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Best Online Roulette Casino Sites in the Philippines

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The popularity of roulette in the Philippines cannot be questioned. Roulette is the world’s most popular gambling game that does not require playing cards, and the Philippines is something of a hotbed of roulette in Asia with a few live casino studios within the nation’s capital Manila. This page will tell you all that you need to know about the best online roulette casino sites in the Philippines, including how to get the best bonus deals and promotions.

Top Ten Roulette Online Casinos in The Philippines

Here for you now are details about what we feel to be the best online roulette sites that are available to casino players in the Philippines.

Top Ten Online Roulette Casinos in the Philippines

BK8 PH logo Up to 150% Bonus Get Offer
MyBookie PH logo 100% Match Bonus up to US$1,000 Get Offer
1xBet PH logo Up to PHP5400 Get Offer
22Bet PH logo Bonus up to PHP7,500 Get Offer
BetOnline PH logo 50% Bonus up to PHP50k Get Offer
PNXBET PH logo 100% Bonus up to PHP5,000 Get Offer
Fun88 PH logo Bonus up to PHP2,000 Get Offer
888casino PH logo Welcome Package up to $1,500 Get Offer
Shangri La PH logo €500 Welcome Bonus Get Offer
777 Casino PH logo Bonus up to $200 + 77 Free Spins Get Offer

How We Rate the Best Roulette Online Sites

Right, so you have seen our list of the top ten online roulette sites available in the Philippines, and you may now be wondering how we made our choices. How come some sites sit so highly while others are much lower down the list, and how come some sites have not made the list at all.

Below you will find listed the aspects of any online gambling site that we consider while we are making our evaluations.

  • Safety – You do not have to worry that much about safety in the Philippines as you do in other countries in Asia where online gambling is heavily frowned upon. That does not mean that you can be completely blaise about it though, and we only mention sites in our top ten list that we are sure are 100 percent safe. BK8 is a very safe place at which to play live online roulette, especially with their online roulette app.
  • Range of Games – It is always good for any online casino in the Philippines to have as decent a range of games as possible. Most roulette online games in the Philippines are live versions, but that does not mean variety is no longer important. American, European and French roulette should all be covered, as should more niche versions. MyBookie has a very decent range of games.
  • Number of Tables – The Philippines is a hotbed of live casino action, as we have already mentioned. Most of the casinos in our list have a high number of tables available at all times. We only mark down casinos where the paucity of tables may mean that you may struggle at times to find a seat at any of them. 1xBet has a high number of roulette tables,
  • Bonuses and Promotions – The less of your own money you spend when playing online roulette, the better! We love roulette game online sites that have a decent range of bonuses and promotions, and not just the welcome bonuses for new players. When we check out a site, we check to see all the bonuses and promotions offered for both new and established players. 22bet always has good promotions and bonuses.
  • Payment Methods – Despite online gambling being perfectly legal in the Philippines, players still sometimes have to deal with issues with getting money into their casino accounts. We prefer roulette online casino sites that have a decent range of payment methods, both international such as Visa, MasterCard and PayPal and local such as G-Cash and GrabPay. MyBookie has a decent range of payment methods.
  • Other Games – If you are hunting around the internet to play roulette online for real money and roulette only then that is all well and good, but that does make you somewhat unique. Most people who use online gambling sites do so in order to use a wide range of games, including blackjack, baccarat and even slots. We champion sites that have a decent range of all casino-related games, plus perhaps even sports betting too. BetOnline has plenty of other games and a great online roulette app.

Best Online Roulette The Philippines Casinos per Category

While we think all the choices in our top ten list are worthy of your consideration, obviously we feel that in certain categories some of them score more highly than others. Below we have picked out ten important roulette-based categories and have picked out a market leader for each of them.

Best for Live Roulette BK8 Top for European Roulette 888casino
#1 for French Roulette 22bet Best for American Roulette MyBookie
Leader for Low Stakes Roulette 1xBet #1 for RNG-based Roulette BetOnline
Best for High Stakes Roulette PNXBET The Leader for Auto Roulette ShangriLa

Online Casinos The Philippines – Comparison Table

Plenty of interesting information about the best online roulette casinos in the Philippines is presented below – the number of tables each site has, the number of different varieties (European, American, etc) and the minimum and maximum stake.

