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High-Performance Mindfulness: The Mechanics Of Player Development

Jake Rauchbach breaks down the mechanics of Player Development.

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We are going to go deep again into the Integrated Player Development subject matter, discussing Quantum Mechanics principles. Employing processes that work from this deep level often helps players generate substantial performance improvement on-court.


In Physics, there is something called Quantum field theory which says, “the Universe can be thought of not as isolated particles, but as a continuous fluctuating energy field with interconnectivity between two seemingly separated objects.”

Said in another way, the theory states that everything is interconnected via a unified field of energy. In an example, the ball, the hoop, and the players on the floor are somehow interconnected.

How does this relate to player development? For starters, it may give us a deeper understanding, or at the very least, provide a drastically differing vantage point of how to potentially unlock massive synchronicity for players.

Instead of looking solely at repetition, mechanics, or even the mental and emotional levels, addressing the deeper level of the player may be key to linking teammates in a more concrete way. This can potentially shift individual and collective efficiencies upwards.

In previous columns, we discussed how Mental Performance – Player Development, when integrated into overall PD departments, could likely be the wave of the future across professional sports.

We also outlined how mentality plays a big part in regards to on-court outcomes. We highlighted how Mental Performance Programs work to focus the mind at the most fundamental levels for the direct aim of influencing productivity.

Based on the theory mentioned above, it seems as if this dynamic is affecting everything all at once. This means every movement, no matter how big or small could be influencing the surrounding individuals; helping to create momentum in the right direction.

When the mentality of the player is addressed, so too is the unified field around the player. How does this affect the team concept? As discussed in a prior piece, when one player makes a change to personality and feeling, it can have a net positive effect on the overall team around him (or her).

This has been intuitively known by coaches for years. When a player brings great enthusiasm, a revitalized approach, and higher performance output, it positively rubs off on the team.
Mental Performance & Player Fundamentals

In this way, players, teammates and the overall team unit can influence each other by employing mental skills training that goes deep enough.

In this space, big change can be facilitated. This type of work can influence many other aspects of the player simultaneously. Mental Performance methods can work to optimize a player’s shot, mental focus, and body language. As this happens, changes are being made at that deeper level.

This is about as in-depth as it gets when talking and breaking down player improvement.

The educational and subject matter around this space may take some time to catch on in the mainstream. However, for players and teams already implementing deep mental performance tools such as these, they don’t care about the inter-dynamics, only about the results it is producing out on the floor.

Why Did We Break This Down?

It is important to illustrate that players and the components to player performance are far more complex than just the physical aspect. Integrated Player Development Programs are already in play and maybe tuning into a much deeper and more powerful system than normally addressed.

For players and organizations employing these methods, expect these outside-of-the-box methods to produce improvement in performance and overall wellbeing.

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Jake Rauchbach is an Integrated Player Development Coach, specializing in High-Performance Mindfulness. He has coached professional and Division-1 basketball. He is the founder of The MindRight Pro® Program and consults on the Olympic, collegiate and professional levels. Follow him on Instagram @mindright_pro and twitter @mindrightpro

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