Jiliko Casino Review & Bonus Codes 2023 – Sign-Up & Claim Up To PHP300

The gambling-friendly nature of the Philippines means that bettors have a whole lot of excellent options to choose from. These include not only the offshore sites which serve most of Southeast Asia, but domestic brands too, which are actually focused on the Philippines. In this review, we’re going to be looking in-depth at a great example of this – Jiliko casino. 

Read on to discover everything you need to know about the Jiliko online casino. We’ll look at everything from its special offers to its games selection, and – ultimately – tell you whether it’s worth your time and money to sign up.

300% Deposit Bonus Up To $2,000 Every Monday - Thursday


300% Deposit Bonus Up To $2,000 Every Monday - Thursday

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Jolly Jiliko Casino Bonuses & Promo Codes

Special offers indisputably play a major role in attracting players to online casinos in the first place, and retaining them over the long-term. 

The Jiliko online casino attempts to achieve both of those goals, via its welcome offer and ongoing promotions respectively. We’ll assess both areas in more detail shortly, looking at not only the bonus amounts, but also the terms and conditions. For now, here’s a quick and easy overview of some of the best offers you can claim at Jiliko casino. 

Bonus Name Description Bonus Code Rollover Min. Deposit
300% Welcome Bonus 300% deposit match, up to PHP 300 N/A (must opt-in) 20x PHP 100
300% Weekend Bonus 300% deposit match reload bonus, up to PHP 300 N/A (must opt-in) 20x PHP 100
Cash Back Every Day 1-2% cashback offer on your losses N/A (must manually claim rebate) N/A N/A (Min. PHP 1,000 in losses)
Invite Friends Double Bonus Referral bonus, worth up to PHP 180 Friend must enter your username 1x PHP 500

Diving Deep Into Jiliko’s Bonuses & Promos

Above, we’ve given you a quick, top-down overview of some of the most important Jiliko bonus offers you can claim. Now though, it’s time to get stuck into a few more of the details. Below, we’ve listed the five best promos this casino has to offer right now, and provided quick and easy explanations to how they work. 

Welcome Bonus

jiliko casino bonus - welcome offer

  • Bonus Amount: Up to PHP 300
  • Deposit Restrictions: N/A
  • Bonus Code: N/A (opt-in required)
  • Rollover: 20x
  • Min. Deposit: PHP 100
  • Bonus Expiry: N/A

Like the vast majority of casinos in the Philippines, Jiliko uses the ‘deposit match’ format for its welcome offer. In this case, after opting-in to the offer, you must deposit at least 100 pesos to trigger the offer. Do so, and your deposit will be matched with a bonus worth 300% of that figure, up to PHP 300. Do be aware, however, that you must bet through your bonus amount 20x, and this betting must be done on slots. 

Weekend Bonus

jiliko casino bonus - weekend bonus

  • Bonus Amount: Up to PHP 300
  • Deposit Restrictions: N/A 
  • Bonus Code: N/A (opt-in required)
  • Rollover: 20x
  • Min. Deposit: PHP 100
  • Bonus Expiry: N/A

Many Filipino casinos will back up their deposit match welcome offers with reload bonuses. Unfortunately, even though these follow the same format, they’re usually much smaller. We’re pleased to say that Jiliko bucks this trend, with a reload bonus that’s exactly as good as its welcome offer. After opting-in, you can use this to claim a bonus worth 300% of your deposits – up to PHP 300 – every single weekend. 

Cash Back Every Day

jiliko casino bonus - cashback offer

  • Bonus Amount: Up to PHP 1,888
  • Deposit Restrictions: N/A 
  • Bonus Code: N/A (must manually claim rebate)
  • Rollover: N/A
  • Min. Deposit: N/A (min. PHP 1,000 in losses)
  • Bonus Expiry: N/A

While some offers are focused on boosting your winnings, others help you cut back on your losses. Cashback offers are the most common examples, and Jiliko’s version is excellent. If you lose at least PHP 1,000 here in a day of gambling, you can get 1-2% of it back depending on your VIP level. Better still, this bonus is given (once you’ve claimed it) as cash, meaning that there is no rollover requirement attached. 

