Fox Bet Super 6 – How to Play and How to Win $100,000

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Have you been watching a Fox broadcast of the NFL, college football or college basketball one day when, suddenly, an ad for Fox Bet Super 6 comes up with a picture of Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw holding a suitcase of cash and wondered “how can I get in on that?”

The ad goes on to say that you have the opportunity to win $100,000 or more of Bradshaw’s money through the contest.

We’ll show you exactly how you can get started, how to download the Super 6 app, as well as what it will look like when you submit your first entry in one of the contests.

Here, we’ll explain exactly what the contest is, the rules and regulations of it, and most importantly, how to make you a Fox Bet Super 6 winner.

We’ll also give you the origins of the contest, the many different sports you can play in the contest, and whether anyone has actually taken home the cash in the past.

At the end, we’ll get into some FAQs you might have to make you more comfortable with the contest.

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What is Fox Bet Super 6?

Fox Bet Super 6 is a great way to test your sports knowledge and is free to play. Through your knowledge alone and needing to wager zero of your hard-earned dollars, you can take home a sizable amount of cash while just watching sports.

There are different Fox Bet Super 6 contests you can enter. If you get all six predictions right, you win the Fox Bet Super 6 jackpot prize of $100,000 if that’s the contest you chose. If multiple people win, the guaranteed prize is split between everyone else who answered correctly. There are also contests that have smaller prizes.

Fox Bet Super 6 is relatively new, first coming out in the late summer/early fall of 2020. You are eligible to enter the contest if you are over 18 years of age and live in any state with the exception of Washington State.

While the Fox Bet Super 6 is most popular for the NFL, Fox Bet Super 6 does offer the contest for a plethora of other sports, including college football, the NBA, the MLB, NASCAR, as well as through a quiz show.

With the “Stack the Cash” promotion, the $100,000 jackpot it starts at rises as more and more people enter.

How to Play Fox Bet Super 6

To start, you will need to register on the Fox Bet website.

Once you are registered, launch the App Store if you’re on an iPhone or iOS device, the Google Play store if using an Android device.

Type in “Fox Super 6” and download the app. The app is free to all.

Fox Bet Super 6 App Download

Upon downloading the Fox Bet Super 6 app, it will ask you for a phone number to send a verification code to. The code will arrive via text message within seconds.

Once signed in, you’ll be able to scroll through the different contests the Fox Bet Super 6 contests have to offer, including but not limited to college football, the NFL, the NBA, the MLB, NASCAR, or even shows like “The Masked Singer.”

Fox Bet App NFL Challenge

Even if you don’t win the contest you entered in a Fox Super 6 picks contest, you’re awarded one point for every correct answer. You can save those points and then use them to enter future contests.

We chose to show what an NBA Fox Bet Super 6 contest would look like. After answering the questions, a screen will appear with your picks along one side and a photo of Bradshaw clinging to his suitcase of cash. You’ll have the opportunity to share your Fox Bet Super 6 picks as well as utilize the option to edit your picks prior to the start of the first contest.

Fox Bet App Challenge My Pick

From there, you’re on your way to being a Fox Bet Super 6 winner.

Where Can I Play Fox Bet Super 6?

As shown above, you can access the app through either the App Store on iPhone or other iOS devices, including iPads, or the Google Play Store through Android Phones or other non-Apple tablets. To enter Fox Bet Super 6 contests, submissions must be made on the app, not on their website. The website can help provide a direct link to either store to aid you in the downloading process.

The Fox Bet Super 6 app is eligible for citizens in the United States with the exception of Washington State residents.

How Does Fox Bet Super 6 Work?

By now, you’re probably chomping at the bit to get into one of these contests.

The way Fox Bet Super 6 contests work is through answering a list of six questions. The questions can vary in difficulty. Questions can include basic things like who will a certain game, but be as advanced as which city will have the highest temperature on game day, and basically anything in between.

After selecting a team to win a certain match up, you will be asked to provide the winning margin for those games, or even whether the total will go over or under the number they give.

After you have submitted your Fox Super 6 Picks, you’ll be allowed to change your picks up until the start of the contests.

We’ve seen questions for sports like baseball as simple as which team would win the game, or as specific as who would be the winning pitcher on Sunday Night Baseball. Other questions can include total bases for players.

Fox Super 6 NFL

Fox Super 6 offers quite the variety of football contests. They can be as wide as the NFL Sunday Challenge, where they ask you to pick a winner and by the correct margin, an example shown below.

