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#8 – Obi Toppin – New York Knicks



With the eighth pick in the 2020 NBA Draft, the New York Knicks select Obi Toppin from Dayton.

Toppin is arguably the best athlete in the draft. He can finish strong at the rim and is quick to get out in transiton. At Dayton, Toppin was a strong, efficient isolation scorer and, while the Knicks may not lean on him in that area, he is capable of answering if need-be.

More of a tweener, Toppin’s fit for New York on the court should come at the three- or the four-spot. That said, and despite that size, he has big frame and projects as a strong defender.

David Yapkowitz has been a staff writer for Basketball Insiders since 2017. Based in Los Angeles, he focuses on the Pacific Division as well as the NBA at large.

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