Invite Friends Double Bonus

jiliko casino bonus - referral deal

  • Bonus Amount: Up to PHP 128
  • Deposit Restrictions: N/A 
  • Bonus Code: Friend must enter your username
  • Rollover: 1x
  • Min. Deposit: PHP 500
  • Bonus Expiry: 7 days

High quality referral deals are basically a win/win for you and a friend, with both of you getting some bonus benefits. That’s certainly the case with this offer, in which the referer (you) can get a PHP 128 bonus, while the referee (your friend) gets PHP 68 too. This is also a very easy offer to trigger. All your friend needs to do is enter your username when they carry out their own Jiliko sign up, and – if both of you deposit at least 500 PHP in total over the next seven days – you’ll both get your bonuses.

Slot and Fishing Cashback Bonus

jiliko casino bonus - slot and fishing

  • Bonus Amount: Up to 1%
  • Deposit Restrictions: N/A 
  • Bonus Code: N/A (must manually claim rebate)
  • Rollover: 1x
  • Min. Deposit: N/A
  • Bonus Expiry: N/A

Jiliko clearly excels in the cashback area, providing not just one, but two such deals. The actual size of your rebate will be bigger if you stick to the first such offer we looked at. As noted, however, you must be at least a level 2 VIP to claim that bonus. This cashback deal, by contrast, is open to all Jiliko customers. It also applies to both slots and fishing games, and still gives you a solid rebate worth 0.5-1% of your losses, depending on your VIP level.

Boost Your Bankroll with These Jiliko Casino Bonuses

It’s fair to say that the promotions page on Jiliko is pretty packed-out. At the time of writing, there were a mighty 24 different deals available, the vast majority of which were specifically targeted at the casino section rather than the sportsbook (more on that later). 

There’s plenty of variety in terms of the bonus sizes, T&Cs, and so on within this selection. Actually, you’ll find that most of the deals can be sorted into a few common offer types, which we’ve explained for you below. 

Deposit Match

This is the most common kind of casino welcome offer on Filipino casinos. That’s certainly not a bad thing though, since – in addition to delivering big-time rewards – these deals tend to be very easy to trigger. To do so, you simply need to sign up and make a deposit. In return, you will be given a bonus matching your deposit to the tune of a certain percentage, and up to a certain maximum amount. In the case of Jiliko, as we’ve already seen, the deposit match welcome offer is very good indeed.

Reload Bonus

Deposit matches are all well and good, but – unfortunately – even the best ones only last a short amount of time. Reload bonuses pick up the slack here, and keep the momentum rolling for existing customers. Mechanically, the reload bonus works in almost exactly the same way, matching your deposit up to a certain amount and percentage. In this case, however, you can claim that bonus repeatedly. That might be once per week, or – as in the case of Jiliko – even once per day.

Moneyback Offer

As veteran punters will know, winning on casino games is only half the struggle when it comes to turning a long-term profit. Arguably just as important is cutting down on your losses, and moneyback offers can play a major role here. These usually work by insuring a certain percentage of your losses. Since this rebate is returned as cash, it’s not even subject to a wagering requirement. On Jiliko, you will actually find multiple versions of this deal in place. 

VIP Program

The VIP program is common to almost every online casino, and is the most flexible promotion of all. Regardless of the specifics though, the idea is the same – you continue to bet with a brand, and get continually better rewards. Jiliko’s VIP program is particularly interesting. It not only gives you those normal rewards, but actually affects the size of the bonuses you’ll get from other offers too, including the cash rebate deals. 

Lucky Draw

By their very nature, online casino fans aren’t usually avert to leaving things in the hands of fate. Well, that’s exactly what lucky draw promos involve. Some input will be required on your end to enter into these offers in the first place. Once you’ve done that though, the size – and sometimes even the type – of your potential rewards will be pretty random. On Jiliko, for example, deposits of PHP 500+ get you one spin of the lucky draw wheel, which can give you a bonus of anything from PHP 18 to a mighty PHP 1,688. 

Are You Eligible for Offers From Jiliko?

Technically, not everybody can claim all of the offers on Jiliko. If you use a little common sense, however, and follow the rules that almost all online casinos have in place nowadays, you should be completely fine. Basically, make sure you’re of legal age, that you haven’t fallen foul of Jiliko before, and that you’re not trying to scam the casino. 

