Los Angeles Clippers Salary Archive – 2019/20

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Name 2019-20
Paul George $33,005,556
Kawhi Leonard $32,742,000
Marcus Morris $15,000,000
Patrick Beverley $12,345,680
Lou Williams $8,000,000
Ivica Zubac $6,481,482
Montrezl Harrell $6,000,000
Rodney McGruder $4,807,693
JaMychal Green $4,767,000
Mfiondu Kabengele $1,977,000
Landry Shamet $1,995,120
Patrick Patterson $1,620,564
Isaiah Thomas (waived) $1,620,564
Terance Mann $1,000,000
Reggie Jackson $512,721
Joakim Noah $289,803
Joakim Noah (expired 10-day) $91,557
Amir Coffey (two-way)
Johnathan Motley (two-way)
Total $132,256,740

Quick: Spent over the cap.

Salary Cap: $109,140,000

Luxury Tax Threshold: $132,627,000

Roster Count: 15 guaranteed, two two-ways

Depth Chart
PG: Patrick Beverley, Lou Williams, Reggie Jackson, Terance Mann
SG: Paul George, Landry Shamet, Rodney McGruder
SF: Kawhi Leonard, Amir Coffey (two-way)
PF: Marcus Morris, JaMychal Green, Patrick Patterson, Johnathan Motley (two-way)
C: Iviza Zubac, Montrezl Harrell, Joakim Noah, Mfiondu Kabengele

Note: Teams often adjust their depth chart throughout the season, sometimes game by game.


  • Trade Exception (Jerome Robinson, expiring 2/6/21) — $3,567,720
  • Trade Exception (Derrick Walton Jr., expiring 2/6/21) — $1,445,697
  • Room Exception — $0 (JaMychal Green)

Waived Players: Tyrone Wallace (claimed by the Minnesota Timberwolves), Sindarius Thornwell, Terry Larrier, James Palmer Jr., BJ Taylor, Donte Grantham, Isaiah Thomas

Traded Players: Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Danilo Gallinari, Derrick Walton Jr., Mo Harkless, Jerome Robinson

G-League Affiliate: Agua Caliente Clippers of Ontario (Dee Brown general manager, Brian Adams head coach)

Two-Way Contracts: Amir Coffey, Johnathan Motley

Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Doc Rivers

Assistants: Mike Woodson, Sam Cassell, Armond Hill, Brendan O’Connor, Patrick Sullivan, Rex Kalamian, Casey Hill, Dee Brown (player development), J.P. Clark (player development), Natalie Nakase (player development)

Trainers: Jasen Powell, Joe Resendez (assistant athletic trainer), Richard Williams (strength and conditioning), Mark Simpson (director of performance), Brent Tanaka (assistant strength and conditioning coach), Tommy Murdock (assistant athletic trainer)

Basketball Executives

  • Lawrence Frank — executive vice president of basketball operations
  • Michael Winger — general manager
  • Mark Hughes — assistant general manager
  • Trent Redden — assistant general manager
  • Jerry West — consultant
  • Jason Piombetti — director of college player personnel
  • Jud Winton — director of analytics
  • Jordan Borucki — basketball operations manager
  • Annemarie Loflin — chief of staff of basketball operations

Pick Swaps

  • 2020 — Owe a first-rounder to the New York Knicks (Marcus Morris).
  • 2021 — The New York Knicks have swap rights, provided the Clippers’ pick is lower than 4th (Marcus Morris).
  • 2021 — Owe a second-rounder to the Charlotte Hornets (Miles Bridges).
  • 2022 — Owed a second-rounder (top-55 protected) from the Atlanta Hawks (Derrick Walton Jr.).
  • 2022 — Owe a first-rounder to the Oklahoma City Thunder (Paul George).
  • 2023 — The Oklahoma City Thunder can swap first-rounders (Paul George).
  • 2023 — Owed a second-rounder from the Detroit Pistons (Khyri Thomas, Tobias Harris).
  • 2024 — Owe a first-rounder to the Oklahoma City Thunder (Paul George).
  • 2025 — The Oklahoma City Thunder can swap first-rounders (Paul George).
  • 2026 — Owe a first-rounder to the Oklahoma City Thunder (Paul George).

