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Draft Kings

Draft Kings: Beat Alex Kennedy, Win Cash!



Tonight on Draft Kings, $60,000 is being given away to the top 4,625 finishers! If your team finishes in first place, you’ll win $4,000 and it only costs $3 to play! And if you make a first-time deposit, Draft Kings will match it up to $600.

Also, today we’ll be doing a special offer for our Basketball Insiders readers where anyone who beats Alex Kennedy’s team will win their $3 entry fee back! So not only will you have a shot at $4,000, you’re guaranteed to win cash if you just finish higher than Alex’s team. You must enter through this link on our site in order to participate in the “Beat Alex” offer.

During the 2014-15 NBA season, Basketball Insiders readers have combined to win over $36,000 on Draft Kings!

Here’s a look at Alex’s roster for the night:


Want to take a shot at Alex’s team? Here are the steps to play:

1. Sign up for the league by logging into your existing Draft Kings account or by creating a new account here. <— CLICK HERE TO PLAY

2. Draft your eight-man team consisting of a starting PG, SG, SF, PF, C, backup G, backup F and a utility player of any position while staying under the $50,000 hard cap. Players are priced based on projected production. You have to submit your roster before the start of the first game tonight.

3. Finish in the top 4,625 and win cash! Or, just beat Alex Kennedy and win your entry fee back!

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