To help give you a more specific idea of why you may or may not be eligible for Jiliko bonuses, here are a few things to watch out for.

  • Age Requirement

You must be aged 18+ to use Jiliko in the first place. Naturally, this applies to claiming all of its special offers as well

  • Correct Identity

All of the information you provide when signing up with Jiliko must be correct. This will be checked when you first sign up, before you even get chance to try claiming an offer, so be sure to enter it properly to avoid delays

  • Offer Claiming Limit

You can only claim your welcome bonus one time. After that, you’ll only be able to use ongoing promotions. Note that Jiliko judges this based on your IP address, so – if someone else living at your place has already joined – you might run into trouble

  • Previous Problems

If you’ve had enough trouble with Jiliko previously that they’ve closed your account, they’ll almost certainly catch you if you try to sign up again and claim a new bonus. The most common reasons for getting your first account closed are bankruptcy, and being accused of unfair gambling practices 

Know The Bonus Terms & Conditions

Every single special offer will come with terms and conditions attached. If it doesn’t, that’s actually a bad sign, since it not only leaves you in doubt as to how to claim the deal, but also suggests the brand might not be legit. 

Fortunately, in the case of the Jiliko casino, this needn’t be a worry. Each deal here has its own pop-up page, on which you can see its T&Cs. ‘Reading the small print’ might sound boring, but it’s essential that you do so in every case, to avoid wasting your time and money. Here are the main things to look out for. 

Bonus Codes / Opting-In

Some online casinos attach bonus codes to their offers, but that isn’t really Jiliko’s style. Instead, you’ll often need to opt in here in order to trigger a particular deal. This tends to be very straightforward, and can usually be done through your personal account area. It’s still essential that you remember to do this, however, particularly if you’re used to using casinos where the deposit match welcome offer is triggered automatically. 

Deposit Rules

Generally speaking, Jiliko is pretty forgiving when it comes to the actual payment method that you use. Other casinos can be strict on users of eWallet or cryptos, for example, but – in the case of Jiliko – you won’t usually find any such stipulations. There will almost always be a minimum deposit amount, however, which you must meet or exceed in order to trigger deals like the welcome offer. 

Qualifying Wagers

You won’t actually need to place a single wager here to claim your welcome bonus; instead, you’ll just get it after making your deposit. For other offers, however, you will indeed need to place a certain volume of wagers. You may have to do so in one go, or cumulatively across a longer time frame. Either way, you must make sure that you not only hit this total figure, but also – if necessary – do so while sticking to particular games. These might be specific titles, or simply game types (like slots, fishing games, and so on). 

Rollover Requirements

The infamous rollover requirement is common to all major Filipino betting sites, and the Jiliko casino is no different. It is in place not only for the welcome offer here, but for many of the ongoing promotions too. This will usually involve placing wagers totalling your bonus amount, multiplied by a certain number. If the rollover requirement is 20x, for example, and you’ve got a Jiloko free 100 pesos bonus, you’ll need to bet through PHP 2,000. This must be done within a certain time frame, and – often – on particular Jiliko casino games. 

Time Frames

Again, Jiliko is actually quite forgiving in this area compared to most Filipino online casinos. You’ll still find, however, that time frames are indeed imposed for most of its deals. These are pretty straightforward to understand, usually just requiring that you make a deposit or complete a wagering requirement within a certain time frame. It’s still imperative that you make sure to complete them, however, or you can simply lose your bonus entirely. 

Sign-Up and Claim Your Jiliko Casino Welcome Bonus

All the top modern-day online casinos in the Philippines tend to be extremely easy to use, and we’re pleased to say this applies to Jiliko. You’ll find this to be a streamlined and user-friendly betting site, right from the beginning. To help you get started, here are the few steps you need to complete.

Step 1 – Head to Jiliko

Your first step, naturally, is to actually head to Jiliko. For the purposes of this guide, we’ll assume you’re simply using the main desktop site. The process works in basically the same way if you’d prefer to use the mobile app, however, which can be downloaded by scanning a QR code on the website with your device. 

