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Steve Kerr: Jackson Understood My Decision



NBA.com: Do you (Steve Kerr) second-guess yourself? Do you regret the way you handled it — saying yes (to coaching Knicks), committing to it before things had really been worked out?

Kerr: A little bit. It’s a human thing. Phil (Jackson) couldn’t have been better when I told him I was going to go Golden State.

NBA.com: He didn’t feel burned?

Kerr: Not at all. Because he understood. In fact, he said, “If you had come here and regretted it, it would have been the worst thing for both of us.” That’s why Phil’s Phil. He understands people. In hindsight, it probably would have been best not committing, not saying anything, just saying, “Look, I need to talk to Golden State.” But the timing was an issue on both ends. It was very tricky.

via Scott Howard-Cooper of NBA.com

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