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One of the best things about online sports betting is that it’s constantly evolving, with the top sportsbooks adding new features, markets, and more almost constantly. In turn, one of the most impactful developments in recent times has been the rise of live betting.

This development has been just as important in Thailand as anywhere else. And, if you live in the country, you’re about to learn everything you need to know in order to enjoy live betting for yourself. Read on to discover the best available sportsbooks, sports markets, live betting apps and more.


Best Betting Sites in Thailand Toplist

Top 10 Sports Betting Sites in Thailand
BK8 Sport TH logo First Bet On Us – Cash Back Up To 2,000 THB Star Rating Get Offer
Rabona malay logo Welcome Bonus up to ₹12,000 Star Rating Get Offer
BC.Game Casino malay logo Lucky Spin Up to 1BTC Star Rating Get Offer
Dafabet Sport TH logo 120% Match Bonus Up To THB 6,000 Star Rating Get Offer
Bet365 TH logo 100% up to 1,125 THB Star Rating Get Offer
22Bet TH logo 100% up to 11,310 THB Star Rating Get Offer
EUBet Thailand Offer logo 150% Welcome Bonus On First 2 Deposits Star Rating Get Offer
MELBet TH logo 100% Up To 3,500 THB Star Rating Get Offer
Spin Sports Malay logo 100% Match, Up To $200 (RM 810) Star Rating Get Offer
NetBet Malay logo 50% Match, Up To €50 (RM 246) Star Rating Get Offer
Parimatch Sports TH logo 100% Up To 5,000 THB Star Rating Get Offer
BetoBet TH logo 100% up to 18,800 THB Star Rating Get Offer
SBOBET TH logo 100% Up To 1,000 THB Star Rating Get Offer
iVIP9 TH logo 300% up to 6,000 THB across first three deposits Star Rating Get Offer

Top 10 Live Betting Sites in Thailand 2022

  1. BK8 – Best Thai Site for Live Betting
  2. 1xBet – Lengthy Track Record of Providing Live Betting Odds
  3. Dafabet – Asia-Focused Live Betting Site with Great Reputation
  4. Bet365 – Live Betting Site with an Unmatched Reputation
  5. MELBet – Best Choice for Live Streaming
  6. Rabona – Very Good Special Offers
  7. PariMatch – Wide Selection of Live Betting Markets
  8. 22Bet – Exciting Up-and-Coming Brand
  9. NetBet – Streamlined, User-Friendly Option
  10. Spin Sports – Helpful and Friendly Customer Service

5 Best Live Betting Sites in Thailand Reviewed

It’s no exaggeration to say that – when it comes to live betting sites in Thailand – you’ve got a huge range of options available to you. The five brands below, however, truly do count as the very best live sportbooks in Thailand

1. BK8 – Best Thai Site for Live Betting 2022 (First Bet On Us – Cash Back Up To 2,000 THB)

Thailand live betting - BK8

As noted, you’ve got a whole lot of options when it comes to finding live betting odds in Thailand. Despite this wealth of choices, however, we still felt more than comfortable in making BK8 our number one pick.

Quite simply, this bookie ticks every box you could hope for. It has a huge range of live betting scores, split across several excellent sportsbooks. There are also high quality mobile apps, good customer service, live streaming, and plenty of big-time ongoing promotions to help you out.


  • Live streaming options
  • Huge range of live betting odds
  • Big-time special offers


  • Multi-site structure could confuse some bettors


2. 1xBet – Lengthy Track Record of Providing Live Betting Odds (100% Up To 4,000 THB)

1xBet is an absolute colossus in the online sports live betting world. It was formed back in 2007, making it a highly-experienced brand by this point, and – aside from Thailand – serves countries all around the world.

Like BK8, 1xBet basically ticks every box, providing you with plenty of live betting scores, live streaming, and sizable special offers, plus strong mobile apps. In this case, however, those live betting odds are all contained within a single sportsbook, slightly streamlining the whole process.


  • Massive selection of live betting scores
  • Very good ongoing promotions
  • Impressive track record


  • User interface could be modernised


3. Dafabet – Asia-Focused Live Betting Site with Great Reputation (120% Match Bonus Up To THB 6,000)

Thailand esports betting - Dafabet

Like 1xBet, Dafabet is a titan of the online sports betting industry. In this case, however, Dafabet has a clear focus on Asian betting markets, including Thailand.