Casino Roulette Tables Roulette Games Minimum Stake Maximum Stake
BK8 113 6 PHP1 PHP600,000
MyBookie 69 5 PHP1 PHP600,000
BetOnline 37 6 PHP1 PHP600,000
1xBet 42 4 PHP1 PHP300,000
22Bet 82 5 PHP1 PHP600,000
PNXBET 60 5 PHP1 PHP600,000
888casino 50 6 PHP1 PHP600,000
ShangriLa 21 4 PHP1 PHP200,000
Fun88 44 5 PHP1 PHP600,000
777casino 34 5 PHP1 PHP600,000

Online Roulette Philippines Welcome Bonuses

The vast majority of online casino sites in the Philippines that have roulette titles will offer new players (and some will offer established players) a range of welcome bonuses and promotions. If you are new to this concept then we explain below about the most common factors of such deals and what you need to know about them.

Matched deposit – The majority of bonuses available to roulette players in the Philippines will be of the ‘matched deposit’ variety. If you make a payment to the casino offering the bonus and it is a 100 percent matched deposit bonus (as most of them are) then you will get the same amount of money, but in bonus cash that you only can spend at the casino.

Wagering requirements – There are barely any bonuses that do not come without wagering. You need to complete wagering before you withdraw your bonus. If the wagering is ’35x bonus + deposit’ then you need to wager the amount you deposited and the amount you gained in bonus money 35 times over before you can withdraw.

Restricted games – Many games do not contribute fully to wagering and usually roulette is one of them. You may find of each stake you place on roulette only five percent counts towards wagering. By comparison, slots usually count 100 percent.

Win limits – You might not be able to win a fortune when using a bonus, as yourbonus winnings may be capped. Any winnings you make over that ceiling will be removed from your account when you withdraw.

Restricted payment methods – Some casino payment methods may not be eligible for a bonus. For example some eWallet payments may not generate such bonuses. Check the bonus offer’s T&Cs to make sure.

Time limits – Bonuses do not last forever. You will have a limited time to claim your bonus, and an even more limited time to meet your wagering after you claim it.

Top Roulette Bonus Offers for the Philippines

BK8 PH logo Up to 150% Bonus Get Offer
BetOnline PH logo 50% Bonus up to PHP50k Get Offer
PNXBET PH logo 100% Bonus up to PHP5,000 Get Offer
888casino PH logo Welcome Package up to $1,500 Get Offer
1xBet Philippines logo 100% Deposit Bonus Up To 5400 PHP Get Offer

Types of Online Roulette Philippines

There are two main types of roulette – European and American. You may also have heard of French roulette but that is basically just another name for European roulette. You may find novelty forms of roulette too. Here are explanations of all these different types.

European Roulette

European RouletteEuropean roulette was invented in France or Italy in around the early 1700s. The first roulette wheels would have 36 numbers plus a ‘0’ and a ’00’. Initially, all bets would lose if the ball ended up in ‘0’ and ’00’ but soon it was changed so that you could bet on ‘0’ and ’00’ if you wanted to.

Eventually, a new form of roulette wheel was invented that dropped the ’00’ from the wheel. This made the game more advantageous for the player although the casino maintained its edge. Pretty soon all European roulette wheels only had the single zero. Any online roulette wheel will follow the same pattern.

American Roulette

american rouletteRoulette reached American shores via the French influence in Louisiana. The game swiftly became popular and especially on casino riverboats that would sail up the Mississippi. Pretty soon all casinos in the fledgling United States had several roulette tables.

News of the dropping of the ’00’ came to ears of American casino owners and … they chose to ignore it. With American roulette the house has around double the advantage over the player than with European roulette. A European online roulette wheel is favourable over an American one.

French Roulette

french rouletteFrench roulette and European roulette are basically the same game. If you see a version of French roulette at an online casino then in all probability it is European roulette.

Sometimes both versions have a second betting table called a ‘racetrack’. With this betting table you are allowed to place bets on numbers that are grouped by their position on the wheel as opposed to their numrical sequence.

There are also ‘called’ bets too. In real-world casinos you would call such bets to the croupier. Placing bets on numbers that all end with the same digit is an example of a called bet. Called bets are not available when you play online at a live casino, usually. Racetrack bets may be, though.

Mini Roulette

mini rouletteMini roulette is practically an online-only phenomenom. It is unlikely that you will find a version of mini roulette at a real-world casino. You may find mini roulette at live casinos, though.

