. This affords the possibility of placing roulette bets from any location, and it is vital that a casino offers up the chance for you to play this way. BetOnline has a great mobile experience for players to enjoy. Simply visit it through your mobile device web browser to reap the benefits.

Best Online Roulette Japan Casinos Per Category

If you would rather not read through the different sections noted above, then you can instead look at this simple table setup. Here, we have listed the casinos that excel in specific areas, so if you want to join one that provides something exceptional in one of these areas, you can find out more about them here.

Low Stakes Roulette: Tiger Riches High Stakes Roulette: BONS
European Roulette: Conquestador New Roulette Games: My Bookie
American Roulette: BetOnline Excellent Roulette Promotions: LiliBet
Live Roulette Games: Mega Pari Range of Roulette Providers: BC.GAME

Comparing the Top 10 Online Roulette Japan Casino Sites

So, if you want to know more about the number of games and the different roulette bets that these online casinos provide, you can see such details in the table below. This allows you to see what kind of setup they have within their respective game lobbies.

Casino # of Roulette Games # of Live Roulette Games Min Roulette Bet Max Roulette Bet
Conquestador 6 100+ ¥10 ¥1,155,000
BONS 100+ 100+ ¥10 ¥1,155,000
Tiger Riches 50+ 100+ ¥115 ¥590,225
Mega Pari 15 21 ¥10 ¥1,155,000
LiliBet 10 7 ¥10 ¥57,730
Rabona 5 2 ¥10 ¥57,730
BC GAME 1 0 ¥115 ¥28,800
SPIN Samurai 50+ 59 ¥10 ¥1,155,000
Casitabi 10 8 ¥55 ¥1,440,000
Big Spin 10 8 ¥55 ¥1,440,000

Subject to changes

Online Roulette Welcome Bonuses

Signing up to an online casino site also means that you could be on the receiving end of a bonus reward. And in fact, it is a welcome bonus that can often dictate that a platform is considered as one of the best online roulette sites. But it is ideal to know more about what these are and how they operate before claiming one. So, we have put together a bit of information regarding these promotional offers for newcomers, as well as some details surrounding key terms and conditions often associated with them.

What is a Welcome Bonus?

A welcome bonus is exactly how it sounds – a bonus that welcomes you to the roulette casino Japan that you have joined. Usually, to receive such a bonus, you will need to have made a deposit for the first time, which will trigger it. Welcome bonuses are therefore only available to newcomers at an online roulette casino. It is most often the case that the bonus will be provided as a percentage on top of the amount that you deposit. So, if you see a reward that stands as 100% and you make a deposit of ¥5,000, then you will receive another ¥5,000 on top of that deposit in bonus funds.

It is also key to note that some online casino roulette sites provide you with welcome packages, which offer bonuses on top of several of your first deposits made. These usually equate to much more than a simple first deposit bonus, but come with additional terms and conditions to take note of, too.

It is usually always the case that a welcome bonus will come with certain terms and conditions attached to it. Take a look at these in a bit more depth below.

Maximum Bonus

A legitimate bonus offer will inform you of the maximum bonus that is available through claiming such. All of the online roulette casino sites that we have mentioned in this article feature such maximums, and this means that you won’t be able to receive anything more than that which is stated. This is true even if you deposit well above the maximum amount.

Minimum Deposit

All bonus offers come with a minimum amount that should be deposited before you qualify for the promotion, too. So, if an offer requests a deposit of at least ¥100 for you to qualify, then you must ensure that this sum is the least you transfer into your account.

Wagering Requirements

The bonus funds that you receive will also likely come with wagering requirements attached to them. These dictate that amount in bets that you need to place before you can withdraw any winnings associated with using the bonus funds. So, if a bonus offer has wagering requirements of 25x attached to it and you receive a bonus of ¥10,000, then you will need to complete wagering requirements of ¥250,000 before you can withdraw.

Game Contribution

It is key to note that when it comes to completing wagering requirements, some games don’t contribute the entirety of your wagers towards such. Online roulette wheel games are often included in this, so you may need to complete wagering by playing slot games instead. Make sure that you look at the terms and conditions of a bonus to see which games are restricted when it comes to the completion of wagering.

Bonus Timeframe

All bonuses come with a specific timeframe that you need to take notice of. This is the timeframe within which you can both use the bonus funds you have received, as well as the period within which you need to complete the associated wagering requirements.