Step 2 – Create Your Account

Jiliko Casino Registration

Once you’ve loaded the Jiliko home page, click the Register button at the top of the screen to kick off the registration process. You’ll then be presented with a pop-up window, into which you must enter some personal information. This is also the point at which you should enter a friend’s username, if you’d like to use the referral deal. Either way, finish off by simply agreeing to the T&Cs and hitting the Register button again. 

Step 3 – Opt-In

jiliko casino bonus - welcome offer

As noted, on Jiliko you won’t be given your deposit match welcome bonus automatically. Instead, you’ll need to opt-in manually. To do so, log in using the details you just set, then access your personal account area via the main menu. Head to the promotions list, then click Promos, find the welcome bonus, and hit the Apply button to trigger the deal. 

Step 4 – Make Your Deposit

Jiliko Payment Methods

With your welcome bonus triggered, it’s time to make your all-important first deposit. Ensure you’re logged in, then access the cashier area using the main menu. Pick the deposit method you want to use, and enter a monetary value of at least PHP 100. Now provide the necessary payment information, and confirm the transaction. 

Step 5 – Complete the Wagering Requirement

Jiliko Casino Play

Having both activated the welcome offer and made your first deposit, you should now be given your welcome bonus. This should be worth 300% of your deposit, up to PHP 300. If you haven’t received it, it’s time to reach out to the support team via live chat. 

Once you do have your bonus, it’s time to complete the wagering requirement, which involves betting through your bonus amount 20x. Do note, however, that the maximum size of your actual bonus winnings will be PHP 500, and that you must play slots specifically for your stakes to count towards the requirement. 

Ready to Claim a Jiliko Bonus? Don’t Do This!

For the most part, claiming a useful and valuable bonus – like those on Jiliko – is a fun and exciting process. It’s an unavoidable truth, however, that there are also quite a few places you can go wrong during that process. Here are some of the most common pitfalls that you should avoid falling into yourself. 

  • Failing the Rollover Requirement

This is easily the most common mistake bettors make when trying to claim special offers, and it’s not particularly close. Either because they don’t know about the rollover requirement in the first place, or because they’re not tracking their spending as they try to complete it, many punters fall at this crucial hurdle

  • Taking Too Long

You certainly do not have all the time in the world when you’re claiming a Jiliko bonus. Instead, you should be sure to check the time frame for that particular offer before trying to claim it so you don’t risk missing out.

  • Not Opting-In

If you’re used to using sites in which deals like the deposit match welcome offer are triggered automatically, this is definitely an easy mistake to make. On Jiliko, be aware that – for the vast majority of the special offers – you must opt-in manually in some way

  • Not Reading the Small Print

Failing to read the T&Cs almost guarantees that you will also fail to claim your bonus. Take the time to scan the small print – in full – before trying to get your hands on any special offer, and you’ll vastly improve your chances of success

  • Failing to Use the Customer Support

If you have absolutely any doubts whatsoever about how a particular offer works, then you should reach out to the customer support team. Firstly, that’s what they’re there for in the first place. Secondly, doing so could hardly be easier, simply requiring that you click the Contact Us button to the side of your screen

How Does Jiliko Compare to Other Philippines Online Casinos?

Of course, the Jiliko casino does not exist in a vacuum. Rather, it is a direct competitor to plenty of other excellent online casinos which currently serve the Philippines, many of which we’ve looked at in detail elsewhere on this website. 

With this in mind, it’s important to not just look at Jiliko’s offers in isolation, but compared to what else is out there. That’s exactly what we’ve done in our comparison table below, so you can see how Jiliko stacks up to the competition. 