Mini roulette is basically just a catch-all term for any type of roulette without a standard wheel (such as the one in our graphic with 1-12 and a 0). The house edge of mini casino roulette is 3.85% compared to European (2.7%) and American Roulette.

High Stakes Roulette

The majority of people in the Philippines are content with playing roulette with low to medium stakes. Some though prefer to play with higher stakes. If this describes you, then below are a few casinos where high stakes roulette is available.

Top 3 High Stakes Roulette Sites Philippines

PNXBET PH logo 100% Bonus up to PHP5,000 Get Offer
MyBookie PH logo 100% Match Bonus up to US$1,000 Get Offer
BetOnline PH logo 50% Bonus up to PHP50k Get Offer

Low Stakes Roulette

If you want to play roulette for pure entertainment purposes only, then you will probably want to learn about low stakes roulette sites. These are sites where you can play roulette online for real money with the minimum amount of financial risk to yourself. Details below.

Top 3 Low Stakes Roulette Sites Philippines

1xBet PH logo Up to PHP5400 Get Offer
22Bet PH logo Bonus up to PHP7,500 Get Offer
BK8 PH logo Up to 150% Bonus Get Offer

Online Live Roulette The Philippines

By far, the most popular version of roulette that is played online in the Philippines is live casino roulette. As we have metioned before, there are even a small handful of live casino roulette tables available in the Philippines itself – you cannot enter these establishments though, as they are used purely to beam live roulette play to online casino players all around the globe.

Live roulette games online work roughly in the same way as RNG-based games in that the actual betting is done via software interface. If you look at the image below, you can see what looks like the live roulette table is actually a graphic that has been super-imposed over the video feed. The wheel itself is absolutely real, though.

live roulette philippines

Unlike other live casino games such as blackjack, live casino roulette works in exactly the same way as roulette at a real-world casino. In addition, there are no limits to the number of players who are able to play at a live casino roulette table as the software simply reacts to the landing of the ball. With blackjack, the dealer has to deal with each player on an individual basis.

Below you will find three of the leading online live casinos that are available to players in the Philippines where live roulette is available.

Top 3 Live Roulette Sites Philippines

BK8 PH logo Up to 150% Bonus Get Offer
PNXBET PH logo 100% Bonus up to PHP5,000 Get Offer
Fun88 PH logo Bonus up to PHP2,000 Get Offer

Online Roulette Philippines Strategy

There are countless strategies available if you want to maximise your chances of winning at roulette. The following strategies all work in the short term, but will all fail if you hit a long losing streak. The main basis of all strategies is to maintain your bet (always make the same bet) but in some kinds of bet (red/black for example) that does not matter. Please note, we advise that you use these online strategies at your own risk.


Most casino players have heard of the Martingale and many have probably used it at some stage. You begin with a base bet, and then every time you lose you double your losing bet. You keep doubling until you win, at which point you return to your base bet.

This sounds good in practice but fails when a long losing streak is encountered. Losing streaks in roulette (where the same colour comes up seven or eight times in row, for example) are more common than you probably think.

Reverse Martingale

This strategy is not difficult to understand – it is basically the reverse of the Martingale as you might be able to tell from the title. You again start with a base bet and if you lose, you keep your bet the same. If you win, you double your bet and you keep doubling until you lose.

This system boils down to basic maths – if you win you only win one unit (eventually) and if you lose you only lose one unit. So, if you win more than you lose you win come out on top, and vice versa.


All mathematicians have used the Fibonacci sequence. It is the sequence where you add the previous two numbers in the sequence to get the next, so it goes 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13 and so on.

How you use the sequence in terms of roulette is up to you but it basically involves moving up and down (or back to the start) if you win or lose. It is really just a less risky version of the Martingale.


The labouchere system needs you to use a pen and paper (or a computer program) to keep track. You begin by writing down a sequence of numbers such as 1-2-3-2-1. Your bet is the sum of the first and last numbers. If the bet wins, you cross those numbers off (so, our example becomes 2-3-2), and if it loses you add the sum on to the end (so, 1-2-3-2-1-2). You keep going until all the numbers have been crossed off at which point you either quit or start a new list.

The basis of this system is that each time you complete a sequence you have guaranteed a profit, but it is vulnerable to long losing streaks.

Wheel Bias

Sadly, investigating wheel bias is no longer an option which is a shame as it’s the only roulette strategy that actually works! In the early days of the casino, players would keep records of the results of the spin of a roulette wheel and would find that some areas of the wheel would come up more often than randomness would dictate. They could place bets on the numbers on the ‘biased’ areas of the wheel to turn the house edge in their favour.