Cash Paid ($5,617,000 max): $110,000 to the Miami HEAT (Jimmy Butler); $1,313,576 from the Los Angeles Clippers (Derrick Walton Jr.) — $4,193,424 remaining

Cash Received ($5,617,000 max): $0


  • 6/20/19 — Drafted Terance Mann (48th) and Jaylen Hands (56th).
  • 6/21/19 — Traded the rights to Jaylen Hands (56th) and a 2020 top-14 protected first-rounder to the Brooklyn Nets for the rights to Mfiondu Kabengele (27th).
  • 6/28/19 — Extended qualifying offer to Ivica Zubac and Rodney McGruder.
  • 7/1/19 — Guaranteed Lou Williams’ $8 million for 2020-21.
  • 7/6/19 — Waived Tyrone Wallace and Sindarius Thornwell.
  • 7/6/19 — Renounced Garrett Temple and Wilson Chandler.
  • 7/6/19 — Traded $110,000 to the Miami HEAT for Mo Harkless from the Portland Trail Blazers and a 2023 Miami first-rounder in a four-team trade sending Hassan Whiteside to the Blazers, Josh Richardson to the Philadelphia 76ers and Jimmy Butler, via sign and trade from the 76ers, to Miami. The Sixers sent the rights to Mathias Lessort (2017-50th) to the Clippers.
  • 7/9/19 — Renounced the rights to JaMychal Green and Angel Delgado.
  • 7/9/19 — Signed Kawhi Leonard to a three-year $103,137,300 contract, player option on final season.
  • 7/9/19 — Signed Amir Coffey to a two-year two-way contract.
  • 7/9/19 — Signed Mfiondu Kabengele (2019-27th) to a rookie-scale contract.
  • 7/9/19 — Signed Terance Mann (2019-48th) a partially-guaranteed four-year $6,231,283 contract.
  • 7/10/19 — Re-signed Rodney McGruder to a partially-guaranteed three-year $15 million contract.
  • 7/10/19 — Re-signed Ivica Zubac to a four-year $28,518,518 contract, team option on final season.
  • 7/10/19 — Traded trade Danilo Gallinari, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, a Miami HEAT 2021 first-rounder, a 2022 first-rounder, 2023 first-round swap rights, a 2023 Miami HEAT first-rounder, a 2024 first-rounder and 2025 swap rights to the Oklahoma City Thunder for Paul George.
  • 7/11/19 — Re-signed Patrick Beverley to a three-year $39,999,980 contract.
  • 7/18/19 — Re-signed JaMychal Green to a two-year $9,772,350, player option on final season.
  • 7/24/19 — Re-signed Johnathan Motley to a two-way contract.
  • 7/25/19 — Signed Derrick Walton Jr. to a non-guaranteed $1,445,697 minimum summer contract.
  • 8/2/19 — Signed James Palmer Jr. to a non-guaranteed $898,310 minimum summer contract.
  • 8/15/19 — Signed Patrick Patterson to a $2,331,593 minimum contract.
  • 8/21/19 — Signed Terry Larrier to a non-guaranteed $898,310 minimum summer contract.
  • 8/27/19 — Signed Donte Grantham to a non-guaranteed $1,445,697 minimum summer contract.
  • 10/11/19 — Waived James Palmer Jr. and Terry Larrier.
  • 10/16/19 — Sign BJ Taylor to a non-guaranteed $898,310 minimum summer contract.
  • 10/18/19 — Waived BJ Taylor.
  • 10/19/19 — Waived Donte Grantham.
  • 10/29/19 — Picked up Landry Shamet and Jerome Robinson’s third-year rookie-scale options.
  • 1/10/20 –Derrick Walton Jr.’s $1,445,697 guaranteed for 2019-20.
  • 2/6/20 — Traded Derrick Walton Jr. and $1,313,576 to the Atlanta Hawks for a protected 2020 second-rounder.
  • 2/5/20 — Traded Mo Harkless, a 2020 first-rounder, protected 2021 first-round swap rights and a Detroit Pistons 2021 second-rounder to the New York Knicks, and Jerome Robinson to the Washington Wizards for Marcus Morris from the Knicks and Isaiah Thomas from the Wizards.
  • 2/8/20 — Waived Isaiah Thomas.
  • 2/20/20 — Signed Reggie Jackson for the rest of the season at $734,025.
  • 3/9/20 — Signed Joakim Noah to a 10-day $144,901 contract.
  • 6/23/20 — Joakim Noah’s 10-day contract expired.
  • 6/27/20 — Signed Joakim Noah to a partially-guaranteed two-year $2,982,794 minimum contract.

Expired 10-Day Contracts: Joakim Noah

Trade Kickers

  • Kawhi Leonard — 15 percent

Note: Players can waive their trade bonuses.

No-Trade: None

Free Agents (with Cap Holds)

  • None

Unsigned Draft Picks

  • First-rounders: None
  • Second-rounders: Mathias Lessort (2017-50th), David Michineau (2016-39th), Vladimir Veremeenko (2006-48th)

Non-Guaranteed Salaries

  • None

Arena: Staples Center


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(Updated on 10/28/20)

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