Site Casino Bonus Rollover Min. Deposit Sports Bonus Rollover Min. Deposit
Jiliko 300% Deposit Match, Up to PHP 300 20x PHP 100 300% Deposit Match, Up to PHP 300 20x (must be completed on casino slots) PHP 100
Stake 200% Welcome Bonus Up to $1,000 35x $10 200% Welcome Bonus Up to $1,000 35x $10
Plae8 30% Match Deposit Bonus, Up to PHP 750 15x PHP 250 100% Deposit Match, Up to PHP 500 20x PHP 50
22Win 100% Slot Welcome Bonus, Up to PHP 25,000 22x PHP 100 Risk-Free First Bet, Up to PHP 2,000 25x PHP 1,000
EU9 99% Deposit Match, Up to PHP 2,000 7x PHP 200 99% Deposit Match, Up to PHP 2,000 15x PHP 200
20Bet 100% Deposit Match, Up to PHP 7,000 5x PHP 600 100% Deposit Match, Up to PHP 6,000 5x PHP 60
Lucky Block 200% Match Deposit Bonus, Up to 10,000 EUR 6x per installment 20 EUR 200% Match Deposit Bonus, Up to 10,000 EUR 6x per installment 20 EUR
22Bet 100% Bonus Up To PHP 18,500 5x PHP 600 100% Bonus Up To PHP 8,000 5x PHP 60
BC.Game 4 x Deposit Match Bonuses 50x $50 4 x Deposit Match Bonuses 50x $50
Shangri La 100% Deposit Match, Up to 300 EUR 25x 20 EUR 100% Deposit Match, Up to 50 EUR 8x 10 EUR

Jiliko Casino Review – 4/5

  • Website: https://www.jiliko.com/
  • Payout Time: 3-5 working days
  • Established: 2020
  • Headquarters: Manila, Philippines

Jiliko is an extremely well-rounded betting site, with both an online casino and a full sportsbook in place. We’ll get to the latter shortly, but – regardless of its quality – we’d still say the casino is the priority here. 

The result of this focus is an absolutely excellent online casino. Filipino casino fans have plenty of great options, when it comes to choosing a site, but this belongs right at the top of the pile. Jiliko is safe, has a solid track record despite not being very old, and – as we’ll see – provides all the gaming options you could realistically hope for. 

Jiliko Online Casino – 4/5

In recent years, Filipino gamers have become accustomed to expecting the highest standards from their online casinos. This applies to a whole range of areas, including the interface, special offers, and customer support provisions. Arguably the most important area of all, however, remains the gaming selection. 

We’re pleased to say that’s also an area in which Jiliko performs extremely well. All of the most important bases are covered here, including slots, regular and live dealer table games, and the likes of fishing games. In fact, we wouldn’t say there are any obvious holes at all in the selection. Read on to get the lowdown on how Jiiko performs when it comes to your favorite games. 

Online Slots – 5/5

Online slots tend to represent the bulk of most online casinos’ gaming selections, and so it proves on Jiliko. In this case, the Jiliko slot online casino is impressive even by modern-day standards. While we were unable to find the exact number of titles that are in place, the number is certainly well into the hundreds. 

If there’s one criticism you could make here, it’s that some of the most famous developers – the likes of Pragmatic Play and Microgaming, for example – haven’t contributed here. Over a dozen developers have chipped in, however, some of which – like Relax Gaming – are internationally-renowned. There’s also a huge amount of variety in terms of payouts, themes, features, and so on, and the entire enormous selection is extremely easy to browse. 

Table Games – 4/5

Technically, Jiliko doesn’t perform quite as impressively here as it does with its slots. We still wouldn’t exactly say it’s a slouch when it comes to computer-run table games, however. We counted almost 80 different individual titles you could try out, at the time of writing, which should certainly be enough to keep you entertained for a while. 

Four developers have combined to provide this selection, which covers most of the major bases. We were particularly impressed, however, to see that Jiliko doesn’t just provide the usual games, such as baccarat and blackjack. It goes far beyond this, to also let you play the likes of sic bo, dragon tiger and a wide number of lesser-known dice games along with other titles. 

Poker – 2/5

Poker has been a popular casino game for a very long time now, and continues to be a favorite with Filipino punters. Arguably the most enjoyable form of the game is live poker, which – naturally – involves playing against other people. Technically, the Jiliko casino does indeed tick this box, although we wouldn’t exactly say that live poker is its strongest suit. 

At the time of writing, there were only two genuine poker variants available to play live here – Texas Hold’em, and the lesser-known Triple Card Poker. Each of these variants only had a single table on which they could be played. 

Video Poker – 2/5

While poker is usually a game played with others, plenty of punters prefer to play computer-run games instead. There are legitimate reasons for doing so. The games are much quicker, for one thing, and the unique challenge of competing with other human players isn’t for everyone. 