Top 5 Casino Roulette Welcome Bonuses
Conquestador JP logo

200% Welcome Bonus + 200 Free Spins

5 Stars Get Offer
Bons Japan Home Page logo

$2,000 + $10 Free Bet

5 Stars Get Offer
Tiger Riches Japan Casino offer logo

100% Casino Welcome Bonus Up To ¥‎100,000 + 25 Free Spins

5 Stars Get Offer
Megapari Japan Offer logo

100% Deposit Sports Bonus Up To $100

5 Stars Get Offer
Lilibet Japan logo

100% Welcome Offer up to $500/¥50,000

5 Stars Get Offer

Types of Roulette

Roulette comes in a few different formats, meaning that there is likely to be a version that caters to everyone. Of course, it is ideal to know about these different kinds, so that you can understand what they are all about. Take a look below at the different varieties of the best online roulette games.

European Roulette

European RouletteEuropean roulette is the most common version of the game offered in casinos based in Europe, as its name would suggest. Yet it is also popular in other locations around the world, due to the fact that it comes with a lower house edge than most other versions. This is due to the inclusion of a single green zero, rather than a double zero as well.

American Roulette

American rouletteIf you were to play American roulette, then you would see that the wheel itself comes with two green sections – the single 0 and the double 0. This is what increases the house edge of the game. It is this variation that is found primarily in the United States and isn’t quite as simple to win on as European roulette.

French Roulette

French RouletteThe game of French roulette is similar to the European version, although it has a slightly different betting board. The same betting options are available to choose from and the same payouts are on hand, and there is even just a single zero on the roulette wheel online. The primary different is the La Partage rule, which provides any player with an even money bet half of his stake back if a zero becomes the winning number.

Mini Roulette

Mini RouletteWhen it comes to mini roulette, as its name suggests, it is a smaller variation of the game. It’s not as common to experience as the others, although it has been gaining in popularity in the online scene. Everything is scaled down with mini roulette, so there are fewer numbers on the roulette wheel and fewer betting options available, too.

Live Roulette

Live RouletteIf you want to experience roulette in an environment that echoes that of a land-based casino, then live dealer roulette is the route to take. Live online roulette can provide an exciting variation of the different options mentioned previously, with live dealers controlling the flow of the game. You can also communicate with other players via the live chat box that is involved.

High Stakes Roulette Sites

Players who have a higher bankroll may find themselves more interested in placing high stakes on roulette games. And it is therefore ideal for a casino to have games that cater to this demographic. Some of the best online roulette games have higher stakes for these VIP players to enjoy, and the top three sites that we can suggest for you to join to experience such are as follows:

High Stakes Roulette Sites Japan
Conquestador JP logo

200% Welcome Bonus + 200 Free Spins

5 Stars Get Offer
Megapari Japan Offer logo

100% Deposit Sports Bonus Up To $100

5 Stars Get Offer
Bons Japan Home Page logo

$2,000 + $10 Free Bet

5 Stars Get Offer

Low Stakes Roulette Sites

On the other hand, you may have a lower bankroll and need to play your bets cautiously. That’s perfectly fine as well, because even with low stakes, you can enjoy and entertaining time at a roulette casino. Both standard RNG and live dealer roulette games are available in this format, and some of the best casinos to provide low stakes roulette options include:

Low Stakes Roulette Sites Japan
Tiger Riches Japan Casino offer logo

100% Casino Welcome Bonus Up To ¥‎100,000 + 25 Free Spins

5 Stars Get Offer
BC.Game Japan logo

Lucky Spin Up To 1BTC

5 Stars Get Offer

Online Live Roulette Japan

You don’t always have to play games of roulette that are quite one-dimensional. These RNG formats of the game are, of course, still entertaining in their own right, but it may be more to your satisfaction to engage in a bit of live roulette gameplay. In doing so, you will be getting to experience the same sort of feeling as you would get from engaging in roulette gaming at a land-based establishment. And you get to do it all from the comfort of your home computer or even from a smartphone or tablet.

Live casino roulette is one of those games that is unlike no other, featuring enthusiastic dealers being streamed in high-definition to your screen. They will control when bets can be placed and when the balls is rolled into the roulette wheel online. They will also call out the winning number, and you can send them messages and leave tips via the inclusive chat box.

