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HEAT’s Deng Explains Overcoming Early Racisim



On good days, the worst hurled at Luol Deng in grade school were the racist slurs a Sudanese refugee child was far too young to comprehend yet never quite able to forget.

Samara, meaning black.

Hunga bunga, mockery for ape.

Shakshuka, epithet from a cheap north African meal.

On bad days, those classroom slurs escalated to slinging fists in the schoolyard.

“It was just constant,” Deng, a Miami HEAT forward, says 25 years later. “I had this one teacher, and as I got older and translated things he used to say, it was racist and hatred stuff he was saying toward me and my brother. A lot of times, we fought because of that stuff.”

Yet this was the better life.

via Michael Wallace of ESPN

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