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Lakers Looking for Hill Use Improved Mid-Range Shot



The Lakers have gushed about Hill’s energy during his past three seasons. Rarely have the Lakers ever raved about Hill’s shooting.

But in the past two games, Hill has averaged 23 points on 68.9 percent shooting and has made 11 of his 20 field goals off mid-range jumpers.

“He can make it on a consistent basis, so I just encourage him to take a shot when he’s getting them,” Scott said. “He’s taking it right now with a lot of confidence.”

“Kobe can’t do it by himself all the time,” Hill said. “I love Byron. He’s telling me to go out there and play my game. He’s telling everybody if you’re open, shoot it. If it’s a good shot, just put it up. I have to continue to do that. I have to do it on the defensive end too.”

via Mark Medina of the Los Angeles Daily News

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