Speaking of that chat box, you can communicate with other players of the same game through this. Therefore, live roulette can be considered as a much more social variation of the table game than the RNG options. It is also available in several different formats, including some that are unique to this scene, such as Lightning Roulette or Speed Roulette. Therefore, it brings its own flavor to the forefront as well. Yet the base gameplay remains the same, requiring you to place wagers on numbers or sets of numbers that you believe will win.

Online Live Roulette Japan

Here is a look at the top three online roulette casinos for live dealer gameplay:

Online Live Roulette Japan
Bons Japan Home Page logo

$2,000 + $10 Free Bet

5 Stars Get Offer
Megapari Japan Offer logo

100% Deposit Sports Bonus Up To $100

5 Stars Get Offer

Online Casino Roulette Strategy

Once you have got the idea of how to play roulette, you may want to incorporate a strategy into your overall gameplay. Of course, it cannot be guaranteed that such a strategy will ensure you obtain a win all the time because roulette is a game of luck rather than skill. All game rounds have random outcomes. However, you can learn about the different strategies that some players use to enhance their gaming experience. And if you would like to try them out yourself, you can do so on a free-play demo version of RNG roulette. This way, you won’t be risking your own deposited casino funds.

Martingale System

This strategy is one of the most known in the roulette world, and it has been used by various players throughout the years. Opting to use this one will see you start at a single unit for your bet, and then whenever you suffer from a loss, you double up on that for the next round. So, if you begin with a wager of ¥150 and then you lose, you place a bet of ¥300 in the next game round, and so on. The idea behind doing this is to recover any of the losses once you do experience a win. Yet this strategy can be quite dangerous, as it requires you to have quite the high balance to start with, and can lead to your bankroll being depleted quite swiftly.

Reverse Martingale System

Choosing to utilise this system simply requires you to follow a similar route as the standard Martingale. However, instead of doubling your bet when you suffer from a losing round, you double it when you win. Again, this is designed to cancel out any time you lose a game, although it once again depends upon you having a bankroll that is sufficient enough to cover such a strategy.

Fibonacci System

The Fibonacci system utilises the sequence of numbers under the same name. This sequence starts at 1 and then every number after it is a combination of the previous two. So, it begins with 1, the next number is 1, and then it moves on to 2, 3, 5, 8, 13 and so on. It is from these numbers that you place your wagers on online roulette games. Whenever you manage to acquire a win, you move backwards in the number sequence, whereas a loss sees you move forward with it. This system serves as a much better option for short-term gamblers to utilise, rather than long-term players.

Labouchere System

If you’re interested in learning something a bit more complicated and that requires more effort, the Labouchere strategy is the one for you. You start out with a series of numbers in this one, and the wager that you place should be the sum of the first number and the last number in your sequence. So, if you utilise a series of 300, 500, 1,000, 1,200 and 1,450, then your first bet should be ¥1,750. Suffering from a loss on that round will see the losing bet added on to the end of the sequence. This sequence is utilised until all numbers have been struck off, before you begin with a new set of numbers.

Wheel Bias

You won’t be able to use this particular strategy at the best online roulette Japan sites, because it caters to land-based gaming only. Essentially, it requires you to take advantage of any deficiencies in the roulette wheel itself. So, if there is a dent or an uneven weight balance in it, then this will affect the outcome of a spin each time. Therefore, players can latch onto the deficiency and place bets accordingly. And while this was quite an advantageous strategy to use at one point, testing of the wheels has become a lot more stringent today, meaning that it is not something that is so highly possible as it was previously.

Online Roulette Deposits and Withdrawals

You will need to have funds in your online casino account when you want to play roulette games. Therefore, utilising an adequate and effective payment method for this is ideal. At the same time, it should be simply to both deposit and withdraw from your chosen casino site, and various payment methods should be made available for you to do so. So, take a look at some of the accepted payment methods at Japanese online casino sites, which are also simple to use.

  • Credit/Debit Cards including Visa
  • E-wallets such as Skrill, ecoPayz and Neteller
  • Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and altcoins
  • Online Payment Methods including the popular iBanq option
  • Prepaid cards like the AstroPay card
  • Bank Wire Transfers

Things to Know with Regard to Deposits and Withdrawals

There are certain things to be aware of when choosing to make a deposit and/or a withdrawal from an online casino site. The process of completing these transactions is usually a very simple affair, but it is relative to keep certain pieces of information in mind as well. They include:

Deposit and Withdrawal Limits

Many casinos impose limits on the amount that you can deposit, both minimums and maximums. So, you will need to ensure that you are trying to transfer an amount within those brackets, and that goes for withdrawals, too. Different payment methods will come with different limitations relating to this, so it is always ideal to check into these for your preferred banking option before proceeding.