Fox Bet App Example

Or, they can be as specific as the T.N.F (Thursday Night Football) Challenge.

With that contest, it asks questions as specific as “How will the first points of the second quarter be scored?” You will be presented with options such as Team A passing touchdown or Team B rushing touchdown or a field goal.

They get even more specific, there are questions like “Which team will have the longest touchdown and how many yards will it be?”. Upon picking the team, you’ll be presented with more options for the second part of the question. 0-10 is the lowest and 53 yards or more is the highest, with different increments in between.

Fox Bet App Questions

There are even questions about statistics you might not otherwise ever think about, such as “Which team will have the highest punt average and what will the average be?”

Fox Super 6 has similar contests for College Football.

They have one that’s more like the NFL Sunday Challenge, in which it asks you just to pick winners and by the winning margin.

But they also have a contest similar to the T.N.F Challenge as well; their top college football game of the day on their network. For example, one week the specifics were about the contest between the Iowa State Cyclones and the Oklahoma Sooners.

Questions in that contest included “What will be the total combined score at the half?” with different options. The app will also show you which of the six choices is getting the most votes by the public, so you can use that to your advantage when strategizing how to answer each question.

Another question is “Which team will have the longest rushing play and how long will it be?” You then pick one of the teams, and it will give you nine options with different increments to choose from. However, it won’t tell you what the public is going with for questions like that.

Fox Super 6 NBA

For the Fox Super 6 NBA Contests, they typically pick a day with at least six games going on, so the contests are more spread out more than for an everyday basis like baseball.

But Fox Bet Super 6 does occasionally do contests similar to the T.N.F contests, where it will ask questions like which team will have the higher field-goal percentage from three and by how much, or which team will commit more turnovers or have more rebounds at the end of the game.

Back in March, Fox Super 6 did a NCAA Tournament contest.

An example of one of the questions featured was “How many teams ranked 11-13 will win their First Round games, with six different choices: A. 0-1, B. 2, C. 3, D. 4, E. 5, F. 6+. There are definitely different strategies you could use in a situation like this, whether it’s a safer one or one to hopefully set yourself apart from the rest of the pack but has way more risk.

Has Anyone Ever Won Fox Bet Super 6?

Yes. Back in October of 2020, Paula Hotchkiss won a $100,000 NFL Contest.

The story from the Las Vegas Review-Journal is a peculiar one, as she apparently didn’t even realize she had won. She filled it out for fun and didn’t pay much mind to it all day until a representative of Fox Bet reached out.

“I had not looked at it all day. I did not have a clue,” she said. “… I asked the guy three times on the phone: ‘Is this for real?’”

According to the story by Jim Barnes at the Review-Journal, “Her first five wins came on the Browns by 10 to 14 points over the Cowboys (they won by 11); the Vikings by seven to nine points over the Texans (they won by eight); the Saints by four to six points over the Lions (they won by six); the Panthers by 10 to 14 points over the Cardinals (they won by 10); and the Seahawks by seven to nine points over the Dolphins (they won by eight). All that remained was the Rams to win by seven to nine points over the Giants. While Hotchkiss enjoyed the party, the Rams took a 17-9 lead with 6:56 to play. The Giants drove deep into Rams territory, but quarterback Daniel Jones was picked off with 52 seconds remaining to preserve Los Angeles’ win.”

Out of 419,000 entrants, only Hotchkiss called all six games correctly.

Another winner came when Denver, CO resident Jeff Lang entered the Fox Bet Super 6 Big Noon Kickoff Contest.

The full story can be read at

Some people, like Jonathan from Rhode Island, won his Fox Super 6 entry in one of the most dramatic ways imaginable. In the highly-anticipated game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the New England Patriots, he chose that the Bucs would defeat the Patriots by 1-3 points, so when Patriots kicker Nick Folk doinked the would-be game-winning field goal to give the Bucs the two-point win, he rejoiced. We know a hedge your happiness bet when we see one. Being from RI, he was likely a Pats fan who hoped the game would be close, so if the Pats won, he would be happy in his heart, but happy in his bank account if Tampa won.

That same weekend, published an article stating they had officially given away $5 million in contest winnings.

Just over two weeks ago, Bradshaw and Fox Bet Super 6’s Stack the Cash jackpot won.

Because of a late pick-6 by P.J. Williams, five people split the jackpot.

Fox Bet Super 6 Sports Betting

Because it is a free-to-play app, the Fox Bet Super 6 contests have nothing to do with the Fox Bet Sportsbook and are completely different entities.

