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LOOK: Drake’s Bold $250K Bet on NCAA Tournament Final Four

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Drake, the Canadian rapper and music icon, is known for his love of sports and betting. Now, he’s making headlines for his daring bets on the NCAA Final Four tournament. In this high-stakes basketball showdown, he has wagered a whopping $250,000 on two underdog teams. Drake’s bets could potentially score him a $1.33 million payout if both teams win. However, fans of the teams may be nervous, as the infamous “Drake curse” is rumored to loom over the games.

Drake Bets $250,000 on FAU and Miami

Drake has long been an avid sports bettor. Sportsbooks often see him placing bets on high-profile games, and the NCAA Final Four is no exception. Recently, he won big on his Super Bowl bet, wagering $700,000 on the Kansas City Chiefs at +110. Drake walked away from that game with a hefty profit, and he’s back for another shot with a college basketball bet.

This time, the bets are on Florida Atlantic University (FAU) and Miami, both of whom face tough opponents in the Final Four. FAU is up against San Diego State, while Miami takes on the University of Connecticut (UConn). Former ESPN gambling analyst Ben Fawkes, outlines his two-team moneyline parlay:

Drake’s Final Four bets are in:

$250,000 on two-team ML parlay:

FAU ML +118

Miami (FL) ML +190

Bet would win $1.33 million

By backing both underdogs, Drake demonstrates his confidence in these teams. They’ll need to overcome significant odds to pull off victories, but the potential payout is huge. If FAU and Miami both win, Drake’s $250,000 bet will bring him a cool $1.33 million.

Meanwhile, the same bet at BetOnline (see below for Final Four odds) would have seen Drake win almost $1.5 million. This shows the benefit of shopping around sportsbooks to find the best available odds for your bet.

Check out the Final Four odds at BetOnline below:

Team Spread Money Line Total
Florida Atlantic +2.5 (-112) +125 Over 130.5 (-112)
San Diego State -2.5 (-108) -145 Under 130.5 (-108)


Team Spread Money Line Total
Miami Florida +5.5 (-110) +210 Over 149 (-110)
Connecticut -5.5 (-110) -250 Under 149 (-110)

*Odds are correct at time of publication, but are subject to fluctuation

Owls and Canes Fans Hoping the Drake Curse has Ended

Despite his enthusiasm for sports betting, some fans are worried about the so-called “Drake Curse.” This superstition suggests that when Drake supports a team, they often lose. Over the years, the rapper has been spotted wearing jerseys or attending games of various teams, only to see them suffer defeat soon after.

Though there’s no concrete evidence supporting this curse, it’s a widely-discussed phenomenon among sports enthusiasts. In light of this, FAU and Miami fans may be hoping the Super Bowl bet has reversed the curse, but they still won’t want to see the Canadian rapper show up wearing their jerseys.

Regardless of the outcome, Drake’s NCAA Final Four bets have generated buzz and excitement in the sports betting world. His penchant for backing underdogs and placing bold bets is sure to keep fans on the edge of their seats. As the tournament unfolds, all eyes will be on these four teams, and the potential for a massive payout.

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