Dafabet gives you all the functionality and reliability you’d hope for from a massive brand. Live streaming, mobile apps, and top-notch customer support are all available. Naturally there are also plenty of live betting scores to choose between, and both the in-play and cash out tools are highly responsive.


  • Excellent track record
  • User-friendly platform
  • Highly responsive betting tools


  • More payment methods available elsewhere


4. Bet365 – Live Betting Site with an Unmatched Reputation (100% Up To 1,125 THB)

Thailand live betting - bet365

Even compared to the past couple of brands we’ve recommended, Bet365 is an absolutely enormous sportsbook. While based in the UK, it now offers its fantastic services to punters around the world, and has a reputation comparable with – if not superior to – any other brand you care to name.

Every part of Bet365’s offering oozes class. Both its desktop and mobile platforms are of the highest quality, as are its tools for placing and cashing out live wagers. The odds for live betting scores are also excellent, and plenty of special features – including live streaming – are in place.


  • Brilliant reputation
  • Excellent odds for online sports live betting
  • High quality live streaming


  • Not the biggest welcome offer


5. MELBet – Best Choice for Live Streaming (100% Up To 3,500 THB)

Thailand live betting - melbet

MELBet might be the least-known brand we’ve looked at so far, but absolutely belongs on any list of the best live sportbooks in Thailand. It also has a solid track record too, having launched back in 2012, even if it’s still not exactly a household name.

MELBet packs in all the special features you’d expect from a premium sports live betting brand. You’ll find not only an excellent selection of live betting sports here, but also high quality live streams to help inform your in-play picks. You can even watch multiple games at once, thanks to the Multi-Live feature. The mobile apps are also solid, as are the ongoing promotions to help boost your profits.


  • Multi-Live feature for live streaming
  • Solid mobile apps
  • Good selection of live betting sports


  • Not the most user-friendly interface


What is Live Betting?

We’ve already looked at the best live sportsbooks in Thailand, any of which will give you a modern and enjoyable experience. Now though, it’s time to zoom out and get a broader overview of live betting in 2022.

With regular pre-match betting, you obviously need to get your wagers down before the match in question kicks off. Once the action has gotten underway, however, your live betting opportunities begin.

Live betting – as the name suggests – take place while the game itself is live. It allows you to react in real time by placing wagers on what you think will happen next. Its faster-paced nature makes it inherently riskier than pre-match betting, but this is counterbalanced by the wealth of opportunities it provides.

Best Live Betting Sites Compared

As noted, all our recommendations for the best live betting sites in Thailand qualify as all-rounders to a large extent. That said, there are still subtle differences between some key aspects of their offerings, as we’ve outlined below.

Brand Welcome Offer Amount In-Play and Cash Out Live Streaming Mobile Apps Cryptos
BK8 Up To 2,000 THB fa_shield - tick fa_shield - tick iOS, Android fa_shield - tick
1xBet Up To 4,000 THB fa_shield - tick fa_shield - tick iOS, Android fa_shield - tick
Dafabet Up To THB 6,000 fa_shield - tick fa_shield - tick iOS, Android fa_shield - tick
Bet365 Up To 1,125 THB fa_shield - tick fa_shield - tick iOS, Android fa_shield-close-cross
MELBet Up To 3,500 THB fa_shield - tick fa_shield - tick iOS, Android fa_shield - tick

How We Select the Best Live Betting Sites in Thailand

There are a whole lot of live betting sites to choose from in Thailand. We put our rankings together to save you the time in narrowing all these down, with these being some of the key criteria we used for our selection.

Live Betting Options

Naturally, since we’re focusing on live betting here, a brand’s options in this area are the first thing we check. Our evaluation covers quite a few areas, but some of the most important are the quality of the odds, the range of sports covered, and the variety of bet types available.

Player Safety

This is a key concern for all players on online sportsbooks, which is why it’s also a major factor for our rankings. We look at two main things as we try to confirm a brand is safe to use. The first is the actual security measures it has in place, which should preferably include the likes of SSL, powerful firewalls, 2FA, and so on. The second is the licenses the brand has in place, which should come from recognised and respected bodies like PAGCOR.