However, this does allow you to strategize a bit. If you think about it in gambling terms, the Fox Bet Super 6 contests are all just big parlays; two or more single bets rolled up into one, needing every game to hit to see any payout.

There are multiple ways to go about it from there. You can go onto the Fox Bet Sportsbook app and bet each game of your entry separately. That way, you can still walk away a relative winner if you go 4-2 or better on your bets. If you do manage to win all of the single bets, as well as the Super 6 Picks contest, you’re walking away a serious winner.

Another strategy you could do with is hedging your happiness. That’s basically doing what we said above, except taking the opposite. That way, if you lose on your entry, you still have the opportunity to make money, albeit not the grand prize of Bradshaw’s briefcase of money.

Fox Bet Super 6 Rules

The rules for the Fox Bet Super 6 contests are pretty simple.

You must be over 18 years of age and be in an acceptable state, which is all but Washington State.

After that, the contestant picks the answers to six questions, submits their entry, and has up until the start of the first game to edit or change their selections.

While the Fox Bet Super 6 app says it’s open to all, there are some restrictions.

According to the official rules of Fox Super 6, Employees of Sponsor, any player, coach, team official, league official or employee, player’s union official or employee, player’s agent or contractor of the NFL (collectively, “excluded parties”), or any of the excluded parties’ advertising agencies, officers, directors, agents and employees and their immediate family or household members are not eligible to participate in the Promotion.

Basically, if you play in the NFL or are in affiliation in any way of someone who is, you’re not eligible for the contest. You’ll notice that the tweets from Fox Bet that mentions the winners has an asterisk at the bottom that says “pending verification of eligibility.” If they find out you are affiliated with a player, a team or the league in general, you can and will be disqualified and will not receive a prize.

It also mentions in bold lettering that all federal, state and local laws and regulations apply. Individuals will be required to provide valid identification and possibly a taxpayer identification or social security number.

It’s not a good idea to have someone make an entry for you. In the eligible entrants section, it states “entries are deemed to be made by the authorized account holder of the telephone number submitted at the time of entry. The “authorized account holder” is deemed the natural person who is assigned to a telephone number by a telephone utility provider, mobile service provider or other entity that is responsible for assigning a telephone number.”

In short, that means if you submit an entry, it has to be for you, since you’re the account holder of the telephone number which you registered with. It’s not to say a friend couldn’t make an entry for you, but if that person decided to double-cross you and keep the money for themselves, you would have no legal grounds to go off of to retrieve that money. All entries are submitted in agreement to these rules.

According to the official rules, by signing up and submitting your entry,  you’re giving them the right to use your name, biographical information, photos and/or likeness, and statements for promotion, trade, commercial, advertising and publicity purposes, at any time or times, in all media now known or hereafter discovered including live television, world-wide, including but not limited to on the World Wide Web and Internet, without notice, review or approval and without additional compensation except where prohibited by law.

Similar Apps to Fox Super 6

One app that is very similar to the Fox Bet Super 6 app is the NBC Sports Predictor app.

They offer similar contests, mostly sports or leagues that they have TV licenses with, such as the English Premier League.

However, even among some positive reviews, there’s some negativity in them. Some users have claimed bad experiences with customer service, as well as the app glitching and freezing since its latest update, especially when close to the start of a primetime contest, presumably when people are trying to make last-second changes to their entries.

Fox Bet Super 6 Review

Fox Bet Super 6 is a fun way to enhance your viewing experience of sports by giving you something within the game and beyond your fandom to enjoy. That’s a big reason people like to bet on games.

But with this, you’re not wagering any money. It’s almost like submitting a huge parlay bet every week for many aspects of one game or two aspects of many games. Except, it’s of no cost to you. If a sports gambler did that in hopes of a longshot parlay, they would almost be throwing money away on a daily or weekly basis. Here, you’re getting the opportunity of the big pay day with literally no cost you.

We’ve found it’s also great to play at watch parties. If you find yourself at a watch party and perhaps others are glued to their phone checking their fantasy teams, or checking how their wagers are going and you want to get in on some action but don’t want to risk anything, this is perfect for you. It can also help for beginners to sports or people who may be at that same watch party that have no vested interest at all. With these contests, specifically the single-game ones, it can help a person be more eager to learn about certain aspects of the game if there’s a reward at the end.

One of the only cons for the contests have seemed to be if you lose the first selection on your entry, your entry is considered a loser and will not get points for any you get right from there forth.

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