Modern casino wheels are now perfectly balanced meaning that examining them for wheel bias is no longer an option.

Online Roulette Philippines Deposits and Withdrawals

Playing roulette with something at stake is more entertaining than playing online roulette games for nothing, even if you are playing for low stakes. To play online with money you need to get money into your online account of course, and here are a few ways in which you can do this in the Philippines.

Local bank transfer – transferring money directly from your bank account to your casino account is one of the easiest payment methods available to players in the Philippines. You can do this directly or by using a third party provider.

Credit, debit and prepaid cards – credit and debit card usage in the Philippines has increased substantial over the past decade. Most online casino sites will allow you to use a Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card without any issues, with some accepting Diner’s Club, Discover and American Express too.

E-wallets – e-Wallets are popular in the Philippines, and countless online casinos will permit their use. The most popular global options for online casinos in the Philippines are Skrill, PayPal and Neteller. Local options (which not all online casinos accept) include G-Cash, GrabPay, Lazanda Wallet and PayMaya.

Cryptocurrencies – If you are really struggling to get money into your casino account, then you can use a cryptocurrency. Not all online casinos will accept cryptocurrencies though. To use a cryptocurrency, you need a cryptocurrency wallet, so just open one and convert your pesos to your chosen non-fiat currency, then send your Bitcoins (or whatever) to the casino.

Note that some methods may not be eligible for a bonus if you are making a deposit in relation to one. In addition, some methods may be fine for deposits, but not for withdrawals.

Online Roulette Philippines – Probability, House Edge and RTP

There is no ‘luck’ in online roulette games unlike poker, baccarat or blackjack where the game is dictated by the cards that you are dealt. Every spin of the roulette wheel is like every other spin of a roulette wheel and there in no unknown information. This means that the odds of anything happening while playing roulette are fixed and never change.

Below are all the statistics and probabilities that you need to be aware of when playing online roulette games in the Philippines.

Bet American European
Probability % House Edge % Payout Probability House Edge Payout
Straight 2.63 5.26 35 to 1 2.79 2.70 35 to 1
Split 5,26 5.26 17 to 1 5.41 2.70 17 to 1
Street 7.89 5.26 11 to 1 8.11 2.70 11 to 1
Corner 10.53 5.26 8 to 1 10.81 2.70 8 to 1
Basket* 13.16 7.89 6 to 1 N/A N/A N/A
Six Line 15.79 5.26 5 to 1 16.20 2.70 5 to 1
Column 31.58 5.26 2 to 1 32.4 2.70 2 to 1
Dozen 31.58 5.26 2 to 1 32.4 2.70 2 to 1
Red/Black 46.37 5.26 1 to 1 48.64 2.70 1 to 1
Odd/Even 46.37 5.26 1 to 1 48.64 2.70 1 to 1
High/Low 46.37 5.26 1 to 1 48.64 2.70 1 to 1

*A basket bet is a bet on numbers 0, 00, 1, 2 and 3. Itcan only be placed on American roulette tables.

Free Online Roulette The Philippines Games

If you want to play free live roulette games online in the Philippines then the likelihood is that you are going to struggle. The only types of free roulette games online available are software-based ones, and the majority of online casinos in the Philippines only have live casino tables. Live casino play for free is not available anywhere, and you certainly cannot win money playing online roulette Philippines for free.

You might be able to find a few software-based game that you can play for free but again, you will not win any money. You can use them if you just want to play just for fun as opposed to playing online for real money, or if you want to practice a new strategy without risking any of your own money.

Online Roulette in the Philippines – Bottom Line

There are plenty of people in the Philippines who enjoy playing live casino roulette at the best live casinos. There are now plenty of options, and lots of nice bonuses available that will enable you to take your live casino play just that little bit further.

We sincerely hope that our guide to online live roulette in the Philippines will see you getting the most out of your live roulette experience online.

Top Online Roulette Casino for the Philippines

BK8 PH logo Up to 150% Bonus Get Offer

Online Roulette Philippines FAQs

Is online live roulette in the Philippines fair?

Can I speak to the croupier when I play live casino roulette?

If red comes up seven times in a row, should I now bet heavily on black?

Should I play European, French or American roulette?

Why does a roulette wheel have the numbers one to 36?

Can I win any money playing a free roulette game online?

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