Payment Options

Most modern-day punters in Thailand will be able to use bank transfers to fund their betting. That said, we still believe that the more choice a brand offers here, the better. We like to see some mixture of eWallets, mobile payment apps, and cryptocurrencies provided. Naturally, we also docked points in our rankings for slow payouts and unfair transaction fees.

Customer Service

Even when you’re using the best live sportsbooks, you’ll encounter a problem sooner or later. The bookie should be able to help you solve this issue as quickly and helpfully as possible, however. It will preferably provide at least a handful of different contact options to do so, with 24/7 coverage for the service obviously being ideal.

Special Features

To a large extent, your live betting profits will depend on your own ability to make smart and insightful picks. That said, bookies can provide a few ways to either help you out, or simply enhance your experience. Live streaming does both, for example, and high quality mobile apps are also ‘must-haves’ for many modern-day punters.

Wider Reputation

For the most part, our opinions of the brands listed here are based squarely on our own testing and experience. We’ve also been sure to take the opinions of both regular users and other experts into account, however. This helped us to not only get a sense of the brand’s wider reputation, but also pick up on any weaknesses we might have missed.

Live Betting Scores in Thailand

If you’ve opted for a premium live betting site in Thailand, you may well find live streaming provided for you. This is the optimal way to keep up with the action, and spot in-play opportunities. Not all good bookies carry this feature, however, and even those that do won’t stream every game.

In this case, you’ll need some other way to keep up with live betting scores. Technically you could get these from plenty of other websites. It’s much better, though, to just find them directly on the sportsbook you’re using. This not only saves you switching between tabs or apps, but also – usually – lets you see the live odds right next to those scores.

We’re pleased to say that all of our recommended live sportsbooks provide this service, via both their desktop sites and mobile apps. Better still, many also offer live stats to further inform your picks.

Best Live Betting Odds in Thailand

Live betting odds work differently to pre-match ones. If you’ve only ever placed traditional wagers before, it’s crucial that you understand this before getting involved with in-play.

Probability remains the biggest single factor (though not the only one) in the bookie’s odds being calculated. The main difference here, however, is that the prices will change much, much faster than they do pre-match, to reflect the latest goings-on. In turn, you need to react quickly in order to capitalise on a valuable opportunity when you see it.

With that clarified, let’s take a closer look at live betting odds for the most popular sports in Thailand. In each case, we’ve also recommended a bookie with the best prices for that market.

Basketball Live Betting Odds

We already mentioned above that live betting odds move far more quickly than pre-match ones. Well, for the perfect example, look no further than basketball. A sport already famous for its fast-paced action sees equally fast-paced odds changes, with a well-timed barrage of three pointers being enough to swing the basketball live betting prices dramatically.

Tennis Live Betting Odds

Tennis offers a vastly more relaxed introduction to live betting odds than basketball. The constant breaks between points, games, and sets double-up as opportunities to sit back, take stock, and check out the latest tennis live betting odds on whatever matchup you’re following.

Soccer Live Betting Odds

If you’re looking for the widest possible variety of live betting odds, soccer is a great choice. It’s the world’s most popular betting sport, and therefore sees the most individual markets, and the broadest range of in-play bet types. Soccer live betting odds don’t change especially quickly, but – with a single goal being enough to change the complexion of an entire match – they’re still volatile.

eSports Live Betting Odds

eSports has been one of the fastest-growing betting markets over the past decade or so. In turn, this has seen a rapid rise in the number of eSports live betting odds being provided. As with soccer, these prices can swing dramatically based on a single play, or one team winning a single round or map. The pauses between those rounds and maps, however, still give you plenty of chances to take stock.

Best Live Betting Tips and Strategy 2022

As in all forms of gambling, there’s never any guarantee you’ll turn a profit from in-play. That said, there are a few live betting strategies which can help out here, and other – more general – steps you can take. Here are some of the best live betting tips you can apply right now.

Wait on Favourites

If you’re looking for actual live betting strategies, this is an effective yet beginner-friendly option.

Favourites are favourites for a reason – the bookie has judged them the most likely to win that particular event. Unfortunately, this also means that they have the lowest odds, which – sometimes – can be so low that they’re not worth taking.