Bonus Restrictions

It is also the case that online casinos will restrict players who deposit with certain payment methods from receiving a welcome bonus. It is usually e-wallet users that suffer from these blocks, but this is not the case at all online gaming sites. Be sure to read through the promotion terms and conditions prior to making your initial deposit.

Deposits without Withdrawals

While it may be possible to deposit at an online roulette casino with a specific method, that same method might not be possible to use for a withdrawal. So, in this respect, an alternative will need to be chosen for the payout process. In many cases, the casino will simply send the money to you via a bank transfer, which can sometimes take longer to complete.


Sometimes, casinos will also have fees attached to certain payment methods, which is important to know about before you transact. This can be true in terms of deposits, withdrawals or both functions, so it is vital that you are informed on such fees before you go ahead with a deposit. Fees may be applied to all payment methods or just to some specific options.

Online Roulette House Edge and RTP

If you browsed through the range of available online casino games today, then it would stand out to you that roulette comes with quite a low house edge in comparison to various others. This serves you, the player, perfectly, because you stand the opportunity of winning more rewards from playing the game. Yet it is ideal to know what the house edge of a game is actually referring to, and additionally, what the RTP rate is, too.

All games that are included in a casino lobby come with house edges, and the percentage dictated by this is the amount that the game leans in favour of the casino. The lower this figure is, the better the chances are for you. So, if you see a roulette game with a 4% house edge and another with a 3.2% house edge, the likelihood is that you will want to try the latter, as its house edge is lower.

Opposing this is the return to player (RTP) rate. This figures displays the percentage that you can expect to win from a game over an extended period of gameplay. It is the remaining percentage of the house edge. So, if you did decide to play the roulette game with the 3.2% house edge, then the RTP rate in your favour would be 96.8%. This figure is calculated over a large number of games played, but it generally means that for every ¥1,000 you bet on the roulette title, you can expect to get ¥968 back in winnings. Of course, this could have been calculated over 10,000 or 10,000,000 games played.

European and French roulette therefore stand out as the best games to play because they come with the lowest house edges with regard to roulette options. Generally speaking, the European roulette house edge lingers around the 2.7% mark, giving you a great chance of securing wins. Take a look at the house edge and RTP rates table below to discover more about these.

Roulette Bet American Roulette Probability American Roulette House Edge European Roulette Probability European Roulette House Edge Payout
Straight 97.37% 2.63% 97.30% 2.7% 35/1
Split 94.74% 5.26% 94.60% 5.4% 17/1
Street 92.11% 7.89% 91.90% 8.1% 11/1
Even/Odds, Red/Black 53.63% 46.37% 51.40% 48.60% 1/1

Free Online Roulette Games

If you haven’t ever played roulette online before, then you may want to start out with some tester games. In this respect, it is not an ideal outcome for you to risk your own money when you’re practicing. Fortunately, many RNG roulette games come in demo format for you to access as well, offering you free demo funds to utilise on them. When you play roulette online this way, you don’t have to worry about losing your money, because you’re making use of free play funds. We should also mention here that live dealer roulette games cannot be accessed in this way though, only RNG options.

Yet practicing this way is not something that only newcomers can take advantage of. Regular players wanting to hone their skills or test out a new variant of the game that they aren’t quite as familiar with can benefit from it, too. This makes free play online roulette a great route to take if you’re testing out a new strategy as well.

It is normally the case that you will need to be registered for a casino account at a site before you can access free play modes of the games. However, some of the best online roulette sites will still allow you to do this without having created an account beforehand.

Bottom Line

It is true to say that online roulette gaming can provide you with plenty of entertainment. And there are multiple online roulette casino Japan platforms that offer you the opportunity to get this enjoyment out of your free time. It is recommended that you sign up to one of our recommended casinos though, as these are all verified as safe and secure.

Then, why not take a bit of time to play some of the demo games at your chosen site. Maybe test out a strategy or two and find the best way of playing for you. Whatever the case may be, you’ll also be able to benefit from a welcome offer at any of them, and all of them offer excellent features for you to have the best time.

The Best Online Roulette Casino Site in Japan


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