As with the live dealer version, Jiliko does technically tick this box without exactly excelling. Among the dozens of computer-run table games, you will find a handful of poker titles. These don’t tend to be the most popular variants, however. Rather, they’re games like Poker King and Dragon Gate Poker, which aren’t exactly going to satisfy hardcore poker players. 

Live Casino – 4/5

As noted, with its poker games, it felt as if Jiliko was merely ticking boxes. Basically, so that it could ‘say’ that poker was an option. The live casino section, however, is genuinely impressive. 

Similarly to the slots area, the overall number of games won’t immediately impress you. All of the most important games are covered here though, including legendary table games like baccarat, roulette, and blackjack. You can also enjoy the likes of sic bo, dragon tiger, and craps, and live game shows like Monopoly are also on offer. 


After reading the past few sections, you should have a good idea of how the Jiliko casino performs in all of the main gaming areas. Below, you can get a more specific summary of how many titles are actually in place for each of these areas, to better help you decide whether Jiliko is a fit for your gaming needs. 

Slots Blackjack Roulette Video Poker Poker Baccarat Live Casino Games Other (list)
100s 2 (computer-run)

3 (live dealer)

3 (live dealer) 2 3 (computer-run)

2 (live dealer)

  • Dice Games
  • Live Game Shows
  • Craps
  • Bingo
  • Fishing Games

Jiliko Sportsbook Review 3/5

Jiliko Sport HomeIt seems as if the casino section is the primary focus for Jiliko. That being said, it has still put a sportsbook in place which is completely legitimate in its own right. It’s not necessarily the most thrilling sports betting section in the Philippines, but – if you’d like to mainly concentrate on casino gaming, while also placing a few sports wagers too – it certainly serves that purpose. 

Read on to get a full overview of the Jiliko sportsbook, including our analysis of its betting markets, special features, and more. 

Sports Betting Options 4/5

Like many Filipino sportsbooks, Jiliko doesn’t actually provide its own betting markets. Instead, it has partnered with specialists who do so for it. In this case, two such companies have been enlisted to help out – iGK and UG. You can access both using your Jiliko account, however, rather than needing to open separate accounts on each platform. 

Between these two sub-sites, all of the major bases are covered. Filipino punters will be especially pleased to learn that the basketball coverage is outstanding, whether you prefer to bet pre-match or in-play. The likes of football betting, tennis, combat sports, and more are also available to wager on, as are plenty of other options.

Sabong 3/5

Whatever your views on cockfighting betting, the practice is completely legal in the Philippines. You can also bet on the outcome here at Jiliko, if you so desire. As with the normal sports betting options, Jiliko has chosen to employ the expertise of a third-party provider here – in this case, specialists Diamond Sabong – although you’re once again able to use the same overall betting account. 

eSports 3/5

The popularity of eSports has grown tremendously in the Philippines over the past decade or more, and sportsbooks have been happy to buy into this trend. As with regular, real-world sports, all of Jiliko’s markets for eSports betting are contained within the two separate sportsbooks provided by iGK and UG. The coverage here isn’t the most in-depth we’ve seen, but the very biggest titles – like LoL and Dota 2 – are still in-place. Not only that, but they can be bet on pre-game or while the action is ongoing. 

Live Betting 4/5

For punters, live betting tools have gone from being seen as a luxury to a real necessity. Every major sportsbook has been sure to make this a priority, and we’re happy to say Jiliko definitely falls into this category. Head to either of the sportsbooks here, and you’ll find a wealth of live betting opportunities waiting for you. The variety of bet types here is respectable, as are the prices you’ll usually be given. Finally, you can not only place live bets, but cash them out too, and the tools in both cases are highly responsive. 

Live Streaming 3/5

Unlike live betting tools, live streaming does remain something of a luxury. We were both surprised and impressed, therefore, to find that this is indeed a feature with Jiliko. The options aren’t the most numerous here, admittedly, but – with Jiliko still being a relatively new brand – there’s plenty of time for the selection to grow. 