Live betting gives you the chance to get around this. You can wait until the event has kicked off, and – if the favourite drops behind – pounce on them at far more attractive odds. If they win as expected, you’ve lost nothing anyway.

Lock In Early Profits

Remember that actually placing in-play wagers is only half of the live betting equation. Cashing out wagers isn’t as exciting, but is still extremely important.

You’ll usually do this when it looks like a wager is hopeless, and you want to get at least some of your stake back. It can also be worth doing when you’re actually winning though, in order to lock in some early profits. Sites offering partial cash out are especially useful here, since they allow you to leave some of your bet active while cashing out the rest.

Have a Staking Plan

It’s always important to measure your stakes, rather than simply set them at random. With live betting though, in which you must often react quickly, it’s crucial to know how much to wager each time.

A staking plan sorts this for you immediately. To make one, just identify how much you want to bet per week, decide how many wagers you’ll place, and divide the first number by the second for your average stake size.

Bet Responsibly

Patience is often the key to live betting. Sure, you need to be willing to pull the trigger when necessary, but it’s just as important to wait for the right opportunity to come along.

Another key part of sensible, responsible betting is to only wager what you can afford to lose. The moment your gambling feels like it’s starting to get out of control, it’s time to take a break.

Best Sports for Live Betting in 2022

You’ll find a great range of markets available to you on all of our recommended Thai sportsbooks. That said, here are the very best sports to wager on, including live betting on soccer.

Live Betting on Basketball

Watching hoops is tremendously popular in Thailand, meaning live betting on basketball is one of the most important services a bookie can provide.

We’re pleased to say all of our recommended brands step up to the plate here, with live betting on basketball being available on all of them. Every single game is covered, from the preseason right up until the finals, with both team-based and player-based props available.

Tennis Live Betting

Tennis doesn’t get the hype of football or horse racing, but it’s still a major betting market in Thailand and other countries alike. As such, it’s no surprise to see that live betting on tennis is extremely well-represented on Thai sportsbooks, including all of our recommended brands. The actual coverage here also tends to be excellent, with live betting on tennis available for the biggest slams and smaller tour events throughout the year.

Live Betting on Soccer

Football is the world’s biggest betting market, so it goes without saying that live betting on soccer is a priority for all Thai sportsbooks. Football receives the best coverage by far, with the number of live betting markets dwarfing that of any other sport. You can enjoy player props and team wagers here, including handicap bets, on a constant stream of domestic, continental, and international matchups.

eSports Live Betting

It’s not just the popularity of eSports which has risen in recent years, but the quality of eSports in-play coverage too. Nowadays you can wager on an impressive variety of games, from LoL and Dota 2 to FIFA, Rocket League, and more. CSGO live betting remains arguably the most popular option of all. Every major contest – and smaller competitions too – is available for CSGO live betting on all top Thai sportsbooks.

Best Live Betting App in Thailand 2022

Thailand is an extremely mobile-friendly country, and this has translated to the betting habits of its inhabitants too. On-the-go gambling is extremely popular nowadays, and we’re happy to say this is a widely-available and high-quality option.

All of our recommended sportsbooks have downloadable mobile apps, for both iOS and Android users. The quality of these is excellent across-the-board, making it difficult to pick a single best live betting app. The developers have generally done a great job of porting over all the same in-play markets and live betting features, while adapting the interface for smaller screen sizes. Better yet, many of them also include an excellent online casino.

If you want to ensure you always have the option to place a live wager when you need to, here are the three main contenders for best live betting app:

  • Bet365 – 100% Up To 1,125 THB
  • Dafabet – Dafabet – 120% Match Bonus Up To THB 6,000
  • BK8 – Risk-Free Bet Up To 2,000 THB

What is In-Play Betting?

We’ve generally stuck to discussing live betting during this article. Spend any time investigating this area for yourself though, and you’ll soon come across the term ‘in-play’.

To an extent, ‘in-play’ and ‘live’ betting are interchangeable. If there’s any difference, it’s that in-play refers more specifically to the placement of live wagers. Live betting, meanwhile, is a more general term, which encompasses both this and the cashing out of in-play wagers.

These three brands excel at in-play betting, with highly-responsive tools in place:

  • BK8 – Risk-Free Bet Up To 2,000 THB
  • 1xBet – 100% Up To 4,000 THB
  • Bet365 – 100% Up To 1,125 THB

Live Streaming for Sporting Events

Whether you’re live betting on football or any other sport, live streaming can be extremely useful. For starters, it simply makes the whole experience more enjoyable and exciting. More importantly, however, it also helps to inform your in-play picks, allowing you to judge a game’s momentum for yourself and judge the perfect time to make a wager.

Live streaming is actually pretty well-represented by our recommended brands. All of our top five options provide it, for example, and both the coverage and quality of these streams is extremely high. These there brands, however, truly stand out from the crowd:

  • MELBet – 100% Up To 3,500 THB
  • 1xBet – 100% Up To 4,000 THB
  • Bet365 – 100% Up To 1,125 THB

Top Live Betting Offers in 2022

Special offers aren’t just there to tempt you into signing up with a new sportsbook. In the best cases they can provide a huge amount of value, and make a significant difference to your long-term betting success.

Generally speaking, there are two types of bonus.

The first is the welcome offer, which – in Thailand – will almost always be a deposit match. As the name suggests, this means that your first deposit after signing up will be ‘matched’ by the bookie. You’ll usually be able to both use this bonus and complete the deal’s wagering requirement using in-play bets, but – obviously – you must check the T&Cs to confirm this in advance.

Then, we have ongoing promotions. These are far more varied, with some boosting your profits and others reducing your losses. For live bettors, arguably the most useful deals are rebates/money back offers, which refund a certain percentage of your losses across a given time frame.

If you’re looking for the best possible kick-start for your live betting, here are the five bonuses we’d recommend most highly:

  • Dafabet – 120% Match Bonus Up To THB 6,000
  • 1xBet – 100% Up To 4,000 THB
  • MELBet – 100% Up To 3,500 THB
  • BK8 – Risk-Free Bet Up To 2,000 THB
  • Bet365 – 100% Up To 1,125 THB

How to Place a Sports Bet: Live Betting Example

It’s very easy to get started with live betting, regardless of your experience level. To help you on your way though, here’s a quick and easy guide to placing your first in-play wager.

Step 1 – Choose a Live Sportsbook

Thailand esports betting - BK8

At the top of this page, we’ve recommended 10 excellent live betting sportsbooks in Thailand. Each should provide you with an enjoyable and modern experience, but – for the purposes of this guide – we’ll say you opted for your #1 pick, BK8.

Step 2 – Create an AccountThailand live betting - bk8 sign up

Bring up the homepage of your chosen sportsbook, then find the Register button towards the top-right. Provide your name, address, and all the other necessary personal information. Then just set a username and password, agree to the T&Cs, and finish creating your account.

Step 3 – Make a Deposit

Thailand esports betting - deposit

Log in to your new account, then locate the Deposit or Cashier button near the top of your screen. Pick Deposit, select a payment method, fill in the necessary payment details and a monetary amount, then confirm your deposit.

Step 4 – Place a Wager

thai live betting - 1xbet sportsbook

With your account funded, it’s high time to place your first in-play wager. Head to the main sportsbook page, then bring up the live betting section using the menu to the left-hand side. Find the sport, competition, and ongoing matchup you’re interested in, then browse the current list of markets. When you spot an opportunity you like, simply click its corresponding odds, set a stake, and place your in-play wager.

Step 5 – Make a Withdrawal

Thailand live betting - bk8 withdrawal

After sticking a few live bets down, you’ll hopefully have some winnings in your account. Before withdrawing them you must verify your identity, by uploading clear images of two pieces of ID. After they’ve been verified – typically within 24 hours – you can head back to the Cashier area, select Withdrawal this time, and request a payout.

Thai Sports Live Betting in 2022 – Final Thoughts

If you’ve never tried live betting before, we’d highly encourage you to do so. It provides a whole world of new opportunities compared to pre-match gambling, and – quite simply – is a fun and exciting activity to enjoy.

After reading this article, you now know everything you need to in order to begin live betting in Thailand for yourself. All you need to do now is pick one of our recommended brands, grab its welcome bonus, place a few live wagers, and start having fun.

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