Bet Types

It’s not only the sheer breadth of sports betting options which is important nowadays, of course. The actual depth of these markets is also crucial. That applies not only to the number of competitions which are covered, but also the flexibility with which you can bet on them. Below, we’ve shown you whether or not Jiliko lets you place some of the most popular bet types of all. 

Spreads/Totals Moneyline Futures Props Alternative Spreads/Totals Parlays Same Game Parlays Live Betting Live Streaming
✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️

Jiliko On the Go – Mobile Site & App 5/5

Register at Jiliko Steo 2

The Philippines is an extremely mobile-friendly country. In fact, it’s now estimated that the number of mobile connections is equal to 140% of the actual population of the country. As such, any online casino hoping to excel in the country simply must provide adequate mobile betting features. 

This needn’t be a worry with the Jiliko casino. In fact, this is an area in which the brand really does excel. Most importantly, there is a downloadable Jiliko app available, for both Android and iOS users. This can be acquired directly from the website, by simply scanning a QR code using your mobile device. Alternatively, you can simply use the mobile version of the main website. 

Whichever route you choose, you’ll be able to enjoy all the same casino gaming options as you can on the regular desktop website. You can also grab the same bonuses, manage your account, make deposits and withdrawals, and contact the customer support team. Not only that, but the mobile interfaces are extremely user-friendly, pages and features load quickly, and the platforms proved highly stable during our testing. 

Ways to Pay to Play at Jiliko Online Casino – 3/5

Generally speaking, the more payment options an online casino has, the better. After all, this ensures it appeals to the widest possible cross-section of bettors. 

Unfortunately, this is one of the few areas in which the Jiliko casino didn’t impress us. Right now, there are literally only three payment methods you can use. One is bank transfer, which you’ll find on pretty much any sportsbook. The other two, admittedly, are more noteworthy. Jiliko lets you use both GCash and GrabPay, both of which are extremely useful for Filipino bettors, since they let you deposit and play directly in pesos. Each is also very easy to use, and facilitates relatively quick payments. 

That being said, there is obviously still plenty of room for improvement in this area. In particular, we’d like to see more eWallets being added, and – ideally – some cryptocurrency options too. 

Payment Method Deposits Withdrawals Fees Payout Processing Time 
Bank Transfer fa shield fa shield fa shield close Instant
GCash fa shield fa shield fa shield close Instant
GrabPay fa shield fa shield fa shield close Instant

Security at Jiliko 4/5

The safety of both your personal data and your money are obviously key whenever you’re joining a new online casino. We’re pleased to say, however, that both will certainly be protected on Jiliko. 

Most importantly of all, it is licensed and regulated by PAGCOR. This should immediately reassure you that this is a legitimate and safe brand. On top of that, Jiliko has the most important security features in place, such as SSL, to help protect your privacy and your data transmissions with the site. Finally, despite its relative youth, Jiliko has already established a strong online track record for reliability and trustworthiness. 

Customer Support 4/5

Play on any online casino for long enough, and you’ll eventually encounter an issue you can’t solve alone. Obviously this will also apply when using the Jiliko casino, but we’re pleased to say that – in this case – you’ll be able to receive quick and helpful support. 

The best way to get in touch with the customer service team here is definitely via live chat. This is accessible by the single press of a button, and is available 24/7, which is handy. During our testing, we also found the responses to be not only speedy, but helpful too. 

Unfortunately, we can’t say that the indirect support is quite as impressive. Technically there is both an FAQ section and a User Guide in place here. In both cases, however, the pages are lacking in both quantity and quality of information. 

Final Thoughts

As a fan of casino games based in the Philippines, you’re spoiled for choice nowadays. We can comfortably say, however, that the Jiliko casino belongs right near the top of the list here. 

This is an excellent all-round betting site, which truly excels in certain key areas. The most obvious example is the special offers, which are high in both quantity and quality. There are also hundreds of slots to enjoy, and a solid collection of live dealer games. We also enjoyed the overall usability of the site, on desktop and mobile devices, and both the customer support and sportsbook sections deserve a shoutout. 

Jiliko does have its disadvantages. Most notably, these include a lack of payment options and some weaknesses in its gaming selection. Despite these, however, it’s a fantastic option for your casino gaming, and is only going to get better. 


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